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Exclusive: UKIP leader admits he loves ex-girlfriend despite racist comments

US Bombardier dispute: 'Huge relief' for British workers

Russia mocks Gavin Williamson's attack warning

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Show me one, lad. If it's hurting you so much shouldn't it be easy to stop? smh

Yeah what is this?

pic related is the earliest known photo of combat

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You're a good kid

Live nigger pit fighting

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"IQ isn't an adequate measure of anything"

Wew lad. That's a neat assertion. IQ is highly predictive of economic status, criminality and many other things. It is the single best method we have of measuring cognitive ability and it has been studied to death. To say "IQ isn't an adequate measure" is to say that there is no adequate measure which is simply delusion. Would you rather your child have an 80 IQ or a 120 IQ?

"If IQ is to be the determinant for racial 'worthiness'"

No one said that, this is you channeling centrist faggotry. This is the argument centrists pretend we are making.

I was looking for some Franco-Prussian war photo's that actually showed a battle a few hours ago, surprising that there isn't that many tbh.

She's available, lads.

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^ gey

IDK, given how long exposure times were back then it doesn't really surprise me


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Thank (You) lad the grappling in that match they just showed was pretty intense tbh, dunno how you're supposed to get out of that

It's a special kind of feel.

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Yeah unless you have a background in high level college wrestling or a black belt in BJJ you're pretty much fucked in mma these days

Anything being civilisation capability.
If IQ were the sole determinant of a race/ethnicity's ability to succeed and thrive then then nothing would have ever been accomplished.

The argument against South America is that it's some mixed race hellhole where the people are thick as pig shit because they've diluted their white genes. In reality, vast swathes of South America score better than our own huwhite neighbours in Ireland. Ireland isn't poor and it's people live in far better conditions than those in Uruguay , Peru or Argentina so what gives? Should we refrain from mixing with the Irish lest our children become brain dead half micks?
These are the basic holes literally anybody can poke through racial self determination unless it's backed up by the spiritual. The only argument that matters when it comes to white self determination is the emotional one, and it's the only one that'll ever work because IQ is such a pointless concept in this debate.

been thinking about fapping all day but I stayed strong. Goodnight, lads *lets big doggie into bed despite mummy telling me not to*

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How are you not losing weight if you're on nofap? You must just eat freddos and whole packs of rich teas all day.

have your friend stomp their face until they let you go

You'd have to set up the tripod, put the camera on it, then compose the frame, then insert a plate, estimate your exposure time based on the available sunlight before you expose the plate (roughly 20-90 seconds depending on things like brightness and direction of the light in relation to the subject) and then remove the plate and dismantle the camera. Altogether you're looking at at least 6 minutes for just one photograph. Very risky in a combat situation.

It's fine lad I'm a gunkata master I just pull my nine milly and guttersnipes get ventilated quick

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"If IQ were the sole determinant of a race/ethnicity's ability to succeed"

No one claimed this. This is you making shit up. You claimed IQ wasn't an adequate measure of ANYTHING and that's retarded. Not even lefty scientists make a claim that stupid. Differing behavioral traits and types of cognitive ability are very relevant to how successful a civilization will be.

"IQ" is a an average of different forms of cognitive abilities. You can look at the subtests and find that "100 IQ group X" is not the same as "100 IQ Y" due to the fact that they are at a 100 IQ average for different reasons. Number memorization and spacial awareness aren't going to be that helpful for civilization building while abstract thinking will be.

You finding the exceptions to the rule and elevating them only highlights the rule itself. Higher IQ nations tend to be more successful than low IQ nations. You are dull.

Lad, aren't Uruguay &co. the whitest parts of SA? Also, Uruguay has almost twice the GDP of Hungary and Poland and pic related.

Argentina used to be one of the top 10 biggest economies until its economic crash, about which I'm not well-educated, but it's still one of the biggest economies in the world and the 2nd biggest in SA.

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Argentina is extremely white but I didn't even bother arguing about that because I don't need to. This guy sounds exactly like your average race deniar. I'm not saying he is one, I'm just saying he's about as stupid.

It feels like all of Kraut and Tea's arguments repackaged.

that guys 3rd grouping was insane, point shooting like that is fun but I would get kick out of my pistol range for "rapid firing"

why does the range care how quickly you fire your gun?

Let's be honest lads, if it wasn't for the English Ireland wouldn't be any better than any of Eastern European shitholes. I think the Irish prove the rule, needed to be carried into civilization.

how do they do it?


Here's a map of Brazil's states by whiteness, then by economic size. Correlates here too tbh. On Santa Catarina, the smallest state in the south:

"Santa Catarina boasts Brazil's highest average life expectancy and lowest homicide rate in addition to lower levels of corruption.

The cities of the state are also considered some of the most livable in the country, enjoying a reputation of being "clean, safe and organized"."

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A blend of that and someone that has a very surface level understanding of IQ.

What usually happens with these types is they advocate IQ nationalism or they say "IQ meanz nuffinz" both stances are short sighted and stupid.

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Gaming is a fucking curse, I feel like that /v/ leak the other month was spot on to be honest, gaming really is the most effective bread and circuses going.

Gotta wonder just how many hours of his youth the average male wastes gaming. Definitely in the hundreds.

I still don't understand lad is it some sort of gun etiquette not to fire too quickly? I thought you people loved firing guns.

They might get nervous thinking you are prepping to shoot up your school in Yankland.

It's an industry that's worth more than film, yet has much less control or oversight, and it's effects can really be seen on society

Fudds vs tacticool.

It's shocking how many lads on here and similar places are so aware of the dangers of television, film and professional sports when it comes to placate the population but then happily spend all their time playing games and encouraging others to do the same, blind to their own prison.

You're getting pedantic about it, going into how it can identify economic status, when that's besides the point. The argument then becomes one nurture over nature, which is proven in your second image:

The very top nations on your list were behind Europe for centuries up until the last few decades: Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan; for literally thousands of years they've been stuck in a virtual time capsule. Then in the space of mere decades they've surpassed us and then some.
So it's cultural, or is it racial? You can't seem to make your mind up.
Living standards, prosperity, education, literacy etc are all increasing at every single point on the globe. Even Africa is leagues better now than it was in the 1980s and countries like Nigeria and Botswana are on developing immensely with massive foreign investment.
The notion that whites hold the magic keys to prosperity has been dead ever sine the Japanese practically spurned on the destruction of the Russian Empire.

A 'realist' would argue why bother with white natioanlism or even racial determination at all? Functionally there'll be no difference in a few decades.
It's entirely emotional, and it needs to be framed that way, or else you'll go nowhere.


You don't understand anything. "Nurture over nature" is a total non statement. It's not even applicable in this context. If you take a kid with naturally "better genes" and starve him while you have a kid with "mediocre genes" that is well fed and then feed the kid that was starving you don't then come to the conclusion of "nurture over nature." It is always both. These are not separable and the explanation for variation in different contexts isn't the same across the boards.

The IQ gap between whites and blacks in the US can be much more attributable to genetic impact than the gap between whites in the US and blacks in Africa due to more variation in relevant environmental factors.

Your arguments are beyond basic bitch entryist level garbage. These are stock. I'm debating engine performance with a guy that doesn't have his license and can barely handle a bike.

"So it's cultural, or is it racial? You can't seem to make your mind up."

Dumbass comment.

"developing immensely with massive foreign investment."

Yes other races with different genetics are improving African nations, just like the Europeans did with colonialism. Just like how taking in brown and black people will make your nation worse than it would be had you not taken them in.

"The notion that whites hold the magic keys to prosperity has been dead ever sine the Japanese practically spurned on the destruction of the Russian Empire."

In the post your responding to I implied that the Japanese were doing well. You have nothing. Your argument is "race doesn't matter because Asians are smart too." Jesus Christ.

"Functionally there'll be no difference in a few decades."


The IQ gap between whites and blacks in the US can be attributed to the same factors as the difference between Europeans and Afriancs. Blacks overwhelmingly live in the most economically deprived states of the US. The entire Southern United States may as well become a black nation for the number of blacks that reside there. The South has never recovered from the civil war and it likely never will.

Africans are improving Africa. In the UK we beg the Chinese to invest in our nation. Our own national leaders suck off Chinese diplomats for the blessings of the emperor to be bestowed upon our isle in the form of power plants and infrastructure. Are the Chinese the superior race in this scenario or isn't it just a basic fact of life that other nations invest in your own for the benefit of both nationalities? We lack the capability to build our own nuclear power plants, just as the Africans currently lack that capability too. I guess that makes us stupid niggers.

The point against all of this is that Asians and other nations weren't doing well at all for an exceptionally long period of time. They weren't considered smart - they were seen as tribal niggers, inferior to the white man. Now we beg them to sell us shit and gleefully hand over our productive capability towards them for cheap consumer/industrial goods.

What's a yank doing on a British board?

yeah I guess its some kind of etiquette or something tbh I don't know either I am a gun noob smh

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GCHQ cocksucker:

What does this really mean? Why would a foreign country "invest" in building a power plant in another country? To rent seek surely?

They still do, but GOLD airs based Citizen Khan too now

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Oh boy so Blacks in the US are literally starving? I mean blacks in the US are the second most obese demographic but let's ignore that. The black American GDP is higher than Poland. Guess who has lower homicide rates, rape rates, higher IQs and generally better neighborhoods? Hmmm…

The voucher studies show us that "muh good schools" don't mean shit. SAT scores broken down by income bracket show us that the second poorest group of whites outperform even the highest income bracket blacks and twin studies show us that even with middle class adopting parents the race gap is still there.

"Our own national leaders suck off Chinese diplomats for the blessings of the emperor to be bestowed upon our isle in the form of power plants and infrastructure. Are the Chinese the superior race in this scenario or isn't it just a basic fact of life that other nations invest in your own for the benefit of both nationalities?"

You bringing up the vague term "superiority" has nothing to do with me or my arguments. That word is whipped out by frightened egalitarians. The fact that your example is the Chinese really does your "IQ doesn't matter" argument no favors considering they have the highest IQ averages.

"What's a yank doing on a British board?"

Handing a race denying tea sipper his ass because I'm bored.

Another reason why you're getting the rope Benedict.

I think Kurds should be genocided or forced into Turkey.

They have higher birth rates than the Turks tbh lad, demographic warfare is real.

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So you're denying that blacks live in the most deprived states? Virtually every Southern state is in poverty and that's such a basic fact I find it hard to believe you're even an American. Are you a kraut?
You link studies with only a few hundred respondents. I'll take the far more objective evidence which is that blacks are far more deprived, on average, than whites in the US.

This whole situation is rather ironic. You're likely a complete melting pot of European nationalities, stretching across an entire continent, living with other melting pots, claiming to be a pure white when really no such thing exists. Nobody here would consider you English, or French or Scandinavian - so what are you really? You have no true identity. You share none with your peers because they have entirely different combinations of ancestry. You live in a raceless nation, as a raceless individual, desperately clawing at statistics and graphs to try and find some kind of identity.
All of this ignores the basic fact that you don't even own the land you live on. The native Americans were forcefully driven from their land by stupid American farmers, beaten, raped and persecuted. Now you force them to live on reservations in squalor and arrogantly proclaim America as your own.

Shame on you. Where was the self determination of the Iroqois or the Sioux or the Cherokee. You probably share an ancestor or two with them and yet you ignore them.

Makes me smile. Shame about Cyprus.

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Fuck off lefty/pol/

Cursed post

good luck getting past my spanish steel and my mexican rust

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No I'm denying their level of "poverty" as being relevant. These factors have been studied and controlled for. I showed you that even when controlling for economic status poor whites still outperform higher income blacks, I also showed you that despite their high GDP relative to many other nations including Poland, they still have lower IQs and vastly higher violent crime rates. You are ignoring reality here.

If you make a positive claim of "X is responsible of the racial gap" then you should be the one providing the evidence. Just saying "Here is a difference in environment" isn't an argument. Show me a study where controlling for income or schooling makes the gap go away. Even though that's YOUR job I showed you that those aren't relevant factors in regards to the black/white IQ gap in the US.

"Where was the self determination of the Iroqois or the Sioux or the Cherokee."

I am 100% European. The natives can advocate for whatever they want, if I was native I'd be advocating for a single territory for natives and form a new nation rather than begging for gibs from the people that conquered my group and getting drunk all day.

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Lad the hard work is appreciated but tbh you're arguing with a Zig Forums spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) so he won't listen.

Look at how fast her eyes switch from happy when she's getting attention, to rage, when she realises it's embarrassing attention.


This ( ) tbh.

Are you retarded or what? Many people in America still cling to their nationalities and traditions though many are not public events for the world to see, they still have them. The native Americans have been shafted by mostly jews in the past since the end of WW2. You ever notice how the jewish holocaust is pushed more than the native american genocide when it didn't even happen on American soil? That's how bad it is. Native american's don't like jews for exactly this reason. Somehow their holocaust overrides theirs, especially when the dialogue is brought up in public education or discourse.

thats how you know she has a shit personality and should be bashed to death with the basher stick

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don't talk to it lad, just poo post at it. dialogue is over. all that is left is one day to go full ed gein on these peoples children in front of them while they are tied up

I was picturing a Sargon sycophant but I don't mind either way. Arguing here anonymously is good because if I make mistakes it will allow me to learn in an environment where my credibility wont be damaged. This guy is bringing nothing new to the table though and I think I was done after he kept pushing the economic argument despite me providing evidence to the contrary.

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blacks and chugs are based until they take my resources then they are biomass

This but unironically. I don't care about the failure of Rhodesia or SA because the white man has no business in Africa

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bantus did not live in the cape of africa until after the white man. geo-graphic space doesn't belong to anyone, human rights don't exist. the chugs themselves said that the land is everyones. we are speaking english now. everything in the universe belongs to the white aryan nordic man but he probably won't have it all.

Oh boy

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I'm of the same mind, regarding Europe. Europe belongs to niggers and kikes.


< hate trump
< go to court to force his country to buy your planes

Video not available


If this is our ghost dance, let's go out with a bang tbh.

Unexpected twist.

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that was a chug band raping white music culture lad

White people are still to blame

no u

Do we have a real person of colour on Zig Forums?

Hope it's not just a boring white ethnomassochist like usual.

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reminder to smash thots

Don't like seeing Steiner back down like that. Smh. I thought he left wwf in the mid 90s anyway.

he went to the WCW in mid 90s then back to WWE/F later tbh


< Captain save-a-ho

kek. To think I turned my nose up to American wrestling .decades ago. smh. This was good tv. Common repost but its good.

yeah that is the best one, he also says men are unequal kek. the other good one is where he tells diamond dallas page to get a sex change so he can have the balls to face him