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Nigel Farage 'plotting Ukip comeback in secret talks with party chief'

London braced for UK's biggest ever protest: Trump opponents say more than one million could descend on capital as MPs and celebrities call for huge demonstration and donations

Tory Government REJECTS Petition for a Free Speech Act

MPs forced to attend consent classes and stop drinking at work after Pestminster sex scandal

Votes at 16: Wales voting reforms see voting age lowered

'Look at them wrong and they'll punch you' - The town held to ransom by feral yobs as young as 10

Wealthy Bitcoin trader known as ‘Goldiath’ and his family in hiding after masked robbers held them at gunpoint in village home

Churchill-inspired café attacked by left-wingers

European Queens Waged More Wars Than Kings

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'cor what a bargain

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best county tbh

I suppose that's ok

best women, no doubt

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Can't wait tbh. The biggest protest to date was the 2016 Chicago rally he had to cancel due to massive crowds of welfare niggers blocking the doors and entrances.

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where is the counter-demo lads

What did she die for?

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What is this? Anyone who hasn't spent their entire adolescence injecting hydrolised soy protein directly into their veins should be able to beat up a 10-year-old. Remind 'em why they have milk teeth and they'll change their tune.

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need a gf?
why not a gf with assets?

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More Than £1 Billion On Armed Forces Recruitment

hate this boomer mentality smh

They've gone to a better place, lad.

Maybe they'd have better luck at recruiting if they targeted people who want to be soldiers or if the armed forces was anything except a honeypot intended to trap any good lads with the will to fight and then force them to sit through several years of diversity training.

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tbh they are utter morons who only have themselves to blame that there aren't enough recruits

should have used paint stripper


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that's like 150 quid for each man woman and child in the country

I'd probably be more motivated to join up if they just handed me £150 than told me it's ok to be a gay muslim in Her Majesty's Armed Forces tbh

£150 each to allahuackbah and muh diversity on adverts.

They literally spend a billion to discourage the only demographic that has a sense of duty

It would have cost less to post a simple leaflet through each household's door, and would have attracted far more attention and far less criticism.

Money well spent.

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wtf am I looking at?

the chad fat vs
the virgin healthy

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*loads up darkest hour*

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Reasons why people join the military:
What you can do in the military:

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Joining the army used to be a kind of escape for the working class lads. Now you're just joining the LMGSMGSLRSA80LGBTRANSBICURIOUS COMMUNITY.

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>to fave my kryptonitewtf?, sir

thats the most depressing thing about all this. its just another one of the very few areas where working class britons can rise with dignity trashed.

hopefully this incites all the old squaddies to leave en masse and join nationalist satire societies

It should be a way for even the most impoverished of lads to train physically, learn discipline, to find brotherhood, and to mature. It should be an equaliser, for a man to rise above poverty, to find his way in the world, and make something of himself.

Instead it's about fucking feelings. Women threw a strop due to not being allowed in, kept screaming until they were allowed in, and it has then led to decay.
What an absolute joke.

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No idea where this shit came from with the Army feels like it came out of nowhere, I left the service in 2015 and there wasn't even a suggestion of things getting this bad. Racist and sexist banter was part and parcel of Army life.

Maybe I'm just confusing the boards for real life but I sense we reached a point where literally nobody even believes this shit about feminism and racial equality anymore and thats precisely why its being pushed so savagely right now.

boomers believe it

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akchyualee you're wrong about that lad, did you not see the pictures I took from their protest rally?


Still going to join the military despite your criticisms, I think the modern poz is superficial virtue signalling that doesn't really get to the average person.

get put on trial in your 70s for so called war crimes

boomers in a non-yank memi sense dont really have sophisticated political beliefs. They just think we're all rich now and this kind of stuff is pawlitical correctness gone mad!!! but dont do jack shit about it because thats fascism which is evil because the television told them so.


no, repost them

i don't know, my gf talks with boomers a lot and they all praise diversity and LGBTQP degeneracy

I wouldn't get to confident in the normalfags just yet tbh lad

If you want to do it then go for it lad, you'll get good training, learn decent skills, and meet top lads. Just don't be surprised when you get sacked due to budget cuts and you not being diverse enough.

whats strange is the boomers (eg Baddiel) who support this, are the ones in the 80s and 90s who were in support of obscenities, blasphemy and anything-goes in their own broadcasting.

soon essex will have an army of mutant mockneys to retake london

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If you're going to join up my first piece of advice is join a trade and not the infantry, however if you are trying to avoid the poz, infantry might be the right place to be. If you are going to join the infantry make it the Fusiliers, those lads were the best lads I ever got attached to.

Good times.

What did you do, lad?

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More good lads in the military is a good thing, no?

yeah it is. dont take the blackpill

I was an Armourer in the REME, mostly involved attaching missiles to helicopters but spent a couple of years with a few different infantry regiments doing small arms.

Honestly I think it might just the public face, I can't believe it's got like that this quickly, go to your local recruiting office tell them you're thinking of joining up and want to do a 'day in the life' weekend and they'll be able to sort you out with a weekend with a regiment. You'll get an idea of what it's like, the lads will include you in the banter and you'll probably get bullied but it'll be good and you'll know if it truly is pozzed or not, just ask the lads they put you with.

tbh as soon as you sign up it doesn't matter any more if you're a good lad or a good goy. Once you're in, you surrender your right to decide your own course of action to your leaders, and they aren't good lads. You can avoid the poz, get some discipline and training, and form some lasting bonds and get a real sense of camaraderie, but in the end the best you can hope for is to spend your career doing nothing, because the other options are fighting more pointless wars in the middle-east to create more refugees, paying the price if our leaders push the "evil russia" memi too far, or pointing your gun at disgruntled citizens when things really start to kick off. I'd really like to be wrong about this, but I'm just not seeing it.

good luck finding an army recruitment office


Wouldnt you rather be the man behind the gun ordered to shoot civvies, so you can turn the gun on the people who are ordering you to shoot civvies? We need men like us in the military otherwise it's just the braindead and pozwogs who'll do things good lads wont do.

I'm reading about the Crimean War right now.

British Empire

There's one in every large town and multiple in the big cities, must be at least 150 odd.

Who gives a shit about pointless wars in the middle east? I don't care about brown people. 90%+ of the foreigners in our country are economic migrants, our foreign wars have nothing to do with it. We won't go to war with Russia and if by some miracle we do it will have such a catalysing effect on our society that it would destroy the current order, just as World War 1 turned out to be a godsend for Russian Communism.

This is a very good point as well.

when is that lad writing his article on us? hope he did'nt pussy out

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not anymore lad

Still open:
Milton Keynes
Newcastle upon Tyne
SW1 - Victoria
WC1 - London

Well, I'll be glad if things aren't as pozzed as it looks like from the outside. I'm still not entirely comfortable with the idea of being at the beck and call of people who are pretty clearly dead-set on destroying this country and its people. I don't know.

You raise a good point tbh.

I don't care about the brown people, but every so often they manage to get one of ours, and for nothing. There's no reason to be there except to further the interests of the chosen people.

tbh reading this place as a lefty is like reading the Necronomicon

why is the army having recruitment problems???

One of the interesting things about 2016 Russia Hysteria was seeing how the regime would actually go about persuading people to fight for liberalism. The Armed Forces in both Britain and Yankistan basically depends on the naturally warlike but uneducated working class Anglos and Scots-Irish who are otherwise despised by the system and their numbers are dwindling because of it.

It really is lad, when I went to the recruitment office the bloke there was a good lad with pride for his regiment, and lads I've met who are enlisted are always good lads.

Sounds comfy tbh, I'd want to join an infantry reg. if I were to reapply tbh, although most of the jobs they are looking for applicants for are logistics and comms.

You'll be the one fighting in them lad

This guy, holy shit he's cringeworthy, even the Graun commenters know it

becoming unironically baste again

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I'm sure a recruitment office in Two Bridges would work wonderfully.

no he wont
remember if you're conscripted to fight for ZOG and not your country then just do what Achilles did
dress up as a woman and hide at your mums house

>not secretly raising your own troop of cavalry

Where are you going to secretly hide tanks.

inside the EU severance package


Nige was on GMB

What do you think modern cavalry uses.


If I'm conscripted to fight for ZOG I'm going to play nice until I get a loaded weapon then I'm taking out as many officers as I can. My point is that if avoiding Zogwars is high on your list of priorities then voluntarily joining the British Army circa 2018 probably isn't a good idea


That is not cavalry, that is "Armoured". Are motorbikes tanks? Trucks? Horses? I'm not going to bother replying to you because you're so defensive and never want to admit being wrong

sounds like a commie thing
just take your weapon and storm parliament lad
cut the head off the snake not its tail

who is more likely to join the army


That doesn't sound feasible