Strayan gun owners are growing

Gun ownership is on the rise in Queensland with the number of registered firearms increasing by more than 30 per cent in the past six years.
Police Minister Mark Ryan has revealed there were 844,129 firearms registered with police as of June 3 in response to a question on notice from the opposition.
It's a 30.09 per cent increase since 2013 when the total number of firearms registered with police was 648,852.
Mr Ryan says the increase can be largely put down to farmers and graziers but any Queenslander has the right to apply for a gun license.
"A significant proportion of Queensland's firearms owners are farmers and graziers with legitimate reasons for the possession of a firearm including to deal with wild animals that attack their stock," he said in a statement on Wednesday.
Mr Ryan said police rigorously assess gun ownership applications and are often criticised for being too strict.
The Palaszczuk government makes no apology for this and community safety must always come first, he said.
The increase in gun numbers is reflected in the number of licenses granted by police over the past six years, which has increased from 162,860 to 196,399.

I am very pleased that it is growing healthily like a banana plant.

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Any tips for getting involved in shooting and buying/licensing a gun in Queensland? Only weapons I've shot are 5.56 Steyr, 7.62 Minimi, and a 9mm Beretta (was in non-combat corp in Army. Also not from outback).

Actually I might have screwed that up. Might have been 5.56. Can't remember since I rarely did shooting and infantry stuff.

Bananas aren't exactly the most stable crop. They have in the past suffered global failures so severe commercial producers had to abandon the entire strain, and such a failure is a real possibility again in the next few years.
Disease gets to be a real problem when every plant is genetically almost identical.

F89 is 5.56.

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Soon… I will be able to pick up my first rifle and they won't be able to stop me from shooting rabbits at my mate's farm. Best wishes cobbers.

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It's always worth pointing out that diversity is a strength.


We need more based libertarians if we want this cuntry uncucked. All those shotguns we got imported would be amazing for HD.

The Mk3 is in 7.62x51 but you wouldn't have used one in the ADF afaik, we just use the F89.

If you're shooting rabbits get a shotgun, you'll kill more.

We both know you're right, but I already have a shotgun. That's why I'm getting a rifle now.

I'd prefer some nationalist populists who aren't controlled opposition and can enunciate a policy position but the LibDems are good enough. At least we'd have concealed carry and castle doctrine if they were in power. It would go a long way in taming the feral Africans in Sydney & Melbourne.

Thats fucking insane.

Soon the Sunshiner qun owner population will surpass one million! I like to see self and other defence to be completely legal so the victims can report to the cops without the legalese craps imposed on them.

Is QLD the least urbanised state?

I'd think NT would be.

Probably this

Makes sense, I don't know I forgot NT. I wish the cities were made a bit more independent from their hosts, it's the urbanites that are fucking us over. Most of those fuckwit greens couldn't tell shit from clay and yet claim to be experts on all manner of rural Australian life. It's a fucking joke.

**I don't know how I forgot NT

Well, .222 isn't bad. Or a 22-250. If you want to turn little bunnies inside out the 22-250 is a great option. .222 is good for foxes an sheit.

Yeah, you got confused. Minimi would be 5.56. The 7.62 is called the MAG

How could you?

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I agree with you that they are a joke but it will change in the future. There is a propaganda running to encourage the people to vote Labor and LNP to the last and it is created by grassroot action group called "Flick'em".

I am surprise that there isn't more liberal panic about this.

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Queenslanders are not like yanky liberals so there is a good chance that the silly gun and defence laws will get loosen. How exciting!

It's true everywhere m8. We burgers would be in the exact same place as you if not for the electoral college, and the electoral college only slows down the disease of the urbanite while it takes hold on a state by state basis. Chicago, New York, the coastline of California, all of them ruin the state they inhabit in every single way they can.

It's not just urbanites, it's yankee carpetbaggers
and californians. Yankees are cryptokikes

I'm not exactly sure why and it may be just me, but there seems to be a rot in our community. We alienate ourselves from our neighbors, we don't talk to each other, we have nothing to do with each other. When I try to act friendly, I struggle to think of something to say (Mention something around you, say a name, thing, or phrase, to get their curiosity going) to get a conversation going. And even when I manage to pull it off, all I seems to do is annoy them. It seems to be the mentality of an Australian, to Don't bother others, Mind your own business, and Don't get in other peoples way.

We don't seem to have the cohesion that a healthy community should have. It gets to the point where people refuse to even acknowledge you and if I didn't have Asperger's, I would have probably gone mad from the loneliness. There are several times where I almost did. If this is common with other people, Its sort of amazing how few stabbings or mass murders there are. Maybe the Fluoride in the water has something to do with it.

Maybe the reason why I became a degenerate furry, is because that way I share the same perversion (Interest) that other people have. Even though I'm trying to brake away from this and offer something of value while working alongside others, it's like crawling up a steep hill. Barely making any progress, never seeming to pay off.

Is this an accurate description? If so, what do you think is causing this decay? How do you see other people in Australia?

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Facebook and jews.


It's probably due to Australia having such a fucked up town planning. When I lived at my gran's place for half a year during high school, I almost went mad.

To get from point A to B was a nightmare as you had to always take either the bus or a car to get there. In fact I couldn't be fucked going out much so I led a pretty reclusive life and gained 7 kilos without growing much in height. I swear that the closest shops were 2 km out, and that everywhere in between my house and the milk bar was just houses after houses.

Regarding the neighbours that was another thing; since we lived in a dead end street, I was well acquainted with most of the people on the street, but that's mostly because the people on the street had lived there for decades. There were several new people on the street but they would seldom if ever talk to the older folk on the street. I also felt very lonely walking on the street because there was literally no one else walking on the sidewalks.

Anyways, here in Tokyo, I feel much better. The neighbours around me are affable enough, and we greet each other, talk about the weather, and go on with our business. There are pubs and shops anywhere within walking distance. Hell, you could go to several towns with a crappy old bicycle.

I miss Australia, it's wilderness, and the people there, and hate how Japanese gun laws manages to be far shittier than Aus'. However, I can't stand how most towns in Australia require cars for grocery shopping and how inconvenient life is there. I also hate how everything is sprawled all over the place. I fucking hate the Tokyo heat and the Tokyo concrete jungle, but it sure as hell beats suburban Australia, that's for sure.


this pisses me off so goddamn much, its very possible that a women got killed or seriously injured, when she would have been fine if it hadn't been for these people's autistic obsession on preventing everybody from carrying weapon.