TORTURE - Techniques and Devices

Subject says it all. Share torture techniques, tools, stories, etc. Discuss practicality for interrogation, punishment and justice, etc.

Personally, I'm not a fan of waterboarding, because there is a potential of dry drowning, which doesn't seem very useful. I like this method of rat torture, however. Dunno if it has a name:
The problem with this one, however, is that after the rat gets far enough there's not much chance of survival for the victim, and the pain might be enough to cause them to go unconscious. The reason the victim's survivability might be an issue, is that he might be less willing to give up information if he knows he's already dead.

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It's more effective to be chummy with the guy. Bring him to a comfy room, smile, be friendly, make him laugh, share some family stories, serve him some nice home-cooked food (don't forget dessert) and some fine alcohol, do a few toasts to health and for all this nonsense to blow over.
Then when's he's nice and drunk, kindly ask some questions about what you'd like to know.

Please do not torture the ice fairy

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Torture can be used to merely make an example to others.

Invisible, heals quickly, hurts like shit and will continue to hurt for a day. Victim won't be able to stand or walk properly for at least a day. Prevents them from fleeing at any reasonable speed without a vehicle.
Also: doesn't leave any permanent marks.
You can also shave off all the dead skin off their feet and have them walk a few meters. The dead skin will come back sooner or later, but every time they try to stand, or walk, it will hurt like shit.

The problem with that then, is that the victim only has to endure it for a few days and he'll be okay. Something that damages someone beyond repair, like the rack, can be a lot more fearsome as a result.

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I'll do more than torture her, my German Zig Forumsomrade.

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What's the best way to torture a communist infant without killing them too quickly?

Headfucking your prisoner over a period of weeks, getting them to think of you as someone to please, would lead to more positive results.

Two words:

To much gear required, can't be done in wildernesses. Just general skinning and dismembering by knife and sapper tools.

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Paint a K98 with MLP shit.
Melt your purple heart recipient grandfathers 1911 to make modern art.
Make Zig Forumsommandos watch.

I have not heard of this one but my body is ready. Lay it on me, down-underling

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Forced headpatting and rough cuddling for female prisoners
that aside torture for information is outdated, a smart interrogator uses psychology. Video related is a good watch

You're outdated.

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Grow bamboo through their chests.

Better off causing pain with hitting nerve/ancupuncture points in the face/neck/skull area with a REAL needle and not the flimsy ass ones they use for therapy. Be careful doh, if you fuck up the patients either gonna be locked in/comatose/dead

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Kidnapping of enemy military personnel and enhanced interrogations were main sources of reconnaissance information for the USSR in the WWII. It was very effective. But this part of Eastern Front military history is still classified and therefor is off public's radar.

It also was main planned mission for the Spetsnaz in the upcoming WWIII.

Some Zig Forumsack was very knowledgeable on this topic and he says the most effective torture is sleep deprevation. Wish someone archived the thread

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>tfw no KGB qt girl to spank you for information


Ah, just another reason to hate Israel. Think I remember hearing about him. Real shame.

Do you remember when he made the post? I think I know what you're talking about.

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How to torture: Have an amerimutt rub up against your victim.

If you've got the time (and it's not in a war) you could always go full Stasi to break your enemies.

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Main Spetsnaz mission was deep reconnaissance. They were supposed to infiltrate across entire Europe and collect information about current NATO military units locations. Normalfags version is like they would be hiding in some brush and counting tanks passing by on the road. Real procedure was they would be posing as NATO military personnel themselves for ease of infiltration and ambushes and target NATO officers to collect information from the documents they carry and from their heads. Not just one war-crime but two at once.

The perfect interrogation makes use of both psychology and pain. if you only have 1 subject to work it, it can be quite tricky. If you have also captured a comrade of his too, you can break them both with excellent ease. Humans are sympathetic animals, and it is easy to abuse this weakness.

You mean "potential" WWIII?

From the USSR's point of view WWIII was inevitable not just "potential"


Badly concealed edgy fetish threads? On Zig Forums?
More likely than you think!

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Honest to fucking god if this is that GuP guro doujin I am going to scream

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Does rape count as torture? Posting here because the rape thread hit the bump limit.

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Pain torture is useless. You could get a man to confess that the sky was green if he thought it'd make the torture stop.

This, you have to make yourself appear reasonable, but not unwilling to do what you have to.


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Why risk killing someone when you can just deprive them of sleep and put them in a stress position? Take their family hostage for good measure, and you'll achieve far more than you ever would by risking their life with pointless torture.

Torture is all around ineffective. There is only one good reason to use it: to satisfy your psychotic desire to hurt people. Torture does more bad than good when used as interrogation device, as you will be fed copious amounts of nonsensical information that's hard to confirm or disprove by a prisoner that's losing his mind. It will not work as intimidation tool, people will just get enraged at unjust and cruel treatment of the prisoner, and on top of that you can expect retaliation, so that's a net negative. Ditto when using as a justice tool: in the days of witch hunt it could fly but not when information is piss easy to get and there are always shit ton of people who will oppose you.

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This was proven the most proven method of results by reported successes in Guantanamo Bay, actually. The prisoners would willingly give information over to the military personnel that weren't treating them like shit over a shorter time as compared to torture.

Research the individual, then . Deprive them of sleep, put them in stress position, put them in a room with audio of a baby crying, feed them shitty food and water, blindfold them, only refer to them by a number, make them all around uncomfortable. Treat them like shit. Then throw in a friendly guard who asks them "what's going on?", and gives your prisoners fudge cookies and lemonade. They'll be spilling their guts to that guard in no time. Kind of like an elaborate good cop bad cop, but the bad cop gets told information too.

There is only one way to combat this doujin.

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underrated post

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Hell, that should be a form of torture. Show someone plenty of heart-warming and cute things only to toss them back into a world terribly lacking such things.

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If it wasn't effective humans would stop doing it thousands of years ago. But to this very day we only keep coming with more ways to torture.

its only done out of misdirected sadism
u have a nice flag though : ^)


The only thing I hate about the doujin, besides the fact that I cried, was the holocaust meme.

*wait, I don't hate the fact that I cried, I meant that I hate it for being so vile. But hey, at least it had good art, a different story, and was a nice edge-fest. Just wish it wasn't with characters I love.

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Russia, are you drunk again?

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I believe you're referring to a post I made. Sleep deprivation is always the best method because the goal should be to break the mind and not the body. With sleep deprivation you can extract all the information you'd need from a prisoner without leaving a mark on him. As others anons have pointed out you must give them a friend to spill the beans to. This can be the person inflicting the torture but I find the most effective method is to give them a fellow prisoner.

I agree with others that torture through just pain is rarely effective because the prisoner will tell you whatever you want to hear to make it stop. Slow torture through sleep deprivation is best although it can fail to get the information you want if the individual is well trained and/or stubborn. Sleep deprivation techniques are very useful in siege situations though. If you have an enemy surrounded that is well dug in the best method is to simply blare loud sounds/music at them until they give up.

Drugs can also be very effective for extracting information depending on what they are and how they're used. For example, you can get your victim addicted to IV heroin and take it away until they start to talk. This works better if the person has an existing addiction but you can certainly create one given enough time with them.

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Torture only works if the enemy has low, low morale and no attachment to his side. At the first hit he'll spill the guts.
If the enemy is instead quite comitted to his cause or employer, then
Why? Since has a lot of loyalty he's mentally prepared to face hardships in name of his cause, or because he knows that if he talks, the boss will know, and if he knows, the prisoners' family will be in danger.


If you think you can get useful information out of someone who's been driven into the state of literal insanity, you're equally insane yourself.

Actually nevermind, you're just a clueless LARPing idiot, you can't be held to the bullshit you're spouting.

How do you stop them from making the bullshits up to stop the torture? I think tortures is useful to keep the people in line. If we need to use the tortures to gather the information then we have to be very careful otherwise the information will be based on the lies.

Torture can be effective, if you have multiple people, and want the information fast. Just stick the data together, and use the bits that match. But deprivation tactics and gc bc tactics work better for more reliable information.

Look up Waco faggot

torture too expensive, spend more money on propaganda

Sexual torture has always been the most effective form.

Just rape that bitch.

Isn't torture extremely ineffective?

Pls post more
Both of you

If it is, then why have humans been doing it for thousands of years?

>the German has a panzer fetish
Not surprised :^)
Unfortunately I could not find a translation. FYI, guro is not my fetish, but I'm sure anons won't believe me :^)

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I can translate it

Please user, you'd be a legend.

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I capped the thread fam, here ya go.

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Ah, I definitely remember seeing the OP. But I go to Zig Forums for news headlines, since Zig Forums and Zig Forums are even worse, so I mostly ignored it, only because Zig Forums has degenerated enough where I consider it as I would an AIDS syringe. Shame too, since it used to be a great board.

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Who produced this abominable picture?

Exactly how is abominable? It's old.

Because it seems effective and the natural inclination of man is to do his enemy harm. Torturing someone is a great way to make them talk but a bad way to make them give accurate and reliable information. They would get enough hits that the practice would continue. But after measuring it's effectiveness we know it's not as good as many alternative methods of interrogation.
Also torture wasn't always used as a means of getting information out of the person being tortured, it was used to make people confess, as punishment, as a way to kill someone, or as an example to others.

What are you trying to tell me? You told me something I already knew, and then you seem to think "torture" only means, perhaps, some sort of physical pain. Someone who has pulled an all-nighter might say it's "torture" figuratively, but after ~50 hours I'd say it was actually. It's painful to simply be awake, and then you start hallucinating.
You gonna source that, and explain what those alternatives are?

Oh I get it, we're so much more fucking "civilized" than over ten-thousand years of human history. Fucking hell.

You pegged me exactly, and I apologize for making the assumption about you. Depriving someone of sleep is one of those "more effective interrogation methods" that I was talking about.
The other ones include things like stress positions, forcing them to sit alone in a room with a recording of a baby crying, or making the target comfortable.
If you want a source for more humane interrogation tactics out preforming the alternatives look up Hanns Scharff, the German WWII interrogator.

Humans have also worshiped fucking rain gods for thousands of years, doesn't mean that works either.
I think torture is needlessly cruel and CIA-tier. I know some people have an appetite for suffering, but I'm not one of those people.

Implying rain dances don't work.

Other methods are much worse if attempt of disinformation are considered. Interrogation of the enemy is never reliable source and needs to be crosschecked against other sources.

This is explanation of low-birth scum who pushed "human rights" against nobles who tortured this low life scum. Introducing of torture for the aristocracy dominating oppressing classes was not an option so removing of torture was pushes and under "equality" slogan. Later "ineffective" slogan was added

Of course if human rights are considered torture has it problems. Example. There is murder police arrests 10 suspects and tortures them. one confesses, police founds body, murder weapon etc from this confession (other "confessions" doesnat provide such). Murderer was caught very easy. There is one problem though. Other suspects got punishment worse than death sentence without committing any crime. Is it worth it? To effectively catch criminals but punish innocents? If those people are property of the nobles this is not a question. If all citizens are supposedly equal it is another story. This was the real reason to ban torture.

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That's not a realistic scenario whatsoever. There's never been or will be a situation where multiple people are tortured over a thing you don't know who did, that's retarded. In reality it's a captured insurgent leader or the like who you know exactly. The human rights issue can be summed up by 'it's unethical to inflict great unavoidable pain on people', not whatever dumb shit you just said.

Waco wasn't meant to get information out of them so much as kill them all.

That was typical Medieval law enforcement work, torturing suspects.

In that case LE also wants all his subordinates names.

What that nigger said.
Just like an IFV can never make an army, a (violent) interrogation can never be your entire intelligence.

What is even the point of having a kingdom if 90% of the people in it are miserable? Might as well be a communist.

Cirno is not for abuse!

Didn't know there were so many CIAniggers on Zig Forums.

If you want information then do the VIP treatment.

Lol, what cucks!

You always have 100%+ approval rating and go into history as best ruler ever when you shit PMs and Presidents struggle at all times low, are shat by everyone in the country and would be written in the history books as loser bumkpings?

And actually i don't think monarchies and tyrannies are good things, reason above. Image above substance.

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The problems of monarchy were caused by poor technology. A monarchy/dictatorship was the only system that could sustain a functional civilization at low tech levels. Democracy is only possible with high technology that can compensate for it's inefficiencies. A modern monarchy would be far better than and democratic country in terms of living standards. Hell, most modern monarchies are very rich.

With VIP treatment prisoner has more reasons, strengths and recourse to do

It easy to make plans for user how to lie through interrogation sitting in the chair in his home. And its completely different matter when his one ball is crushed and he has 5 minutes to give an answer before next ball follows. In such misery user would have great difficulty to quickly produce believable lie that can hold slightest trial.

Start from Page 4 in the Nhentai one. I don't browse online much so idk how to use that EX site
All translations go Right to left, vertically. I do not know names so they will be transliterated cause Chinese is shit for names. () means TN

How can this happen?

The Ardennes (Watch on the Rhine) simulation, …. in a live fire exercise in front of us. That was one event I never thought was possible..

But… Why….

03: Conclusion of the battle train (New!)
024: This is our ghost shell (eg; Spirit)
31: The sad story (horror) of the giant person
57: The fleet mission to recover the sunken ships blueprints
83: If we can't get a welcome, then let's hunt them!

"Sir Hekado!"
Door reads: Gynecology room
"Please do not do this!"
"What…. What are going to do to us?"
"Do what?"

"You should understand, Qiushan (Autumn mountain?)"
Mphmm! x2
"We must make Xizhu (West lord?) take responsibility for the incident!"
"What incident?"
"Please wait a second!"
"That was a-"

"I fully know. Shaddup.
Even if it was an accident"
"Your old fish head squad (Joke on them being retards) sent a missile that struck center mass (Also a joke on "penetrated")
and killed our commander!"
The scattered (Lit: Four splits and five splinters) remains of our commander… (Insert commanders name x2). Even if I am an escort/bystander, was forgotten and picked up by me!
"How can you understand my feelings at all!"
"God damn it's too fucking noisy!"

"That AP bullet, was originally designed the type of armor of that level"
"This is the cause of everything… But…"
"The ones who started the assault were your and your squad!"

“Let's start"
(pump start sound)
"You bastards… What are you going to do to officer (?) Xizhu?"
"Please stop!"
"Argh.. My foot"
"I'll give you this (saw)"

"It's fine, its fine Xizhu, stop struggling"
"muffled sounds/struggling x2"
"If you want to rescue Xizhu, then cut your own foot off!"
"That will also remind you the chain is made of a metallic substance you can't cut off!"
(Insertion sound and screaming)

Multiple screaming/wooshing sounds
"Feels great Xizhu? This is the petrol of a IV armored car (I'd assume Panzer IV)!"
"(I) will keep injecting (sex joke, also read as repeatedly pis toning)you until your stomach explodes!"
(Diabolical laughter x2)
"Please stop this maddness! If you continue, she will die of poisoning!"

pumping sounds and screaming galore
(While laughing diabolically) "You really deserve this Xizhu"
(Screaming x2)
"Relax, we won't /just/ torture you alone."
"The cold fountain (read blood and head) of the driver"
"Is already frozen and I have shipped it to her mother!"
"The weapons officer (gunner?) was sold to an american military base! She went willingly, and is now much more sociable!"

Only modern monarchies that a rich and are actually monarchies not democracies in disguise are oil states.

"Fifty bells (her name??????) the one who hit the commander, the root of this hatred, I took care of her …. To make her my flower pot (Also joke as her being "shit" as its the same sound")
"What … Don't have a reflex of emotion now!" (Don't plead for mercy)
"Then it's you, Zhen dan (Straigh bullet? Might mean straight shot), we will let you acompany Xizhu westward (eg; bury her/die with her)"
"No… You're crazy!"
"That thing.. was obviously an accident with no suspect!"
(grabbing sound admidst screaming)
Argh x3
Sawing sound

"You can do what Madmax's cast aside wife couldn't do?"
screaming x2
"Then okay, if you can do it…."
"I'll let you two go"
Mphmm x2

"officer Xizhu, is the most respected person … is the
Only friend I had. Even if she only played armored cars with me… But she was, the first, the first friend of mine … She's also my comrade (Battle friend)!"
screaming x2 with sawing sound craaaaaaaack
"Qiushan, don't!"

screaming plus sawing sound x5
"Oh… Is this fucker for real?"

"Who the fuck knows? Qiushan's head has rotted (gone insane)"
"Youzi (Qiushans nick I think?) has changed…."
"What's changed?"
"Regardless, let's continue with the job (pumping gasoline)"
"Ahh, Xizhu student… "
muffled screaming x2
"A stomach filled with gasoline, it's grown to the size of being ready to explode!"
"This time we wont use the (explosive) style joke of the Fishhead squad! Let's get the fishhead restrained and raised up!"
This… is the end.

panint x5 and squirting of blood.
"We… Agreeed.. that. Please release her! Please!"

Explosion sound and dripping water sounds x3
(Diaboloical laughter intensifies)

"ah…. why would you, ahh.. "
(Screaming like gassed kikes)
"How could we let you die so painlessly? "
I think… That commander (break and the word "wash/cleansing" its supposed to be a buddist refereence) will be at the hell awaiting us

First story. Sage for offtopic

Many democratic countries have tons of fossil fuels

Nips deserved more than two nukes.

The Boats (Scaphism) is the only true answer.

>[The king] decreed that Mithridates should be put to death in boats; which execution is after the following manner: Taking two boats framed exactly to fit and answer each other, they lay down in one of them the malefactor that suffers, upon his back; then, covering it with the other, and so setting them together that the head, hands, and feet of him are left outside, and the rest of his body lies shut up within, they offer him food, and if he refuse to eat it, they force him to do it by pricking his eyes; then, after he has eaten, they drench him with a mixture of milk and honey, pouring it not only into his mouth, but all over his face. They then keep his face continually turned towards the sun; and it becomes completely covered up and hidden by the multitude of flies that settle on it. And as within the boats he does what those that eat and drink must needs do, creeping things and vermin spring out of the corruption and rottenness of the excrement, and these entering into the bowels of him, his body is consumed. When the man is manifestly dead, the uppermost boat being taken off, they find his flesh devoured, and swarms of such noisome creatures preying upon and, as it were, growing to his inwards. In this way Mithridates, after suffering for seventeen days, at last expired.

I can keep translating but its a uh… A bit strange from after that

go on

anybody got the full length version?