Mystery Equipment

What is this? This doesn't look like the kind of body armor I'm familiar with.

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Looks like some kind of plastic bag filled with cotton.

It definitely doesn't look like any body armor I've seen.

They most likely fucked up and bought these from a Chink company. The eternal chinaman wins again. No refunds.

it looks like cotton wrapped in cheap artificial leather that was popular in public transport of USSR/Warsaw Pact countries

Looks like a kevlar vest. In which case it isn't surprising that a rifle round penetrated it. Soft armor doesn't stop rifle rounds.

Kevlar and dyneema is brownish in color, the only "white" fibers are ones that go through a bleaching process. There's no point in bleaching a high molecular weight fiber, no one is ever going to see it.

To my eyes that looks like fake garbage, maybe compressed polyurethane.

So someone got screwed over with cheap & fake body armour. Do we know who got shot wearing it?

This is what happens when jewish soldiers complains to a jewish manufacturer that their body armor is too heavy.

This, they probably made it white to mimic solid material just in case the surface got scraped off and sold it as legit armor.

Gee whiz who'd have thought

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It won't be Arabs that kill Israel, but Jews Jewing other Jews.

Probably some scavenged padding from the Isreali tactical combat diapers

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That sounds like it makes sense.
Some kind of Jew.

The funny thing is some uniforms come with ass pillows attached, which kind of looks like armor plating but isn't. This is because sitting in northern climates on the ground for a few minutes gives you meningitis and your nuts turn black and fall off.

Look, user, I hate Israeli as much as anybody on here does but spreading around sourceless misinformation doesn't help anybody.

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It could be that the article has changed ever since (and anything relating to Arab-Israeli relations is subject to heavy edit wars), and the paragraph in question could be found in an earlier revision. That's the problem with using Wikipedia as a source. If you're doing it, at provide archive link or the particular revision/ date you're using as a source.

Well for Israelis simply being in proximity of p*lestinians causes the ground and air to transmit "holocaustenergy", resulting in billions of shekels worth of legal litigation if only the brown bastards had money and would show up to court. It activates their hereditary PTSD resulting in stuff like
This is the only solution, really. The final solution.

Like schoolbus seats?

How do get a brain infection from sitting on the cold ground?

Looks like tampax made this.

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I've heard a cool story on 2ch /war/; the downbass troopers caught a bunch of cuckhole conscript kiddies, literally 16 year olds. The troopers were like "What the fuck do you think you're doing? You're gonna fucking die there m90!" And they said "No way, we got issued hoholium armor, it's impenetrable for an AK at point blank ranges!" So the trooper pulled out a pencil, and without too much effort forced it through the armor.

I think was the same armor as this one.

Reminds me of that soviet car that was made of compressed cotton

Quarritty you can depen on

Your body is defended against infection from white blood cells.
White blood cells are transported by the circulatory system.
In cold situation your blood vessels clamp down on circulation to prevent heat loss.
In stressful situation your intestines slow the circulation of blood.

Therefore in situation that is both cold and stressful, you have almost nil circulation of white blood cells, which leads to almost no protection from disease. And your spinal chord is in direct contact with the cold area (ass) and the stress circuited area (intestines) which are both full of all kinds of bacteria and diseases.

In a cold warfare scenario you could be perfectly hygienic, and get horribly sick without a scratch on you.

fukken lol

Holy fuck and i thought you were fucking stupid when you said kevlar and dyneema were only brownish in color.