Love. You must love yourself despite your failures, and even when you recognize your sins and beg for mercy, love yourself. Love thy neighbor, even when he makes mistakes or is acting in a dangerous way. Change him with your heart first, not your fist. That does not mean to be a defenseless fool either, of course. Defend yourself and your family from evil, but don't allow yourself to always choose violence over compassion.

Have sympathy for one another and offer yourself to them. Help those who are lost or full of hatred, don't deny them. If you can't do these basic things, but yet you pride yourself on memorizing scripture and going to divine liturgy often, then you still are not a true follower of Jesus Christ. The most studious and determined 'Christians' who talk about how dedicated they are, yet cannot follow the path of Love properly, are hypocrites.

Do what the Pharisees say, not what they do. Don't complain about how incorrect the world is unless you yourself are incorrect in your attitude of fixing it. If you are just here to Deus Vult and destroy 'muh degeneracy', then go back to Zig Forums. Degeneracy is a symptom of a lack of Christ's teachings, and defeating it is a small part of the path.

If you cannot master Love and give up your racial spites or hatred of everything in this world, then you cannot be called a follower of Jesus yet. Love those that are lost, and save them. I see far too much condemnation of 'heretics' 'sodomites' 'blasphemers' on this board, and not nearly enough solutions to helping these lost people. You don't need to be a bleeding heart liberal fool, but if you're just Christian to oppose degeneracy and roleplay as a conservative, then you're here for the wrong reasons.

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Strangely what I needed to hear today, as well as good advice for general Christendom. Good post

They want their happy white nation but can't let go of their pride in order to achieve it. God would bless them with strength and fruitfulness if only they would humble themselves and repent. Instead they choose the low path of hate and will die in their sins, getting neither white nation nor salvation.
The high path of God's Love is the only way to earthly and eternal salvation.

Yes. I can look at this from the outside as I am middle eastern. I see the state of Europe..and the state of pol is no better.

Thank you brother. We must end denominational rage as are baptist and you're my friend. I'm orthodox and I'm your brother in Christ. I love you for what and who you are

I like you, fren. Knowing God died to show he loves me is what keeps my self-esteem up. We need to stop hating people and start mocking their silly beliefs. It worked against the sjws. I don't see why it can't work against gommunism and cuckoldry.

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Can somebody please screencap this?

I tend to screencap good posts here

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Thank you user.
God bless you.

thank you my brother. my first ever screencap!

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Yes, ridicule false teachings and expose false prophets. How easy it is for muslims to hate and seek the destruction of their foe…it is the most difficult challenge for a Christian, to choose love over hatred. Love these lost people like a delinquent child, and discipline them because you care.

The orthodox church defeated communism in the East. Now the christians must stop it in the West. I think rampant liberalism is more dangerous than Islam in the long run.


Orthobros have some of the best apologetics and proselytizing I see on the internet.

I sense a deep satisfaction and contentment in them.

God bless you, OP.

Bump for truth and importance. God bless OP, may his post inspire us to truly follow the path of Christ.

Thanks for this, OP

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That's what happens when they preserve the teachings over generations. Wisdom accumulates.

When will God smite sjws and diversitycucks?

Thank you brother

This is one of if not the best post I've seen in a long time. God bless, OP

For some reason that always surges after a battle against one another on the behest of the kikes. though.

We call these things cohencidences.
After every golden age that follows after heavy chastizing and punishment of jews, they slip around and things get ruined again, then suddenly "degeneracy" happens for some reason.

Degeneracy is not a lack of Christ, degeneracy is a chemical.
Nations are organisms and philosemitism gets metabolized into degeneracy, wheras removal of kikes gets metabolized into awesomemium.

The less jews a civilized nation has the better it's off, unless other nations with more jews breathe down their necks for not having enough of them or not being helpful enough.

Just so you know the scummiest guy you met will have hte same personality of the average women

This still doesnt mean you shouldnt marry but dont expect it to be magical

This so much
The jew man is keeping me down by not letting me diddle kids

Those damn low iq'd subhumans who outsmarted my ubermensch brain

Your anguish is the currency with which salvation is bought the most easily.
Every ounce of pain and indignation you feel in the face of truth that sears the eternal parasite is paid back to us in enormous dividends.

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Yup totally agree with you set back the age consent to 10 and have government provided 10/10 artan waifu for you

Hey, I don't belong to the tribe that cuts infant penises and sucks their blood.
But I remain glad that you are feeling the righteous pain of your curse.


Kikes, everyone.

Can you guys please keep the Jew nonsense out of this thread? This is dedicated to love, even to those who might not deserve it. We love this world, so we must save the people in it. Only Jesus Christ can judge who will go to Hades.

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Despite everything, why is my outlook on life so bleak? Why is it I'm so angry about everything? I am a hypocrite, but what the hell does that do for me, just stating it does nothing. I can point out all my flaws but I'll never do anything, then make an excuse. Maybe the issue is I just hate myself, thus I hate the world around me. I honestly don't know, and the worst part is I have the gall to call myself a Catholic, and pride myself on attending church. And at the end of it all, this post is all I and Me, I can't stand that either. Please help

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You think I am some perfect being? That I've transcended the failures of my own selfishness? You're right. All I did was post this apologetic…I myself am still guilty of the things I just preached against. I come from the Middle East…sometimes my hatred of both Muslim and Israeli overwhelms me, and I admit it's wrong.

What you need to realize, dear brother, is that you are not and never will be alone. If any man tells you that he has solved the answer to dealing with all of his failures, that he is proud of everything he is, that he has no doubts and no venom in his heart, then he is either a FOOL or a LIAR.

Seek Christ. The Truth, the Way, and the Life.

Pic related

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It is when the end game of the jews is to enslave and bring a world government that they control.

I don't even know what love is at this point. Apathy for life is kind of taking over and I'm just avoiding people now because it ain't worth it most of the time.

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The ADL is dictating, at least in great part, what love is supposed to be for the entirety of the west by virtue of defining what should be hated.

They want you to realize that things that aren't benecifical to them is hate and what benefits them is love.

Yeah infant penis suckers btfo'd you
really makes you think huh

Mhhh, give me more of your asshurt and chutzpah, even if it's low grade.
My shoudler was feeling a bit tight, now it's better.

There really is no greater panacea than the wailing, indignation and anger of a jew or golem.


bump, because many people, including people in this thread, forget the Gospels way too often.

More projection, I see.

What I hate the most about the Jews is the fact that they're literally the WE WUZ of religion
They lost. The savior came down and they rejected Him, so the Pharisees evolved and we have the revolting religion called Rabbinic Judaism, while the rest of the civilized world continued to follow the teachings of Jesus who, to their knowledge, was just a preacher from a desert people's religion.
It's a shame, Israel is so rich with history, and these are their supposed descendants. It's sad

This this this

Are you Arab? Your image says "Saint Joseph the Damascene"

Great post OP, so many here have impressive deep knowledge about Christian lore and doctrine but have no love…

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I've seen the image float around here but no one's come forward. Such a shame, Arab Christians don't get enough support tbh

Yes, I'm Lebanese.

was OP catholic all along?

I'm in love with another man. Is it okay to pursue a platonic relationship with that person or is that a path to destruction?

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Platonic love is imaginary.
If you have gay impulses for someone then you should avoid him lest temptation overcome you.

There’s a way, but are you strong enough to follow it? I had to quit many friendships due to my same sex issues.

I like to think I'm strong enough

We all have wounded parts of ourselves that bit by bit we need to bring to God’s Light and turn over to Him. This can be a very long process. I pray from 1 John: God Perfect me in your Love. And over time bit by bit I am more whole, more holy than I was Yesterday. May God bless my reply. Also my first post.

Please be careful…what you just wrote makes me even more worried about you and your intentions.

Sorry user, but I'd think that trying to be friends with him while you're still attracted to him would be very dangerous. I mean imagine a man was attracted to woman he couldn't be with (she's married or he's married, or they both are). It would be unwise and indeed absurd for that man to try to be friends with that woman. The same goes for you. Of course just because you're suffering from homosexual impulses doesn't mean you can't have male friends, but try to befriend men who you aren't attracted to.

Liberals show it a lot. They make it really great, like a lot of Christians, LARPing as love distributors virtue signalling faggots, and this is disgusting. Every perversion of charity is disgusting. And at least the some people you may talk about don't fall for it, unfortunately often falling for anger in the process. That's why pol is right, they reject the worst ennemy of christianity: false love.
You can't do virtual hugs, not matter the amout of

I walked past the local elementary school and it was 99% white save the token kebabs that have been around since the fifties.

You want memes?
How about that even if only 1% of any given race is genius level, high class artist level, grand athlete level and co then that's still more white geniuses, artists and atheletes in the world than there are jews combined.

And kikes know this.
They are the most envious race and it starts at the names, sugar mountains, winners, rubies, goldleafs, goodchildren, peacefulmen, leisure times, fine men, stones of all shapes and sizes.

When in reality their real names are Dickgobblowitz or Cripplelowsky and co.

jews are parasites and only that, without others they have nothing.
Even if it's mods on an imageboard.
Weakest, most cowardly race, and the most degenerate and diseased.

How does it feel to be even lower than niggers?
How does it feel that the moment white stops wiping your ass you die?

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It became perfect when I started posting.
Because it shows exactly what's going on.
If "love" isn't as per the definition of jews then things must be banned and decried.

On the other hand, also look at the asshurt and "chaos" a single poster like me does to the average jew.
I don't know how people on the right can get "blackpilled" when even a single person that doesn't play along generates infinite anger, fear and incessant tugging at the pants legs of other people.

If you are white and still don't want to gas all kikes after:
Then the "Cuck" in Christcuck really is an apt name.
And not even I use that one.
Although in cases like these, I really should.

Those who fight for jews, those who defend jews gain nothing and lose everything.

Just remember how powerful even a singular piece of resistance, is, though.
They truly have nothing. If I couldn't get banned here then Mr. "Jew Pride" and all golems who'd help him would be bullycided into the prehistoric age.
Without recourse.

Because reality is ALWAYS on my side.
Not a singular exception. Never was, never will be.

Bump but try to only read OP.

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I concede the fact that I deserve condemnation. But I do not hate myself for my weaknesses.

Niggers and other non-whites don't give a shit about me, so why should I give a shit about them? I don't see you guys condemning black nationalists or la Raza types, I see only anti-white hate.

Face it, this wasn't a problem centuries ago now that niggers want some GIBES ME SAT I'm suppose to bend over backwards to a race that behaves violently just so I can make some church feel good about themselves.

Most of Christianity is cucked, and it's no surprise that it's dying as people are sick of the anti-white statements that the church is promoting.

Hi Zig Forums convert or go, heathen. Still love you tho.

Bumping because the OP is important and everyone here needs to read it

Attack Leftist women.


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we just gotta bring it to the states now


We love you user, even when you say stupid shit like that.

Say what you want about diversitycucks but it's a noble cause, more noble than Zig Forums anyway. I'm not saying diversity and equality is without its problems, but I believe it comes from the best intention.

I have to disagree. Much of the impetus behind diversity is simple resentment, distrust, and hatred toward white people. Nothing noble about it so far as I can tell.

No, it's about inclusion and not wanting to exclude anyone from feeling like they belong or aren't normal.
That being said it's becoming something else entirely, as you say, but I still agree with OP. Off them something better than hate.

I agree with the OP as well. Offer white people the same love and respect you offer anyone else, otherwise it's just hatred.

As I say, you talk of something else, the basic priniciple of diversity is well-meaning and not anti-white. Now with enough Zig Forums coolaid you can see that there are elements within the world which do hate white, but that isn't what the original thing was about.

The principle of diversity only seems to apply to white people, that's why I believe there is something nefarious about it from the start.

which alt-right e-celeb told you this?

go back to r/christianity

lol, hit a nerve I think, who did you last donate patreon money to? Guessing it was Faith Goldy,

I don't even know him, don't even like anglo-american alt-righter.

But your too retarded to understand the rejection of immigration and globalism is global and doesn't only concern america, alt-righters or even westerners. Lebanian christians coming in my country are destroyed to see it's now the same as the country they fled: full of muslim.

what are you going to do about it then?

definitly not defend the badly named "diversity" as you, the cuck.

I'm arguing in good faith.
Do you deny the veracity of my statement? Am I missing something?

Basic principles are well and good, yes. However, this is a situation in which the principles have changed for the worse. I say this as someone who despises Zig Forums. To many, whiteness is the opposite of diversity, even though it shouldn't be. In order to restore the basic principles of diversity, we must practice it ourselves by tolerating all and including any who show respect to me, you or anyone else, regardless of internal or physical attributes. The people who preach diversity today barely practice it themselves.

I understand your points, and it's nothing I haven't heard before.
I simply say that hating other races and treating them as 2nd class citizens, though it makes me a cuck to say so, is wrong.
And yes I know, diversity means something different today than it did 10 years ago, 20 years ago.

There is much hypocrisy and problems in the world, I believe we are supposed to be better than the rest

Exactly, so let's lead by example. Hopefully the rest of the western world will follow.

Hating or abusing people is wrong, you'll get no argument from me there. My only point is this principle should be applied to white people just as it is anyone else.
If white people don't want diversity then they shouldn't be forced or emotionally manipulated into accepting it. I think if you disagree with this then you hate white people and are by definition a racist.

It was always a political mean with bad intention. Always pointing on a false culpability of westerners, always pushing for immigration, always against our roots, always against conservatism, always runned by jews atheist. Lurk fucking more.
Why focuse on race ? We can't hate at all. It's irrelevant, it has nothing to do with immigration.
"muh hate is bad". Can you politic ?
You can't treat them as 2nd class citizens if they are not even citizens of your country.

I don't need to lurk, I know all this. What are you going to do about it though? How are you going to stop the Jew athiest?

For me : succeed in my domain
for you, first : stop faggot posting about "muh diversity"

how are you going to remove all the non-whites in your future non-diverse state?

i can stop supporting diversity, but there's already a lot of it in place

stop talking about another point. Also stop playing the smart, we never talked about removing none whites.
soft re-emigration is a thing: meaning they have no more aid and thus no economic interest in staying in the host country

If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not love, I have become as sounding brass or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not love, I am nothing. If I give all my goods to feed the poor, and if I give my body to be burned, and have not love, it profits me nothing. Love suffers long and is kind; love envies not; love flaunts not itself and is not puffed up, does not behave itself improperly, seeks not its own, is not easily provoked, thinks no evil; rejoices not in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. (1 Corinthians 13:1-7)

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Love is defined by St Thomas Aquinas as "willing the good of another for their own sake."