UK Offensive Weapons Bill
Well, it seems that the gun laws are going to get tighter and tighter. This bill has been going through for a while now, but with the witnesses called this week (video is of the evidence presented by representatives of the police and security forces) it looks like they're going after .50 cal rifles and MARS designs - looking to reclassify both as 'section 5: prohibited weapons'. If any of the Britloks here haven't contacted their MP about this then do it - even if there's almost no chance of the fucker listening it's worth them hearing that this will cost them some votes. If you had told me that one day I would see a senior police expert claim that the effective range of a .50 BMG round was 6.8km I would have laughed in your face, until now.

In more detail this bill will:
>expand the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (1984) no, I'm not joking with the year to grant police power to stop and search anyone they 'reasonably believe to be carrying a corrosive substance in public'

Here's the text of the bill -
and the explanatory notes -
and the impact assessment - - Offensive Weapons Bill.pdf

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Response to niggers shitskins asians being too dumb to acquire banned knoifs and resorting throwing battery acid in people's faces?


Such is life on airstrip one

This is what victory feels like

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Gee I'm sure all the niggers in London will just put down their bottles of acid, knives and pistols and stop killing each other thanks to these laws.

I fucking hate the cities and everyone that lives in them.

When are they going to realize that a man can throw a rock hard enough to kill someone? Will they regulate arms or will they regulate rocks?

As soon as they've banned everything more advanced than this 'geological weapon system' technology that appears to have been developed specifically to circumvent the current regulations.


Fortunately the New British don't know how to poo in the loo anyway, so they won't notice. That kind of situation will only affect the Racist British.

We oddly don't have a much of a street defecation problem due to the Indians that immigrated here generally being the high caste ones.

Jesus Christ, Any Dumbshit who hates self-defense and having a law to allow someone to not defend themselves should be killed

Send help.

Nuke thyself, not even a potential military disintegration/defeat of the JewU will help at this point.
I just hope the poz doesn't spread to Nippon, for they barely have any civilian funs and nowhere to run to in the event Soros succeeds.

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I can't see a future for this country, I really can't.
I feel bad for the other nations we rounded into this mess. Wales and Scotland don't deserve the cuckoldry we're forcing on them.

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are there any groups atleast pro-gun in the UK? Join/inform said group about it if possible. Spread the word to people about the anti-fun laws and make sure to tell people about how being defenseless is fucking stupid and having this type of law should be shot

*Shut down

None of them are remotely popular.
Even if all of them were combined into one group they still wouldn't have enough popularity to get into parliament .

what about Nigel or any politician Assuming there are with common sensedoesn't support being defenseless?

I don't think Nige is pro-gun, he's just anti-EU.

damn, is there anyone who has influence pro-gun?

There are progun groups, and they are fighting this … sort of. They aren't opposing this on the ideological level though. Their argument isn't anything to do with self defence or the right of the citizen to own firearms, they're attacking it on the grounds of its impracticality and that it would affect sporting/target shooting. I'm not aware of any organisation or movement that is proposing even relaxing the current laws.

Farage did make an offhand comment that he saw no reason to ban a citizen from owning a revolver so long as it wasn't carried in public. He was attacked from every angle and by every group who seemed to think he was in favour of non-stop gun battles in the streets and high noon duels to settle legal disagreements. I'm not sure if he retracted or apologised for the statement (not even a hypothetical policy proposal) or not, but I don't recall him saying anything after that on the subject of firearms or self defence.

Britloks are basically complete freaks in RL. Some people may be more or less opposed but I know I've lost friends from trying to correct some of their claims made about firearms when they came up in the news.

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Welcome to UK law.
If there's a problem; try to regulate it.
If it fails; do nothing.

Someone needs to summon those Haunebu fleets from inner earth before things get even worse.

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dont let it rip

Because of this thread, I am going to make the American colonies in EU4, and have them take by force the UK. Its the only way to insure this never happens in this alternative reality.

I am honestly going to move to Pakistan at this rate. Less Pakis there anyway than Birmingham these days.

There is but they are so far separted from the rest of society they may as well not exist. UK is too urban focused.

Trump still has a few years left to run, he's enough of a madman to invade the UK and annex the country. Fuck. We've reached the point where hoping for another country to invade and occupy us is the patriotic position. Just fucking kill me.

Work on a time machine instead and do it for real.

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How many brave men died in those two world wars? And for what? These are not only strange, but increasingly evil times.

Well that means that they can arrest and charge absolutely anyone they want, as long as that person is operating a motorized vehicle that is using a combustion engine. There's acid in vehicle batteries.

Oh. Wait wait wait. Water is corrosive to metal. And they never specified at what rate the corrosion must happen.

A proposal to make it illegal for person to carry water in public. What I have done wrong to have ended up in this timeline?

They're a (((democracy))), of course not.

Get rid of nukes, then someone can liberate you )))


Behold, British nuclear policy in one sketch.

Read the law. It specifies that the substance must be corrosive to human skin.

That video makes an extremely good point.
The scenario in which we'd actually use a nuclear weapon would never happen, governments have learned from the first two World Wars and know not to rush head first into such reckless actions.

Our government thinks everyone is hat tipping Englishmen and will just abide by these new regulations.

iirc UKIP used to have something about changing our gun laws to be more like Northern Irelands but I think they've scrapped that.

Would much rather use the £40bn Trident costs on a proper Navy like the old days, we could double our navies size for the cost of Trident and just keep a few nukes going in the background for a "fuck the french and Germans we are taking them with us" policy.

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We waste so much money, it hurts.

We have to spend money where it counts. Like turning ourselves into the Islamic State.

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It's the only logical conclusion.
How fucked are the British overseas territories by comparison?
Does anyone even care about them these days?

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I heard the Isle of Man is pretty nice.

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If NORN IRON counts, they're doing fine. They're actually less cucked than we are though leeches they may be.

Why does it look so smug

Probably the only place where it won't get fucked by Ahmed.

Because he's probably fathers like 40% of the Manx Sheep population of the world.

It doesn't need a skin or stomach loicense.


Pretty sad how low the Empire has fallen.
It's even more sad seeing the absolute state of the western world.

You joke about that but there's regulation in the UK that if a car produces any smoke from the exhaust it fails it's MOT meaning you are not allowed to drive and can be fined.

Just remember we have a long way to go till we reach the bottom of the hill.

That's 3 times more energy than 30-06 or buckshot. But it's a bit less than .50BMG, which they explicitly ban.

Much more important part is ban of any sort of automatic weapons, only manual action will be allowed. Expect semi-auto guns redesigned to simply not have the gas mechanism and recoil spring, so it's a bolt-action with autolocking.

Well technically they only banned propellant gas system automatics, they didn't ban auxiliary CO2 gas automatics, or electric automatics.

There are still some mechanisms that don't fall under their definition.
Pretty sure blow-forward is safe, for example. For the handful of guns that use it.


While the news is terrible I still can't help but chuckle at the idea of bong cops putting bump stocks on bolt action rifles or over under shotguns and attempting to convince reasonable people not politicians of course that these make it more dangerous. Good luck to you bongers, follow the example of British hero Philip Luty before they ban tools.

iirc there's only like 40 .50's in private ownership in the UK, god knows why they chose to ban it, are they scared people will start shooting up army convoys or something.?

Don't you know? Corner store owners live in constant fear of a customer pulling out a 30-pound anti-materiel rifle he had tucked into his waistband.

I'm sorry, but British people deserve this.
Your cynicism and moronic sense of arrogance for being modernist fucks caused this.
I can't put it in many words since I'm ESl but just go to Reddit or any YouTube comment chain and you will feel the same.
I just feel despair at seeing Europe being fucked.
Brazil is nearly South Africa levels and the white areas are being flooded with niggers and mutts.
Seems I'm fucked, there's no salvation.
Can't even do a last stand since guns are banned.
Maybe I'll use paladin press books to cause some Zig Forums memes to pop out.

What most people know of Britain is actually just London.
The Scots don't deserve this, the Cornish don't deserve this, the Welsh don't deserve this. This is only something Londoners will like but they have such a huge pull over the country that whatever they want happens.

Fuck you, Aphex Twin deserves even worse than this for going on a 13-year hiatus.

I would say the Scots do since most of these laws are just SNP stuff our government took.

I would also like to say that the South West does not deserve this either, we not only have the largest amount of guns in the country but also the largest amount of far right extremists, most of the right wing groups in the UK recruit from here.

If life in the Islamic State means free funs for everyone, the future of Europe could be worse.

People supported SNP without really knowing what they were about.
They down played their policies for ages and pushed for Scottish independence, conveniently never mentioning them being a socialist party in most of their campaigning. Only when they got into power did they start being less obtuse and they've lost support since.

Same can be said for everyone major party, I just hate how those fucks get some much say in our parliament.

But Syro came out in 2014 and he released an EP in 2017.

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It's especially true for SNP, though. I've seen people think they were a far-right nationalist party.
It's disgusting behaviour, they knew Scotland has a large nationalist voting base and they capitalised on it then completely pulled the rug right out from under them after they got put in.

He didn't release anything from 2001 to 2014, he deserves pain for that.
The shitty side projects under different names don't count.

I think those are mostly Americans, same ones that think the IRA was some based pro-white far right paramilitary.

Americans, my god. They even think the IRA is liked in Ireland despite them causing decades of terrorism even after they lost public support.
But no, I've met Scotsmen who thought that about SNP. Their campaigning worked wonders.

German autism strikes again.

How are the Ulster Nationalists received in the UK? Down here people seem indifferent towards the Ulster Nationalists, unlike the IRA which are disliked due to terrorist attacks.

Indifferent as well. We don't think about Northern Ireland a lot because of them being across the North Channel, I actually forget they're even apart of the UK at times.
I know that ever since the Troubles ended both sides have calmed down a lot, I don't know if they still hate each other but at least they aren't bombing pubs anymore.

In the evidence provided by the police they admit that there's 291 fiddy cals in private hands in the UK. They then go on to hurriedly remind the MPs that figure only covers licensed weapons in public hands and that there are probably more .50's in the hands of firearms shops that they don't have figures for. As for what this's meant to achieve it's basically along the lines of

The IRA went on from bombing pubs to selling drugs and robbing banks.

It's been proven via American beta testing to work much more efficiently in terms of demoralization, see: SLA

What kind of person needs limbs, all violent crimes throughout history were perpetrated with limbs! FACT!

Why do you need thumbs? BAN ASSAULT THUMBS!

No reasonable person would need a body, before we can even talk about teeth control we need to remove dangerous individuals WALKING around anywhere they please with deadly bodies.

Pic related, bong future.

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Nah, probably just state enforced castration.

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warmly waiting for cars to be illegal

Try the West coast or Borders of Scotland. They could at times be twinned with Texas since there are more Tanks than Tractors there.

They pretty much are in all but name in some cities since you get;
On top of this they've effectively banned diesel engines due to recent ultra tight regulations since nobody wants a car that will potentially be very expensive to maintain or cause you fines if anything on it has been tampered.

how does winning feel my perfidious friends?

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Jewgle translate is fucking it up, it is meant to be Urdu for: "If we had lost the war, you'd be speaking German."

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Fucking hell, the Urdu script didn't show up at all for me. I guess the site doesn't support it.

यह जर्मन से बेहतर है। कम से कम हम करी है।

Take that you Pakistani dogs.

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t. Li Wong

t. Mehmed

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America sold us Trident. They probably have the self-destruct switch

Oi! You got a loicence for that rubber band guvna?


Surprised no one has pointed this out yet -
Point and laugh

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Wasn't there a case in Sweden where a bodybuilder was arrested because the police thought he must've been on drugs? Seems like getting arrested for your lethal body is the future of Europe.

Yeah, I vaguely remember it, too. He wasn't event that /fit/, just average-gym-going-type /fit/. IIRC, they did a bunch of drug tests on him and released him.


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I wonder when they'll start smacking down on people for having exercise equipment and superfoods. If they're banning batteries and office stationery, it can't be that far off.

It's basically criminalizing everybody, so the junta can remove whoever they want, when they want, since everyone is a 'criminal' already.

Alright, ALRIGHT! You can un-hide that flag now, we won't bash you now unless you're sweden.

>Well, laddie, you're a bit too young to have arms. We'll have to amputate them! No worries now! We'll sew them back on once you're grown up if you manage to get a licence for them, that is.

technically, if you have piss in your bladder (uric acid) while in public you can be arrested for it.

Or basically any organic acid!

You could technically be arrested for having bad breath or even coughing.