Liberals are already triggered by the Halloween reboot being pro home defense

How soon until Hollywood start practicing gun control in movies?

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The real question is who's worse? Zig Forums or /tv/?

Is there a difference?

Kikes are very possessive about reaching demographics and controlling the tone of popular culture's media.
If they get the slightest hint it might have influence their noses start twitching uncontrollably and the kvetching becomes too much.
They were threatened by World Peace and shut that shit down quick with some fake allegations in obvious hit pieces.

/tv/ like the unholy lovechild of Zig Forums and MGTOW. They are worse than pedophiles. They are pedos with bad taste.

Besides not being Laurie Strode brother. What else will the reboot retcon?

I am assuming he no longer supernatural again.

Stupid me for expecting intelligence from these animals.

/tv/ is cancer why go there? people like them in hollywood is exactly the reason everyone is watching less fucking tv.

Same liberal will probably complain about Halloween portraying mental illness in a negative light next. Also friendly reminder Micheal Meyer was only stopped in Halloween 4 by a milita after the police failed to arrest him.

Do you guys not understand that /tv/ like to shitpost as liberals?
It's satire, they do it all the time. Usually it's far more exaggerated. Here are some other examples

This is like falling for an Onion article.

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No such thing as satire on /tv/. It like calling Zig Forums or current Zig Forums satire.

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting, and like nu-Zig Forums before too long you have a sizeable chunk of users that believe the shitposts; on Zig Forums these are the people who stockpile garbage rods because of nugget memes. Something, something, a who gets its comedy from pretending to be idiots will soon find itself overrun by idiots who believe themselves in good company.

If you try to "argue" with one of them you'll realise very quickly they're joking.
If you say something like "blacks are statically more likely to commit crimes, that's a fact" they'll say something like "oh sweetie, don't you know facts are racist 👏👏 #listenandbelieve".

It's satire, they're mocking those kinds of people.

Do you have autism?

Also No such thing a ironic liberal shitposting. Same journalists and LE gEek culture cunts that were celebrating Rossane firing are now petition for Disney to give a pedophile who think child rape is funny his job back.

1. They don’t this at all. 2. That’s like calling Nu-Zig Forums satire because of 4D chess memes.

You've never seen sweetieposting? I'm starting to question if you've ever used /tv/ before or if you just grabbed that off their catalog.

Sweetie isn’t a meme beyond last jedia thread. /tv/ at most a board Zig Forums and Zig Forums post on. You probably assuming everything posted there satire.

Zig Forumsand /tv/ suck each other off both literally and figuratively.
And no that is not an exaggeration, though I'd expect anyone who isn't new or a summerfag to know that by now.

Even when /tv/ on topic. They are still stupid. /tv/ thinks Halloween reboot should look to Disney Star Wars and marvel for inspirations, not John carpenter. Video related. /tv/ looks this guy. He like the DPSgaming of Movies.

Getting butt hurt over shitposting?

sage negated

it's just shitposting lad, the /tv/ board owner is /ourguy/

Didnt people bitch hard to the Death Wiash reboot ?

That might be the true horror for gun grabbers and anti-gun people, show that self-defense is really effective and that the state cant cant save you.


I wouldn't be so skeptical, every once in a while there's something so stupid that happens that everyone breaks character for a thread.

I didn't know John Carpenter was still kicking.

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I highly doubt anyone in the /tv/ thread is legitimately anti-gun.
If there are any it's probably retarded tankie faggots from trannypol trying to subvert the most contrarian shitposter hive on the site.

You know it.

You are describing regular /tv/

For fuck sake.

I remember when the doctor shot him with a revolver a few times and he fell out of a window and he fucking walked it off like it was nothing.

Doctor Loomis is a underrated Zig Forums tier character.

I’m shocked Hollywood let something as redpill as the original death wish to happen in the first place.

He was just a doctor before becoming a vigilante later in life. He probably only shoot Micheal Meyers in the gut.

I think I'm in love

Never, conflict makes for engaging stories and that is where the shekels are.
Sure they might shit out a couple of anti-fun movies but the majority of movies featuring guns will continue to depict them as the tools they really are.

and why would they start practicing gun control in movies when they can have murder everywhere, pass things off as "this is LEGAL IN AMERICA" and hamfistedly have their mystery meat protagonist either use outdated shit much more effectively or not use guns at all and be the only one who lives?

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I know your pain. That’s like a super milf.

It's like a handful of easily spotted turbospergs that do that shit.
They're so obvious that I really don't know what to tell you if you honestly can't see the difference between them and regular /tv/ faggots.

How about no. That SJW faggot can suck a cock. After he showed his true colors, he can fuck right off (not that his content was good before he became a staunch liberal)

No one knew who he was before Gamergate happened for a reason.

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The worst part is that we're all gullible cockgargling faggots that fall for it each and every goddamn time no matter who does it.

Fuck Hollywood, and all the virtue signalling queers in it with their big shows of moral purity. They'll give standing ovations to people like Roman Polanski, Harvey Weinstein, and Kevin Spacey, and in that same moment chastise me for my problematic weapons ownership. Meanwhile, being gay and wanting the State to fund a dissection of your penis so you can have a pretend vagina is marketed by these things (I can't call them people anymore) as "normal".

I'm reminded of the Church. When so many people in high ranks rape children among many other unspeakable acts, and all the little guys work tirelessly to keep it all quiet, I don't want to hear a lecture on morality from any one of them.

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Kill yourselves.

This thread is proof Zig Forums and /tv/ the same kind of cancer.

Don't fall for it dude, this is the same guy that was spamming the American hate threads a few days earlier. Ignore the autist and move along

Check em

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Frightening plebs by showing guns as "scary" in movies fits their intent too well.

That's because fatty there uses his daughter as a fleshlight.

It always the guys that look like al toy barn.

Just have a black family use guns to defend their home against racist trump voters, then liberals will wtf love guns now

Are you high? They'll promote feminism and then name the jew without changing gear. Of course they're LARPing

sweetie is what females say IRL when they are being condescending

Maybe it started out that way, and probably many still do this. But I guarantee there is many who genuinely believe their own shitposts.

No, they just want guns out of the hands of white people. In their ideal gun control scenario white neighborhoods will get collectively swatted while mall cops run gun buyback programs in ghettos

lol, you truly are sheltered, get out beyond imageboards moron.