Dumping my gunsmithing pics

Gonna dump all my work pictures ITT

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Mauser pistol that was rust blued and a couple custom stocks.

how old are you op? just wondering since to me this seems like a hobby for older gentlemen.

not an exact just a ballpark man.


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I'm 30. Been gunsmithin' for about 4 years.

FAL built from a parts kit. Tavor and HK rifle.

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Custom made German SXS copied from an Holland & Holland action. Was owned by some famous Soviet politician and the President of some shitty African country. There is paperwork proving it. The gun maker also made stuff for Herman Goering.

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Smith revolver. I forget which model. Chambered in .357/.38spcl I think.

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FN baby Browning .25auto
Colt Python with Ivory grips

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Wait… That's not an FN.

Receiver from a Breda shotgun. Hand engraved.

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Custom Mausers I'm currently working on. They're going to be a matching pair.

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SPECTRE pistol chambered in .40s&w

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I tried to make an Uzi-like charging handle for it but it was dumb so I took it off.

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is it full-fun or just a pistol/carbine?

It's just a pistol. The guy who owns it is South African and claims to have been in some kind of special forces unit over there.

This is some kind of double rifle that someone was reloading ammo for. They used the wrong kind of powder and it exploded. It was worth like 17k dollars or something crazy.

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An escutcheon I embedded into a Remington 1100 stock, ready for engraving.

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Is it even fixable? Is it just he barrel or did that kinda blow up affect the whole receiver and lock up?

Pump .22lr about to be rust blued.

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These are really nice, user. I hope to see some pictures when they're finished. Great thread.

I meant after it was rust blued.

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Any chance you'd be interested in an unpaid intern? I want to do gunsmithing but I'm not confident to get my own business yet

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The customer doesn't want it fixed. Wee keep it as part of our Hall of Shame. We also have a 1911 that blew up from a squib. A Marlin .30-30 that has a split barrel because someone stuck a potato on the end and fired it. And a polymer AR lower that broke after three rounds. We keep that stuff to show people as examples of what not to do.

Thanks! It's going to be a while, I'm still inletting the first rifle. One is going to be chambered in .404 Jeffrey and the other is a .30-06

I don't own the place, I'm the new guy. The owner has been a gunsmith for like 35 years. It's a small company. You'd be better off going to a gunsmithing school or just learning how to be a machinist and getting into gunsmithing later. I got into gunsmithing by going to a two-year program and working at a metal fabrication/machine shop for a couple years.

Recommended schools? I'm only 18 at the moment but I've been working with firearms for around 5 years now. I'm learning blacksmithing currently and I make tiny knives, does that help?

Did the guy at least suffer some permanent debilitating injury from the event? Assuming a right hand grip, that looks like it would've gone straight through his left shoulder or upper arm.

Making a custom corncob style forend and stock for a Winchester 1300

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I went to PCC gunsmithing program in North Carolina. There's also Montgomery in Troy, NC. Colorado school of trade has a very popular program but I have doubts about their teaching methods. You can go to gunsmithing school if you're under 21. If you're a poorfag, apply for a Pell Grant. It's easy to get and you basically get paid to go to school.

Where do you get your hardwood from? What would someone charge to make a hardwood pistol grip for the steel receiver on a G3 or other H&K delayed roller?

We mostly use Turkish walnut. We get it from this Turkish guy who imports it. We could definitely do something like that, but I have no idea how much to quote you. A few hundred at least. I can give you my burner email if you're serious about getting it done. I've done work for some half-chan trip fags.

Black walnut 1300 Winchester custom stock

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I'll look if there's anything like that on the West coast, thanks for the info

If you didn't graduate from the Pittsburgh School of Gunsmithing then you're a fag.

I'm an NCfag, how hard is it to find employment in the field after you get out of school? I'm considering CDL training just because jobs are so plentiful but I'd prefer to work as a gunsmith if possible. Want to get experience and eventually open my own shop.

I was able to find work immediately after graduating but I moved to TX which has a ton of gun shops and no established/accredited schools. There's a lot of gunsmiths in NC. I also got really lucky. I get to work on really high-end stuff like safari rifles and expensive side locks. You might have a hard time finding work, and it might just be cerakote and drilling and tapping bubba's hunting rifle. Gunsmithing isn't a lucrative career. I would make much more money as a general machinist or a welder. I do it because I fucking love guns and I don't really mind being a poorfag.

Model 13, looks like.

Remington model 10, I recently bought at a gun show. Carrier no longer in time, and barrel nut looked like it was put in with a hammer and screwdriver. I have since found a functional carrier and bought a new nut as well as making a wrench to remove the old nut. Works like a dream.

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After my father finishes chemo and radiation I’ll be heading down there. Sticking around for family as of now.

Those model 97s are a pain to work on. They look so nice with fresh bluing though.

Kill yourself for laying your filthy mutt hands on decent guns. Go fuck a hi-point and blow up your hands.

Nice (((HIDDEN FLAG))) user

Unfortunately it’s a Chinese copy. But I’m looking to add a real one to my collection.

Aren't they kind of a huge scam? I have only heard negative about SDI. People complain that they prey on veterans and don't really porvide much in the way of training.

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what about denimwave?

I think that's actually called "CanadaCore".

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SDI is bullshit and taking gunsmithing online is completely pointless. I'm not trying to sound elitist, but you absolutely cannot learn this trade on the internet.

That's kind of how I feel. It seems like any other physical trade; you need to physically work under someone with a ton of experience.
Also they charge you like $16k for an AR-15 kit and an online class.

getting a gunsmithing degree is like getting a game design degree, so yes.


How much of a jump is it to go from fitting and turning to gunsmithing and gunmaking?

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What type of money does gunsmiting bring in?

In a labor to time ratio, not all that much. You won't be short in the amount of work however.
The big problem is that gunsmithing schools teach you just enough to be dangerous to whatever you're working on and getting an apprenticeship or working under a proper gunsmith is a must if you want to learn anything.

Not a large leap as "smith" would make you believe. A smith pretty much does advance repairs a customer typically doesn't attempt and minor modifications. Being adept in Machining (especially lathe work), Welding, and Woodworking would make you a top notch gunsmith.
Assuming its the whole hog to create a bolt action rifle or a revolver from scratch, you have to have knowlege or be willing to learn. Metallurgy, Statics and Dynamics (including thermal and fluid), Mechanics, Machining and Manufacturing Processes (for creating simple, easy to replicate parts) are good subjects for a gun maker to produce custom firearms that would not look out of place in a gunstore. In addition, a high investment is required for even a personal operation. It is not easy, but it is not out side the grasp of reality ether. Keep in mind, that if you delve into this hole, it will be difficult to climb back out of, as you will pretty much become a mechanical engineer.
Should you actually design guns, you will throw away alot of pieces made, and you will be redesigning and compromising alot. A lot of money and time will be drained creating a prototype, much more for something marketable I'll be honest, and say the payoff isn't really that great, as inovations and patents for new designs don't pay off in this market.
That being said, however, this is not true for the accessory/upper market. Do something zany on an AR reciever and it will proably sell.

Good thread user. Your job sounds fun as fuck.

I'm sure it's impossible in your piece of shit country. Faggot.

you ever had any double barrel shotguns in there?

You think I plan on staying here? I need 10 years as my trade to get an e3

It's pretty shit unless you own your own shop. You have to love doing it. What's the difference between a gunsmith and a pizza? A pizza can feed a family.

Yeah, I thought I was well prepared after graduating but after working under someone with a lot of experience I realized that school was pretty much just an introduction and I don't know shit, comparatively.

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Damn flood detection

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Let me post

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You have interesting fingers.

Pls help, I can't get this pin out of my model super B.
What would you suggest I do? And I'm positive I'm striking it correctly.

forgot pics

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Did you try oiling it and tapping it with a hammer? Use a really thick rod or flatten the point on a nail and use it to focus the impact on said section. Go back and forth a couple strokes at a time on each side to loosen it up and keep adding oil while you do so.

Recently cut down and flared out a normal AK gas tube to fit on my AMD 63. It's a tad sloppy and crooked, but some cold blue and a file got it close enough. Ordered some good wood from numrich and it looks nice imo, only cost me $60 total.

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Do you have the capability to rechamber a 40 S&W CX4 Storm to shoot 357 sig? What about a Jericho 941?

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Isn't .357 sig quite a bit higher pressure than .40?

Some pics of the gas tubes, original is on the left.

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Unless there's a drop-in kit, it's pretty much impossible. You would have to have a new barrel custom made and I don't know anyone who would make something like that one-off. Not to mention all the other parts that would need modification to work.

The only thing you need to switch between .357Sig and .40S&W is a barrel change and possibly a recoil spring swap depending on the loading you plan to run. That being said, is right on the money concerning a one-off barrel. The 941 is practically a CZ clone, but I have my doubts a CZ barrel would be a drop in part.