War with Iran

So what happens in the event of a war with Iran? The US would launch airstrikes from the Gulf states I presume? Or would the USN be retarded enough to send an aircraft carrier against anti-ship missiles?

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Nice copypasta material.


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"OP has a great personality. He's a funny guy, he's very smart."
"There is no longer a Gay Threat from OP."

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“The Japanese should learn well that peace with OP is the mother of all peace and war with OP is the mother of all wars.”

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*threatens Iran*

I will never understand Westerners and their reason for war.
From Balkanman's point of view, a war should only be declared for these reasons: Revenge, genocide and fun
From a Westerner's point of view, it seems that they will wage war on literal nobodies across the world for the sole reason of money and oil. They have no true enemies, no one to take revenge upon. They just build huge expensive armies to attack shitskins in the dessert. Truly a lame waste of lives.

They're allies with our rivals, so we need to defeat them to weaken our rivals, otherwise our rivals will become more powerful and our dreams of global domination won't be achieved.

The US gets it's ass kicked as the rest of the world watches incredulously.
Or you know… there is never gonna be a war because the US has an actual chance of not winning so they're never gonna risk it.

Stop acting like a homosexual

Westerners will wage war with whomever Priceless 2 billion taxpayer dollars per year Israel demands, because they went through the horrors of holocauster, pogroms by jew-eating Polish monsters, 6 gorillon were burned alive in a single barn in Jedwabne, because good nazis couldn't save them in time.

This guy gets it


Are you implying that you need territory and money in order to consider waging war on Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey?
Are you implying that we don't fight each other for the sole purpose of revenge and eternal hatred? Are you implying that the Balkans of all places need something as irrelevant as coins to go to war?

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This is a deeply marxist view, and a wrong one. Humans fight because they have an instinct to fight, to defend what they consider to be their own, and to take what they consider to be the other guys. They could see a faith as their own, a section of land, a set of philosophies, a pipeline… Age old grudges, economies and politics are just rationalizations for the bone-deep instinct that flows through the veins of every healthy human.
Did you put on a Serb proxy to fuck with that other guy?

Humans are not some tolerant beings you local leftist would have you belive. Having all this organisation and mechanics for preventing war like the UN and NATO is contrary to human nature.
Humans need war as an outlet for settling disputes,acquiring resources or just proving who's right.It's in our nature.Otherwise, all that anger and hatred is cooped up inside until one day those mechanics fail and all that anger is released like a torrent, and when it's released, it will spill over everywhere, like a dam that gives way to the river.Just look what happened to Yugoslavia.All that hatred builds up until it explodes.

Let's take NATO for example.
It was founded with intent on stopping another war in Europe and stopping the spread of communism in Europe.Noble goals for sure ,especially the second one,but now there's all this friction and frozen conflicts between nations and peoples and diplomacy can only mend it for so long.

I guess what I wanted to say is
Remove Albanians when?

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Imagine my surprise

I hope you have a good reason.

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Are you gay or something?

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Persian Gulf War 2.0

You mean Operation Irrevocable Quagmire 4.0, don't you? I'm not saying that the US couldn't wipe a country like Iran off the face of the earth - but I don't think even Mattis could persuade Trump to let your forces off the leash that far. It would turn into another decade long 'peace keeping/police action' as CIA selected 'moderates' were 'elected' to the 'joy and applause of the entire country and international community' leading to 'a lasting peace and end of tension in the region', and of course huge amounts of money passing from the taxpayer to various government contractors. You'll also drag the rest of NATO along with you, which is just what we fucking need at the moment.

Doesn't this fall upon your third reason though?

Which is why we have monies ….or did

Well that all depends on if the leadership pulls out after fucking them over massively a la PGW 1.0, or decides to get stuck in the country for decades.

I honestly don't give a shit about Iran, but apparently they threatened us or something. As far as I'm concerned, that's grounds for at least sending some B-2s over Tehran to convert the local infrastructure to rubble.

These were the choicest quotes from a speech Rouhani gave to his allies. In return, Trump replied in full caps like a boomer and repeated the Israeli line, like a good goy.

What if Trump is doing this to expose the 9/11 scam that killed his friends?

Even if that's the case, fighting for your house and family is different from fighting for your enemy's house and family. You'd be missing the point by framing the problem that way.

No, merely exposing it.
He exposed a lot of shenanigans with NK by the former administration through the Rocketman saga.

Question. How many larping Zig Forumscucks will be drafted by trump if a war does break out? How will they damage control trump during the aftermath? You damn well know most of Zig Forums will ironically die for Israel if it was in the name of trump.

I didn't know US army drafted retards

Autism doesn’t disbard you from military service anymore if I am not mistaken. They let trannies in. Why not the retards?

You're right, that's the Navy's job. :^)

You have to be between 18 and 25 to be drafted.

They average poster will think it was all 88D Backgammon until their legs get blown off by an IED. Then, for the briefest of moments, they'll comprehend the reality of their situation. The cognitive dissonance will unfortunately force them into unironically worshiping Israel to a degree which even boomercons would find distasteful.

During WW2. They drafted 30 years old.

That's only in special cases where all the fresh target meat has expired.
There's plenty of millennials to be culled before that happens.

Who the fuck would even obey a draft? Hatred of the government is at an all-time high. If they're going to get sent to a desert shithole to die anyway, they'll probably just shoot at the soldiers who came to draft them instead.

good point. it is more likely to start a war on a home front trying to enforce a draft than aid in an overseas war effort.

That, or the US of A will turn into a so-called police state.

I do think invading Iran would be a way way bigger challenge than Iraq…
To the point I do question it's possible unless the US really shift into high gear war times.

Iraq invasion only went well because most of the generals were bought off of by the CIA and let escape quite a few number of higher ups didn't made it to the deck in particular the general in charge of the defense of Baghdad. And (not) surprisingly the defenses of Baghdad were non-existent.
Meanwhile in Basra that was properly defended it wasn't exactly going great (until they realized Baghdad army was basically non-existent and the defenders made a desperate push towards Baghdad and the USAF slaughter them).
Without that betrayal and the general stupidity of the iraqi force the coalition would have slogged far more than what happened mainly because it was a one progression axis since Turkey refused to let the coalition attack from there.

Iran is 4 time bigger with a population 4 time bigger than Iraq…
A shitload of the countryside the same as Afghanistan (mountains and mountains and more mountains).
Most the population centers/political core are on the opposite side of the country from the sea through those mountains/semi-desert.
Said population is largely united in it's hatred of the US (even the liberals they remember who put the Shah in place and killed Iranian democracy in the 50's) and doesn't have the multicutural problems of Iraq, meaning they will be able to mobilize a sizable part of the country population without too much worry.

So the US would have to either perform a serious amphibious combat landing (since iranian AShW are sinking Saudi landing ships in Yemen already it's not like they're not prepared for it) or maybe invade through Pakistan (which is not gonna happen, China isn't gonna let the US invade it's prime source of energy via one of it's proxy) through terrible terrain or just shit on Iraq sovereignty and invade from KSA (It's not like Iraq in it's current state can do anything to stop the US army) which is probably the best idea but will further push the US logistics to the breaking point (because you can bet your asses it's gonna be an IED fest if the US cut through IRaq shialand to invade Iran).
Oh and off course both China and Russia can supply Iran directly through the caspian sea without any serious possibility to stop them, even directly by land depending Azerbaijan position (which will probably not allow it but Turkmenistan will).

It's not undo-able. But it would be a real fucking challenge. Basically the biggest challenge for the US military since Korea, possibly bigger.

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If they approached it with the same goals and similar plans then yes. You'd need to subvert almost all of the civilian, religious, and military leadership in the country for that sort of thing to work. Then again, I wasn't talking about a semi-committed occupation while maintaining a peacetime economy.
This was what I was thinking about - USA switches to a full wartime economic and political footing, starts conscripting its men, and authorises the use of everything that isn't nuclear, biological, or chemical.

Did the president of the United States just navy seal copy pasta another nation? What time line is this and how do I get out?

I'm torn between cheering such a difficult conflict for helping to cut the fat and poz out of the US forces, or condemning it as the wet dream of Israel and neocons everywhere.

Jesus Chirst, these tweets/posts are Civ AI diplomacy message tier.

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If it's halfchan Zig Forums it would be over 90%. Our Zig Forums would probably be around 40%.

My son is a Navy Seal with over 300 confirmed Kills in Afghanistan alone and the only thing he dreams is dying for israel, preferrably in a nuclear exchange between USA and Russia.

Cancerous boomers' opinions don't represent the opinions of the people who would actually be drafted.


Unlike though, I don't want out. I want to stay on this ride and see just how far it goes.

Every time a boomer dies, your waifu laughs

But what if my waifu is Lyashko?

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Are you sure that's not sarcasm?

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The US has wanted war with Iran for ages despite cracking the shits when Saddam had the same idea, what I want to know is what changed? Did Iran do something to piss off the US or has the US always had a hate boner for them and just used them as an excuse to flatten Iraq?

It would be
And even if they do manage to conquer Iran
We could hardly handle Iraq after their gay army (which was already fucked from the gulf war airborne turkey shoot) deserted, Iran would be 10x the military resistance and 10x the insurgency. It would probably fuck up our economy like Bin Laden was hoping to do by goading us into fighting guerilla wars the ME, especially because when it happens Trump and his kikes are going to double down for every dead GI


They would have to squadrons of white men to be able to truly fight Iran, and you know that would never happen because Jamal might feel a bit left out and we can't have that now can we.

Shit thread tbh.

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>glow in the dark niggers caught red handed businessinsider.com.au/cia-supplied-anti-tank-missiles-turned-syria-into-a-proxy-war-by-happenstance-2015-10?r=US&IR=T

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Why do people still buy this forced kile shill narrative horsecrap?

Trump bombed Syria for what? A total of 2 times?

He basically handed off Syria unlike the nigger.

What shill narrative? The only one I see people buying is "Assad is Hitler v2", the reality is he went with the better deal for his people and got fucked for his trouble. On the bright side Russia isn't backing down and has the economy to back a proper proxy war for the first time since Nam.

They rolled over in less than a month last time a superpower invaded them, you're giving them way too much credit.

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You need boots on the ground to enforce rule in a city you want to keep
You don't need boots on the ground to kill every living thing in a city you want to no longer exist

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Shill narratives 2 versions:
1. Mainstream version: Assad is literally Hitler, Trump please bomb him.
2. 8/pol/ version: Trump is bombing Assad, stop supporting him.
Aim: for Trump to bomb Assad and stop support of Trump among the chans.
Reality: Trump's bombing of Assad was intentionally ineffective and he radioed to Assad beforehand.

Shill is scared of truth.

The only ones who would be willing to do such a thing are the .40 using limp wristed cocksleeves in our federal agencies, and said cocksleeves are also huge babies who run away and call for reinforcements at the first sign of resistance. They will run out of reinforcements sooner or later.
The same ones who are too incompetent to dodge huge cargo ships and will be fighting the people who had to pull all the weight during their service time?

Well after actually reading the thread nevermind. I am tired.

I'm guessing it was more a case of "we need a show of force against Russian allies" with "we don't want to kill Russian advisors and start a full blown proxy war" mixed in.
You think imageboards actually matter in geopolitics? Votes don't even matter half the time, thus the UK still hasn't left the EU in any meaningful way.

Uh yeah, without Zig Forums, Trump wouldn't win last election.

Yes I'm serious, there are shills especially paid to demoralize and D&C this place.

I think you give us too much credit, Trump one because middle America has been fucked by the status quo so long they were willing to try anything different. I still maintain Burnie would have won if he ran against Trump because he had all the same "drain the swamp" rhetoric without all the leftist hate.
If I was in the US my vote would have been Burnie > Trump > Satan > Hilary .
As for the DnC I think they do it for free because they are leftist faggots that hate freedom of speech rather than some nefarious government / corporate organization because they reality is if the government or those with government connections want a site down it'll go down.

Sandblatt would have won hands down if he weren't controlled opposition from the start, shit is fucked.

>(((Boinee Sanders)))
Though america becoming a socialist shithole with even more niggers would be an overall net-gain for the rest of the world, because they'd also stop being world police.

Don't fall for the "POTUS can do anything" meme, you could elect Stalin and even he couldn't get shit past congress.
That is why I was keen on Sanders, he has been fighting corruption for decades and would keep going while not being able to change economic policy in any substantial way.

By taking government paychecks so there's less money to be wasted on bad politics? (^:

I knew you were cheap Poland but that is extreme

when vucic accepts kosovo

Considering you are a Bernie faggot, I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about Zig Forums.

Bernie is a jewish gun control spineless faggot who turns each time the democrats fart.

I hope he dies a pathetic death, the little worm.

Yeah, he fought corruption by scamming hipsters and buying villas.

Fucking jewish communist faggot.

Goddamnit,he's the single worst thing to happen to this country since the t*rks

Even if he wasn't controlled opposition from the start (note that despite how much his supporters hated Clinton, only the earliest of his rhetoric was calling her out. During most of the primaries he was all about "deh billionaires" and the usual socialist shit; he even white-knighted the cunt about her emails in a debate. Consider also that he endorsed Shillary. Consider also that he owns three houses including a lakeside vacation home), Sanders has all the charisma of a dead fish. He got upstaged by a couple of amateurs at his own rally, just imagine the browbeating he'd get on the debate stage from Trump.

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I still cannot understand how could one ram his fucking maneuverable Destroyer on a fuckmothering huge container ship that can be seen coming from the horizon, is 160+ meters long and 30+ meters high, and goes only up to 16 knots when loaded. How the fuck do you do this by accident? For those of you who don't know, there are many seas that have so many merchant ships sailing in them 24/7 that they look like literal highways. And to this date there have been almost no collisions. Huge slow ships avoiding collisions in the middle of the night and yet a fucking military Destroyer somehow rammed itself on the biggest ship it could find.

Ok, out of Trump, Clinton and Sanders who is anti jew and pro gun?
The reality of the US electoral system is you need big money to have a chance, Clinton got that money from bankers, Trump used his own money and private backers and Sanders crowdfunded, out of these three there is only one that doesn't owe any favors if elected.

Not going to deny he's a shit debater in the modern era, in the 50s his style was the norm but today you need to constantly attack opponents rather than endorse your policies because the lowest common denominator wins votes. It's sad really that society has reached the point where it's more effective to poke holes in the other guys police than to explain why yours is better.

A military coup led by disgruntled vets

Sanders is both pro jew and anti gun.
But he does, he owns the favors from the democrats for letting him run in the first place. The faggot is too scared to go independence.
Nope, debater is always attack and looking strong, this has been the case since the Roman forums.

Is it the fact he sucks jewish cock or the fact he is pushing gun control that gave you that idea?
Agreed but I also can't blame him since it's been over 150 years since an independent won.
Not everywhere, here only 30 years ago they would point out what was wrong with the other guys policy but then go on to explain why their policy avoided those issues. These days I have seen better debates in high-schools than I see in elections.

It's the fact that under him Israel is bordering with 3 hostile states (Syria, Iraq and Iran) that are all closely knit and that the only gun control he measures that he has "accomplished" is the ban of Vepr, which is a legacy muh russia faggot shit.
Meanwhile, Sanders want wars with Russia, with DPRK, with Assad, with anyone the dems point fingers at, and the only guns he wants you to have is a bunch of fudd deer guns.
Yeah, keep sucking his jewish cock, faggot, because that faggot is spineless and will do anything to get votes and support from the democrats.
Proven wrong since the roman forums and senate, who simply poke fun at each other, the winner is not the smartest or most logical, but the man with the most wit and charisma, as well as integrity, which Sanders has none, because he is a submissive jewish faggot.

Literally because Sarah and Natalie weren't talking to each other.

Let me put it this way: out of Trump, Clinton, and Sanders who has been repeatedly accused of anti-Semitism?

Yeah, and that one is paying out of pocket–you can't owe favors to yourself. You're not even accurate in saying Sanders was crowdfunded, he got most of his money from union lobby groups (dollar for dollar, "Big Labor" like auto workers united actually have more influence in the political lobbying system than "big business"), and owing favors to unions is arguably even worse than owing favors to some bank.

You're romanticizing the past. Democratic politics has always been about mass appeal, and the democratic mob favors personal attacks over droning on about policy. Even "fifty years ago" as you put it, a Presidential debate between Kennedy and Nixon was decided purely by looks–people who heard the debate over radio said Nixon's arguments were stronger, but the far larger televised audience gave it to Kennedy, who went on to win the election. You're pulling shit out of thin air, waxing nostalgic for an era in which you weren't even born.

Also, you didn't address the most important points I made: Sanders isn't the honest, principled "man of the people" you think he is. He strategically avoided bashing Clinton too much, he's a socialist with a vacation house, and he white-knighted the personification of the establishment he's claiming to fight against. He's a fraud. And even then we're missing the core of the matter: he's a socialist. Socialism is shit whether the person calling for it is "honest" or not. It's a trash ideology and we need to keep that shit as far away from the White House as possible. Even if Sanders doesn't get a single piece of legislation passed, it's a fucking bad idea to give him the bully pulpit of the Oval Office for any amount of time, because a President can and will influence the culture. Even if no laws of his are passed, some socialist dinosaur–who, as President, will have a dozen microphones at his beck and call any time of the day–saying our biggest problems are wealth and white people, and that we should all hate ourselves for having privilege is going to affect the people listening to him. Just look at how quickly BLM started up under Obongo, despite him not passing any laws relevant to race relations–all he needed to start chimpouts was the bully pulpit.

This. Hopefully they can get rid of (((democracy))) too.

Agent Orange at work.


Under Bush, Iraq was fucked.
Under Obama was fucked.
Under Trump, Iraq govt just stabilized, Syria got stabilized, ISIS got beaten, meanwhile Iraq, Syria and Iran link up with each other.

But of course, muh ZOG.

Israel is literally a stone throwaway from a direct conflict with the SAA, this hasn't happened since the fucking 50s.

Meanwhile, the jew Sanders is crying because Trump is shaking hands with "dictators" and wants to abolish ICE (he caved after his liberal handlers tell him to cut it out).

And I always find it funny that the socialist leftist faggots still shill for Sandals despite the fact that they fully know that he's a compromised weak-willed faggot.

It's simple, their party got busted, they got nothing else, only the old neurotic jew from Brooklyn was their "face".

This is what Zig Forums actually believes.

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I believed it and I still believe it.

November 2016 was the month of Zig Forums. Death!!!!!

Except it has nothing to do with Trump. It has to do with said countries expelling US proxies through military force.
Trump inherited a situation where, no matter his intentions (and given the various multiple airstrikes on SAA by the USAF that always coincided with counter-attacks attempts from said proxies that happened under Trump, his intention were quite clear) by the time he was sworn into office the tide of the war had long turned, once Syria managed to link up with Deir Ez Zor and then link with Iraq (despite a desperate attempt to stop this with ISIS units suddenly becoming SDF units by magic overnight) Assad won the war. Aleppo was the big turn.

There is this retarded idea that because there is still a lot of the maps that is retardedly painted in colors different than the SAA that means that the war is gonna continue.
That's wrong look up on google map what a city like Idlib or Raqqa look like.
It's like for the second US revolution one side is holding with continuous control Washington, New York, Los Angeles, the whole great lake area, St Louis and Menphis but the other side might still win because they have Casper (Wy).

You saw what's happening in the south, a few day of fighting and total collapse with the rebels basically taking deals or running away.
Why? Because Assad has managed to really unite most of the country behind him and can bring the whole weight to bear against a handful of people instead of just his original loyalists. Add Russian/Chinese (I always find it hilarious nobody mention China in Syria when so much of SAA shit is Chinese and not Russian) providing intel and assistance for high level planning and they will be rolling pushing towards Idlib in September while the kurdroaches will either come back and normalize their situation within Syria or get teamed up on by Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran because no matter how they boast there are only a handful of them.

It has everything to do with the passing of Obama and the triumph of Trump.

By defunding the amount of weaponry that are passed to FSA and ISIS, as well as stop supporting the kurds, Trump basically leaves Syria to Assad.

If Clinton or Obama was continue reigning, Assad is still gonna win, but it's gonna be more costly and take longer due to the bombing campaign (that will always accidentally hit SAA) and the finance and foreign fighters that are poured into SAA.

Also, China sells to the highest bidders, they are whores with no ideological pushing aside from the enrichment of themselves, unlike China, Russia does send actual advisors and troops that participate in real battles.