I'm going to start writing a scifi story about a war between Earth and Mars. I'll green text the premise
I'm having trouble coming up with weapons and tactics for the invasion of Earth. Especially aircraft. I was thinking of a sub-orbital rocket, or scram jet powered aircraft that uses lasers to destroy other aircraft from above

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So basically you want to get sued by GW?

I don't remember any communists in Warhammer, except the Tau

The Imperium's blatantly communist.

We're talking about a company that sues others for using armors with pauldrons and using the term "space marine".
Yes they have no right to either, but that has never stopped them…

Fucking how? It's hyper religious, plus there's massive wealth inequality.

Even the Tau have more free agency by a longshot with their Greater Good philosophy. They managed to stop killing each other and unite under one banner. They even let IGs who're stranded and left for dead join their society as equals with the same rights and duties as soldiers and even officers (which the Imperium foams at the mouth and calls them heretic traitors for having independent thought and choosing to leave).
The Tau work on willing unity through duty, which is completely different from the Imperium's controlling forced species loyalty. It's hilariously ironic.

Kinetic bombardment will be the new nukes, metallic hydrogen is the rocket fuel of the future allowing small, short minimum engagement range KKVs.

And the whole immortal ruler of mankind predated Geedubs by decades. They pretty much ripped off doom, not just the god emperor but the navigators and tons of other shit.

Poster boy marines are the smurfs. The tau also forced humans into the greater good, and they are not treated as equals. No matter how much of a good gue'vesa you are you're not getting a battle suit. Not to mention a multi-species society would never work due to the competitive exclusion principle.

user, read this.
Not only do Tau OFFER humans to join (which if they don't, well, they want to remain enemies and get shot) but they also respect humans who do.
Damocles Anthology has an Inquisitor turned Gue'vesa being given a Crisis Suit modified for human use out of merit, so it's not impossible.
You know what is imposible though? No matter how good an IG you are, you're not getting a Dreadnought, much less become a Space Marine.
They literally let humans run their own colonies/planets and production to avoid competition if they so want, it's all Tau space really. They also give them full rights to not only bear, but also build their own arms themselves to defend themselves. Hell, they GIVE them tech and materials for it too.
Another good point is that contrary to the imperium, the Tau don't kill you off for "incompetence" if you take too long to succeed at a mission, or fail. How is any of this communist?

None of that has anything to do with leftist economic ideology. That's a result of brainwashing anywhere, religious in the Imperium's case, which is also the antithesis of communism. I have to assume you're either really, really stupid or just underage.

Because only a small percentage of people are fit enough to become space marines.

Communism itself is described to be treated as a religious ideal, complete with dogmas and even "holy books", which is precisely why when it's implemented, all other religions are exterminated in its brainwashing process. Marx makes this point very fucking clear in his shitty manifesto. Why do you think that rotten piece of shit ideal still plagues the world today and still has devout people, despite countless examples that it's forever doomed to fail?
I have to assume you're either really, really stupid or just underage.

True, but meritocracy's still better.

How is space marine selection not meritocracy? They choose only the fittest.

I suppose Japanese fascism is also communism because there were people devote enough to kamikaze.
Start with this: Is there currency in the Imperium? If yes, it is now socialism at best.
Is there welfare in the Imperium? If no, then it is mandatorily right-wing.
I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that a huenigger is not only grammatically illiterate but also politically illiterate as well.

Marine selection is mostly based on aggressiveness and killer instinct, which are pretty much genetic qualities. After all, the Imperium does seek out candidates in Hive Worlds. This is directly translated on Space Marine behavior.
Merit would involve distinguishing yourself on the battlefield, be it fighting, supporting, or coordinating. Prowess in a military prowess goes beyond just survival of the fittest.

Communism isn't an exclusively economic system you fucking retarded idiot. It's a sociopolitical ideology first and foremost. The economic criticism is explicitly criticized for being a way for one class to control another, and every point made against it has social outcomes at the core. It preaches equal distribution and state control over the economy, not total abolition. Even the USSR still kept a currency and planned economy in place.
You fucking troglodyte. You should study your enemy better than this.

They let Jews practice their religion

Which the Imperium does not have in any way shape or form.
Something that all authoritarian ideologies do.
If you can relate the Imperium to communism merely because it involves dogmatism is some way or another, I can relate it to Intregalism just as easily. The thing about communism is that the economic part is required, and the sociopolitical aspect is motive.

Because Marxism/Communism was literally created and funded by Jews, you fool. Even Putin admitted that over 80% of the Bolshevik Elite that institutionalized communism in Russia were jewish.
Karl Marx was an ethnical jew. Mayer Amschel Rothschild was Jewish lord who aided the Bolsheviks financially. Lenin was a Russian born of jewish parents. Leon Trotsky was a Russian jew. Jacob Schiff was an American bankster who made the largest financial donations to the Bolshevik movement, among many others. And you wonder why they were allowed to practice their bullshit there? Stalin only started killing them off because of growing political competition and backstabbing.
You know who couldn't practice their religion in the USSR though? Christians. Over 12 million killed in Gulags.

I know, but my original point was not really referring to the Imperium's economy aspect either way…
Conceivable, but doesn't integralism work on positive religious ideals? While it does promote unison against other ideologies, I don't believe it promotes intense zealotry, killing your brethren for desertion, or the slightest hint of insecurity in the cause. It does fit the Greater Good bill as well too, now that I think about it.
Hopefully the thread's not going off the rails by now

I have orbital bombardment down. What I'm working on is surface warfare. And what about the sea?

If the people on the Moon allied themselves with the Martians, wouldn't they have all the time in the world to observe the Earth, pinpoint critical locations to bombard, and plan out the invasion rather easily, granted they have control of the immediate space around the Moon? What if there was a battle between the Earth and the Moon before the bombardment?
As for the actual bombardment, they could just use Neutron bombs to neutralize organic matter through structures/armor/bunkers without destroying said structures. Since they're able to use biological weapons, species-specific plagues might have to be ruled out for making it too easy. Earth-penetrating warheads like the B-82 can reach up to ~300m into the ground IIRC.

Non-accurate "what if" scenarios annoy me, and are also uninteresting, which is why I hate the Kaiserreich mods.

If anything, the Imperium's a feudal theocracy, with tithes of men/materiel paid to its central authority in the administratum. As long as you keep up with the tithes and don't deviate from the broad outlines of the Imperial Cult, there's a lot of leeway in how worlds are run.

This, the governor can run his planet as some sort of industrial republic/agrarian republic, or as a total feudal society (except with high level of technology).

Imperium does not give a shit as long as it's not degenerate and chaotic.

If you are interplanetary you have very cheap orbital vehicles, the sea is probably strategically unimportant as everything is dependent on air superiority and securing LEO.

Frankly, the planetary governor doesn't even need to secure a high level of technology and in some cases, it isn't considered desirable. That's one of the key reasons why the level of technology is so varied across the Imperium.

Yes I remember some governor specifically kept a hand-off approach and let the society down-planet to be Conan level so the spess muhreen can recruit brutal savages there.

Stalin never killed "jews", that's a jewish lie.
He killed off a lot of the soviet elite because he though they were plotting against him (and probably were), you just couldn't toss a stone at said elite without touching a Jew, so yeah most of the people he killed were Jewish but that's just reveal who really was in charge of the soviet revolution rather than any "antisemitism" on Stalin part…

You misspelled NTRs.

You don't really get how empires work.

The imperium isn't a communist state, it's an empire in the most classical sense of an empire. It 'maintains' and 'defends' all the worlds of humanity from the other species, given that they accept the Emperor as their lord and savior, send them all their psykers, and pay some fees(the usual for empires- men and raw materials) for their generous service. The individual states(planets) are allowed to run themselves however the fuck they want as long as they do what the imperium says, or they get a space marine boot up their ass.

because some of the planets decided to be hive worlds(aka communist)

Land combat will probably not advance much beyond what we have, or just constant iterative improvements and occasional outright redesign. It'll probably be drop troopers landing on something like the dragon 2 capsule with a drogue chute and rocket-powered max accel landing. But first, before droptroopers can land, the orbital bombardment(which will take the role of CAS) will have to destroy the point defense systems/antiballistic missiles(analagous to anti-air). Then they clear a drop site with more bombs. Then the troopers drop, and the ships provide fire support as needed. Tanks will still be tanks, and will still look like tanks do for as long as hovercars aren't a thing. They will get lighter, faster, more agile, and carry bigger guns, but they will still be much like the tanks we know and love. The other thing that i think won't change all that much is close air support. Big drones, dropped to the front with the troops, piloted from orbit or from the ground, filling the role of an attack helicopter and medic heli.

The only reason i could see the ocean being useful in a space war is as a beachhead/staging site for the land operations, though it would be almost as easy to just clear and level a site with heavy bombardment. Perhaps it will matter simply because most manned spacecraft ever designed have been designed to land in water, so it wouldn't be hard to station your anti-bombardment defenses to cover your land troops out at sea.

On a similar note, space warfare will be most analogous to ~1800s naval combat on a strategic level. On a tactical level it will be a mix of 1800's naval and modern air combat, minus the pilots. The time delay between communication, and the spread formation that will be needed to make a saturation attack ineffective, communication delay will be in the low minutes, perhaps 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Not unlike the 1800s, where besides what info you could glean from looking at the ship through a telescope everything you knew from them you had to get from the signal flags they flew, which took a minute or so to line up in the correct order then hoist aloft. A short time delay means each ship must have a high degree of autonomy, but they must also have a clear view of the whole battle. Recon drones will be used a lot, but anything that produces a radio signal can be seen from far away.

the moon isn't always in the same spot in the sky. It's completely possible to bombard the earth without taking the moon, and without even entering the moons gravitational sphere of influence once. But if the moon decides it's on earths side, they offer earth's inevitably larger forces a much-needed forward operating base and an extra target that needs bombing, splitting the invading fleet's assets.

Communism is an economic ideology first and and sociopolitical one second. It can't be communism without the economic part.
Realistically it doesn't, but if you added fanatic theocracy and all the other 40k elements it could. It's a thousand times closer than communism, at least.

As the other guy said, it's not an empire as in 'Roman Empire', it's a typical feudal structure. Not a federation of city-states like you're implying. Planets don't have unlimited autonomy, they're under complete rule and they cannot negotiate. The rule is lax in that they can do most whatever they like as long as it doesn't directly interfere, and they pay tribute, but that rule can tighten whenever. Does 'Adeptus Terra' ring a bell?

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Imperium and jewish bullshit like communism does not mix.

As said, Imperium is an example of feudal bureaucracy i.e. the Holy Roman Empire or Byzantium at work, it's in fact proving that feudalism can survive to the space age and beyond.

Nah, they are closer to Ion drives than a chemical rocket capable of getting a KKV to a decent speed in under 0.1 AU.
They will be great for probes but lack the thrust for weapons use.

Except that's all wrong
Endless masses of mediocrely affordably-equipped (considering they are literally innumerable you got to keep their equipment cheap) human IGs zerg rushing the enemy using different tactics depending on the regiment (not all of them are DKOK or Penals) until they eventually win due to sheer numbers perseverance and determination.
Execution-happy Stalingrad Commissars and secret police Inquisitors who oppress humans more than any of their enemies (I will give you that one)
Everyone fighting for a supreme leader (Emperor)(could also be Hitler, Mao, or any other dictator/religious figure)
Posterboy Space Marines dress red __ultramarine~~ armor
Indoctrinated military units kill each other all the time sometimes depending on what author you read and how much they suck Chaos dick

Even the Tau have more less free agency by a longshot with their Greater Good philosophy as they are a race that was enslaved by the uppermost caste. They didn't managed to stop killing each other and unite under one banner as the farsight enclave proofs.
They even let brainwash IGs who're stranded and left for dead they captured and imprisoned join their society as equals with the same rights and duties as soldiers and even officers with no rights after forcefuly sterilizing them and extracting them for all information they can.
(which the Imperium foams at the mouth and calls them heretic race traitors for having independent thought and choosing to leave betraying their brothers and sisters in arms by helping the enemy. A good imperial guardsman would rather blow his last lasgun-pack to kill himself and any Xenos surrounding him than get captured and brainwashed).
The Tau work on willing unity through duty brainwashing, which is completely different from the Imperium's controlling forced extermination of xenos species loyalty. It's am hilariously ironic xenophile.

I can smell xenos scum one parsec against the interstellar winds.

iirc most Imperial Knight worlds are both culturally and technology wise in the feudal era, the ruling class keeps control over the peasants using their knights. Imagine being a farmer and a 30ft tall mech comes along and beats the shit out of a dragon in front of you.

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About this whole Imperium debacle: the Imperium of Mankind in Warhammer 40k is indeed a classic imperium, with a gigantic but inefficient central bureaucracy and with local leaders who small amounts of real power. You can call it feudal because of the later, but the original meaning of feudal is just whatever the average French citizen of the 18th century didn't like, therefore it's an extremely vague term. Also, watch this video with the horribly edited text if you have half-an-hour of empty time.

The difference is that Hitler genuinely loved his people. The Emperor actually hates the current Imperium. He doesn't even want to be worshipped. That alone just topples the whole faction because he fought to deliver humanity from the exact same barbaric religious state it currently finds itself in. If he came back to rule mankind, he'd tear the Imperium down, hence why I said it was funny and ironic.
The Farsight Enclaves were always a part of the Tau. They actually left out of personal shame because Farsight got a bit too cocky and pushed too deep into Ork territory (despite the Ethereals not liking it, for a good reason), got cut off from the Tau Empire, and had his forces isolated and slaughtered by Nurglefags. The Tau mourned their departure for a long time, and tried to re-establish communications with them many times. Even then, they weren't hunted and killed for leaving.
Hell, before Farsight even got his fame, when he was just cadet, the jealous Ethereals themselves said that his independent nature was one of the major qualities that made him burn through the ranks so fast, earning a place of prestige in their military through merit. They appointed him as the most heroic figure of the Tau at one point, even.
Non-canon lore only made for Dark Crusade.
"As time passed, these humans and their children turned from being reluctant converts to enthusiastic believers in the Greater Good."

Proven wrong when Guilleman returns.

Guileman inherits the logical side of the Emperor, but surprise, faggot didn't go hurr let's burn down the Imperium, nope he passes reform in order to reform it to be more inline with the 30K Imperium with the Emperor.

And don't even say the Emperor doesn't love humanity, which is what the Imperium is about, worshiping the Emperor AND protecting humanity.

Your silly ass tau shit is just another annoying pest on the side, entertained ONLY because the Imperium is busy dealing with bigger threats (Chaos & Tyranids).

You mean the guy whose very first thought upon being resurrected was that he'd rather see it all burn than let the current Imperium continue? Granted he chose to stabilize it in the end (because it was destroying itself, again) but as you yourself said he was trying to bring it back to what it used to be and tone down the batshit insane dial, because that was his job as a tool of the emperor.
Dark Imperium has some surprises.

Uh, yes, thank you for repeating myself.

No sane man is gonna burn down the Imperium because it triggers his personal belief.

And as I said he chose not to because he was to rebuild humanity, but he still wanted 40k Imperium gone one way or another, as did the Emperor.

Except he kept the 40K Imperium and chose to reform it.

It's not like he fired all the Ministorum or fired all the Lords of Terra, nope, he took the current model and reformed it to be more efficient and more like the 30K Imperium.

You are mistaking his just-awake-butthurt to be his full intention and weaving a narrative that is not there.

In fact, it's arguable that the Emperor is still following and helping the Imperium in the form of the Astronomicon.

You still don't want subs with nuclear weapons running around. That's the commie's dead man switch.

First off, this is going to be a bit of a mess. I just started typing and ended up with all this- hope to read your book with maybe some of this in it. :^)
How about a fighter jet with some kind of post-horizon scanner and a big ass cannon. Identify target you don't want to exist anymore, accelerate to mach 5, fire the biggest bullet, and fly over the thing you just made disappear at mach 4. The entire purpose of the jet is to eliminate multiple stationary targets in one deployment while completely ignoring anti air defenses and also not needing to launch a bunch of missiles. Make it a UAV if you're worried about G's. As for air superiority, make a jet that can bend/flex it's frame as it thrusts so it essentially can change velocities on a dime. Once again, UAV it if you're worried about the G's; you decide what your supermen can handle.
Another thing you could have is extremely high orbit UAV's that carry nothing but hundreds or thousands of tactical range micro-missiles. Ground troops would call it in for easy and quick CAS. Combine with a LEO version that has strategic range bunker buster missiles.
Thirdly, don't forget the BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT! Make it fire EFP's if you want some future in it.
Fourth, what about Orbital hellstrike for tactics when everything absolutely must die. Basically drop a small (clean) nuke onto the target zone with a pod of radiation-suited supersoldiers (maybe 45 seconds) behind it. They basically drop right into a massive explosion and spread out to ensure there's no survivors.
Fifth, Chem backpacks to make your soldiers even more insane. Tubes connected into the skin from their gear which basically dopes the blood (with oxygen) for free and also injects stimulants like adrenaline and painkillers on demand or as needed. This, of course, only applies if the soldiers themselves haven't had their gut microbiomes amped up beyond the max to be an on demand drug factory. (Your gut already produces tons of drugs from the microbes living in it, so you could feasibly engineer better microbes to do it for you and explain it that way.) Either have your soldier's lungs be so amazing or keep the lung-bag portion for even more oxygenated blood and infinite stamina, not to mention you could probably filter out toxins with it.
Sixth, what about a hypersonic drone which is basically a fuel tank that goes through an area and mixes basically a target strip into a fuel-air bomb, except unlike a bomb the drone is usable multiple times in one deployment and is refillable.
Seventh, the mother of all cluster bombs. Pretty simple but useful for taking out massive hordes of infantry. Each final piece of the cluster bomb should be able to embed itself in a body and then explode. Call it the Red Rain bomb.
Finally, just like I've done here, add some kind of feasible explanation to your technologies to make it infinitely more interesting. Don't go super in depth to the point where the reader gives up suspension of disbelief, but enough to intrigue.

Extremely high altitude, not high orbit. One bombinator per combat zone.
Also a couple more ideas:
The average infantry rifle is now a .50 cal with penetrator rounds. Who needs to get close to the enemy when you can take out 10 in one shot from 3 miles away?
Orbital drop hunter killer subs. UUV's. This is less about sea superiority and making sure the enemy doesn't have anything in the water, as it is programmed to annihilate everything mechanical in the ocean that doesn't have a hunter killer beacon on it. It is also programmed to float and shut down after 30 days to either be collected and dismantled or receive another kill signal, where it'll operate for another 30 days.
Good old iron dropper. Instead of meteorites, smelt all of that space junk that NASA and the like left up there into rods (onsite) and drop it. This cleans up orbit at the same time. Make it capable of capturing micro-fragments.

Orbital strikes would be kinetic bombardment. Nukes could be used in artillery

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What on EARTH is that ridiculous accent?

Yes and it has never prevent GW to sue people for it.
You make anything remotely resembling any GW IP ever and aren't a massive company that can actually contest the giant copyright stick GW is swinging around? LAWSUIT.
And I'm not talking just DMCA claim here… I'm talking actual lawsuit, yes they go that far.
GW is widely known for having DMCA an entire Wiki on it's own games, countless vidya mods, fan fiction authors, etc… And actually sued people (and WON) for mad things like big pauldrons.

You've been warned.

GW is probably going to shit the bed soon

I think he just has a speech impediment.

That was so badly received they announced a series of adult horror novels in the 40k universe as a response.

Was pre-communist Russia or post-communist Russia communist?

NERVA had 335 kN of thrust, and it was a test model.

It was also 34 tons, this isn't something you put on a missile.

That was the mass of the entire stage, tanking, etc. The only thing not included in that mass is the fuel.

There won't be much need to accelerate kinetic kill vehicles too much. Spacecraft are paper thin tin buckets, and won't require much energy to destroy. When you consider that they'll all be pretty close together delta-V wise, it won't take much energy to accelerate a missile from one orbit to another. Then when you consider that they'll be very far away space wise, it matters less and less how fast the missile accelerates.

The main qualities looked for in space-to-space missiles will probably be light weight, a high mass fraction, low maintenance, and the ability to deep throttle and make fine velocity adjustments. All of these requirements point towards hypergolic liquid fuels.

Are you 15 or something? Jesus Christ.

While I'm sure with some development it could get more thrust while being lighter that test model was just under 1:1 thrust to weight, this means in orbit it could only accelerate ~10m/s^2. So lets see how long until it's going as fast a APDS from a Rheinmetall 120 mm (M1A1 main gun).
Given the cannon gets 1,750 m/s the rocket with a constant acceleration of 10m/s^2 would take 2 minutes 55 seconds and over 150km to get to that speed.
This does not a good missile make.

I was thinking more about planetary bombardment than ship to ship but even then this thing is so fucking heavy it's not going to be hard to dodge.

Agreed, small light chemical rockets moving in the ~10km/s + range would be the way to go.

I should add that for planetary bombardment the NERVA would actually be great. It would cover the closest distance between earth and mars in ~28 hours and arrive at ~3,700,000 km/h (~1,027,777 m/s) giving it's 34,000kg mass ~4.29 megatons of energy putting it right between a B83 and B53 in terms or yield.

I want to try writing a slightly satirical story of a war between an O'Neill space colony and Earth in alt-timeline where Hitler won.
The premise so far is as follows:
>Commie partisan activity in France and the recently conquered western portion of Russia with the eastern half going to Nippon dries up due to lack of funds
>The (((US))) can't have that, invades Mexico due to rampant Anti-semitism and starts supplying terrorists all across the southern continent
>Breakthrough discoveries by Polish rocket scientists put the first multi-cultural team of white men on the Moon in 1962

It's like history, except everything goes right.

Like what would happen if Freddy Redbeard didn't drown in a river.

Doesn't include Mosley slaying Communists to defend king and country, or Japanese invading Siberia and getting annihilated again, so it's not quite the best of all possible worlds.

It's shit. Remove yourself from the gene pool, 56% mutt.

This sounds like a good read, aside from all the nuclear fallout now polluting the ocean from those subs and the very heavy handed I hate the burgers with all my soul. When it comes to an underwater nuclear explosion, you don't get a huge mushroom cloud but a small (for a nuclear bomb), contained bubble which then concentrates 100% of the fallout into the surrounding waters. Eventually it would diffuse but it's probably a bad idea.
As for America, it was a good country until (((some people took it over))). There was a good chunk of anti-war sentiment among the people until Pearl Harbour, and because of Manchuria in your story the main scapegoat to war-mind America just doesn't happen. Instead of impoverishing Americans and making them suffer you could have the Reich start a propaganda campaign to reveal the kikery, spread with the help of existing National Socialists in America at the time. America begins to wake up and fight back against the nigging and kiking; in the confusion and lack of American military cooperation (all the grunts quit) the Reich is able to land a force which in conjunction with now formed American militias topple the government in the East and deport all surviving and surrendering niggers there back to Africa. George Lincoln Rockwell becomes the new President of the Constitutional National Socialist American States (CNSAS). The revolution continues westward until both coasts are secured. The incredibly massive crop and food potential of the US (size and sheer fertility East of the Mississippi) aids in the supply burden to space, making the total endeavour more successful as Eastern efforts can focus entirely on technology, assisted also by any bright minds of yet another ally. Hitler dies on the eve of the millenium, smiling as the first tentative moon colony establishes itself.

Too bad, america has always been jewish shit. Amerimutts deserve to be impoverished and treated like shit. Using them for slave labor or killing them for fun is the better option, though.

Not enough trashing jewpig amerikike mutts.


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Everyone hates them.

I'll take your shit bait again, but only because I have lots of these.

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>While the NSDAP is in the process of restructuring itself following the Führer's demise, some (((people))) begin to bridge and link the previously separate ethno-WANs of Europe and Nippon to primitive villages across Asia, feeding them subversive Commie propaganda
>Chink farmers get extra soy-enhanced sweets for watching the daily kike on the local SmartDevice put there by friendly (((benefactors)))
>Stimulated by the promise of independence kangdom, eternal gibs and free StG-47s to fight raycis whitey for dem diamonds n sheeeit the Congo river basin has largely fallen to weaponized niggerism
>Austrhodesia deports them right away, the decadent Reich however mistakes them for good natured South American refugees(having supported various fascist factions against the Ameribolsheviks there since the 1970s) while the senile Emperor of Japan gets jewed into letting them in by his genetically modified (((advisors)))
>(((Parts))) of the burger WAN are connected to the growing International Computing Network in 2020, efforts are underway to redefine societal norms&values across the fascist sphere
Daily gun battles on the streets of Tokyo between Ultranationalist nips, (((Humanitarians))) and la Coreatura

Still not enough mutt hate. You need to try harder. Chop mutt spawn up in huge blender and force feed the mix to the amerimutt brrod creatures. Then have them to bits and parade the corpse around while spawn chunks spill out of the slice guts.

>Bognald Strumpf elected by alt-(((fash))) Zig Forumsyps, promises to stop the unpatriotic mass emigration towards the Reich
>US Navy silently sinks if you know what I mean refugee boats heading towards Europe filled with the few remaining American whites while letting goblinos pass
What would be some more realistic points/methods of ideological infiltration a defeated Burgerland could pull off on the thousand year reich and its allies?
In the story the Reich saw next to no 4th gen subversion up until 2000 with virtually no anti-fascist revolts, only some smaller disputes in the Balkans that were resolved peacefully. It also has considerable SIGINT networks but those are mostly focused on conventional military espionage, its HUMINT capabilites incl. the Gestapo are pitiful in comparison to Burgerluminescents.
Another vulnerability of the Reich would the copious amount of respect Hitler earned himself throughout his reign, especially among Balkan slavs for saving them from Communism and fixing their shitty infrastructure while allowing them to preserve their ethnic&cultural identidy. At the time of his death he had relegated most of his governmental duties to trusted fellows in the party, yet his word still held quasi-religious value amidst his entire citizenry, wether they be West European factory workers, rural Ukrainian farmers, reintegrated American refugees, Palestinian goat herders or even Subsaharan cargo cults. Wherever he ventured on his many diplomatic travels peace and prosperity seemingly followed, yet at the same time there was no man on earth the people could rightfully consider his equal. For several years following his death the NSDAP and by proxy the Reich itself did not have anything resembling a leading figure, for his sons and high-ranking subordinates had not earned the Trust of the entire Empire.
The relatively loose framework the greater "Reich" had been built upon thus opened it to ethnic subversion by foreign elements, as it was akin to a giant Switzerland with a technically totalitarian but practically mildly authoritarian transnational government at its center and various semi-sovereign country-sized cantons with their own sub-governments surrounding it, but little constitutional legalese to prevent a totalitarian dystopia should an incompetent assume leadership.

Honestly, the Tau really don't thematically fit in the universe of 40k.

On the African ethnic nationalist empire

The Extraterrestrial legions were not without allies in Africa. Many fell to their knees upon seeing these alabaster skinned, sapphire eyed muscular giants. But some needed to be persuaded. Especially the female warriors of the Mahogany tribe. This peculiar tribe had a unique genetic abnormality concerning sexual dimorphism. The women were larger, stronger, and more aggressive than the men. They never married. They would instead capture and rape men who were strong, sometimes killing them afterwards. They refused to submit to the Kemet centuries ago, and frequently attacked them. When the legions from space arrived the Mahogany warriors knew they must capture some of these men and fertilize themselves with their seed. Most of their attempts were unsuccessful. They rarely survived combat against them, let alone captured them. Most of the men that they did manage to steal were scouts who explored the jungles in small teams, and they were usually asleep. Rumors began to spread of skinwalkers in the jungle. Rumors also spread to the Mahogany. They heard stories of the immortal giant who lead the sky warriors. They needed his seed. Many squads of prominent warriors went on suicidal missions to capture him. When the Lugal learned of what they were doing he was flattered and amused. He invited their strongest warrior to fight him in single combat atop the newly captured Mt. Kilimanjaro. The strongest warrior among them accepted. She arrived wearing light chain mail and armed with a spear, sword, and shield. A legionary insisted that she use a steed. She chose an elephant. The king arrived naked and unarmed. She heard the stories but was still awestruck by his immense size. She was unsure if she could even accommodate his phallus if she won. She tired to run him down with her elephant but he snapped her spear then smashed the elephant's skull and spine with a swift punch. His speed was blinding and his strength was incomprehensible. He could tear the muscle from an elephant's skeleton like pulled pork. She dismounted and tried her sword; he effortlessly avoided ever thrust and cut she threw. He simply grabbed her and tore off her chainmail like linen. He forced her down onto his member and stared her down without making a noise. She quit fighting and submitted. She had finally submitted to a male. The rest of her tribe submitted soon after. They became his Courtesans and chamber guards.

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Forgot the best pic

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Speaking of aircraft would electric propeller planes be viable for the Earth dwellers since they have no oil? Or should they use bio fuel? I was thinking they would use bio fuels for larger planes, and maybe even jets, but also have small, silent electric attack aircraft.

Electric aircraft aren;t particularly viable. THey're a novelty that will always be held back by the sheer weight of batteries required to propel an aircraft for any meaningful distance.

Also, the rare earth minerals needed to build such batteries are not abundant, they are rare, hence the name.


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I might give them a better name. But I think it's pretty suitable.

If electric airplanes can't work, then commies will get shitty bio fuel planes.

Who would win:
Short shorts and x51 vs. black ebony and x39?

Shorts shorts would have ebony on the ropes for the first couple of rounds then gas out after being embargoed .

Why would (((Einstein))) help make nukes for Germany?

Those are technically surgery addicted sheboons.
Ghouls don't have straight hairs or nose bridges.

Korean girls get less implants than african…

Most of the ones in my pics have natural hair.
Africans have a decent amount of genetic diversity. Not all of them have shotgun barrel nostrils, or absent nose bridges. Also, back on topic. Would it make sense for the Martians to use tanks, or would it not be worth the weight? I was thinking they could just use hypersonic kinetic energy missiles for anti armor

Why not something like hypersonic projectiles from coil or rail guns or would you prefer to limit those to small arms and long range artillery?

Railguns are pretty gay considering the capacitors blowout all the time. CLGGs sound more viable.

Small arms would use cased telescopic ammo with advanced propellants. A lot of people think that chemical propellants are nearing their limit, but that is false. We haven't even scratched the surface of chemical propellants. Look at what there doing with AI medicinal molecules. The number of possibly medicinal molecules outnumber all the stars in the universe by over 30 orders of magnitude. This is probably true for possible chemical ballistic propellants.

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Because defense has gotten more funding than anything else for the last couple of millennia I wouldn't go expecting anything revolutionary to come out in the chemistry department.
The main thing we can do is take propellants we know well and know work like RDX and use improvements in materials science to fire them in barrels that don't weigh a ton to handle the pressure.

I was thinking RDX, or HMX as well. As for projectiles, most rifle rounds would have osmiridium penetrators in their cores.

On the global red army
>Many leaders of the (((revolution))) were glow in the darks

Who are you quoting?

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Hungery person :^), I think you are cool. Ever thought about it in the context of Internet culture?

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