Why is the MK 18 still being widely used when the HK416 exist?

Why is the MK 18 still being widely used when the HK416 exist?
Why is EOTECH so popular?

I'll give you a (((hint)))

Because HK overprices their shit?

Why is any SBR used when SMGs are available?

'68 GCA and '89 import ban. it's ironic that the ar15 became america's rifle because of turncoat traitors and democrat and jewish brainlets banning imported weapons, so the weapons were created here instead.

Why are niggers allowed to roam around when African goldmines exist? :(

Real question is why did they go with an SBR and insist on shooting 5.56 out of it?

Those don't apply to the armed forces, do they?

Because it's just one or two parts changes from a regular M4 and not the Heckle muh Kock meme gun Sig does a way better meme gun though t. not a sig fanboy

Because cool looking shit takes priority over function. Did your Aimpoint appear in the killzone series? Was the Aimpoint a later unlock in call of duty? How many movies has your precious Aimpoint appeared in? How many lines and circles are on your reticle? Yellowed to opaque plastic and dead batteries mean nothing when your shit looks cool.

Because taking care of more than a handful of weapon types is hard and the navy needs to devote time and limited brain power on trying to make faster sinking ships while attaching massive money sinks of a weapons system onto them that require more maintenance than an F35

Because of HK's pricing.


Your bait is weak, like your bloodline.

Tough talk for descendents of prisoner scum. You are not part of Europe or anywhere close, so your opinion doesn't matter in the first place. Go huff petrol, cunt.

Too late to turn off your flag now José and sharing boarders is the sign of a cucked nation incapable of securing it's land.

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All the more reason to nuke the US. Kill everyone here. Burn it down. Come on Aussie cunt, get in on the party and bomb the fuck out of 56% land or are you too busy getting cucked by emus to love some bombs?
Europe as a whole is still superior to Australia, though.

Honestly the main thing we are missing to become relevant is a real military and nuclear weapons. Sadly neither of these are going to happen before we get invaded and bleeding hearts learn what it means to actually bleed.

Because I can build a 10.3 ar-15 for about a third of a cost of an HK. Not talking about a true MK18 clone either, since the Daniel Defense isn't a clone either.

Funny, since every yuropoor country except England shares a land border with another country, except England, and they're tied for 1st place in the cucked department

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See! That is why 56% amerimutt jewpig posters shouldn't be allowed on Zig Forums. The US is not Zig Forums and never should have been.

Not sure if this is bait or genuine amerimutt retardation

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It's always amerimutt retardation. They are all retarded untermenschen that do not deserve the rights they have.

Hi Zig Forums

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Is it really that hard to use a .357 magnum instead? It's the most common revolver cartridge, not like they're going to run out.

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Cuz some folks enjoy bullying the HK416.

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No real competition in holographic sights until fairly recently.

I want to collapse her buttstock and cover her ejection port

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Even if you said the U.K. doesn’t share any land borders that’s still wrong. Have you looked at a map ever? Are you one of those people that still think Czechloslovakia is a country?

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Why HK416 always portrayed as a virgin Loli?

Tight tolerances :^)

I don’t think that’s how virgin work.


Nigga, she is a slut.
All used up to prove the efficiency of pistons.

She doesn’t have a face of a slut.

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Just the first episode, it’s still on my list though.

London is the UK in practice. City of London is actually the UK if you go deeper

In government. Saying that England is the U.K. is wrong in every sense, the U.K. is a country that issue union of the nations of England, Wales, Scottland, and Northern Ireland. It doesn’t matter where the government is, England and U.K. are not synonymous. Besides: England as a nation has land borders with both Scotland and Wales. The U.K. as a country has a land border with Ireland.

The UK has a land border too you retard.

Please see the post directly under what you replied to and the post directly above yours, then stop being a sub 20 IQ nigger^2

No, you're conflating Britain, which is only a landmass, with the U.K. and further conflating the U.K. with England.

Isn’t Brittany part of Britain?

This thread went to shit fast.

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Shit thread goes to shit
Leaf wonders why

t. "the uk has no land borders"

Don’t you have a licence to re-new, or a bull to prep?

In my heart? Yes.

My parents used to (probably still do) always call it Czechoslovakia and didn’t know what I meant when I said Czechia.

No. In modern contexts "Britain" is short-hand for Great Britain which is the proper name for the island that comprises the majority of the U.K. Though historically Great Britain and the British isles as a whole derive nominally from the Region of France called Brittany.

Why you might ask? IIRC because the Romans said so and nobody with enough influence felt like changing it.

t. 3.5% black

I thought Britain was still a geographical term normally conflated with Great Britain the political entity.

Britain and Great Britain are both geographic terms that are often conflated with the UK and England.

Scotland is not a real country.



Yes, but I never questioned the legitimacy of another country. Besides America, and you’re in the same boat as us.

literally unchanged since 1970 but still $500, lol, talk about kikery afoot.
Not saying Aimpoint isn't quality, but you're seriously overpaying for it.
Why are Eotechs popular? Because they're very nice. They're tougher than aimpoint, have more eye relief, have a better recticle that is good for shot and long range.
however short barrel 5.56 is dogshit

It's true that both our countries have barely two centuries of civilization, but at least burgers established our independence through force of arms. The leafs had to ask the Queen nicely for dominion, and even then she's still your head of state.

I'm not familiar with the details, but wasn't there some fiasco about Eotechs failing under cold weather a few years ago? Even if those issues were fixed, just looking at the design Aimpoints are more sealed-up than Eotechs are. Both are really damned overpriced because of military contracts and mallninja hype, I agree, but the Aimpoint has gotten a reputation for being bombproof for a reason.

all illuminated optics float in extreme temperatures. Eotech's claim to fame was their the holographic tech nullified this fact. Well apparently it didn't. Supposedly they've been fixed since then, but I don't plan sweating my ass off to death in 140 degree weather or freezing to death in negative 40 to find out.
gas yourself immediately for saying something that stupid.
you're talking out your ass, you think they use some kind of super special glue? Sealant isn't an issue on either, and if you buy into that meme, Trijicon has a $900 dollar reflex sight in Brooklyn they'd like to sell you
all three of those kikes are inflated on contracts

It's a colloquial term you absolute autist, obviously I'm not suggesting they're literally bombproof.

No, I mean they are inside a physical enclosure to a greater degree than an eotech. Pic related is what a "sealed up" holographic sight would look like. I'm not suggesting Eotechs are open up to the elements or anything, but the housing isn't completely enclosed the way tube sights are.

I was agreeing with you on that point, learn reading comprehension

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Not that guy, but speaking of your pic related, is it any good? Any suggestions for a decent budget holo sight?