Your essential 8 firearms

I'm currently studying for my hunting licence here and once approved, can own up to a maximum of 8 guns (a mixture of rifles and pistols).

Being the noob that I am in regards to firearms, I thought I'd ask here what you would consider the best possible combination of 8 firearms is and what makes and models you consider essential.

Thanks in advance.

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Fuck me

Glock 19
Mossberg 500/590 or Remington 870
GAYR-15 just because
Pre-1945 1911 (military or commercial)

thoughts on this?

I thought all guns, sharp objects and offensive thoughts were banned over there?

I don't know what is legal or not here, so that's going to have to play into the equation too. Why should a 1911 be pre-1945 though?

I like them more and the commercial ones are usually a bit cheaper than military. At least in the US market. 20's-era Colts are really cool to me. Post-45 they started changing up the manufacturing processes.

Two .22s (a pistol, a carbine) for plinking/varmint.
A .12gauge magnum pump-shotgun (stupidly versatile gun, from hunting any game to SHTF).
A serious carbine for SHTF in the caliber most widely available around your parts and as much mags and ammo you can legitimately stockpile (and the rest innawoods).
A serious pistol " " .
A good hunting rifle.

That leaves you two for meme gunning or collectibles.

Cz 75
Cz 513 in .22lr
Cz 527 in some caliber big enough for hunting
Cz Skorpion
.357 magnum revolver
drum fed ar-15 in .223
Some ultracompact last resort lead spewer in a meme caliber

t. casual


What do you not like in a 5.3 caliber gun?

Don't think you get the glock on hunting licence (try ipsc (dynamic shooting) or regular competition). I know you can't get AR or AK (again, you get it in ipsc). Mossberg is no probs and you can easily change out the 2 round hunting tube for a (not legal but also not regulated) 7-8 rnd one. There are a few semi-auto huting rifles (like Browning BAR match), but really it's in dynamic shooting you get the fun toys such as saiga's. As lax as the gun laws are on paper it's up to the police to decide if you can have the rifle or not and they are anything but gun friendly, they will say no for any number of reasons. Want a Ruger Mini-14? Too bad, Breivik used one so now no one can have one. Folding stock? Njet. It "looks" military? No dice.

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Jesus, and I thought our 5 shells in a tube & 10-round mag limit was bullshit.

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Leave it up to an amerimutt to make a stupid post. Worse than the fucking leaf. BO should ban them all.
The US is not Zig Forums and never will be.

Do you intend to buy all 8? I figure you just need a semi-auto shotgun (pump action is for fudds), a semi-auto carbine and a small pistol, that will cover pretty much everything.

For a shotgun I'd suggest a 20 ga Saiga carbine, for a rifle an export Tigr. I have russian bias. For a pistol, get a revolver, I'd say S&W .357 for recreational shooting and S&W .44 magnum for self defense. There are many drawbacks to using a revolver over an automatic gun, but it trains you to be very deliberate with your shots, landing every bullet on target.

If you want a plinking gun then get .22 air gun, it will be a lot cheaper than even .22LR gun, and you don't need any power to kill feral tin cans and pedigree ring targets. The .177 works just fine too, and in PCP configuration this caliber will have your air tank last WAY longer.

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Damn, I was under the impression that a hunting licence was a difficult enough test that you could own a pistol after passing it. To be honest I doubt I'll even hunt, I just wanted the most secure way to own guns and be able to shoot at the range.
Is there a particular branch of the police that deals with approving weapons? I happen to occasionally work with a cop, not sure if he'd have any say in the matter.

I'd eventually like to have the maximum amount I can, but I'd start with a basic .22 rifle and go from there. I'm not in a rush and have a lot of study to do before I start filling a weapons safe.

You only need one rifle, but that rifle needs to be capable of firing rifle grenades.

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Shotty is a more basic gun than a rifle, more forgiving on aim and inherently short range, and the ammo is pretty cheap - perfect for beginners. The only downside is ridiculous kick on par with hardest kicking rifles.

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Your local police (polisregion) deal with permits, special weapon officers (vapenhandläggare) write them.

Permits are not about being difficult, it's about the police not wanting people to have more guns than they need and not having guns for other purposes than hunting and competition shooting. It's bullshit, but you have to understand the agency to beat it. One aspect nobody brought up yet is that a smooth bore shotgun is far more difficult to trace than a rifle. Shot don't get groove imprints like bullets (and you should always dispose of spent shells elsewhere), so if the police bring in your rifle for testing it's possible (though not guaranteed) they wouldn't pin it to the "self defence".

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Honestly, the only weapons I really need are:
My handgun
My AR-15
My savage bolt action

That takes care of basically everything I want to do. Might get a shotgun if I want to hunt birds, but more than that? Just pure enjoyment and fun. Some are also a bit more specialized, but I don't need them. I can do without. Also, you might consider getting some air rifles if they're unregulated. Much cheaper than a .22lr and you can practice anywhere.

Up to 10J in muzzle power, i.e. not that great. If going non-regulated in swedistan bows (not crossbows though) are the answer.

My personal list:

1. X-ring takedown with Fagpul backpacker stock (basically a high-end 10/22 takedown)
2. SP-01 from CZ Custom, in .357 SIG possibly with an RMR cutout
3. Custom-built AR15 in 5.56x45
4. Rifle Dynamics AK74
5. JP Enterprises 6.5 Creedmoor precision rifle
6. Custom-built suppressed AR in .300 memeout
7. Benelli M4
8. Customized SCAR 17s from Handl Defense

Very sensible

This is barely even meme-reply.

20 gauge is for skeet shooting women, and barely that.
Tigr are large, too large caliber to be useful and a shitty aftermarket.
Even suggesting a .357 for a firsttime buyer should get you sent to a gulag.
.44 Magnum for self defense? You are clearly on a whole different plane of plane of fuddery I've never even seen before.

Go back to /v/
Useful shotgun ammo is on par with rifle for price, and skeet ammo is only useful for, you guessed it, skeet shooting.
Shotgun recoil isn't that bad, if you think it is, you held it wrong or some idiot gave you slugs to get a cheap laugh.

I never remembered summers being this fucking bad

Look at fucking Bill Gates over here, also, the only handgun you suggest is in fucking .357 Sig? Even .40 or .45 acp would be more sensible answers.

My personal recommendation
1. Any rifle in .22lr, perhaps a Ruger 10/22 as it's really customizable, semi-auto and a ton of fun.
2. Join a club that does IPSC or any club that regular matches or organized shooting so you can try and find out what guns you actually like, and then buy those.

Depends on your circumstances. What parts are legally considered the 'firearm' in sverigeistan?
I would recommend covering as many practical niches with as few guns as possible, to save slots for 'fun' guns. For example:

Well, the reason to buy an air rifle isn't so you can use it as a weapon. It's so you can learn marksmanship. Bows don't translate as well.

Well, OP did ask for "best possible." I'm aware it's not strictly speaking realistic, but if I was limited to 8 guns for life I'd make sure each one was top of the line. For a "useful" list, I'd still suggest the same category of weapons, just poorfag versions of each one–a plain old Ruger 10/22 Takedown instead of the X-Ring, Mossberg instead of the Benneli, Savage instead of JP, and so on. So the list is still somewhat useful in that is has the right kind of weapons in it and serves as something of a template. Although if pressed I might add in a full-frame 10mm pistol, and say pick either the AK or the AR instead of both.

That's the opposite. Semi-auto shotguns are for mall ninjas unless you're talking fairly high end semi-auto pump action.
Anything you can't kill with 8shells of 00 buckshot you've brought the wrong tool for the job.
The point of a magnum 12ga. pump action is that it feeds anything from low power bird shot to custom HESH slugs, worse case scenario you have to add some chokes.
It's the "multi ammo" weapon of choice and custom 12 ga ammo is piss easy to make.
Semi-autos (excluding some semi-auto pump) shotguns like the Saiga are extremely finicky when it comes to ammo.

The closest to the "perfect" shotgun is the SPAS-15 sadly it's a 12 x 70 not a 12 x 76 so the double function mode isn't that useful.

I'd have to agree, which is why I suggested the Benelli. Ron Henderson, the guy who owns Battlefield Las Vegas, reports that they'e been the only shotguns they have that have stood up to extended use–the Mossberg 500s and Remington 870s start having problems within only a few days.
Info here:

What kind of faggotry is this?

Bolt action 22 for practice

Target 22 pistol for practice

12 gauge pump shotgun in respectable model like Mossberg 500 Rem 870 Ithica, Browning if you can't afford an expensive autoloader, even then a pump is always a good choice. Rugged, reliable, will run the same on light clay loads training and real combat and hunting loads if it comes to be.

Good bolt action rifle, lots of great choices, 6.5mm Swede being a great choice because its so popular back home. .308 and 6.5 Mauser are going to have great common ammunition, both are great calibers. Rem 700 is a solid choice, but after shooting CZ's I'll stick with a solid Mauser action.

We'll eat up two slots for consideration of combat rifles, let's say for arguments sake you get an assault rifle and a battle rifle. Get an H&K G3 variant for sure, that's what the guards and reserves use for common practice/parts for battle rifle. If you can get a FNC for assault rifle, do so, common parts in emergency. Failing that an AR or so.

Two last open slots, or perhaps three if you choose BR over AR or visa versa, a full size 357 Magnum revolver sin't a bad choice, don't like full size loads shoot 38 Special target loads.

Other is the Glock, again, common military parts and whatnot in an emergnecy

This list kinda changes depending on where you are and your conditions, but its my general recommendation.

Summer for you maybe.

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1. Muzzle-loading musket or rifle.
2. Mosin Nagant.
3. 1911.
4. Luger.
5. Chassepot.
6. MP-41/40.
7. MG-42.
8. Some manner of old revolver.

Ayy, this is the best post in the thread. Only modification I'd add is, get a hunting/long range rifle in 6.5x55 instead, cause that ammo is plentiful and cheap in Scandinavia. It's also a great long range cartridge. Sauer 200STR is under-priced, go for that.

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10/22 in pic
Compact handgun in common caliber
Large frame handgun in same caliber
12ga pump shotgun
AR-15 in 5.56
.22 handgun
7.62x39 carbine, or just another upper for the AR
Long range bolt-action

1. Mossberg 590
2. Full size 9mm of your choosing
3. Carbine/Mid length AR
4. PTR-91 or FAL
5. Ruger Redhawk in .44 Mag
6. Finnish M39
7. Tikka T3
8. Kriss Vector for funsies

Everything you posted is awful but this is the worst.

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Changed my mind
Glock 19 w/ auto sear
Valmet M76 in 7.62x39
CAR-15 Model 610
12 gauge whatever who cares
Mateba MTR-8
Mauser in .25-06

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If I was limited to 8 guns then

Those last 3 are just to have and I'm not passionate about them, as you may tell I'm kind of a whore for FN stuff though

If you're going to nigger out with high budget then why be some boring brand whore douchebag

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>A larger caliber rifle for government insurrection large game that walks on two legs on four legs
Honestly the rest don't matter. Just make sure you eventually get those four if you're intent on owning 8 firearms, and as long as you don't buy a nigger-tier firearm like some bullshit with electronic trackers on it, then everything will be fine.

Care to elaborate?

Is the asphalt melting, the flip-flop or both?

Technically essential or only what is legal in my country essential?
1. FN FAL / G3 / PTR 91
2. CZ 75 / CZ 97
3. Saiga 12 / Vepr 12
4. Mossberg 590
5. Winchester Model 70
6. M1A
7. A 5.56 of your choice
8. a Bowie knife

That's where it gets really sad
1. CZ 75
2. CZ 97B
3. Saiga 12
4. Vepr 12
5. CZ 557 (An absolute fucking BITCH to own one. You need to be considered an athlete for this shit)
6. Mossberg 590
7. a Bowie knife
8. an axe

They charge absurd prices because of their name and Jim Fuller is an ex methhead degenerate. They don't even bother getting details right, like rivet form, when doing clone builds.

One example of their shittiness, is back in the day, they built a Romy G kit for a guy - whole rifle $300. That guy sold it back to them a couple years back after they because the most well known AK builder and they posted it for sale for $1300.

Turbothis (mygunsnorthwest), JBI Armory or Piece of History Firearms would be way better. Other places like Lee Armory will build functional rifles, but will be severely lacking in attention-to-detail.

Also constant shilling for shitty accessories Jim Fuller thinks are the best and Jewy things like posting about their bag they make that fits inside a triangle folding stock but never having it in stock and charging absurd prices when they bother to get them made.
Shit company full of shit people. But airhead youtuber faggots and ARFCOM commandos will suck your dick 'cause it's Rifle Dynamics.

Way better for doing a parts kit build. Sorry, I'm tired. Just get a Saiga or an SGL 31-94 if you want to be a faggot and have the most exclusive and rare AK74 you can post to instagram.

The asphalt. It's fairly common when there's not enough gravel in the mix. I grew up where it got to around 55 degrees Celsius in January, and this happened a lot.

Well, I was being more general than thinking specifically of Scandinavia. Adjust to whatever you can actually get, and stockpile ammo like a WW1 quartermaster.

My ideal list would be some milsurp bolt action, .357 revolver probly k-frame, a nice pump or lever action shotgun, some cheap but good single shot shotgun and a bunch of 12 inch pistol caliber inserts, a kukri because every gun collection needs a big knife, pistol calibre carbine probly 9mm, ar-15 because modularity and commonality, and maybe a cz-75.

I would also accept an Enfield No. 2. God save the Queen because Allah certainly won't.

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I would rather a 12 gauge martini henry and I am surprised it isn't already being done.
Is it because they fear it would remind Britons of a more idyllic, coon killing time?
Polite sage for offtopic

Greener gp 12 gauge. Found by searching "martini henry style shotgun". I really want one now that i know they exist.

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Stay mad euro trash

What does your gay ass not like about my list? It has:
Varmint rifle
Higher caliber precision rifle / hunting rifle
Battle rifle
Workhorse handgun
Last resort handgun (probably need to share caliber with other pistols, on second thought)
Cool autofiring big pistol
A revolver in reliably strong caliber, in case everything else fails.

maybe also there is a lack of shotguns, and 527 or skorp needs to be replaced with one, but otherwise don't see anything bad with my list. You praised a couple of other lists which are almost identical to mine

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The Martini is in that sweet spot where it's an iconic, recognizable rifle, it shoots well, it's a strong action for a blackpowder breechloader (looking at you, trapdoor springfield) and all of the originals left on the market are either museum pieces or wall hangers.
Beef up the barrel threads and bearing surfaces a little bit, take advantage of modern metallurgy and heat treat, chamber it in commonly available cartridges, and it'd sell like hotcakes.

The gp greener shotguns are rated for modern shells.

Thank you everyone for the tips. I'll be checking through the guns listed and seeing what my dear governmental overlords will allow my peasant self to own.

His suggestion of beefing up the Martini the is about having new Martini-Henry rifles made in commonly available modern cartridges.

what is self defense like in sweden?

I imagine very interesting, what with a migrant population that completely refuses to obey laws, let alone integrate.

I imagine islamic self-defense is pretty good, not so much if you're swedish.

Which is because it is biologically impossible for them to do so.

I don't even know to be honest. I know you can't own firearms for the purpose of self defence though.
To be fair, I don't give two shits about what any law says about self defence - I'll do what's necessary to keep my family safe.

The battlerifle concept has been outdated since the 50s grandpa.
The CZ 513 is okay, but if you want to cover more uses, i.e tactical trainer, a 10/22 is good for varmint and tactical training.
You suggest an AR later, so why even suggest a 527 when it's only in intermediary calibers you can get in uppers for the AR, and then get it in semi-auto as well?
Suggesting a .32 ACP gun at all? Why?
The CZ75 is okay, but if you are thinking of an older CZ, which I suspect you are, you goddamned slavaboo, you'll be missing out on tons of replacement parts, modern holsters, easily available high cap mags, replaceable sights, extra barrels, etc,
.357 Magnum for a beginner, really?
Falling for the drum-fed meme. Are you even trying.

You are basically suggesting he go buy a bunch of outdated shit which will leave him miles behind the rest of the developed world. Go back to your surplus cave.

1. saiga 12
2. Arsenal SLR107-52 or a wasr 10
3. Ruger 10/22 rifle
4. glock 21
5. Smith & Wesson model 27
6. Remington 700
7. Ruger, Mark IV Competition or another ruger .22lr
8. Sig Sauer RM400

This list was me assuming its illegal to conceal carry and that these are going to be your guns forever. Its also assuming you want some fun guns and home defense to go along with actual hunting guns and somewhat interchangability with ammo in the same gun (.223/5.56, .357/.38, .308/7.62 ect.) and being able to accessorise most of these down the line.

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Also all of this list was assuming your not rich so it doesnt exceed 1200 usd.

Per gun*

Ruger 10-22 Takedown
Henry AR-7 .22lr
Remington 870 .12 guage
Ruger Precision Rifle .308Win
AR-15 chambered in .223 Wylde
Beretta 92FS 9mm
S&W M&P 2.0 compact 9mm
Cobra Derringer .22lr

Most selected because of NATO compatible ammunition. .22lr is cheap and plentiful.

Also obtain a Gamo Hunter in .177 and buy a shit ton of ammo for it.

Don't know what swedes can get, but my guns if I could get them would be:
Finally, because I am someone who likes the idea of minimizing outlay-

This means your outlay for tooling to load your own gun food is quite low, around 120 american for a .357 lee loader kit and a load-all in 12 gauge, add another 40 american for another kit in .308.

Because 38 special exists you mongoloid. It's also THE caliber to start handloading on because it's so forgiving and a little work with a mold, a lyman dipper and an old pot and camp stove yields good bullets.

1. Beretta 92FS
2. 1911
3. Dan Wesson 715
4. obligatory ar15
5. Mossberg 500/590 12ga
6. a nice .308 bolt gun
7. a 7.62x39 AK pattern rifle
8. Ruger 10/22

Its amazing how limiting a list of 8 feels, despite me only currently owning 6 myself.

wat. how many guns do they think you can hold at once?

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This except lead is fucking filthy and I hate shooting it. I prefer just buying copper jacketed projectiles.

they were always rifles

you can pick them up for $1000,-$1500 AUD in decent condition in auscuckistan.

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Lead is only filthy in your gun if you have: >A bullet undersized for your bore

Using a high tin content (6.5%) with a moly grease bearing wax on a well designed bullet that's two thou above barrel diameter means fuck-all leading for all but 40k+psi loadings.