Sentry guns

What use do they have? What projects are in the works? Whats your thoughts on them? Shortcomings or dangers? What is an ideal weapon to slap onto a sentry mount?

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Illegal Immigration Prevention Machine™
They have massive potential but for now they are too dangerous. I would never trust these things to tell the difference between friend and foe. I would only put them around borders and let 'em loose. Check once per month for maintenance and documentation of kill count

For now I could see them being used as a minefield ie. area denial, I would want a lot of very reliable and redundant PID systems before I would consider entering it's view. A decent compromise in the meantime is having a operator that is alerted to targets but had final say on firing.
Where I could really see them thriving is places like Afghanistan where you could have an autocannon on a hill finding and engaging targets kilometers away.


TF2 is better than overwatch.

Servers are empty because retards left for the "flashier" multiculti game.

TF2 was long dead before Overwatch even existed.

A combination of lack of development, the terrible direction they took the art style and disgusting in-game purchases ruined
it. Most of all however, the game died when it became F2P.

All I can see in the second pic is The Chad P90.

I'd personally be worried about it wasting its ammunition on things it detects that aren't targets, like birds or trash blowing in the wind.
I also absolutely 100% do not trust a machine with a gun to determine if I or my friends are friendly or not. I don't care what it relies on, facial recognition, a badge with a microchip, a password, I am not putting myself in front of a sentry gun.

So you don't trust humans, because a machine's programming faults are entirely dependent on us.

Well no, now that you mention it, I don't particularly trust humans who point guns at me either

Remote weapon systems seems like a better alternative. Having a sentry option that sends you a warning and gives you the option to engage is much better than wasting ammunition.

I've got an old motorized tripod for astronomy telescopes that I'm keeping around for this reason and should be similar in operation to the system in this video when I'm done converting it except it'll be portable and fold down to a convient size. Thanks to the drone fad wireless video is super cheap nowadays.

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They are actually pretty easy to make, if you wanted to, the gun would cost you many times more. The problem is that you don't want it to shoot you if it could not recognize you and vice versa. Vid related if you want a base for it. Though a turret shooting everyone in its sight in the middle of somewhere seems oddly appealing Don't forget to put a camera and translate all here if you will.

If you don't have the luxury of being able to reliably identify troops using vast power of human brain, you can't possibly hope to achieve this using simple algorithms running on a minuscule computer.

You just don't do any recognition beyond "worth shooting at or not". A sentry turret is a high-tech booby trap that can work at a very large distance and is multi-use. Just stay the fuck away from where it's set to shoot, just like you stay the fuck away from your own forces' line of fire.

I don't trust humans in general.

The only real way to get a sentry gun to work is to either set it to tag everything as an enemy, or set it to tag anyone with a certain frequency chip on them/within range of someone with one as a friendly. The issue with both of those scenarios is that it would either be abused by the enemy (take someone with a frequency chip hostage or mess with it to only shoot people with frequency chips) or knowing how stupid soldiers are, they'd forget their chips or otherwise fuck up and you'd end up with friendly fire.

The only other feasible option is something like facial/skin-tone recognition which is prone to an even greater number of fuckups like when someone happens to have a hat on and is looking down or something similar.

I guess it would be useful to leave automated sentries in cities you've abandoned. Have them all shoot at anything human shaped and 37ºC. Attach to machineguns, and put an explosive trap in case anyone comes near it. I don't have the comic saved.

I had a similar idea with IR beacons that flash in a specific frequency that can be changed remotely, so if the enemy figures outs the trick, all you do is change the frequency of the beacon and configure the sentry accordingly.

I think you're giving too much credit to window lickers, user. You can drill it into their heads never to step in front of it and some jar head is still going to walk in front of it or stick his dick in front of it (or in it) because "he saw that one guy do it" (nevermind "that one guy" was the engineer who had the firing mechanism both electronically and mechanically disabled).

Slap a vag on there and you can have sex with them.

If you're a dumb enough retard to step in front of a sentry gun, you probably deserve getting shot up.
Don't step in front of sentry guns, kids.

Stepping in front of active sentry gun is like stepping on an armed landmine.

Or you can just NOT install this wide-open backdoor waiting to be exploited, in the first place.

Long term area denial in a limited enclosed area if it's indiscriminate. Think courtyards and restricted areas behind a huge steel door accessed by a keypad and/or retinal scan. With such enclosed areas, you could have a shotgun sentry sending pounds of buckshot at the nigger that decided it was a good idea to blow the doors off. Target identification isn't a problem here, as you can safely assume anyone who can't pass the security and still manages to go pass the wall is an intruder anyway.

You're a dipshit.

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Could you have a colored outfit that reflected certain frequencies and run a Team Fortress in reality?

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It was ok for years before it died, in game purchases weren't that much of a burden.

thats not a sentry, theres a little man in there.

God damn I loved playing engi in TF2. Especially placing this motherfucker, and then immediately as it gets destroyed placing another. And shooting people with my fucking walther ppk and punching people with my robot arm.

But now all faggots are playing the multiculti version with 100 different characters instead of just having a few characters with 100 different abilities.

All that aside, sentries have the same job as mines, area denial. Except mines are hard to remove because they're hidden underground, whereas a sentry is hard to remove because it can shoot you from 1000m away, and you need an anti-materiel rifle to knock one out.

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lol go fuck yourself, free to play is what got me and thousands of others interested in the fucking game.

Promotional cosmetic bullshit is what killed the game, and removing abilities from equipment sets. People used to love working towards getting a set of equipment which granted some ability, I worked my ass off to get some sets and had fun with them, and then they just arbitrarily pulled the rug out from under me.

In game purchases had FUCK ALL to do with it because you were never forced to purchase anything to play or get an ability. Simple random drops equalized all that shit, so only impatient people paid. And in the long run every ability had a downside so it just changed how you play, not whether you get more kills or not.

Simply having a buried fiber optic line that leads to a pre-known location and can shut off power to the sentry seems perfect, you can basically stop it from shooting or control it remotely. Simplifies maintenance as long as there aren't any three eyed freaks around.

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Install TF2V, faggot.

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Disappointed doesn't even begin to cover it.

The default secondary for Engineer and Scout is a pistol that resembles a PPK.
You presumptuous twat.

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I used the luger morph version of the ppk though, which was a lame joke.

You guys are all missing the fun part here.
Mass area denial with paintball guns. Trespassers Wil.

Can you imagine a non-lethal indoor security system (airsoft, paintball etc) that would just blaze anybody unfortunate enough to get caught in its trap? I'd love to see that just as a joke. Or program a paintball bot to patrol a certain area and plug hoodlums like that one megafaggot did back in the late 2000's.

Nonlethal turrets have a lot of potential. Imagine setting one up to auto-trigger during a faggot parade or "protest"?
It's like terrorism lite(r)!

Fuck I hate BLM/SJW riots.

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Especially when they have the right ammo

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oh lord give me patience and stranth. I had no idea how did I not know this existed?
Oooooooooooooooohhhhh I'm going to get myself in trouble someday.
don't worry I'll probably film it because I'm an attention whore

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No, F2P opened the flood gates for the kinds of redditor faggots who spend money on meme hats and encourage the devs to fuck up TF2. It's a fucking shame the devs of TF2classic went full retard

I'll give you all the attention you want if you post the vid

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But Strelok, the navy is having a hard time finding midgets to stuff into them.
they keep getting raped by bears before they can escape to the safety of the sea

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I admit they try to kike you on the price, but hopefully the patent will run out soon and they can be had for cheaper

Oooorr….. make your own filler for the paintballs. Lots of work but hey you know gotta improvise sometimes.

There's exactly zero friends coming from turkish borders.

What about any downed airmen that were bombing turkland?

If they were downed by flying cockroaches then nothing of value is lost.

This was made 2010 by some kid in his backyard.
P sure development has been upped a notch since then.

What sort of targeting system would you use anyway? Motion, infrared, Facial structure? Visual? Object Recognition?

Or would a neural network approach be better? A taught program over time?

Sentries are sci-fi tier garbage, how are they supposed to tell the difference between friendlies and enemies?


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A turkroach incompetent company that still hasn't released bonerlord.

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How does it feel to pay for leftist brainwashing? I've never had that sensation.

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You realize you don't actually have to buy the hats right? They spawn all the weapons you can purchase eventually, only kids buy hats with their parents cash. It fucking worked.

Keep going poorfag.

If I ever feel tempted to pay for entertainment, I'll go to a casino or bang your mother. I'm not about to pay cash money for a video game or a movie smack dab in the middle of the information age.

Keep going, commie.

>sentry empties clip shooting at random leaves flying by or puffs of dust
>$5 cardboard cutout with $2 IR LED, sentry wastes entire $1000 clip of ammo
This is even more of a pipe dream than self-driving cars.

The one practical way I could see would be having these remote controlled by a room full of autists, with AI trying to guess which guns have activity most worthy of human attention, and then letting humans make the call on shoot/no. Still fails if all sentries are attacked at once.

Could just slave it to your alarm system.


This still can't differentiate between a bunny and nigger. Also they unload their entire magazine into the thing because they can't tell when something is deadd.

Way I see it, a mechanical sentry would just improve human sentries. Doesn't need to have AI. Just sit a guy down in a room with a monitor, give him a military-industrial approved x-box controller, hook them up, and viola. You still have a human sentry, but the mechanical sentry could have IR views and would allow for a larger gun, or even guided missiles or something if you want to go completely ham with it.

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But we already have flying ones

I think if motion sensors on automatic doors can be programmed to ignore that kind of shit then someone could manage to work around it with a sentry gun.
Maybe wandering animals would be a problem though.

The idea is that ground ones are cheaper and can be around 24/7.

Effective range of a GAU-19 is 1 mile. Put them apart at half that, and they can cover each other if some nigger wants to tamper with one. That way you have 2 of them per mile, which means 4000 guns across the whole length, with one guy managing ten guns you only need 400 border patrol agents to kill every mexican that tries to cross. And maybe a staff of 1000 more to supply and maintain the guns. AI is there to track targets and alert the border patrol agents, they select targets and make marmelade out of them.

Even if there's "muh chilluns dont shoot" the sensor suites on the guns can basically tell ICE exactly where to be waiting for the pickup.

truly ebin