Glassesfags, get over here

glassesfags, get over here.
who /horriblevision/ here?
i'm -0.75 left -1 right.
daytime it really doesn't hinder me at all, in fact it's been getting better.
Night time however, my myopia triples and night vision goes to total shit.

I'm going innamilitary in a couple of years, hopefully SF, but i'm afraid this shit is going to disqualify me.
Are there any solutions aside from PRK?

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Every self respecting military will give your proper glasses and inserts with your gas mask/safety glasses. Just make sure to step on their balls until they do, some units try to cheap out on this. Other than that: ignore anyone who says contacts are fine. They are not if you have to spend some more time somewhere unexpectedly, which happens a lot in the mil.
It depends on the special force you are trying to join. Some demand 20/20, while some would let a bat into their ranks as long as it was physically capable and mentally sound.

Imagine being a glassesfag
Every moment, of every day, you have to be constantly aware of this piece of shit hanging on your nose.
Not only do all modern frames look weird, you automatically loose at the very, very least two points on a ten point scale of attractiveness.
You have to constantly look at things in a FOV half the size of your vision.
Swiveling your head around all day. People stare at you. They laugh at you. Your exist merely serves to be mocked.
I have 2.00 in my right and 2.25 in my left. But the universe works in funny ways, it takes away eyesight and instead grants superior intellect. Thanks to my ability to think, I use contacts. As do all people who deserve to have an opinion on anything. I put them in, and I forget about them. Effective 20/20 vision, all the time, and I look just as much of an Adonis as I usually do- as in, I look twice as manly as Adonis.

Which is fine until SHTF and your contacts accumulate dirt after a month, which will cause infections and can blind you permanently.

Well, it depends. You have one-day contacts and permanent contacts. You're right in the case of the one-day type, you'll eventually run out. But the permanent type, which you can store in a case the same as glasses, but you can have multiple pairs of, can be cleaned with almost any type of disinfectant solution.
On the contrary, say your glasses break in a SHTF scenario. You're absolutely fucked.

I actually refuse to wear glasses

I guess you're right but that probably does not apply to some (especially third world) countries, i don't think we'd have the luxury to be given mil glasses, or even be able to join at all because most likely they'll tell me to fuck off right in the med eval when he sees i'm myopic

fuck it, i'll just get PRK

Do they still issue birth control glasses?

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Been wearing glasses since third grade and they're basically an extension of my body at this point.

You've never seen a swole guy with glasses on, user. inb4 google and soyboys

Have fun being blind when SHTF, faggot.

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A buddy told me the Navy gives you the choice between two pairs of birth control glasses or a pair of birth control glasses and a civilian pair. You're allowed to wear the civilian pair for day-to-day activities, off-base, etc., but you have to wear the military pair during special events and such. Can't speak for the other branches.

Maybe the Laser corneal sculpting can fix your broken eyes.

Yeah but I look like a member of the tribe in certain glasses and that's pretty advantageous in modern society.

Laser eye surgery is a meme because they don't warn you about all the risks that go along with it.

Nice bait m8

That's LASIK, PRK is supposed to be very safe and side effect free.

There's also a experimental chink method of inserting electronics into your eye ghost in shell anyone? while correcting your vision. Can opt for plastic if your poorfag shits pushed harder than drugs by big pharma
I'm -5.75 right and -4.75 left. That isn't including astigmatism (deviation of 45 and 165).
Near eyesight is a generic thing in my family all my grandparents and parents have it) and astigmatism is an Asian meme genetics thing. I didn't get it from vydia or from being a fucking erudite. I got it during my first grade year taking brain damage in that cesspool we call public education.
I fucking would trade for your vision in a heartbeat. My glasses are so thick, that perfect circular lenses are over 3cm thick for me.
Strange thing is that I'm not night blind, and I actually move better and sense things better with no vision (eyes closed). I can navigate a room/maze in pitch darkness provided there's sound. Implant to give people high res acoustic vision when

LASIK fucks over your night vision hard and it worsens when you age. Mum is night blind at 50. Grandma is in one eye she didn't get the other eye corrected cause fucking slant eyes lol Oh, try not to also get your eye infected or anything into it for the first 1/2 year after the surgery unless you want severe complications or blindness.**

There are glasses made of metal and bulletproof glass, I took a metal bat to the face with a set of those on and there was only a minor scratch.

How long is the PRK recovery?

like three to six months i believe? the whole point of LASIK is that it has a much faster recovery rate than PRK.
Right now i'm rolling without glasses because i believe they worsen your vision and you should let your eyes adjust naturally so far so good

Night myopia is killing me, fuck this gay shit.

Try getting glasses of slightly less than your doctors prescribed. My family and I have found it to be more useful that way so we aren't kiked into new glasses every 2-3 years.
Also, try to get with a lot of greenery. I know it sounds stupid but there is some research that's suggesting blue light (so artificial LCDs etc) harms your eyes.
I wanna do PLK but the Texas sun by gods, and I'm a college fag

lol try -4.25 in each eye :'(

Try -5.75 with 45 degrees of deviation and a lot of refractive error so my calculated it actually -7.00 ish

Cool thread but anything >-3 is nothing, you can get by without wearing glasses at all. I'm -5 and literally can't see my dick without.

Well, Lasik. But I think AF for instance requires pilots to do PRK, no lasik, and apparently the PRK has to be done by them after enlisting not on your own.

Most jobs in the military are allowed to wear glasses anyway. And PRK nor Lasik won't fix your weird night vision thing, which would probably disqualify from SF. They're a simple adjustment to your lens to move the focal plane closer to your retina, not a magic +1 PER upgrade. Your night vision issue is caused by either complex abnormalities (some kind of astigmatism?) or some neurological problem, fucking with your lens won't fix it.

It's not really that bad once you grow out of being a neurotic teenage drama queen. Meanwhile, attractive people are getting lensless glasses because it's considered even more attractive. It's not the 80s anymore bud, thick framed nerd glasses are cool now.

Let me stick my fingers in my eyes twice a day, every day. What a great idea!

I've worn both contacts and glasses for many years. I can safely tell you it makes no difference whatsoever (except when you need to wear sunglasses or special eye protection). You'll be the same autist no matter what you wear.

Bullshit, contacts are a huge hassle compared to glasses.

Are you retarded? The "permanent" lenses come in two flavors: Weekly (shit) and monthly (really shit). Either kind is only recommended for use for 1 month, you can stretch it to 2-3 months but it fucks your eyes pretty badly. Either kind will go bad in 1-2 years even in original sterile sealed packaging. Good luck making those last through SHTF. Good luck sticking your finger in your eye all the time and not getting eye infections when you don't even have toilet paper to wipe the shit from your ass. Good luck with +50% weakness to pocket sand. Good luck swimming. Good luck with getting contacts knocked out from any fighting or violent tumbling.

Meanwhile you could just keep a few spare pairs of glasses and learn to grind your own lenses, something people were able to do since thousands of years ago.

You got any solid data go ahead and post it, otherwise you're the meme.

Lasik is considered slightly less risky and easier than PRK. The PRK is only really preferred for exceptional cases like people ineligible for Lasik or athletes/pilots due to the supposed flap coming undone. But I haven't seen any actual evidence of the latter yet.

Guess how I know you never tried contacts you braindead soyfaggot glassesfag.

Uh, does the US not have the glass contacts that can be used as long as they don shatter and can be cleaned via water??

Glasses doesn't provide full correction though. They have many inherit optical defects. Minus prescription reduces visible image, glasses have chromatic aberration (besides reduction of effective acuity in the large prescription this also ruins ability to aim with red dots) and they have below prescription power outside central field of view. If you correct to 20/20 then good for you, but it also means that with healthy cornea and eyeball shape your retina would give you vision much above 20/20 (and 50% men in the 18-50 age bracket have vision above 20/20).

At least you don't have a retarded nerve in the eye (vision gets blacked because signal from closed other eye is stronger I guess) that's the same as your dominant hand making aiming with rifles a serious problem.

Wew. Is it from trauma or from genetics? I'm curious.
I have early onset Ménière's disease so I feel you man

I dunno, never bothered with finding out since I have other eye that works good.

It's possible to train it I think. You need a lot of time and a lot of will power. Try writing with dominant hand if you don't already from the edge of your non dominant eye daily until you get used to it and shift it towards center slowly.

It doesn't impact anything other than shooting things that aren't handguns, and even then I have two choices, use the bad eye to hold the gun comfortably or use good eye and use unnatural grip.

That's strange, try playing something like tennis or baseball to hit an incoming object with dominant eye closed.
That being said, it might just be me fully ambidextrous that makes it ez for me

Depends on type of the quality and type of lens, along with eye defect.
I have difficulties with irons, and no aberrations with red dots.
Depends on type of the quality and type of lens, along with eye defect.


They've saved my eyes more times than I care to think about.

I would have bought a pair, but they cost >$10

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Arthritis, specifically psoriatic arthritis, can do that. Might wanna go to a doc

All lenses and prisms inherently have chromatic aberration its inevitable. It can be partially fixed with multi lens set up (achromatic lens) like in the cameras and scopes, but size and weight constrains obviously doesn't allow such in the glasses. BTW talking about "quality" lowest refraction number "regular plastic" CR-39 1.50 has the best Abbe number (62) which is responsible for the chromatic aberration , "all advanced quality" glasses materials are worse in the chromatic aberration department ( Abbe = 32-42, though they win in other things like thickness)

Red dot itself has no aberration, because its single wavelength but it shifts relativity to the multi-spectral background image with head turning.

Friendly reminder that something like 80% of poor eyesight/need for glasses is actually caused by lack of sunlight during childhood development.

Long story short, you can't supplement with vitamin D because it's not a vitamin D deficiency. During childhood development, sunlight activates the pleasure receptors in your brain and more specifically in your eyes that releases chemicals that enhance, repair, and improve your vision. Most cases of nearsightedness are caused by a lack of sunlight during childhood preventing your eyes from developing properly and the only way to fix it is sunlight or artificial lights that produce the specific frequencies in sunlight that we use artificial lighting to prevent in the first place.

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Also this honestly. I can't count the number of times I've had balls, soldering irons, various metal fragments/debris, and other shit go straight for my eyes that my glasses prevented.

The risk is from them cutting your eye socket to get where they need to, not from the surgery itself. You might be able to say it's a meme because it's not a miracle cure and it's not always effective, but you should automatically assume there's risks when they're cutting your fucking eyeball open, user. Even then, shit like circumcision and plastic surgery is more dangerous than laser eye surgery these days. The only real down side is that your eyes don't fully develop until you're around age 25 at which point you only have about 15-20 years of no-glasses from the surgery before your eyes deteriorate again, and the military considers it a "medical surgery" and won't let you in if you get it. Otherwise I've saved up enough money that I'd go and get the surgery in a heart beat.

get out of here.

What I speak of is not chromatic aberration.
Red dots are unusable by some with corrected vision because the correction isn't exact, which can produce a double or smeared dot.
For instance: your axis is 91.2 in one eye, but your opthamologist isn't capable of measuring it, and your lens cutters won't make it.
You're SOL if your eyes can't adjust.

You have no idea what horrible vision is, but I will help out anyway. The military doesn't care what your prescription numbers are, just your 20/20 score in each eye. As long as you can get on the scale (20/400) uncorrected and 20/20 corrected, it's possible to join. You will need a medical waiver if your vision is near that 20/400 level so don't let them tell you otherwise. Given my prescription was - 8.75 and - 9, I'd say you have no reason to worry. SF will have their own standards for vision, more like 20/100 uncorrected iirc, but you can look up the medical standards of your desired SF flavor.
PRK is absolutely worth it for my situation. You can get it with nearly any amount of correction needed, but I'd seriously consider whether $3000 to $5000 is necessary for what you can fix with $1 reading glasses from Walmart at your prescription.

This guy is right. That's basically, as much as cancers, and endocrine disruptors, a modern disease, that mostly have nothing to do with genetics.
Medicine can only heal the symptoms, once you're already fucked up.
As one cancer specialist said: "There are more people living on cancer, than dying from it".
Trusting modern healthcare, outside of the scope of surgery, especially for chronic diseases, is being a retard.

Huge recent documentary on french/german national tv chan Arte:
That's why they're now in Asia promoting for longer recreation for kids, and more time outside. Following these reforms, myopia is falling everywhere.
Myopia is literaly denegerated eyes.

How bad is the notion of RLE? They do it for cataracts, and starting to do it for clear lenses too. All other surgeries seems less ideal.

The doctor offered it as a suggestion instead of PRK, but I looked at him like he had a dick growing out of his forehead and he dropped it. The whole point of PRK for me was that it was like I was getting new intact eyes after it's healed. No scar tissue and no artifical lens that might shift around and need more surgery. I'm not sure how farsightedness messes with your vision, but if it's anything like extreme nearsightedness and it's really the only option, I'd find the most experienced doctor I could afford.

As far as I know,I can't join any infantry branches in Gypsieland Romania because I got -2.50 and -2.75. Yall are lucky

Some is genetic mainly for idiots like me

No, its mainly genetic among the East Asian population, my parents/grandparrents all have issues with their eyesight and none of them didn't lack god damned sunlight in their age.

Think fareyesighted as neareysighted reversed. Instead of holding things closer, you'd need to move farther away. Terrible for city scape fighting, better if your trying to pop some assholes head off from a distance with iron sights.

Idk my stigmatism but I’m near sighted but it starts getting blurry about 5 inches from my face can’t even really read without them unless my eyes are touching the paper.

How far can you read for an eye chart at standard distance?

First off, PRK is an old method of laser eye surgery, it's since been replaced by ASA (Advanced Surface Ablation).

I had ASA surgery last Friday, and just today had the bandage contacts removed this morning. Post-surgery recovery is 4 days, which is when you're on the full medication train (nerve blockers, numbing drops, antibiotics, etc), and it's the time you're actually in pain. By the time the bandages come off, you're off the blockers and numbing drops, and your pain is going to be dry eyes. They'll keep you on antibiotics and artificial tears for a month or two.
Vision quality is going to be a roulette of impairments day-to-day, but a month after surgery your eyes are gonna be at about 80% of their effectiveness. (t. mother who had ASA years ago) Today I have double vision, but yesterday I couldn't even read.

tl;dr pain clears pretty quick, most of your vision settles in the first month, you don't get the full benefit for a few months.

That all said, if you don't have any particular need for ASA, go for LASIK. I had very high astigmatism and at my younger age, LASIK could run the risk of complications in my later years that led my doctor to recommend ASA instead.
Don't cheap out when it comes to your eye surgeon. Make sure the one you visit is publicly vetted and is very forthcoming with information about the surgery and your options. Mine was the best in the city, and her office freely gave information and pre-operation examinations and didn't demand payment for anything but the surgery itself.

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i went in with a -10.25 left and -9.75 right with astigmatism just needed an eye waiver after i got in the army payed for my prk went from 20/20000 vision to 20/15

Been a few months since my last eye exam and they have them on screens and change the sizes but I think most likely 2nd row, maybe third. It’s dumb that with modern tech we still can’t even make corrective lenses get up to 20/20. I’ve had glasses since 3rd grade but even with my newest prescription I still have a hard time reading smaller text signs on the road until I’m close (like those “important intersection ahead” signs).

Oh I suppose my contacts have it. It’s not exact because contacts aren’t special made like glasses are but both eyes are similar enough that I only need one type. They say D -3.75 and BC 8.5.

Thats 20/70 ish with astagmatisim. So somewhere between 20/70 and 20/55 plain myopia.

Fuck I thought I had bad vision not being able to see 5 inches away but other streloks got it much worse. At least I got 10/10 on the peripheral test they did so I can see attacks from all angles just not what or who is attacking.

again read>>597838
I'm in a third world country and still yet to know about the medical standards for the sf unit i'm joining, so i might not have the luxury of getting medical waivers, being accepted with glasses, etc

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Well fuck me the flag's finally back.

There is a very little percentage of myopia that is genetic, but it's more like your genetic makes you prone to be fat, not actually fat. That's why screens actually "activate" myopias that would never appear.

Moreover, and sorry to give your the documentary in french, but the problem is at very young age. When the myopia starts, its "already too late". So we're talking about baby time.

Ahh that makes more sense now. Then I must be a genetic fag. 3/4 of my fam was born nearsighted

Can you be a good fighter while wearing glasses?
I never actually cared about me wearing glasses at all, even physically. Now that I care to be a Man, some kind of "fighter", I truly feel bad having them. Should I? I fucking don't want to be this "well, you can't fight but still can help in the back" faggot…
I know there is surgery, but I don't want to switch my glasses for eye drops and not being able to drive at night… Not even talking about the none negligible possibility that I have to suffer huge complications.

Yeah, you're not going into SF dude, enjoy working in logistics.


Don't worry about it.
After you've been in for a while you can get PRK surgery for free.

how 2 shut?

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They'll let you in for sure, and if you'd want to take SF, the branch will pay for corrective eye surgery to get it to 20/20. That's at least true for the USMC, but that's if they really want you to be in SOCOM. Don't know why you'd want to join though, it's not even close to a guarantee and the US Military is dogshit. Nevermind the whole ZOG Zig Forums meme, which is a problem, but the biggest problem is dealing with the VA and the dumb fuck shit in military life.

Depends on the branch but the Marine Corps glasses look pretty alright.

Read the thread

I have a similar problem, I got some bad long distance vision. If I were to volunteer to fight in South Africa, obviously they wouldn’t issue me glasses if I was in a guerrilla unit and I feel my own glasses would fall off or break. What kind could I buy to get long distance eyesight perfect for combat, maybe something that looks like the glasses in OP’s photo?

watch out for sand ok

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Anyone got any good frames to suggest? I've got these and love the feel and design, but the rubberized areas on the nose and arms starts to disintegrate after a few months. Possibly due to the Florida heat. My second pair are on their last legs.

What would you wear innasand? I think it's that level of durability I need.

Forgot to mention. I have to do composite frames because I'm super allergic to metal.

it is an shitpost polack

Fucking how?

I've got fey blood or something. If metal contacts my skin for more than a few minutes, it starts itching. After a few hours, it's red and burning. Give it a couple days of intermittent contact, and the skin blisters and splits, oozing pus and blood everywhere.

Did you know titanium is often added to shampoo? That was not a fun week.

And aluminum in many deodorants.
What is this?
And what metals are you not allergic to?

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None that I've tried, and I've tried enough that I'm not trying anymore. I've struck out with copper, nickel, iron, steel, gold, silver, and titanium. If I ever need an implant, I'm fucked.

A joke. Fey were supposedly only vulnerable to mortal weapons if they were made of metal, which burnt them supernaturally.

Oh shit I think I just realized I'm a Skinwalker.

Isn't iron one of those micronutrients you need to fucking live? Do you go into shock if you eat a bowl of enriched corn flakes?

Cold Iron, specifically. What exactly does that mean? Who fucking knows!
Cold worked? Meteoric iron? Fashioned into a tool? Is it actually a euphemism for some other material? Your guess is as good as mine.

Cold-forged, I believe. I think it has to do with how it's made into a weapon. Something about retaining its natural magics that are lost if heated to near-molten. You can't bring the temperature too high. That, or I'm mixing up mythology with D&D lore.

And I have no idea why I'm not a harlequin fetus. Maybe it only affects my skin, not my internal flesh. I do have a ton of other health issues, though. Maybe they're related.

You sound very bootyblasted, but y tho?

One part disbelief about Strelok's medical condition, one part having had the conversation about what constitutes 'cold iron' way too many fucking times.
As he said, a lot of it comes from people who can't tell the difference between D&D mythology and actual mythology.

Some people have water allergies, so iron allergy doesn't seem impossible.

Cold Iron is a rare form of iron that cannot be melted, that's in D&D lore.

That's not a true allergy since it the body doesn't release histamines. So it's very likely it's something to the same affect where it's just his skin producing hives and rashes but he's not allergic.

Saw this in Zig Forums's self improvement thread. Explains in great detail what causes myopia and how you can naturally reverse the process and even cure yourself completely by performing focusing exercises. I'm going to try it after I do more research.

Dunno what to tell you, m8. I used to have scarring on my stomach from being required to wear a belt for my school uniform. Before I got composite frames, I had to regularly coat the metal ones with clear nail polish, or they'd burn me anywhere they contacted. Nose, temples, ears. I keep my underwear pulled up high like a nigger to form a barrier between the button on my jeans and my skin. I even burnt my leg once when I kept a metal drafting pencil in my pocket for several days, so even particulate proximity is enough.

Anyone got frames to recommend?

How do you enjoy guns if you can't hold/touch them or bullets?

Just curious but anyone here ever punched in Marine Boot Camp?

What do you mean? As in got punched by a DI? Punched a DI? Got Punched by a recruit? Punched a recruit? What the fuck are you asking?

I can make contact safely intermittently. I just can't wear it against my skin for extended periods. I've noticed it's way, way worse if I sweat on the area.