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AR-15 uppers are now firearms? Possible.

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As much of a "firearm" as banging a bullet on a rock, which they probably started believing after they banged their own heads on it.

Thanks for the info!



Isn't the ATF the office that declared that a shoelace would be a machine gun if you tied it onto a semi-auto rifle in the correct way?

Both cant be a firearm can they? I mean come on, that's like saying you can put two firearms together to make one firearm.

How do ATF definitions of various types of firearms even work?

I'm guessing one part understanding two parts arbitrary.

And this is how ATF definitions are made

They're talking about the bolt-action .50 BMG uppers people are trying to import, mainly because 1.) a bolt-action receiver counts as the part the barrel's screwed into and 2.) the standard AR-15 setup requires the upper being connected to the lower to fire without violently disassembling itself into the face of the shooter.
Blame this on bumpstock-tier dumbassery, not the ATF.

Fuck off cuck.

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It's whatever the ATF says it is.

Is this a gun?

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Not yet….

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No one is really sure, Poland. It varies from day to day and month to month. Even the atf don't really know, sometimes these definitions just pop in and out of existence with little to no rhyme or reason.

nigger they made a bolt action rifle that doesn't specifically need an AR lower to function

And a standard upper can fire without a lower as long as you have a pin punch and a hammer, not to mention these exact goddamn uppers have been in existence for decades you stupid motherfucker. Stop kissing the ass of the enemy.

You think the agency that declared a shoestring a machine gun, putting an arm brace on your shoulder "manufacturing" an SBR, thought it would be fine if they called M855 armor piercing *after* it became one of the most popular 5.56 rounds, ignores anti-gunners making SBRs on online videos, gave guns to cartels, and considers handguns with a forward vertical (not angled, potato, bipods, etc.) grip to be AOWs, will adhere to logic?

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this is what happens when you suddenly let yourself be entirely governed by MUH SPIRIT OF THE LAW MUH PRECEDENT

This is what happen you are governed by cucks.

Cucks want to change language, it's nothing new.

come up with ONE time MUH SPIRIT OF THE LAW MUH PRECEDENT bullshit hasn't helped a anti-american jew?

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Yeah try firing a round in a standard upper without a lower attached.
Best case scenario the bolt flies into your body, worst case the bolt flies out and you have parts breakage.

The bolt-actions system is self-contained, the FCG isn't the registered part of a bolt-action rifle.
You are a dicksucking faggot getting mad about dumb shit. Don't try to die on this hill, nobody's going to be mad about this if they aren't mad about the ATF already banning shit without laws being passed.

Goddamn the aids has rotted your brain.

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That's what you've been doing the entire time, faggot.
There's nothing to project, now you're just dragging it on for the sake of being a bitch.

You didn't limit the bolt carrier options.
Just take off the gas key.
You could actually make it a slam fire.

What is *tenitivly* the second amendment?

It's simpler than that bro. They're just cunts.

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user, I know you're trying to make a point, but the thing is that the AR is a two-piece operation. Some retard hick trying to get it to work without a lower doesn't concern them.
People buying a self-contained system without paperwork that only requires an FCG makes them think there's a possible loophole that needs closing.
Keep in mind these are the same people who have a serialized shoestring locked up alongside LMGs and STEN guns.

has been willfully misinterpreted for decades.