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is it worth joining the national guard if you want to get fit and get discipline in your life. i heard they will give you preboot camp training if you cant make the requirements. I'm am not really close i weigh 200 pounds and I am 6 1. i try go running and go to the gym but my self discipline is shit. College has made me lazy. i don't really want to fight for Jews and be shipped over but it seems the national guard doesn't really do that. Is it worth it?

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Join the Marines, or the Marine reserves. The other branches have lost massive amounts of discipline and structure that will take years, possibly decades to repair. The Marines got hit too, but they fought the bullshit harder and they're better for it.

Nat guard, I don't know too much about, sadly. I'll say this, though; discipline is not something you're magically going to get through any organization, including the Marine Corps. They can show you the way, but you have to walk it every day.

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I remember hearing that National Guard gets deployed more often than active duty Army. I think they get shorter deployments though.

well thats what i kind of need. thats why i am able to go college and pass all my classes because college kind of shows you the way

Pick one and only one.

Have you considered something like ICE or State Troopers? Network, get training, defend fellow americans… I'm sure you could get your structure there, State Troopers are generally pretty unfucked.

Sadly this.

I had a range buddy who went from agency to agency. He said the ATF was his least favorite and ICE and CBP were his second and third favorite agencies respectively. Texas Rangers were first.

Muhreens at the VA hospital near me brag about this a ton.

If you can't already do this on your own I have bad news for you Strelok

US military is irreversibly cucked, Natl Guard is full of losers and faggots. Coast Guard, ICE, Border Patrol or even the French Foreign Legion are far better options if you want to not hate every waking moment of your service and actually get a chance to make a man out of yourself, unless you are dead set on going the special forces route - but few are cut out for that.

If you have to ask, then it's not for you.

I had two childhood buddies that spent their entire lives reading about Chesty Puller and drinking the kool-aid about that exact same thing is talking about in his first paragraph. >=3.5 GPA, perfect scores on the ASVAB, ended up going infantry. Both of them did great in Basic, got privileges to qualify on heavy weapons, etc etc. Both of them hate their lives, wish they joined a different branch, and plan on separating after their 4 years are up.

I wrote a big paragraph about what to do to get a good Zig Forums job afterwards, but you just want discipline so I'll say this: no branch gives away discipline. You'll get discipline plastered over your personality in boot camp, but the plaster comes off once you start doing your job. Don't join the military unless there's a job you want to do in the civilian world and just need a starting position. Joining to "get your self on track" or to get free school is bad for the individual, because they end up hating their jobs and their lives, and bad for the unit because it ends up with yet another faggot that has no interest or ability in fixing trucks / working on a ship / analyzing intelligence reports / etc.

Don't waste your time. National guardsmen are the biggest fuckups. The US military isn't what it used to be. Your better off getting private training, but like martial arts, you gobba avoid the mctactical drill school that you pay 3000 donners for a week of bullshit. If you are interested I can get you a link of reputable and well regarded stuff in the private security world. The people who actually use there skills. Or, you can be a 5FDP listening, infidel shirt wearing, low speed high drag molle warrior and be one of the many fuckup nobodies that infest this nations armed forces. Be a man, go to south africa and protect farmers if you wanna be a badass. Only the absolute goodest of goys join the national guard, and are likely to be the type that refer to OBUMMER IS JUST LIKE HITLER, DAMN COMMIE FASCISTS. Or join ISIS or something. No matter what you do, it'll be better than being a US soldier. And nobody is being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan anymore. This isn't 2009. You missed all the fighting, better luck next time. There are many people who need your help, and you wont be helping any of them in the american military.

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Don't even bother joining unless you're in it for gibs or SF.

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Do these agencies just sign up any rando that comes along? They have an application process, with obvious requirements like physical, criminal record and degrees, but do you have to distinguish yourself somehow like with normal jobs or do they rely on attrition in training to weed out unsuitable applicants?

NatGuard IIRC just literally takes anyone with a pulse. Perhaps that's the attraction for OP.

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what about the coast guard guys?

Marines are the only ones left with balls, but they still fight for Israel.

Cops are servants of ZOG. With the Marines you at least kill browns.

You sure they had 3.5 GPAs?

op here seems like it not worth join the national gaurd. I am already more then half way through college working towards my major. I already spent so much time invested into it that i defintly dont want to make a career path out of it. National gaurd just seemed like a thing that you could do on the side but if its really cucked im not going to join. Its probably just better to get a fitness trainer.

/fit/ is the only trainer you need.
Also you really fucked up not joining the NG before going to college, could've been debt free once you're done.

This is the ideal situation.

Any suggestions on decent tactical/survival schools? All the ones I'm familiar with are Yeager-tier.

What do you mean by survival? Like SERE? Or if you mean like camping and bush-craft, there are plenty of resources on youtube, that all you need is practice. That'll do for survival. For evasion and stealth, again practice. For the simulated torture and endurance, I'm not quite sure. Go live in a BDSM dungeon.

Now, for tactical, it can get a bit expensive for the real shit. What is your life worth to you? Often times you won't need so many courses unless you plan on being a private SF fella. That being said, it depends on what you are after. Most, if not every army school has a private equal. Even helicopter sniping. The go-to is RONIN, they are the household name, and these suggestions come straight from them.

Take a look around, there is plenty to do, within reasonable payments to boot. Ronin for example, you'll be working paramedic shifts in Johannesburg that you are paid for, so in the end of their paramedic course, you essentially make your money back. Now the best thing about them though, is the networking and job offers they can get you. The others are more tactical stuff, from defensive marksmanship to straight up stalking and killing sniper training. All of which give you a very expensive resume. Even got stuff like training on RPGs and PKMs, offered by thunder ranch. A lot of stuff. You don't need all of it, but the more the better. For simple rifleman skills though, pick some rifle courses and you'll be good. You say Yeager, so I assume you're a eurofuck, EUSECA is the one you should look at.

Nope, I've just been doing some heavy duty research, since I plan on heading out to do "Security" for Boer farmers. This dangerous world needs dangerous men, now more than ever. So the more people I show that this shit is not only serious, but feasible, the better.

Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.
Being a Zogbot won't make you a warrior. It'll do the opposite. It'll make you a whiny welfare queen with a hatred for your fellow man and a loyalty for a illusionary freedom your children will never taste. You wanna be a hero? You wanna do the right thing? Go help Boers, go help Yazidis, go hunt narcos. Plenty of shit for you to do to actually help this world. I got sick of this do nothing, pathetic "Well nothing we can do about it." attitude most Americans have, I'm sure its no better in europe either. We can do something, but people either don't know how, or are too scared. Learn to look down on anyone who sees extremism as a bad thing. I respect an ISIS militant more than I trust some faggot republican. Because at least the ISIS guy is willing to die for something. Most fucking conservatives have no stones, they are too scared to die for anything, much less freedom, true freedom. /endrant

War is the way of Man.
Man is the means of War.
You allow us War.
Our worship is our readiness.

It is proper to adhere to our nature,
Aggression is natural,
We are meant to be aggressive.

Through war we are purified,
Through slaughter we are enlightened,
I cast thee, Nex Alea,
May fortune find strength in me,
So that my weaknesses be absolved.

Saluto Nex Alea.

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Mobile Infantry made me the man I am today.

I'd like to know more.

I'm a burger. Thanks for the info, I capped your posts for future reference. Your rant pretty much mirrors my own thoughts, and while I am still not sure what I want to do still kind of considering the FFL, but that's a great way to die of malaria for France it would ideally be making myself useful in one or more of the hotspots you mentioned.

As romantic and alluring the legion is, it isn't the 20's-60's anymore. It's purely luck to get in and they are still fighting for NATO. I've been caught by it's song too, but everything I said about the US army remains, a lot of old legionaries have said things are changing for the worse. Regardless on how tough and attractive the legion seems. Though, if you are hell bent on the rigors and discipline of uniform military, it's your best choice.

Couldn't you have a crack at Azov? Are they still recruiting?

Azov is run by a jew, they love EU and support NATO. Hardly good national socialists in my book.


Pretty much. But I mean, I read cervens daily. I'm well aware of the low acceptance rates and ultimately that it wouldn't be some romantic expedition. If you're not assigned dish washing duty in some dusty hell hole or battling poachers, malaria and STDs in guiana, you have a pretty good chance of getting sent to murder Syrian innocents or Houthis over the next 10 years, or some suicidal clusterfuck in the mountains of Iran. All the easy pickins' are gone. ISIS is finished, Afghanistan is run by CIA niggers. All that's left are sovereign peoples who have been scheduled for extermination by an ancient death cult and it will be guys such as the legionnaires and good ol boys in the US infantries who will be sent to the thresher first (with plenty of spics, niggers, and trannys in that mix too if I understand correctly - so maybe it's all for the best).

Azov isn't ran by a Jew anymore last time I checked since they got merged into the Ukrainian National Guard, fairly sure Right Sector's UVC still exists though and is join-able by westerners if you enjoy being under equipped and going against well trained not-Russian troops, but I'm not 100% sure since most shit is in wheat runes and I can't read that shit, the resident Ukrainian would probably be able to tell you more.

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If you don't want to get sent overseas fighting for (((merchants))) or their cronies in any government, then you might as well go Coast Guard since they mostly operate within the US and they are heavily involved in emergency response work such as search and rescue.

Or Border Patrols.

Don't join the military, it's dog shit. Especially the Muhreen Corps, they will fuck you with the green weenie the second they believe they should. Discipline is instilled via drilling and repetition. If you want discipline, clean up your room, make your bed buckaroo, all that shit. If you don't want to do that, you've already failed in trying to get discipline, but you can always join ICE, Border Patrol, State Troopers via that college education.

The military isn't going to help you with jack shit, USMC boot camp will only get you so far in terms of fitness, but discipline? Belligerent shit bags get through all the time, people get fat in the corps all the time, I'm telling you right now none of that shit is worth 4-6 years of your life, depending on the contract you sign.

1. Azov is overhyped.
2. It had many different supporters with the jew among them.
3. Their leader Andriy Biletsky is a political corpse anyway.
4. Nobody in the Eastern Europe fully loves EU.

No disrespect to the stalkers, but Ukrainian civil war seems pointless to me. I have no clue what anyone is even fighting for. Maybe you could enlighten me, but it seems like there is no reason an ami like me should go and die over there, it seems like 100% merchant tomfoolery. On one hand, you've got commies who want to be russian, and totally aren't Ivans on rotation for combat experience. On the other you have reincarnated WW1 commanders, wanting to reenact the Somme. I still think helping the Boers is in our best interest. Without a doubt helping whites, AND I get to larp as a rhodie. Not that it's the reason I'm doing it, but there could be a qt saffie waifu at the end of the road as well. However, I'll take a good death as its own reward if that's whats given. I think the reason we are even having this discussion is because like Yukio Mishima once said. “We live in an age in which there is no heroic death.” We've got nothing to live for but consuming and wage cucking. I guarantee there will be a massive swelling in our ranks by the time the youngest generation grows old enough. We are a product of our time. Another quote from Mishima I feel works nicely. “If the world changed, I could not exist, and if I changed, the world could not exist." But who knows? That's enough pretentious rambling from me.

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You will have to get in better shape, but I'd suggest joining the French Foreign Legion. They are one of the few military groups that have corporal punishment. So if you fuck up they can physically assault you with no repercussions. This is important for unit discipline because its better to get hit then to die or to have some fucker in ure group who gets you killed because they lack discipline. You get away with more shit in the Legion too because Legionaires stick together and have the best comradery compared to any other military group. Lot of ex military folk join the Legion from all over the world. Plus no fagits or women are allowed to joint the Legion so its all wuss-pussed out like other militaries.

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"Civil war" seems pointless because there is no civil war. It's a russcuck invasion to keep us inside of their neo-USSR project which ideologically is a mongrelous mix of the commie and tsarist bullcrap made up solely for distracting people from the insane (literally Suharto-level) corruption. NATO countries with us are choking russcucks so their "country" will collapse yet another time with armed forces leaving occupied territories as it usually happens in such cases. Sage for offtopic.

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You might have a buddy or two in the Legion.

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That's more or less what I figured.

Now you're being delusional, if they wanted to invade you they could annex you in a week. Maybe two weeks.
Also do you truly believe you'll ever get Crimea back? That seems even beyond delusional.

They've already invaded us you fucking leaf.
Yeah, like that time with Chechnya, or Afghanistan, or Finland, or Poland in 1920, or Japan.
I've already figured they teach you to prep the bulls instead of history, but you may still google two russcuck state collapses in 20 century on your own.

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Nat Guard is operated at a state level so is cucked in places like cali, less so in more conservative areas, such as texas.even if halfway through schooling you can still get the best financial package of any us service. as a former guardsman though, i have to tell you it requires more discipline than being a full time soldier. you have to follow all the same regs as a full time soldier, but the temptations are everywhere. for example a colorado or washington guardsman will still be punished for smoking weed as the DoD still bans it. as far as training the guard get the exact same as the regular army. same basic facilities, same schools with regular army personnel. also roughly 50% of guardsmen are former full time who just can't quit

Retards. Or moral cowards. Anybody and everybody with brains is needed everywhere but infantry.

They waited until the end of the Cold War to get rid of their scum of the earth into soldiers policy. And claim its because scum make poor soldiers. FFL isnt what it used to be.

Army reserves has up to 20k bonuses

Not ICE, though.

You train in the most advanced army on earth
And get money for it
Sounds like a good deal to me tbh
Just dissapear when shit starts tho

Can confirm you will fucking despise any combat jobs if you got a high score on the ASVAB.
Combat jobs are full of, and run by literal borderline retards.
They will be in charge of you, they will tell you to do blatantly retarded or impossible shit, they will expect you to accomplish said shit, and they will throw tantrums and get you in all sorts of trouble when shit doesn't work out like it obviously wouldn't.
Literally the only positive is most of your buddies will be too loyal or too dumb (or both) to pull some backstabbing shit, which makes the backstabbers stand out and thus easier to avoid.
Discipline and physical fitness is ultimately up to you. Even back before the military was full on pozzed this was the case, especially for the NG/reserves. If you can't keep yourself in shape then you'll be treated like utter garbage until you either stop being a retarded fat faggot or get kicked out. Others will try to motivate you, but when you're only forming up one weekend a month (with two straight weeks once a year iirc) that motivation has to come from your end exclusively unless one of your buddies lives nearby and is willing to help out.
Also, NG soldiers do get deployed sometimes, so if you really don't want to fight for kikes I'd recommend just finding a gym buddy.

t. retard who scored high on ASVAB and then wasted years of his life as a combat engineer

Do you actually gain any tactical experience at least? From what I've noticed about most enlistments is that they aren't that much better in combat than when they came out.

I know a few minor things like advancing under fire and L shaped ambushes, but that's shit you can figure out just by reading up on and playing around with a couple of friends.
I did learn a few calvary tactics because I was attached to a calvary unit, but that's knowledge I've long forgotten.

Don't join any military force unless its overseas

Working in an office job is killing me. I miss the action of being a fire fighter. Seriously been thinking of joining the army WO pilot program. Im 30 so its too late for coast guard for me.

Is the mil that pozzed out? I hate how feminized office shit is.

Yes, it is pozzed. You will have a bitch screech in your ear while a gay nigger give you niggerAIDS all while you are sent to die for israel.

Really the only thing that's not pozzed is Special Ops shit.

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OP, remember that the faggots who say all cops and soldiers are zogbots, also spend their free time drawing anarchy symbols on their math notebook and jerking it to hentai after their Incel meeting. These are the kind of sovereign wannabe homos that coined the word “statist,” but still live under the totalitarian government of their mommies.

That said, ARNG can be a mixed bag. Most units are Milsim-tier, and their members make sure their profile pic is them in their brand new memecam with E2 rank. You may luck out and get in with a chill group of dudes, though.

Some PD’s are cool, others are crap. It depends on your state/town. A small dept in a rural town is usually made up of decent folks.

As others have said, it’s not the romantisized escape from reality it once was.

SF is cool but you need to go in as the correct MOS, already be in great shape, and have a balance of extreme commitment and luck to get selected. None of which the people here who say to only go SF if you join the military, are.

Why is there tape on the flash hider?

Probably to keep dust from getting kicked up. Dunno how well fucking electrical tape would work though.

Someone's butthurt.

If you can get into a nice small town unit with some close buddies then yes. If not then no.

You know of any military units still recruiting foreigners in Ukraine

Russian foreign legion is always recruiting if you can pass the Russian literacy test (that's like 2 years of Russian classes/studying). Then again if you do that, you might as well renounce your US citizenship because you'll have it physically revoked if you are involved in any anti-US military operation.

yep :^) police surely aren't the dumbest goys of the herd and wouldn't shoot a fellow white man.

1312 bitchboi


No. You're just like me when it comes to life, you need an anchor or foundation to build off of. 30 years ago? I'd tell you go for it, but today's Guard is a joke.

Yes and no. Most of it has to do with education, but they do have some courses for conditioning for those that are very close to meeting the standards, but they Guard has those programs because the recruiting pool is shit and they have to take the less educated and less less healthy applicants or they won't meet quota.

The Guard isn't going to change this, YOU need to change you. In this era and society of laziness and ease, it can be a chore, but you can overcome it. Give yourself structure, build a foundation/anchor for yourself,

The Army relies HEAVILY on the Guard, it accounts for more than 2/3rds of the entire Army. Mostly becuase the Reserves haven't had combat units since the 90's, it's all ancillary and support in the Reserves, but Guard, packed full of combat units, including SF.

Not unless you're doing it for career purposes and look at it as a lifestyle. If your goal is to get yourself squared away, there are far better and more free options than signing your life away to die for the rich.

Technology is a big killer of productivity and helps breed laziness, start by acting to reduce your dependence and use of things like your smartphone, PC, game systems, ect… look on your phone and PC s modes of communication, game systems as time wasters, ect… it will help your mindset. Instead of buying the newest game and playing it for a week, pick a book you want to finish in that week instead, then another, and another, and so on…

Food, eat healthy, period. Stay away from fast food, cook your own. It will save you money and you'll feel far more satisfied with a chicken breast, salad, and veggie than you would with a #3 and a side of lard.

Motivate yourself, take a cheap MP3 player, fill it full of music that motivates you, use it when exercising. I'm talking truly motivating music, not easy listening shit. Songs that put a fire in your chest and make you want to rip shit apart with your bare hands.

Further on motivation, stay away from news media, its depressing and stupid. Do things that motivate you, I enjoy cleaning my funs, checking and rechecking gear, reorganizing equipment inventory in various ways, ect.. as well as expand my knowledge on things like self-sufficiency, comms, ect..

STAY AWAY FROM PORN AND MASTURBATING. It will kill your productivity and motivation like nothing else. Use that time on better spent.

Most of all, do NOT beat up on yourself. Break the cycle. When you psychologically deride yourself, you naturally seek to do what comforts you, like watch TV, play games, fap, eat, ect… When you fuck up, you need to mentally note you fucked up and use it to teach yourself, that you will strive to be a better you. Work on changing what comforts you, rather than fap, look upon going to the gym…rather than watch TV read a book….rather than play a game, work on refining parts of your life like your schedule, work on realistic goals, and celebrate the achievement of those goals by doing things that further the betterment of yourself.

You've got this Strelok, you just need to realize it.


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