Trump about to fuck over the second amendment again

I am looking into 3-D Plastic Guns being sold to the public. Already spoke to NRA, doesn’t seem to make much sense!"
Get ready for some grade A damage control by ((Zig Forums)). Okay trump disarming the goy and threatening war with Iran in Israel behalf. It’s 4D chess and white meme magic.

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Civil war when?

Never. Americucks are just going to sit there, watch TV, and do nothing.

I swear this orange faggot is hellbent on loosing his second term.

By 2020 AI calling itself Moloch will create a dysfunctional hivemind that'll obliterate USA, Canadian migration policies will turn them into subhuman savage beast-men and south africa will be consumed by mutated wildlife (^:

I hope for obliteration at this point. The whole world needs to be grazed over and built up from the ground again! Fucking hell!

It will be. Get right with God and be spared.

I mean south America, not Africa, but both are crime infested shitholes filled with savages who hate whitey.

And check the replies (or whatever they are called) on his Twatter field. What does he get from the liberals? Gratitiude? Nah, they just tell him to ban the scary black salt rifles if he's really worried about muh children! I swear this orange fuck's tweets do more damage to this country than fucking nukes ever could.

Incidentally, how would the ZOGbots react if he told them to go and die for Israel at this point?

Zig Forumscucks are saying it it would a secret plan to fight Jews in the Middle East. (they)) justify it.

Oh, the eternal Zig Forumscuck! His sole purpose in life seems to be bending over and taking that jewish dick right up his ass, and then thank Daddy Trump and beg him to fuck him over more. And of course he'll defend him for being given the privilage of getting to feel of a real jewish cock up his ass, and will smear anyone who dares to take away that privilage from him.

But I was talking about the average military grunt, not a Zig Forumscuck. How would he or is it xe now? react if Trump drags America into another, possibly 10 times more worse quagmire than the Iraqi experience turned out to be while the memory of it is still fresh in public mind?

i doubt they're disgruntled and smart enough to start a coup, there's a lot of non-whites there after all.

On their own, as it is, no. But what if someone reaches to the white patriotic elements and stirrs their sentiments against him. The whole of US is a powder keg now, but it lacks the spark to ignite the flame.

Maybe next year?
Once minority groups tribalize even harder, nigs make more demands and people like (((Jordan Peterson))) shill for more hyperindividualism and bed-cleaning and leftists guerillas get even more audacious.

What a fucking surprise.

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Yes, but the same leftist and nog elements can also be used to achieve the same aim, just through a different channel! All is needed is a vigoros propaganda campaign to stirr up each individual according to the group(s) with who his sympathies lie.

For example, the nig could be stirred into rebellion by using the racial narrative, in this particular example, by painting Trump as trying to disarm the Good boi dindu nuffins. As I understand there is no love lost between them. Likewise for liberals. Really, the possibilities are endless!

*with whom

Only question is when. Pre-tribulation, mid-trib, or post-trib? Try to get set for the latter two if they happen.

Both sides are divided as hell. I remember reading the Spanish Civil War had many factions fighting each other on the two sides. I'd imagine that's how America splits. At least the left is slightly more divided.

Goddamn that was a stupid move for Trump.

Hope it is again hot air like the bump stock ban.

Seems more like a 1st amendment issue tried with the second amendment, but he's really fucking up. However, I hope it is taken to SCOTUS, because they will go in favor of Cody Wilson and 3D printed firearms.


do you know who uses guns?
Immigrants, check mate, it's all 16D underwater backgammon

He's a fucking populist, literally does what he thinks is popular, simply make him think its not popular to ban guns. Complaining online won't do shit, you elected him you dumb cunts.

I think that's the entire point. He'll "look into it" which means it gets thrown into the trash and nothing ever happens and we all move on with life. Like a movie producer who gets a hack script from a waiter "Yeah, sure, I'll read the whole thing" or a record producer getting a sample "Wow, that's great, say, I'll get back to you". Don't you sit up and wait at night for that phone call.

This right here. The biggest problem seems to be more 1st Amendment than anything. What kinds of manuals, videos, diagrams are now "dangerous' and a threat to the public? When we have media that is now dangerous to the public, where does it start and end? Are all those PDF's that are shared around here on how to build improvised weapons going to make everyone felons, do you have to have a permit to simply have that PDF on file? Firearm user manuals and armorer manuals now restricted literature that requires a background check, a license? Do we now have special categories of restricted speech, how do we create them, define them, control them?

Communist Manifesto has helped to kill 100 million, where are the concerned mothers trying to ban that?

Does anyone have pic related of the new plans that were supposedly released?

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The key word is "being sold".

That shit is free nigga.

in during 4D chester

IMO that's where the really scary implications are, much more than the 2A. Banning these would mean you have a legal environment where there is such thing as forbidden knowledge.
Even in the case of secrets kept confidential for reasons of national security, once they are out they are out. You don't get charged for copying the text of a WikiLeaks article and emailing it to someone even if the person responsible for it being there is in jail. Once it is established as physical truth, it may be downplayed and buried, but it is no longer forcibly concealed.
This is not even the suppression of facts per se, as would be the case for banning e.g. a video proving a chemical weapons attack to have been perpetrated by a US ally rather than the enemy America had bombed using the attack as justification. Banning these would be a more subtle suppression of physical reality. Not "what happened", but "what is". The former is rule by deception; the latter is rule by state-mandated ignorance. It is the difference between "that rebellion never happened" and "rebellion does not exist".

And what could possibly be the end of it? If you decide that banning a blueprint is permissible, then what constitutes a blueprint? Anyone could construct a basic slamfire shotgun based solely on a photograph of its components. I don't even consider that a legal trick or a stretch; it's such a simple device that a depiction of it really is equivalent to instructions on making it. Even a slightly more complex device, such as pic related. You might not be able to recreate exactly the same device in terms of dimensions, but it without question contains everything you need to attempt a version of your own. So it directly follows that if blueprints can be banned, so MUST certain depictions be bannable. The mere act of showing something to exist has become subject to legal restrictions. And really, even the simple knowledge of the mechanism is, in some cases, enough. If you understand how a blowback action works, or even just the physical principles behind it without necessarily knowing about guns, you can probably put one together given time and motivation. So what is the line between discussion and instruction? This applies to chemistry too, with explosives and propellants, and also drugs.

This is why forbidden knowledge is such a horrifying thing to have permitted in your legal structure. These are not interpretations, or messages, or memories, which are solitary pieces of information which if sufficiently suppressed can be lost forever. If you ban blueprints with the goal of preventing people from knowing how to build what they describe, then you must confront the fact that the exact same principles that led to the design in the first place can be discovered, interpreted, and implemented in exactly the same way by anyone, ever. This is 100% unavoidable, by virtue of the fact that it necessarily has already been done for the blueprints to exist. And banning the blueprint cannot mean anything but trying to hide those physical principles, when not doing so inherently removes all justification for the ban in the first place.

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Better star now, rapture is only after the 7th trump is blown(Paul talks about that the translation would happen after the last trump is blown). Not forget parable of the ten virgins, its even similar to the door in the arch of Noah they represent the same thing, for later times about how there is no second chance after it happens and will happen once
Expect the world to keep spiraling into a collective insanity and deviancy. Before anything happens Great Deception before the coming of the anti-Christ with people being hunted down, lies being the norm and "miracles" or people whiling to be marked for monetary advantages and actual creation of super-humans.

Left just divides itself to win in the long run and create controlled opposition, just look, plus it debates how strategies between its part plans to be the predominant ideology. It will cannibalize itself to stay alive and because there is no honor among thiefs. Its being like this for decades, thats one of the reasons why the "it wasnt real socialism" is played all the time


It is this, I firmly believe. There are people here who have been overseas in the sandbox, and you have been to the souk. You, at least, should understand the most basic rule of negotiations: Always make the other guy show how much he wants what you're trading first.

Screencap worthy. This sets a terrible and aweful precedent. It will end in "wrongthink"

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Breaking News! Federal Judge Blocks Release Of 3D-Printed Gun Blueprints.

A new statement has just appeared on defcad: "This site, after legally committing its files to the public domain through a license from the U.S. Department of State, has been ordered shut down by a federal judge in the Western District of Washington"

We literally already do this.

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Imagine being a judge.
Imagine waking up every single day and granting yourself new, horseshit powers in jurisdictions you don't even have, and everyone just going along with it because they assume you're impartial, unbiased, and not making everything up as you go.

I hope SOCTUS puts a temp ban on nation wide injuctions, they seem to get really tired of this shit.

I been asking for this image anf its finally posted. Thanks.

Cant get this working, is this legit? I tried turning it into a bmp file with MS paint and gimp and both didnt work. All I got to extract was the same bmp file using winRAR and 7 zip.

I must have been doing something beyond retarded cause I got it working now. 7 zip and winRAR got it.

Imagine being a professor.

Imagine waking up every single day and doing new, horseshit studies with models you don't even have, and everyone just going along with it because they assume you're impartial, unbiased, and not making everything up as you go.

Imagine being a journalist.

Imagine waking up every single day and writing new, horseshit stories on subjects you don't know the first thing about, and everyone just going along with it because they assume you're impartial, unbiased, and not making everything up as you go.

etc. etc. Every institution is totally corrupt from top to bottom.

So many things need to be burned to the ground, but if I had to start, it'd be academia and the media. It confuses me how the """freethinking""" left can't see how much bullshit academics and journalists put out and lap it up uncritically.

Can Federal Judges just do anything they want?

This, it's a big problem when a judge held more power than a president.

Its all here lads:

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You know, that makes me wonder. Can we fit the liberator onto a t-shirt, like we did with the DeCSS code? Probably not, but maybe a blueprint with measurements.

Coffee cup with 1911 frame measurements, t-shirt with LR-308 blueprints, purchase them through one of those custom-cup companies. A great way to thumb your nose at speech restricters.

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As long as people listen to them, yeah. The problems start when people stop listening in large, well armed numbers. As with anything else.

it gets worse when you realize that 1 federal judge can put forth an injunction and literally every other federal cant do shit about it. these kinds of injunctions have pretty much zero legal standing in the first place, they started doing them after a min wage case in the 60s and then its been snowballing since.

shitty op designed to sow honeypot, but whats worse is the retards who freak out everytime from these low effort attempts.

BO didn't see that one coming when adding the wordfilter.

Trump can't even "ban guns" you pathetic dolt. He's in the executive branch, not the legislative.

Learn your own laws.


Not laws? What the fuck man.

The Orange Moron

Maybe I was wrong about technology after all, your move fedcucks.

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Burning multiple CD copies as we speak. Gonna hand them out as Christmas gifts to friends and family. It's hard for the courts to issue a book ban if the media is digital and everybody in America already owns a copy. Would be pretty cool if a local gun shop put up a stand full of copies and had a "Free, Take One" sign next to it.

Governments can ban anything they want. But bans mean nothing if they can't enforce them. As long as no one knows what you have, where you have it, where you got it from, or where it does to…

Seriously, nearly every Muslim domestic terrorist they've found in America has had one of these fucking things saved on his computer, including the Tsarnaevs.

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It'd be pretty neat to have these. Any idea on where to find these without going on a list? Irregular warfare makes muh dik hard.

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UUUGGUH, original please.


This is probably your best bet, outside of actually going through their official channels.

Not exactly what I was expecting, but very well written and gives great insight into their mind frame. Really humanizing, realizing these are actual people to be taken seriously, rather than goofy caricatures as people like to portray them as. I feel like in a different life they've been good allies. These guys have been at this for eons, we'd do well to study them closely, to lessen our own growing pains in this new way of fighting. It certainly feels like modern military commanders sure hate learning. On this topic I've got a few books coming in, War of the flea is here, still waiting on the rest. Militant Tricks: Battlefield Ruses of the Islamic Insurgent, On Guerrilla Warfare, Tactics of the Crescent Moon: Militant Muslim Combat Methods. Those are the ones on the way. Along with some of fairbairn's training manuals, since it seems like learning his stuff is better than wasting money on a mcdojo.

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Well, that's the thing I find most interesting about Jihadist movements, especially Al-Qaeda. From their perspective, they are rational actors and their scriptural arguments are cogent from a Sunni Muslim perspective. They view themselves as protectors of the global Muslim community (Ummah) from western aggression (what they call Crusaders). I say Al-Qaeda in particular, because Osama bin-Laden sought to unify Sunni Muslims, unlike Abu Musab al-Zarwahi & Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, whom Osama bin-Laden wasn't fond of whatsoever. They were fond of doomsday prophesies, which is the entire reason why they were so hellbent on creating a caliphate and following a more hardline approach than Al-Qaeda promotes, hence the split and subsequent conflict between the two. I have a .pdf of 'Tactics of the Crescent Moon' if you want it.

The right to bear arms, not the right to manufacture arms that are untraceable and easily disposable and eminently lend themselves to illicit purposes. Responsible gun owners have nothing to fear from this.

Get ready for some SNAFU disinformation from Schlomo

All dem shekels and you can't afford a TESOL tutor. I only charge $30 an hour. Get in touch, maybe we can work something out.

Can someone photoshop train derail operations to thread derail operations and replace sheikh Abu Mus'ab with the finnish actor from "We could've had a serious discussion"?

You merely inherited the dubs, I was born in them, molded by them.

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That's what shits me over estrogen bots claiming jihadists 'aren't real Muslims!'
If they'd even peeked briefly at the Koran and read a little about Mohammad's life and legacy, they'd understand where jihadists are coming from.
I don't condone jihad acts of terror at all, but I do understand their motivation and what they use to justify their actions. That makes it all the more important to keep muslims out of your country.

I don't know why they don't jihad their own retard governments and make their caliphate where they belong.

The thing is, they absolutely do. More Australian (same for British & American) Muslims went to fight for the Islamic State than have committed domestic terrorism. The Islamic State argued it was incumbent on all Muslims to migrate to their caliphate, unless they had absolutely no means to do so, while Al-Qaeda believes that the war for hearts & minds needs to be accomplished in Islamic nations before they can expand to the west. They also believe, however, that Muslims cannot live under non-Islamic rule in good faith and reject democracy. The solution they provide is terrorism, as a form of vengeance and regime change in countries that have accepted Muslim migrants. As said, it's just another reason why accepting Muslim migrants into a country is a terrible idea.

Fair enough. A lot of that makes good sense.

Fun fact: one Swedish city (Gothenburg) sent more fighters to isis than the entirety of the United States.

You're (sort of) right, but you're also a coward. Bear your flag proudly, weakling.

As the other user said, but not until a powerful figure presents himself for the sheep to rally behind—id est, a Caesar.

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To be fair, this is expected, assuming you're the polack that posts normie meme garbage,

I don't trust you.

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Named as such simply because they came from a newer era, not because those faggots actually read.

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If some of the newer recent theories of civil war are correct (the theories state that civil wars arise from a combination of top down elite infighting, and bottom up intensification of protest cycle violence), then America is likely to have a civil war soon if elites keep purging each other or funding strife, and protests keep getting more and more violent and larger than they already are.

My fellow shitposter friend, you ought to study some ancient history. China, or Rome, or Egypt, or….

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I actually read Sallust years ago, does he say something similar? I remember him ranting in the Catiline conspiracy about the nature of garbage elites like Catiline.

TBH the republic was one of the most dreary books I've ever read. That list also seems a little light on history - Hitler's War, Death of The West/Churchill Hitler and the Unnecessary War, Culture of Critique, The Conquest of Gaul, On Sparta… these are all essentials.

Similar to what I said here ? Vaguely sort of, but I had something else in mind.
Yes, that will have been

These are more political theory-centered, though I would have put Culture of Critique in place of fucking Dugin.
Also, reminder that while books are fantastic, they can only take you so far, and you mustn't overwhelm yourself with them, taking care to think and think and think. All too often you'll see pseudo-intellectuals pride themselves in the books they've read and how knowledgeable they are, how "educated" they are, only to see that their knowledge is only textbook, as if they were walking encyclopedias, full of knowledge but completely useless on their own. Of course, as with the government and finance, the intellectual institutions of the West "teach" nothing. I am speaking of the type of precocious underageb& who go the extra mile ahead of their peers and do their own "teaching", i.e. reading and accepting without much thought, either because they haven't anything to measure it on (typically because of their age) or because they're just only slightly brighter than their peers.

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You said it perfectly, even for an anime fag. I average reading a book a week, but I'm beyond the point where I realise that it's not going to matter how much I know if I'm not going to put any of that knowledge to good use. It's just a matter of finding a productive outlet that I can use this knowledge for good in.

Every fucking time.

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You're not from here are you?

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t. normalfag.

On occasion you foreigners are pretty good and show the ability to grasp these concepts but people like you are an eternal reminder that my ancestors left their old world crapholes for good reason.

user you're replying to comes from a penal colony that was an island previously inhabited by creatures dumber than niggers.

Is Australia just some sort of meme that the world cooked up?

Australia has the most lethal animals on earth except raccoons, and they have platypodes which have only 2 sexes but they have FIVE PAIRS OF CHROMOSOMES TO DEFINE SEX and only one variation for a healthy male specimen (always XYXYXYXYXY)
They're also mammals that lay eggs, and when first brought as a discovery everyone thought it's some kind of a prank.

Fuck you, no guns nigger.

Funny enough, Tactics of the crescent moon just showed up. Post it anyway though, I'm sure streloks will appreciate it.

The media and politicians still acting like there is a debate. The debate is over.

Every anti-funner in the video is so butthurt it's hilarious. Especially that sepaku-eyed kike at 3:34.

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Late to the party there. Lots of that has been going on well before the inception, the very idea, of America. Do your part. Fight it. As will I and anyone else worth a damn.

The sheep have become cannibalistic. These sheep are no good.

Top kek. What is the government going to do, take the files down from torrent websites? You can see the brain aneurysm forming. The whole "ghost gunner" machine is retarded because you have to print like 17 ARs to get your money back from it based on the price of 70% lowers, but this is great. Why the fuck would anyone CNC their own gun at that point when they can just buy one from a criminal off the deepweb or from some dumbass on armslist who wants quick cash?

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Why the fuck would anyone looking to commit a mass-homicide CNC their own gun*

It's all the same shit.

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Also I love how they say you can 3D print an AR-15 when the clip they show is just a lower. The liberators they have look like they have changeable barrels that I assume are good for only 1 shot and have shit accuracy. But of course the lügenpresse make it seem like you can 3D print a full auto AR-15 with no metal parts that is comparable to a real one. Can we execute every journalist now?

I think there's an aspect you guys aren't quite getting.
It's not about the files, or even the right to make your own things.
It's about normalcy. So long as the gibz-factions make the general public feel that you have to be sneaking around, 3D-printing in the unlit basement to have or use these files, they've won.
The public firmly believe the only way to legitimately acquire a "gun" is to go to an established store, and purchase a permissable, completed, licensed and geo-oribtally tagged weapon.
I'll tell you guys, I think I've said it before. With no range within less than two hours, I almost never shoot, and would never had gotten into guns, or any of the threads here – except I learned about 80% builds, and was immediately fascinated. Gun lego is the reason I keep coming back, and that's what we need to preach on the streets to combat things like

Having the files proper is just icing on the cake, strelok.

murder all jews kikes and liberals