hi Zig Forums, i’ll be leaving to basic training in ft benning georgia soon. i know that reception will be hell but what in really worried about are the boots we get issued. ill be getting 2 pairs of altama jungles and a pair of winters. i have never worn boots in my life, so since i wear a size 11 1/2 sneakers should i get them a bit bigger?

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Sage for QTDTOT.
You will be permitted to try on boots. I encourage you find ones that fit comfortably, unless you really like excessive blisters on your heels and toes.

Wear the boots for about an hour a day once u get them to break them in. Don't just start wearing boots on ure first hike or u will get hot spots and blisters . also i agree this goes Sage for QTDTOT.

Toughen your fucking feet up. If you don't feel like you're walking on piles of ground beef made out of pain after your hikes are finished, you probably weren't putting in enough effort.

That said, get the size boot you normally wear. Hiking sucks, don't make it suck more by wearing boots that are too big or too small.

What you really want to look out for OP, is the socks they give you. The green dye they use gives some people an allergic reaction and causes their feet to swell up. It's fine for a few days but they give you enough socks that if you keep wearing new pairs instead of washing old ones you'll be barely able to make it to sick call. Once you wash them once they're fine though, so just throw all your socks in the first load of laundry you do.

get at least one size bigger, if you look up the kommando store they have a boot guide with the fundamentals, you should check them out, also DO NOT POST FUCKING PICTURES FROM IDENTIFIABLE POSITIONS YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER ARE YOU TRYING TO GET DOXXED

Hiking boots? Let's see what we got. These here are the top of the line. Scientifically engineered and all that crap. Guaranteed by some Sierra Club asshole not to hurt a chipmunk IF you step on it! Personally, I think they're for pussies and faggots! Now these are Vietnam jungle boots. Cost you half as much, last you twice as long and are great for stomping queers! Course when you're done you have to clean out the waffle with a stick, but what the hell, you can't have everything.

*nods respectfully at you*

you can wear non issued boots? why are there not guys in afghanistan patroling with red wings?

nvm i realize there are rules

Because Red Wings fucking suck, I've had many pairs that I've worn down to the point that both toes shine and they are awful and if I had a choice I would pick a good boot instead.

With Ivan's Waxi boots, would it be possible to have a cobbler resole them once the sole is buggered? I've got some Australian made boots which are in pretty good condition apart from the soles being worn out, I've looked into getting my boots resoled but it isn't worth it in terms of cost due to the way the soles are attached. It's a shame to see well cared for leather go to waste and I'd like to avoid this in future by having boots which can be easily resoled.

Use doublesocks you homo. You can never have too many or too fresh socks.

buy moleskin. you aren't going to have enough time to soak your feet, and they will always be hurting in the military.
The boot fitters at reception are going to give you a hard time, but just make sure that you like the way they fit and talk to them and make sure. I warn you, they will not be friendly.
Dont waste your money on other companies that claim to have a better boot, they are all scams and will wear out easily.
if you have a couple months before basic (unfortunately its too late to back out) then I suggest getting tight boots and going on a 10-20 mile hike to get accustomed.

on a different note, the undies they issue are tight, so buy the boxers at the PX as soon as you have money.

t. army veteran

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I'm sorry my Soviet killing machine friend, but that would be bad for Georgia, a very hot and humid place.

Moleskin as stated by another Strelok. Learn how to apply it properly. Once you figure out where the hotspots are you can be proactive with it. Outside the door to the drill sergeant's office is a schedule. Check it for days you'll be marching. Know rough distances ahead of time, example rifle range is 5 miles from the barracks etc. This is so if you know you're roughly half way done and have a hot spot, fall out, call a medic for moleskin. This is much better than getting a blister by the end of the march and have another 5 miles back to the barracks. If you have PT the next day or another road march, you'll wish you had fallen out for moleskin. As long as you fall back in there is no shame in it. You're building for the 16k with full gear, so hopefully by that time you've worked out all the foot/gear issues. Stay alert, stay alive Strelok

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Use synthetic socks, consider boot powder, have bandages at hand.

Another method: put your feet in water, let the boots soak, wear wet boots far a day, that's it.

Modern red wings are made in China, which is why they suck. Same with modern Doc Martens. But the original OEM company for DM still operates, and they're cheaper than DMs, they're called Solovair.

Before you go, hit REI and try on some good Asolos so you know which fit you best. They are better boots and will last a lot longer than your issued ones, plus they require virtually no break-in.
This won't help you for BT, but once in the field they let you buy/wear your own.
NEVER go by size, none of that is standardized anymore. Even the identical model boot made by the same manufacturer with the same size label on it will vary in actual size. Always go by fit. You HAVE TO try them on first. It is less important if you are going to be stationed somewhere cold, but if you are going to Afghanistan or someplace like that you MUST have boots that fit really well and that are durable as fuck. Standard issue just doesn't cut it over there.

I got Ivan's Waxi boots and I got blisters the first day I wore them.

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They could be sized wrong.

Buy leather if you can. The burger meme materials tend to not be very weatherproof and they get absolutely destroyed on the field. Also leather has great aesthetics.

That is to be expected. You have to wear them in first. They will adjust to your feet after some time.
Wear them for a day, go for a march, let them dry properly, wear them some more and if it doesn't get better after a month or two get a different kind of boot.


dude just wear sandals lmao
t.vietnam fucking shit

Has any strelok tried the Under Armour tactical boots?
I'm looking for something comfortable to use in a urban environment, that's sturdier than sneakers and fits with slim cargo pants.

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Just wear regular hiking boots. I dunno about the Under Armours but I occasionally wear the same Vasques I take innawoods normally, never had a problem.

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only some of the red wings are made in chingchong land. the made in usa models are fairly nice. did not know about solovair ty for the tip.

with fit do you deliberately leave space such that you could double up on socks or do foot wraps (e.g. cold climate) or do you fit it normally with the comparatively thin issued socks?

So I've been slowly training myself to walk completely barefoot over the last six years, and I've gotten to a point where the soles of my feet are thick enough that gravel and sharp rocks no longer bother me, in fact the only thing that really gets me these days are niggers leaving glass fragments on the ground. I typically wear toe shoes with like a super thin 2mm insole to protect my feet from damage.

I guess my point is, training myself to walk barefoot all the time, I always walk on the balls of my feet which gives me a faster gait and one that puts less strain on my knees/spine, but it also means when I wear shoes, I'm fucked. I either completely break them by destroying the support material inbetween the ball of the foot and the arch with the constant bending in an area not meant to be bent much because of shitty shoe design, or I wear down the balls of my shoes extremely quickly because nigger shoe companies program all the sole support into the heel like fucking niggers who don't understand proper walking gait. Is there a type of boot that adjusts for this so I can have boots instead of running around barefoot everywhere when SHTF? I've already ruined two pairs of boots (an 80s set of CAT construction boots and a more recently purchased pair of heavy worker boots) so I'm getting frustrated.

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ITT: Soyboy tries to be a milfag

Go drink more soy milk, faggot, bathe your weak ass feet in soylent, nigger, maybe it will help.

Fuck summer.

Under armor is garbage do not purchase under armor. They fired a model because her husband hunted a bear with a spear, which is both legal and badass. This model was also known for fundraising for veterans and kids.

The firearms community took such a huge dump on them that they lost 40% stock value.


Nigger, boots are protective gear, they're designed to increase longevity of your bottom appendages. And the chart you posted is complete BS, it takes just a few seconds of experimentation with your feet to establish that it just talks out of its ass. The high heels in particular, if anything, make your landing softer, due to increased langing range and soft padding. And your foot can't roll, the whole thing but toes is basically rigid. Speaking of which, they are weak and can't provide lift worth a crap, they can barely even provide basic stabilization - try standing on your toes, see how long it takes to fall over due to stability loss, not even muscle fatigue.

In case of SHTF you most definitely want military grade boots with high upper. They will prevent you from impaling yourself on all sorts of shit as well as keep you from spraining your ankles on uneven terrain.

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Nevermind, after checking that image Jim/Codemonkey must've changed settings. I did tests a while ago to see if they stripped on post. endchan4lyfe Forums/blob/master/inc/config.php Forums/blob/master/post.php

Bumping this thread so all the cuckchan idiots learn how to use a catalogue.

Danner and north face.
My whole thing is that if s*** hits the fan and we all have to go into the woods you have to understand that being outdoors requires you to have clothing as your first line of defense against the elements.
So what you do is you take all of the most extreme environments in the world have you evaluate them all to find the best kit that you can have for ONE year.
If you think about it and study long enough you'll realize that you need a totally waterproof insulated leather boot.
The Danner USMC rat boots are one and I tell people to get North Face just because they were the first good hiking backpacks because it was two guys in their garage and they made the best gear so they just started making all different types of camping gear and it turns out they actually make some of the best fleece uppers as well as some waterproof windbreakers and obviously glacier and ice pick type stuff.

As far as I'm concerned cold wet weather is the only thing to think about.
When you're in a hot desert environment you just need to know how to pack lightly and obtain water.

I've attached a picture of north face cold weather hiking boots where a guy walked 3000 straight mile in them.

Also attached is going to be the Danner combat boot or the crater rim which I've heard is highly recommended from combat veterans but now dinner is selling it as a backpacking boots

Dinner also makes official boots for the u.s. Air Force and Marine Corps which is badass plus they're made mostly in USA.

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Not bad, but given that they've become something of a pseudo-fashion brand recently (no I don't know why, yes it's retarded), it seems like in the last couple years the prices on a lot of their stuff has inflated without a corresponding increase in quality. I've had pretty good luck with Vasque in the past, although I'm considering trying out those SADF Waxi boots that are on Kommandostore.

I'll have to defer to your judgement as I haven't tried them, but one thing to keep in mind is that mil equipment is generally made by the lowest bidder. For innawoods gear like boots and packs, what this usually translates to is that, because the mil requirements list durability requirements and rarely weight, the gear that ends up being issued is plenty strong, but heavier than some of the slightly pricier options on the civvie market that have similar durability. Also, going by their website it looks like Danner doesn't use Gore-Tex on their boots (which imo is the gold standard for boot waterproofing), but instead has those valves near the sole that flush water out when you step. I haven't worn Rats before but I have worn the US Army boots that have a similar feature, and I've got to say that I prefer the Gore-Tex to the valves–it might take a little longer to dry, but it's next to impossible for water to get inside the boot in the first place unless you fully submerge your fut and it sloshes in over the top. But with the valve boots your foot is soaked as soon as you step into a puddle.

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That's what Jim says. Since I do not have the technical skills to check for myself I am not taking his word on that.

While true that it's risky, I appreciated the oc.

Interesting info. Wilco.

You just fucking save the image, and load it into an app that supports display of exif. Or upload the photo to a site that will do it for you.

It's not stripping all EXIF. Location appears to be blank, though. So location is stripped? Or no?

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Thanks for completely missing the whole point of that being walking barefoot and how walking with padded heels makes you walk incorrectly. You can say it's memes all you want, but my knees can attest to the "barefoot meme" saving my legs. I had constant knee pain for two years from running before trying out the barefoot meme and watching 90% of it go away within a month.
Russell Moccasin boots are god-tier esp as boots for varous outdoors and hunting activities.
Other brands are good too but getting custom boots made to your measurements is going to give a much better fit and be much more comfortable. Also these types of boots are resolable and that will make it last substantially longer and amortize the cost of getting custom shoes over a longer period.
High end custom boots will last you for life.

looking for a non-goretex, light weight boot that's also decent for short ruck marches i.e. jogging with weight. Was thinking of this: MERRELL Men's Moab 2 Ventilator Mid

Any others to look out for?

any reason why? In my experience it's the best waterproofing you can get for boots.

more lightweight, more breathable, also rivers, I like to hike in very marshy areas where even on hot summer days there will be a patch where your boot sinks above the top.

Also some timed ruck marches I enter have water steeplechase obstacles.

Let's go a bit higher: what are some good grey milsurp pants?

I have a pair of Danners made with Goretex though

What the fuck makes you think figuring out your size now will determine what you're going to get ISSUED to you?
I guess he'll just figure it out the hard way.

Globe EMS/Wildland master race

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I got a pair of these for pretty cheap, comfortable enough so far.

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What are the best insoles?

superfeet. I like the green (hard, supportive kind). Orange superfeet are supposedly as supportive as green but I think the cushioning eventually gives way.

Isn't a bit dispersive having two threads about boots?

Something of that kind would probably be a bit too warm for the climate I'm in, most of the time.

I don't quite care about the drama, but according to the reviews I read, you're correct about the quality of UA boots (at least for their tactical products, not sure about their hunting catalog which isn't available in Europe).

I'm instead considering these for 150 shekels: Columbia "CAMDEN OUTDRY CHUKKA"

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