Sneak Peek – Possible US Army SCW Prototype from Maxim Defense

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But this can be achieved with an SMG, so why?

Ugly abomination.

i know, specifically crafted to buy abominations.

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What bizarre requirements have they listed that somehow exclude every single 9mm carbine and SMGs? Are they requiring that they be manufactured in designated congressional districts again?

Why would the US army ask for a compatibility with a gun they don't use?
Oh, they wouldn't? And it's entirely bullshit? Ok then.

The main disqualifiers are total length with stock extended and the magazine placement in front of the grip.

High-cap Glock magazines are ubiquitous and known for reliability, with a focus on the former in relation to acquirement for the US Army.

Why? Can't they use an MP5K? Or something way less ugly?

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The MP5 was considered but the overall length was a problem. People thought they were setting up the requirements for the MPX because SIG, but even that gun doesn't fit.

I think I found a weapon that would be perfect for this! It just needs a 9mm Parabellum barrel and an ugly wirestock.

Can't they convert some MP5s to MP5Ks? Am I stupid?

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Ah shit I am. Disregard.

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a) cheap to acquire
b) you can "lose" some to the alphabet soup restaurants
c) law enforcement surplus won't have any trouble

The C96 has a lot of modernization potential.

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I'm not sure if modernizing the C96 is a good idea, as today you could do something much better if you designed a new pistol. But given their requirements, it sounds like they want a pistol with a stock that has the magazine forward of the grip. And that's why all the submachine guns are too big.


Come on.

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"Why don't they just have a slot on the back of the grip like they did on a few old handguns?"
Oh that's right we have to do everything the stupid way because of government being obtuse, silly me.

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The idea is to have the full thing holstered (with light and aimpoint), it's originally on a custom CZ-75 by b+t.
The idea being you start with a 15 but your other mags are 30. You can use it just like a really nice pistol but if you drilled it you can use it as a 9mm carbine instantly.
The main problem with old pistol stocks is that either you have a carbine or you have a handgun and you probably never have the one you want when you need it…

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650 rounds/min
625 rounds/min (M16K-45)

It's too long. They ask for 15'' OAL.

I was refering to the gas system,it turns a m16 into a grease gun.