I love my country, I know the threat we face, I'm a decent shot...

I love my country, I know the threat we face, I'm a decent shot, and I'm a type 1 (my body accidentally itself) diabetic. Is there any branch or subset US military that will accept me? An actual drill sergeant at Quantico said the USMC wouldn't accept me because of my condition, and my heart was shattered. Wat do?

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get a tub of ice cream, and watch reruns of friends

Never watched that shit, and I don't plan on starting now.

hope the next big war happens before you age out



This isn't a injun brave sociey.

This is however is a world ruled by logistics, and you can not make do without insulin when you take rations. You would be a constant burden.

Not likely. There are plenty of other ways to serve your country besides joining the military you know.

You call this show "shit"? Get that tub of ice cream, fatty.


If you "love your country" then don't sign up in the army, for the army never serve the interests of your country and its citizens, it only serve the interest of a few very rich people, and you will just be some meaningless cannon fodder to them. Now if you want to go invading other countries for fake reasons and kill inocent people, and have to obey to dumb orders instead of thinking by yourself, then go on…
Or maybe you could try the police instead, you know, to serve and protect your people, though then again you would have to obey stupid orders and stupid laws instead of thinking by yourself, but much much less than in the army.

lmaoing at you frenchman

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God damn it, think before you post. It's nigger-tier 'thinking' like this that caused the French Revolution.

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I'm not sure how serving Israel is serving your country, unless you are an israeli ofcourse. Join the border guard, or coast guard. Or become a park ranger.


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How's that cognitive dissonance working out for you?

If you're fat, you can cure your diabetes in a few years if you have discipline. If you're skinnyfat with non-white genetics then you're probably fucked, but you could still try. What you want to do is go full keto with fasting periods lasting from 3 days to a week or more, depending on how much weight you need to lose. The more you have, the longer you can fast. If you're already low bodyfat then go for as long as your frail body can take it without keeling over. All that's needed for fasting is water. If you start looking like spooby skellington, that means it's time to quit your fast unless you want your body to start converting your muscles to energy. Your piss will turn dark orange when this happens.

For food you stick with grass fed red meat, eggs, leafy green lettuce with olive oil and vinegar, and shit like broccoli, brussel sprouts, avocados and red onions. Salt and seasonings are ok but make sure they don't contain any msg or sugars or any other processed gayshit. ABSTAIN FROM ALL CARBS - DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT NON-KETO FOOD. Once you do this for a few months, start eating half a red apple a day. The reason for this is because your body needs to re-aquaint itself with sugar/carbohydrate intake. But here's the trick - you need to cover it in ground cinnamon. That's right, you pour so much cinnamon onto your apple slices that you might choke or sneeze. Cinnamon tastes sweet but has no sugar, and what it does is help reset your insulin sensitivity over time. Continue fasting. All the while you should be running and doing calisthenics like a madman. Stay away from iron weights for now.

If you can keep this up for about a year then you might be able to cure yourself.

t. married to a nutritionist


iirc type 1 is the one where you are just a genetic dead end while type two is where being a fat fucking slob is finally catching up to you. Could be wrong though.

Type one diabetic here. Type one has jack shit to do with obesity, it's a genetic problem wherein your body attacks and kills your pancreas's ability to produce its own insulin, usually at a young age, for still fairly unknown reasons. Most type one diabetics aren't all that obese, and the ones that are rarely live past 30-40-ish.

Can confirm for OP, no fighting force will want you, and that includes cops. Anything that needs you to pass a physical, guess what buddy, you and I don't. The fact that this isn't just common sense to you is astounding and means your mental faculties probably aren't on point enough to be any good at being a warrior of zion nor a police officer even if you didn't have type one.

You also won't be able to become anything like a heavy equipment operator either, OP, if the gravity of being a diabetic hasn't dawned on your retarded ass yet.

Think about it this way. Know how you feel when your blood sugar hits 45-50? Now imagine that happening when you're doing something like getting in a firefight with Israel's enemy of the week. Or when you're operating, say, a crane. That's why you aren't allowed to do it. It is what it is. Don't forget, you're stuck this way forever.

Seriously, one of these days you'll wake up with low/high blood sugar in the middle of the night when you're in your mid 20's and it will just dawn on you that you're never going to stop being like this. The problems keep coming, diabetes never changes, you never get cured, you never get better, the best you can do is control it well enough that you get to die with it instead of from it but still earlier than most people and in incredible pain once it does come.

God knows it did for me a few years back, user. It's easy to ignore when you're a young man but it's never going away. You'll be like this forever. It never gets any easier or hurts less, and I do mean that. You just need to find other reasons to go on because that is the best you can do.

I have a wife that puts up with my shit brilliantly and a gun collection to rival the best of them, that keeps me going in the morning. You HAVE to find something like that. You have to. Type one simply gets too fucking hard to deal with as you get older. It is not a disease for unintelligent people. It will take everything it can from you if you're stupid enough to let it. Never, ever, ever fall into the mindset of "this high blood sugar spurt isn't such a big deal", "I can cheat on my diet JUST THIS ONCE", that whole "tomorrow's just another time" mindset will mother fucking destroy you with this disease, fucking trust me, it will, tomorrow will come and the consequences are more than I'd wish on my worst enemy. I still have all my limbs but I know a great many who don't.

How does it feel knowing thugs, trannies and faggots will be accepted above you?

Besides the only war worth fighting and winning will be the next civil war

This is correct. Type 2 is considered the lazy man's disease, type 1 is basically shit luck from genetics.

He's totaly right though.
Even though as he said, even as a little policeman, you'll meet retarded (or NOT) orders like don't intervene in the Bataclan while the massacre was going on.
They were 31, 3 soldiers who have received the order to not use their weapons, a gendarme that went in, killed a terrorist with his handgun, then got out and asked for the weapon of a soldier who refused, and finally, 27 gendarmes who were guarding the home of El Blancos Valls not far away, then rushed to the Bataclan when the attack happened, went in, rescued an hostage, and when ready to get in again, they receive the same fucking order.

Incompetence, or the continuity of history, with GLADIO and STAY BEHIND?
It's obviously the second. I'm not even talking about the head of the drug police who is in the middle of a trial, because he protected the biggest hashish drug dealer of france. He even imported HIMSELF some of it with the drug police.

The government is organizing the attacks, and the drug traffic in france. So thinking that you'll even get, as a policeman, to act against this is being a retard.

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Adding on to this. Police in the US are written to have that explicit stated
In other words, a remember all the hate that school resource officer got in the florida shooting? Is it socially unacceptable, yes. Is it illegal? NO.

Neither is actually correct.

Type 1 is when your body doesn't produce enough insulin.
Type 2 is when it produces too much, and over time the insulin sensors wear out.

Both happen due to genetics and environment, basically less than 0.000001% of people had diabetes (wasting disease) before the invention of table sugar.

Diabetes and cancer were probably just as common back throughout all of history as it is today for age groups, just that people tended to die from poor health so often that diseases often weren't the almost single cause morbidity caused mortality that we see today. Today people live long enough to get and die from cancer exclusively, so now we KNOW the person died from cancer. Back then the cancer was probably one more co morbidity on top of how many others, with poor home environments because of lack of central heating/insulation, poor diet, more physical exertion? Today people live until the cancer consumes them, back then they likely "got sick" and died from being generally unhealthy, well before cancer could kill almost by itself and it became more apparent.

Same thing with diabeetus, back then someone woudln't have the chance to die from wasting, all the co-morbidities means that as soon as early diabetes started to take its toll on your health you would probably die well, long before the wasting and diabetes itself would kill you. When little Johnny "got sick' from multiple causes weakening his body, destroying his general health, and with little understanding like we enjoy with modern medicine, its likley there were similar rates of the disease that simply weren't identified. Today little Johnny doens't die as a child and goes to a doctor and gets a diagnosis, he doesn't die in his bed as a common, run of the mill child death without a diagnosis like in the old days.

Increases of diabetes today are almost 100% related to the problems of increasing healthcare for those with genetic diseases. The longer diabetics live, the healthier, the more kids they have, the more they pass on their genetic disease, at much higher rates of child birth and survival, meaning their percentage of the population explodes as a part. Diabetics back in the day like little Johnny never lived long enough to pass on genes; today they survive and thrive, which means the good is these people live long and healthy, bad in that it (purely scientifically speaking) hurts the general gene pool.

If anything rich diets and sugars aren't causing diabetes, they are a sign of good health in the fact diabetics live as long as they do to be identified and helped. The age of table sugar and ample food is not causing the disease, just making it far more visable.

I got Type 1 as well OP, and know that even if you're the best of the bunch, they still won't take you with Type 1 or any sort of diabetes. The best you can do is not be a fucking fat ass by controlling what you eat, exercising to keep yourself in shape, and do what you can to keep yourself happy, because this can easily start draining hope for your future when you get older and realize that it only gets worse the longer you have it. Just find something else that can make you happy or that you enjoy doing because there isn't any hope of going the military, and just keep a routine that you constantly follow, because like said, if you just decide to not do it, then you'll regret it afterwords, and wish you weren't so retarded. You destroy your body when you don't regulate your blood sugar, and even if you keep yourself fit, you will still die a young death, or start losing nerves and control of your body, if you don't make sure to regulate your diabetes and keep it under control.

Sorry m8, but almost everything you've said about your diabetic theory is false.
The first cases of diagnosed diabetes went back as far as the ancient Greeks - one physician even linked the disease (diagnosed by sweet smelling and tasting urine) with particularly fructose rich fruits eaten excessively by aristocratic figures (who were much less physically active).

Diabetes has been on a massive increase since its discovery, not because of advances in healthcare and science, but because of rapidly changing eating habits. Sugar used to be considered a luxury which only aristocrats could afford. Subsequently, diabetes was a disease that only seemed to plague the upper echelons of society. Once sugar was a cheap household staple and the sugar industry had formed, diabetes skyrocketed amongst the public and continues to do so to this day. A big part of this was the sugar industry's demonization of fats. We eat way too many carbohydrates filled with sugar in today's age whilst we have never been less physically active.

If you're interested in learning more about diabetes and sugar, read 'The Case Against Sugar' by Gary Taubman.

That's exactly what he said…

Type 1 diabetes is mostly genetic. Type 2 diabetes is basically impossible to get unless you have a shitty diet.

If you want to get technical it's also entirely possible to get Type 2 simply by being an old fart, and a small handful do get it genetically but it's like a percent of a percent.

Just figured I'd mention, beings as I almost never meet others with Type One shitloads of two though, is that if you don't already have one, a continuous glucose monitor is probably the best thing to happen to our shared medical malady since insulin. Seriously, if you're like me and kept having high A1C's even when your numbers seemed okay, get a CGM. Mine's called a Dexcom and no shit, it's the biggest to quoth sir Chris Chan life upgrade you'll ever get with this shit-ass condition. Being able to see your blood sugar approximately, it's not exact but it's better than nothing which is what you normally get every five-ish minutes really does make it SO much easier to control.

The downside is it's goddamn expensive so you'd better have good insurance which I don't, but my wife fortunately does and I'm on it and even then it's still going to be whatever the max they can get away with charging you is. That said, Type One isn't a particularly poor man's illness either which I do believe is a big part of why so many people die from it, if you're even vaguely lower class there is no fucking way you could possibly afford a stick of Lantus, let alone extra test strips.

I've long since come to peace with the fact that if SHTF I'm so fucked it isn't even funny, but maybe I could get the wife to somewhere safe before having a true king's bounty of choices of firearm to off myself with.

I've heard about it but I'm paranoid when it comes to putting things on me that are electronic. But I don't really need it because my A1C is good, and I'm also a skinnyfag so I wouldn't have anywhere to change spots on a regular basis without it turning to scar tissue quickly.

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