Democrat gun control sentor outerd as Chinese spy

Diane Fienstein's driver for more than 20 years revealed to be a spy for PRC
Politico's coverage buries the lead and carries water for her, naturally:


It's always been misdirection from the Chinese, as they grew so did their subversion, they pay politicians and talking heads to carry their water while never naming them.

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Remember this? Guy was born in PRC and almost certain their bitch.

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The mistake everyone makes when dealing with leftists: Assume they will play by their own rules.

The objective for them is key. They will break any of their own rules and any amount of laws to get what they want. Logic, reason and evidence don't apply to them, because that also gets in the way of getting what they want. Your stuff is their stuff.


Yeah and Russians are the problem. Fuck they believe in liberty harder than we do.

If you think of their language as sophisticated slang, Russians are basically rednecks.



Honestly I'm not suprised. As the americhink I can tell you its kinda a joke how bad California is subverted right now. At least in texas we have the ROC fags who want to burn down the consulate :^)

Nothing could be further from who Russians are and I dont mean that in a bad way. Why are you so many of you obsessed with trying to portray the Russians as your every political desire.

Everywhere you go on the internet its filled to the brim with propagandists. The same Muslims who are paying to have Europe invaded and destroyed are constantly coming to websites like this to tell you how bad things are for Palestine, and convince you that false prophet kid fucker Mohammed and his evil made up fake religion are the only path towards fixing western conservatism. Amazing how everyone loves to hate Israel yet forgets its the rich Arabs who are paying to destroy the west from the inside. Where do you think a lot of these "kike kike kike" repeating dipshits on the internet come from? Don't you think its awfully funny the only thing the alt right is allowed to say is anti semetic stuff yet we aren't supposed to focus on the Islamic camel fuckers actively invading and destroying the west? Is it because the people who are paying for the invasion and destruction of the west really pay for and own the controlled "alt right" opposition?

Come onto these sights and you get all this fake bullshit about Russia being some sort of free ultra capitalist society, but that's nowhere near the truth in most senses. Russians still have no rights, gun control is rampant, corruption everywhere, but let's let the shills come in and tell us how it is the fairy land of wonderous freedom and enlightenment. Don't look into things, just take the words of faceless internet posters as fact.

You can't go anywhere on the internet anymore without running into these assholes.

Funny how it all works. Conservatives in the west talk about making the west better, how to fix communities and rebuild the family, be better western people, make the nation better? NO. The only thing you are allowed to do is scream 'KIKE KIKE KIKE" over again like a mindless left wing follower taking his commands. Want to talk about the actual invaders destroying your homeland? NO. Just scream 'KIKE KIKE KIKE" over and over again. its the ONLY thing you are allowed to do. Don't make political sense, don't make valid points, don't work towards real objectives to make things better, just scream the same word over and over again, make hating one group of people the identity and only ALLOWED cause and subject over EVERY fucking discussion.

YOU are the controlled opposition. YOU are only allowed a very limited field of what YOU can talk about and whom YOU can blame. The Chinese, the Russians, the Arabs, all are infiltrating and destroying you from the inside, but isn't it funny you aren't supposed to talk about it, only the "KIKE KIKE KIKE".

Bulls lead around by the nose ring, horses with their blinders on. Enjoy the tunnel you have been forced into.

Hello Schlomo. We hate all semites here. Jew or Muslim. Both get the gas.
No weasling your way out.

Ignore the Chi-coms, Ruskies and Arabs at your own risk. They are your enemies, not your friends. No amount of overused gassing jokes will change that.

That's a bit of false dichotomy you got there buddy.
Anyone can dislike jews and muslims equally. If mecca and Israel were both wiped off the map, I'm not shedding a single tear.

The point is every time we bring up niggers ruining Detroit and someone starts trying to divert the subject by screaming "JOOS" and every time we talk about the red Chinese destroying Australia and taking it over or how about the Chinese economic imperialism and how its hurting Kalifornie and they start yelling "KIKE" keep in mind these people are trying to drag the the entire discussion off topic. They don't want you to see a lot of the enemies attacking the west from the outside in and will always resort to the typical puppet man. It becomes a convenient diversion to obscure every attacker.

Why can't we name the Han? Why can't we name the Soviet? Why can't we name the nigger? Why is it always name (((them))) always and only?

Would you blame a man for being bitten by a snake? Why blame him for being bitten by a jew?

They're significantly more capitalist than any other Western country today. In fact if it wasn't for the massive sanctions they would outedge China on this list and be a libertarian parasite.

fucking gramps

I don't see the difference.

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Maybe because kikes brought niggers here, and kike globalism is what created the chink threat in the first place. Without kikes none of these things would be a problem, Europeans would simply steamroll all sub races and impose our own rules.

Fucking holland controlled half a dozen subhuman countries at one point.

This is decades old Commie trick of (((official statistics))). Such economy leading companies as Gazprom counts as "public traded private companies" but make no mistake their CEO are appointed directly by Kremlin and every Russian corporation required to have (((security department)) stuffed with current and "former" members of KGB who have tight control on everything when they have no (((official))) executive positions . Literally KGB The Country.

Also Russian has extreme spread of income, median income is literally Africa tier. Your common Russian gets nothing from the Russian economic power.

Third is continuation of economics. When people heard "redneck" they project American image. Farmer, or trade worker relatively poor, but independent, half way off the grid, driving his truck around, swinging guns and not afraid of any government.

Russian redneck? They are welfare bugs. Its completely different culture. Your average Russian rural redneck has income of teh form of some government pension (disability or age, one member of family feeds all other alcoholics who have no real employment), drives municipal bus not his own truck. Any sort of rural employment is government/municipal institutions. They can';t exist without government tit (which is small and provides only miserable life of extreme povetry but without it they just die). All capable people all went to the cities to do wage-slaving long ago.

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You shouldn't be blaming x group eternally. Enemies change with time Jews are the exception. Anyone, anyone who goes against the intrests of the american populace in our enemy. and by american I mean not fucking libs in the coasts. They can die in afire

are you out of your fucking mind

Fuck Russia and Trump! God Bless Merica!

user, KGB is now called FSB but they do not function differently, do you really have to argue semantics?

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No you fucking moron, KGB was turned into FSK when its entire leadership was executed for a failed coup. Then the FSK was broken up into several other organizations, the main three of which are FSO, FSB and GRU. And you think some coherent plan for world domination through making fake statistics that makes KGB look like a bunch of losers survived all that.

It's not semantics to point out that the entire thing makes no fucking sense, Russia was not even a member of the WTO until very very recently. Their voting share in the World Bank is 2.77%. The headquarters of IMF are in Washington DC and are as heavily guarded as the white house. I'm not seeing how they could even gain significant (~10%) control over any of those organizations, let alone control them outright.

And then.

And then to turn this fictional control into making fake stats that show how hard they failed to keep Russia communist!?!?1

It's like Mariah Carey becoming a military dictator of SoCal so she can force hollywood to make documentaries about what a shitty actor she is.

You need supervision!

Well i wanted to point out that the government presence in people's lives did not lower by much since ussr, if any. Saying Russia is capitalist is like saying Venezuela is capitalist, or Mussolini Italy is. It' more likely not a conspiracy but the standards are measuring things that way or define private r government industries in a certain way. If any conspiracy is present, it would be Russia who presented and managed things in a way so they are defined as "private" by these observers. Officially many major companies are private, but in practice they are owned by the same people who are in the government, their families or are political elite in any other way. That user is right.

So many empty assumption, so little sense.

I didn't say Russia was capitalist, I said it was more capitalist than the west. I invite you to come live in Canada for two years, which is long enough to experience all the seasons at least once, and then tell me I was lying.

For example stop and think about saying something dumb like this:
Do you think things are different in the West?

The entire media in over 30 countries, from city level mini station to multi nation media conglomerate, is owned by perhaps a dozen people at the top… and those dozen people are fully answerable to the five or so that control the governments of those 30 countries.
That's just media. Other industries are even more simplistic. There are what, three software companies left? Google, Microsoft and Apple own everyone else, or have backroom deals with them, and these people control every aspect of our lives.

The sheer naivete to think the West is somehow free at a basic level… Russian government doesn't even have the money to police actual crimes, how many people get arrested for making mean facebook posts? Daily event up here.

All oil is owned by six or seven companies, all of whom are controlled by government. All money is printed at the whim of a private company, which is really controlled by CIA. Industrial companies were a bit more diversely owned which is why they had to get shut down… remember the one lead smelting place in America they shut it down, which is why bullet prices had a weird bump a few years ago before the chink supply lines were established?

Fucking hell people need to stop sugarcoating the West, it's an abysmal dystopia where shadowy groups control the government which mass controls people. And it doesn't even have the decency to permit cybernetic implants, that would be too fun so it's banned.

Oh, okay then.
Well, theoretically, maybe. We still have ~47% taxes on wages, as well as extremely high crime rates, with police being more afraid of than actual criminals, unjust courts and shitty but overwhelming welfare. Maybe from economic perspective. Mexico might have plenty of economic freedom by the standards, but it still does not have much to offer.

In here all the telecommunications(tv, newspapers, radio, telephone) are owned and maintained by the government so they do not have to hide anything, put aside the presence and intrigues within media. Few major operators use these lines but situation does not change. Russia is really just a more rough and crude version of these west fuckery.

Yeah, we've got just yandex and some smaller projects that are like 1984 tier propaganda and wasted budget as well as commercial failure.

Well, police there seems to not casually torture random suspects just to fill up the quota.

Our justice system has very little to offer you while always ready to take and punish. You might be better just keeping head down rather than going there. Police may walk by while you're being beaten or raped, or may participate, or arrest you all and lock in the same room for 12 hours. If in a self defense situation you might be better off with hiding yourself or the body than going to police, no matter the circumstances. Also, prisons are scarier than heroin addiction.

Plenty, actually, though not for some ideology, but a noticeable expression of disloyalty to the government. Oh, and the Facebook analogs basically serve as personality databases for the authorities and accessible literally at any time, as company that owns then is literally as independent as Gazprom, except maybe held a bit more responsible, as it deals with intelligence and stuff. I haven't looked up the news for last few years so i can't tell how often are people prosecuted now though. Any political discussion quickly turns into vegan-tier intimidation and personal attacks, be it because of culture or paid bots or whatever.

Well, then it further proves that Russia is just a crude and direct version of the same shit. The disguise still has some things to offer, like gun ownership, self defense for which you've got a chance to not get in prison, actual help and protection and generally government doing the things it monopolized better.

One thing you will notice in places that are nicer to live in (Germany, Japan, Norway, Canada, US ect) you see much more of the traditional right wing sense of justice and purpose, even when the police are brutal and tough they are just, often moralistic, or at their very worst simply legalistic, but they are not corrupt and cannot get away with much abuse before being stopped.

Go to the world's hellholes its the opposite, left wing "everything is for me, crisis/problems/jobs are not to be solved for the good of society but are just opportunities for self enrichment with thin veils of law and order to drape over the whole corrupt ordeal. Russia, India, Mexico, ect., you end up with places where the police are simply expected to beat, rob, extort, demand bribes from innocent people, become as bad or worse than some criminals themselves, places where EXTREME corruption is the NORM. India is heavily cultural, but like in Russia its passed down by the USSR which was just a giant criminal enterprise enriching the party, and Mexico and other left wing hellholes what else can you expect.

In the US you worry about an overzealous cop who only has too much authority because the nanny state writes too many laws, but you don't worry about being savagely beaten for bribes. Some asshole may try to zing you for some minor infraction after tearing apart your car to be a jerkoff, but if he rapes someone there is consequences, jail, and ghetto lottery money to be had. The worst US cops are better than the average cops of many places. You don't know how good you have it.

Don't US cops curate drug trade though? War on drugs is still there.

Boy, that's a tough one, one hell of a bit issue. I'm not sure if they curate it so much as keep the "injuns" on the reservation, not actual Native Americans mind you but the criminal element, drug users and dealers. Do they encourage it, profit from it? I don't think in large that police do encourage it, I don't think they play the game so much.

I think you can see some problems beginning, like civil forfiture becoming a problem where whole departments care more about seizing property than arresting and stopping drugs. One famous case is where state troopers only hammered drug trade moving SOUTH to seize drug money flowing back into Mexico but not the drug traffic moving NORTH because if you arrest drug users you have to pay to house and feed them in jail and you can't sell the confiscated property. Its becoming an indirect tax, a point is reached where police seizing property for sale and drug cash and not arresting people is akin to simply 'taking a little off the top' basically skimming, basically taking a tax of the drug trade. Civil forfeiture is dangerous and is threatening to corrupt the system and give them a taste for stealing from the private citizen to feed his budget.

DEA, like every other beauracracy that has ever existed for all time and space, doesn't want its job security to go, I don't think they are sabotaging the drug war, but when you get your cash for fighting a problem one must always be on the lookout that you don't want to kill the problem, much like fighting monsters can turn you into a monster.

No, I think the real problem is just the fact that the US is simply too large, has no internal borders (very good for trade, both good and evil like drugs and human trafficking) and there is too much money and too much demand and natural economics just wins. Too many customers demand the product, drugs capture many with their power, plenty of powerful US currency in their hands, the rest just plays itself out. Shut down one cartel, one drug runner, one gang, just leaves a market gap and SKY HIGH PRICES and some dipshit or greedy money hungry person is willing to take the risks of getting busted or killed to get that huge, easy, sky high payoff, consumate to the high and extreme risk.

For the US to win the drug war it would have to do something like BUILD THE FUCKING WALL and actually CLOSE ITS FUCKING INTERNATIONAL BORDER because how can you fight drugs when you allow millions of assholes to cross the border unapposed? Then drug interdiction would almost require stronger internal borders and road checks, things the very US Constitution forbids from the getgo, free travel and trade and all that. As a more geopolitical thinker I think that the war is unwinnable because of certain conditions that simply won't change; they are unAmerican and nobody fights free trade for anything. Its a high cost for easy travel and free movement of goods and people, but its a cost you can't not pay for one way or another.

I think when police realize they can't beat the drug trade they get frustrated and simply begin to manage the crisis because they can't fix it. Reign in the problems to a few neighborhoods, fix the rest, keep the good ones clean and the trouble makers in their shitholes. Try to save drug addicts, niggers? You will give up, because they give up on themselves. One day you do the best with the problem, even as it clogs up the court system, helps to slowly bankrupt cities, hassles people, ect. Deal with it the best you can in reality.

I would say that some vice and drug specialists do get into trouble from time to time, too close to the merchandise, the women, the cash. For the most part I don't think the cops are the problem, are part of it, I think the liberals and their attack on the judicial system (clogging courts full of niggers on drug charges helps to bring down the justice system and help to bring about that wonderful grand crisis they want) both confounds cops who try to clean up places and is also designed to fuck up the courts with full jails and harass minor drug users.

Complicated mess.

Well, the war caused all this, would it really do more harm to allow drug trade than supply all this mess? All the seizures and corruption, while decriminalization and lack of propaganda would make make people more knowledgeable, as well as east the burden of a drug addict, make his addiction manageable and less costly and dangerous? And that's only when negative drugs taken into consideration, while some are deemed (((dangerous))) because of their positive effects. In a certain way, it can be a good decision to risk addiction to a cheap drug if it can greatly improve your condition, i think.

Legalizing weed in Colorado actually really hit the cartels hard but don't try to tell a cop that as they actually believe the way the restrict the american people while protecting (((subversive elements))) is just and right.

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Jews don't respect liberties and actively strip people of them, big reveal.

He meant the people, you dipshit. It's real fucking poetic that the only people in your country that actually believe in liberty are niggers, white people are so cucked that they'd rather take it up the ass than violate an unjust law.

I want to make this tank grill

Thats not a diversion, its getting to the root of the problem

There's nothing saying we can't shoot both.

Weed was their main cash crop because meth is largely produced in America already and the other hard drugs are from either natural sources or easily produced in-state. Yes they've since swapped to Opiates, but as weed was being legalized the cartels were seriously getting hit hard/losing shit tons of profits.

Pick one.

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You're not wrong. It's times like this I'm glad I'm an Amerimutt.

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at least we're white, slavboy


Compared to Canada? Fucking yes.

Whiter than you, Jamal.

Jewish Rat attracts other Rats.

Imagine my surprise.

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Leading sentence is projection and the remainder of this Jew's post is subversion. Always remember that the left accuses you of what they are doing, themselves.

Get back to me when they have an army.

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Leftycuck spotted. A normal person feels no compassion to any kind of those Eastern "people". All the low-IQ mongrels (including merchants, yes their IQ is low despite the maymays) deserve nothing but sterilization.