I made a thread about nuclear weapons and their occult significance on /x/...

I made a thread about nuclear weapons and their occult significance on /x/, and one user posted a quote that is as follows.
He did not provide a source, and I couldn't find anything via Google.

Did he pull the quote out of his ass, or was it really said by someone involved in the creation of nuclear weapons? Oppenheimer's "I am become death" has always given me spooks.

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No. This is entirely deserving of it's own thread.



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Can this be a nuke thread then?
Will we ever see nukes used in warfare again, or will they always be reserved for deterrence? Why haven't we seen terrorists using nukes yet?

I did some things.

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Very nice, desu ne. Post 'em in the banner thread.

No doubt. Nukes spreading, (Pakistan and India have nukes lol wut? Were are doomed), and will continue to spread. In 100 years everybody and their mothers (except Nazis countires, Germany and Japan) would have some nukes and at some point would use them.

Nice OC m8.

Patches when?

"I am become death" is such a stupid line. Why didn't he say "I HAVE become death" instead?

Its from Hindu scripture bro. Look it up, pretty interesting tale.

It's even worse now.

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Hindu scripture is pretty fucking metal bro gotta agree with . Seriously, look up why he said what he did, it makes a lot of sense in context.

If you look at the original text of the Bhagavad Gita, a more accurate translation would be
Which doesn't sound nearly as poignant or relevant after detonating a nuke. He'd have gotten a better fit (with less poo) if he'd gone with, say
He may not have felt that triumphant at the time. But it would fit better than describing nukes as time.

The present perfect tense used to allow the use of "to be" as the auxiliary word, hence its appearance in the quote.

power ultimately is just the reserve or execution of force. it's particles of energy smashing into each other to see what is destroyed or created from the chaos. in human terms this is known as violence, so in the words of judge holden, "war is god" and therefore nuclear power is the closest we have come to being godlike. of course nuclear war on this planet would be a binary event that would switch us off forever, so it's like giving hand grenades to the first humanoids that climbed down from the trees. this is the existential anxiety that is driving the scramble to build AI, the real reason, not some hippy transhumanist bullshit. because even though, like the atom bomb, we will inevitably destroy ourselves with it, it will live on as a signature of our existence. it shows the universe that we overcame the chaos, we birthed a god.

AI is a joke an nuclear weapons don't have the power to destroy humanity.


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>ancient ayys invented the nuke
Which timeline do I live in again?

Everyone wanted the nuke, Germans tried and failed (silly krauts, heavy water cannot into nukes!); and America came through and developed the first examples based on research done by British scientists at the University of Birmingham.

Hahn and Strassmann, both catholic Germans, invented actual nuclear physics. Fermi developed it into a theory of weaponry, and as far as I know he was Christian it was his wife that had a kike father. Briggs was the one who did the engineering on the bomb, and the one who pushed the use of U235 and Plutonium which no one else was doing, and that guy was whiter than Hitler.

If you actually look into it, Jews were directors and administrators of hundreds of white scientists who did the actual design work. They were the publicists of nuclear physics, who "appealed" to their cousins standing next to presidents to get government funding. Oppenheimer was just a manager at the Los Alamos lab, not one of the people doing calculations, yet he's lauded as the 'creator' of the atom bomb.

That's as dumb as saying Steve Jobs invented the iPhone.

It's kinda like music or literature - goyim happen to write the best music or books, but I'll be damned if nearly every major record label, manager and publisher aren't Jewish.

Second theory I saw argued for with some rather small degree of plausibility in Reich of the Black Sun, which covered everything from German bombs (redubbed Little Boy & Fat Man) that when captured ended up breathing life into a mismanaged, Thin Man-cursed Manhattan Project- the fissile material for which were produced/derived from a chemical liquefaction process, this extensive project insulated from the more well-known and botched 'hobbyist' programs and further obscured in the concealment of production within a false buta synthetic rubber plant, for which at Nuremberg the managers are alleged to have defended themselves against their alleged slave labor use by oddly proclaiming 'not one ounce of buta rubber had been produced here' for the duration of the war- as well as foo fighters powered by electric universe gravitic drives, a German-buoyed Japanese bomb project finishing a day late & a dollar short with testing being done in the Korean peninsula (acting as a prime under-the-hood reasoning for the conflict between the dialectic Capitalist-Communist blocs there) and other bits & bobs like DEW weapons. This bomb project and its children were situated in remote facilities north of the Alps and west of Prague, and were a contributing reason for the rush north on the Italian front.

And, as usual in this sort of literature, the usual 'ebil Nazis infiltrated and control our government! (((Eisenhower))) warned us about the goyish military-industrial complex!' spiel. One Hans Kammler, an overseer for SS construction and secret weapons, is the peculiar missing link for a number of these projects and for the bad goy secret puppeteers, with his living after the war posited by escaping with a multi-engine heavy bomber/freight craft capable of crossing the Atlantic. Might've been the Me-264 prototype with some modifications, fuel in place of bombs, it's been a long while. Considering Kammler's living or dying in '45, to '47, or not at all are very muddy, it's as plausible as anything else that he escaped to South America (or some Antarctic bolthole, hollow or otherwise) using a long-range and effectively uninterceptible aircraft.

Overall, the emphasis should perhaps be on the 'small' part of 'small degree of plausibility.' But it was a rather interesting read at the time. Complete dead-end Thin Man did only get thrown out in July of '44, and Little Boy & Fat Man's readiness was only achieved post-May, plenty likely to be coincidence, but lining up with the looted bomb narrative. Personally, I'm going to be really, really radical here for the fun of it and propose a frame-world where all four theories are correct simultaneously; by completely throwing out conventional physics and starting from the ground up, this small number of ill-funded Germans, the Vril group, et al, keyed into some long abandoned electric/gravitic universe concepts of previous high civilizations that contemporary physics could not and cannot wrap around properly, after which world Jewry dispensed the semi-complete physical proceeds they had captured along with their manufacturers and used & duplicated what they could, then slowly running out of paperclip'd personnel & those tutored by them that can fully grasp & use the scraps of information remaining until the Bomb becomes a paper tiger, a limited stock of archeotech held in reserve and used as a terror tool over the populace at large. Silly, maybe, but an interesting line of thought.

This may be a possibility.


That's a pretty fucking obscure rule. Never heard it or an example other than this quote but tbh I haven't really read archaic angliterature..