Dump all Zig Forums relevant infographics here.

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Other urls found in this thread: francaise/artisans a b/a brun latrige gb.htm

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The information in the riot infographic applies to more than just virgin riots, but I see where you are coming from.

Riots are something gay people do my friend, real men protest in other ways.

Whops didn't see your post there sorry.

It's almost like they don't want to achieve any political change whatsoever.

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riots are a useless tool, fit only to make your own party look bad, antaganise the owners of the things you are setting on fire or otherwise vandalising and giving the government reason to increase police presence and authority

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This is now an insurrection thread.
Post sabotage memes.

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This will make chlorine gas, not a smoke bomb. Don't do stupid shit and expect not to get hurt.
As for the C1, I honestly don't think you can make it without an heroing yourself but go fir it and give us a livestream why not

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Combine all 3 for a ghetto-rigged mounted MG. Make it an AR10 and go for gold. Imagine 3 100rd drums. 300 rounds of .308 hahaha. Yeah reloading might be a bitch and if it jams you'd have to charge all 3 at once but holy hell that would be a fun toy.

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Actually, I imagine you could make a cable-operated charging handle to pull all 3 at once. A single trigger is all you need since they cycle eachother.
Can you modify an AR15 to fire from an open bolt?

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First link is a map to all US Energy supply routes, high tension power lines, pipelines etc.
Second link is Teletracker. Get the free trial and save any information you want in terms of telecommunications information.

Then it's just a matter of using it as you will, particularly like

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memes to make the dremes

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I want somebody to make this just for the memes. Imagine getting held up by one of these. I want one as a dress pistol.

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at this point I'm just shitposting

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Alright faggots that was fun I hope you're on my side when the race riots begin.
Remember to check in at the Networking General thread for your friendly neighborhood streloks. Be versed in radio checks and have a jolly good day.
Networking thread:

Homemade weapons thread

Complete Firearms Blueprints thread

Improvised Munitions Project

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someone explain how this gun works to me like Im five

the little ring thing you push back with your finger
this pushes the striker back, behind the striker there is a spring, when it is a certain point, the finger rod goes loose and it the striker strikes the bullet, causing the slide to go back
you bring the finger rod forward, which i assume has a spring, then it locks back into position to push back the striker again, repeat the process

Meme magic. But here's a good breakdown of the weapon.
I believe when you pull the trigger it cocks the hammer and pulls the barrel into the magazine to seat the round. It's really cool.
Forgotten weapons also does a video on it. francaise/artisans a b/a brun latrige gb.htm

So the barrel is retained only by the shooter pulling it back? I guess the bullet leaves the barrel before it moves back even if the shooter releases it in the very moment of firing, but it still sounds a bit risky for me.

What did they use when the police opened fire on them with semi-auto weapons?

Coffins, I presume

Such is life in the appalachian clay fields, where the only thing that grows is burdock and your desire to die.

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Are you in the PA Appalachia's?
hit me a hooler if you are

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Trust me, I wish I was in PA. WV is the forgotten state where all is hell yet no one knows or cares. You wouldn't like me anyway, I'm into anime and hentai.

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I hope you know that there is a difference between seed potatoes and the usually common once you can buy in the store. Its a really jewish trick of the agriculture industry.
Seed potatoes will grow the nice big potatoes you know from the store, however these nice and big potatoes themselves are incapable to grow into anything other than these small shitty potatoes thanks to genetic tempering.
So to really grow potatoes, you either have to buy seed potatoes from these companies or buy potatoes belonging to the really old school cultivations that haven't been genetically tempered with in this style.

I bought seed potatos. Russets, yukon gold, and some red potato I forgot. Still gave me basically nothing at all. I used half clay half seasoned manure from a nearby horse ranch. I know it wasn't green and too fresh because it was black, smelt like dirt, and crumbly as fuck.

Smelled rather.

Sounds like they were deprived of nitrogen.

Hrm, maybe I did more harm than good by adding the horse manure?

Yeah. When doing those potato boxes if you have shit for soil get decent potting soil and find the mix of potassium/nitrogen/phosphorus I had that written down somewhere. Testing your soil might prove beneficial in what you have too much/too little of.


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Actual pics after screencaps, of course.

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It appears I have lost B and C.

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Note that dryer lint works as well as cotton balls.

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Stick a ball bearing in your monkey fist. Fun for the whole family.

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