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When you send in models for Bugout scales but Metric/Imperial get mistaken for one another

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I am a doggo, woof

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Fuck the imperial system.

Spoken like a true colonist


I guess the next step is getting a blade made to match?

But we use the imperial system.

Says the colonist?

Interesting. Can't tell from the images; what are they made of? Hope you didn't fall for the 3-d printing meme.

What's up with low polygon holes? Couldn't your CAD software produce actual circles? Did you use GIMP for this?

Also you must always specify units. They could've went full retard and use meters as units, manufacturing world's biggest handle and giving you world's biggest bill.

Now you have to make a knoife match for the handle.

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This! I want a axis lock machete!

Lol probably fusion 360

Even your military has dropped it, there are hood niggers in the army that can figure it out yet the public still can't?

The military uses it because of NATO.
Britain unofficially uses imperial because, woah, changing systems of measurement out of nowhere causes a fuckload of problems and people don't like it.

m8, only people in their 50s and up use imperial. It will soon die out.

US Standard != Imperial

lol imperial is easy, metricfags are dummies

It will come back when SHTF.
The thing about imperial is it's very easy to grasp abstract concepts with it. Anyone raised on imperial can quickly guestimate a length or weight or temperature because it's a very tangible thing. If I say it's 24 and an eighth Celsius, even in metric countries you have to think about it for a second to understand the approximate heat because the only material concept the metric system has is anything above 30C is "hot" and anything below 15C is "cold." Anything inbetween 15C and 30C has to be calculated in one's head. Thermostats have to be adjusted within a tenth of a degree instead of "68 and below is a cool house, 70 and above is a warm house" as with Fahrenheit. When comparing heights/lengths, the average person is forced into either the centimeter scale with small objects or the meter scale with human-sized objects or larger. You have to use fractions or decimals to describe anything inbetween because humans don't inherently understand decimeters. In the mean time, if I say "it's X feet long" or "it's Y stories tall" or "it's Z miles wide" it is a very comprehensible and tangible thing because those numbers are based on real and logarithmic and/or stackable scales that the human brain can process quickly. The average human has a walking speed of about 3 miles an hour, so "it's 1 mile away" can easily be understood to be 20 minutes of walking since both walking and hours can be reduced and divisible by 3. In the mean time "5kilometers/hour" has to be translated since it's not enough to be 15 and too much to be 10.

When referring to volume, "1 cup, pint, or quart" is an understandable measurement that is easily used in cooking and other daily activities. A cup of water is 8oz which is about what you need every 2-3 hours or every 15 minutes of intense exercise. If I say "roughly 236.6 ml" we're working with chemistry at that point. A "stone" which isn't used in America any more is still an excellent form of quick measurement. If I say someone is "15 stone and built like an ox" everyone knows he's a big guy for you. I could go on and on. Even in science, in the fields of astronomy and thermodynamics the "imperial" system is superior because most of astronomy and thermodynamics work on a base 3, base 4, or base 6 scale which is easily translatable as fractions in the imperial system. In the metric system, you can't "fractionate" these sorts of things and are forced to rely on decimals which are abstract. Don't get me wrong, if I'm building something in CAD or working on a science experiment, the metric system is generally what I want to work with because I can quickly pull out a calculator or measuring device and get an approximation of what I'm looking at, and it allows more fine-tuned precision with my creations/experiments in most cases. When I'm working out in the field on something or need to to quick and rough conversions though, the imperial system is superior in every way, shape, and form. The metric system for me will always remain in a lab while the imperial system will be for SHTF because it just makes sense from a day-to-day way of doing things. From what I understand talking to Brits, you all still use the imperial system in day-to-day shit and don't even realize it half the time.

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Then you don't understand how metric works, because that would be 24.125°C. As for the rest of your post, it's just the typical Bürger drivel about how you can't use metric if you grew up with Imperial. Let's just look at the height of a man: I can understand the difference between 175cm and 178cm, yet I'd have no idea what's the difference between "5 feet and 8.8976 inches" and "5 feet and 10.0787 inches". And it's even worse in practice, because instead of giving a precise value you'd either round it up or add fractions. I can use mm, cm and m just fine, and I can calculate with 4.8km/h instead of 5km/h. If it's too complicated for you, then you have problems with simple arithmetics. And last and not least: the current official definition of an inch is 25.4mm.

You deserve nothing more than a smug anime girl for missing the point entirely. A mérföld is roughly 2 hours of walking and an arsin was roughly two feet. Your old systems were just a local variety of imperial, faggot.

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And I'm saying that I can guess just fine in metric, and that I do think in cm. I take you didn't grew up using metric, and only learned it later, therefore it doesn't come to you as naturally. Then you generalize it as people being unable to use metric naturally.
That would be rőf. And no, we didn't use Imperial, because all these old measurements weren't standardized. Just look at how many different kinds of it are listed here:

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My dad was actually an autistic progressive who insisted on me learning metric despite my mother using imperial measurements because he insisted the US would be metric by the time I was grown up, so I learned both at the same time and had to constantly do conversions growing up.

Going to have to agree. The powerfully ironic part of Farenheit is that IT is the closest to a "metric" 0-100 scale in real life conditions that human beings live in than C. Most people live in areas that have highs closer to 100 and lows closer to 0, thus F is the perfect "scale of 0-100" how fucking hot/cold it is for weather conditions. In all honesty, it is more useful in these conditions than scientifically more useful C.

Kg edges on the point of being too heavy for a lot of measurements, many find a pound of meat to be a good buying size, for instance, while it takes a few people to eat a KG of meat. But you say "Well, we'll just sell it by the half KG. Half. HALF. As in 1/2. As in a FUCKING FRACTION. OH THE HORROR. I see they sell certain European gun powders in half kilo jugs, that must send you up the wall. I thought we were at war with the all evil fraction in order to bring about the holy utopia that requires all decimals.

In reloading Imperial will never die. Even many metric users in daily life in metric countries still reload using Imperial. And why not, we don't use drams anymore for weight, we dont' measure cases by inch and a quarter anymore. Case dimensions are done in thousandths of an inch, a fine decimalized system that works extremely well, as well as any Metric system can offer. We measure all weights in grains, which is also decimalized. Imperial has decimalized itself very well in this field and therefore is not desperate to be "saved" by metric.

Also in this case we see the potential dangers of trying to force conversion. Old reloading manuals with certain relevant loads to be used today are in Imperial, books and loads used by people all over the world. Modern American reloading still uses imperial with no end in sight, and this vast wealth of reloading material and loads supplies the rest of the world in their reloading efforts, to great effect mind you. At this point forcing more metric into reloading is not only worthless its potentially dangerous for the amateaur reloader potentially mixing up grams of this for grains of that. All it adds is confusion and danger.

I understand and support the move for science to move towards Metric for scientific purposes. However the war against imperial in daily use is just mindless retarded idealism and a hollow angry campaign, if not a total crusade of jihad for the sake of ideological purity. Leave the people who use it in their daily lives and find it superior than metric to do so, its not hurting science or you or anyone else. The real reason Imperial wont' die is because now that there are only two official measurement systems its just easy enough to translate one measurement into the other, their really is no problem left to fight over or solve. Your day has come and gone, you are now the fringe lunatics screaming autistically into the night sky at the moon.

When there were 10,000 systems there was a very real need for standardization. Now that there are only two, and you have won in every way that ACTUALLY MATTERED, there is no need for your crusade any longer. You are now just a braying jackass making troubles. Just go home.

Nigger, my mother complains all the time about cookbooks using fucking cups and shots instead of mililitres. Imperial sucks cock. Also that whole post Is retarded, dont search for miniscule problems noone experiences IRL.

The only reason why we still use imperial in gun loads is, because you have thé biggest gun culture and are the main creators of all different cartridge loads. We just use it, because it is more comfortable to leave it be than to change it.

I sometimes use the length of my erect penis as a unit of measurement. For example, a 2 foot long wooden plank is 2 dick units [DU]

Translation: Because I can't intuit metric, nobody can. Anyone who's ever actually used Celsius will intuitively know the difference between, say, a room being 20C vs 21C.
Also who would ever describe temperature to "an eighth of a degree"? Aside from an Imperialfag trying to justify his shit system, that is.
So you deride a hot/cold split for Celsius and then praise it as a virtue for Fahrenheit? And you're wrong on the thermostat; they tend to be increments of 0.5 degrees.
There's no issue at all with using centimetres for heights, and it makes a hell of a lot more sense than having to mix units every time.
No shit, because what daily application requires enough precision for a tenth of a millilitre to still be "roughly"? If you're cooking then "250mL" is the non-strawman equivalent of a "cup".
Nothing about this sentence makes any sense. Nobody uses base 3, 4, or 6, and that has nothing to do with you measurement system. And metric can be written just as easily as a fraction as Imperial; the only "benefit' imperial offers is that you can split a foot into inches, which is a fucking awful idea because now you have multiple units to deal with instead of just one.
You wouldn't fractionate anyway because fractions are an exact representation. Decimals convey the limit of the precision at a glance as well as the actual value. Is 2 1/4 supposed to be 2.5, or 2.5000000? Who knows. Even if science used inches everything would still be expressed in decimals instead of fractions.

wrong again leaf

Is the canadian school system somehow worse than the american school system?

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That was close.

user, if you had typed
you'd still be retarded since those two are equivalent. If you had asked something like
you'd have a point.

wrong again leaf

So you really don't understand significant figures after all.
Those have the same value but they are not equivalent. The number of trailing zeros carries information about the precision of the measurement.
A measurement of 2 1/2 must rounded at some level, since every measurement has at least some uncertainty. But writing it that way carries no information about how precise the rounding is.
Whereas a decimal does. 2.5 could really be 2.503, but 2.5000 couldn't be.

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wrong again leaf

Ah yes, the everyday situation of needing an accurate measurement to the third or fourth decimal place.

But that was when the Burger was talking about "even in the case of science".

wrong again leaf

Burgers cling to imperial because they think that it makes them speshul when they know an encryption cipher that majority of normal people don't understand.
In reality, everyone whoever nonstop uses some weird encoded shit, those are people you don't talk much to. If your brain has developd in normal conditions, it would easily adopt metric for anything, as everything uses logical 10 base measurements.
Example: in Poland, shops use "deka" scale which is 10 grams. I never heard about it, I went to shop, asked how much that piece of meat weighs, I've been told it weighs 30 deka. Time needed to understand a "new" system under the same 10 base - 1 second (based 10 base, just remove 1 zero). Doing this shit with "one and three eights of a pound", time wasted: Infinity (What's a pound? Aha, OK, roughly half a kilo, but a little less, about 10 percent, and three eighths, OK, 450 divided by eight is about 55 grams or so, so total is roughly 600 grams, no, that's not the amount I need, starting over)


That's my post as well, you doofus kraut. There are roughly 3 polaks in here.

What is going on I am confuse

wrong again polecat

Misunderstood your post completely, brb killing meself.

Ah, no. Everything you just said is wrong, you're just suffering from brain damage caused by american "education" system.

Yeah tell us how that migrant situation is working out. :^)

Nuuu ;_;

wrong again depressed snowman

Does anyone else smell that? It smells like severe autism.
Oh, nevermind, it was just the burger.

My favorite is the inch. Literally it’s the width of your thumb at its widest point, more or less.
Six feet it’s pretty much your arms spread out wide.
These measurements are exclusively non-manlet, which I can only reason that eurocucks decided on metric instead.

I just love how half the Euros responding to me ignored the part where I said "metric is great for science that uses base 10" or the whole "metric is for fine-tuned measurements whereas imperial is for everyday use." Or how they have no argument so they scream about it being a "special system" or insult my IQ like commie swine.

TL;DR: I understand imperial the best because it's what I use most

Same thing applies to metric. Some random user uses it as a kid and grows up like that? Imperial is going to be unusable, much like metric is unusable for you. Working with numbers professionally? I will take metric any day of the week over imperial even though I can work in both easily mechanical engineer IRL. Why? EVERYTHING in metric is base 10, which makes working with numbers easier than imperial.

Also, in a professional setting where I need to rely on my numbers? I don't give a flying fuck about "it just makes sense day to day if you think about it". If I make a value judgement on something I can't go "hurr common sense" because that's a one way ticket to negligence and jail time to go with the deaths that would go with it.

What I hear you saying, is sometimes you just need to do the math, and that has nothing to do with knowing what those numbers mean

But come to it, you can calculate imperial in base 10, have a 'feel' for where the obvious mistakes are, and if you like, convert decimal back to fractions. There are charts for that, and if you're afraid someone will try to proof your work using your approximated fractions, just list the decimal too, with fractions as the "name" of that specifc, correct decimal number.

I agree with the other user, that imperial is easier to intuit if it's your initial system, than metric is for those who have that as their initial system.

Only if your "default reference" is Fahrenshit.

Ever heard of the decimeter? There's a decimal in between 1.0 and 0.01!

Absolutely plebeian!

For brainlets, 1 foot ~= 3.012 decimeters or 30.12 centimeters.

Just realize that everyone who grew up with metric feels exactly as comfy as you about it and as lost with imperial. But in metric there is consistent number base so conversions between units are always trivial: You just move the decimal point and/or add zeros.

I bet you can answer the second faster even if you grew up with Imperial.

Well that's retarded. All the shit at the store will still be labeled in Imperial so you'll be fucked. At least nowadays they usually label in both systems, I think that's the real way to kill off Imperial for good. As soon as some burgerlings (or would that be sliders?) say "lel everything is labeled in metric too so I'm just going to never learn inches and feet", metric will become the de facto standard in stores. Once those kids grow up and start applying for driver's licenses, the DMV will allow providing height/weight in metric (to much whining from cops) and that will be that.

Well, unless those people have something you can't get anywhere else. Witness people clinging to Windows because muh gaymes.

Well, the one thing you can say for F vs. C is that 100 for body temp is arguably easier to remember than 37. Too bad the retard measured it wrong so body temp is actually 98.7 F, and it's canceled out anyway because 0C for freezing and 100C for boiling is easier than 32F and 212F.


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Both of you are faggots.