Zig Forums approved music thread

Zig Forums approved music thread

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Might as well just link to his channel: youtube.com/channel/UC0pMaTmLXjKMOLGqfXgospA/videos


Everything with Roki.

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longer version of the Zig Forums approved Zig Forums anthem

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I know this isn't a "shitty music overlaid on some war footage" thread but these are too good to pass up

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Another Zig Forums approved Zig Forums edit.

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It just might turn into that kind of thread

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Better version of your first webm.

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Kek, is that an rpg-2?

I like dethklok.

I have another webm from krautchan but it says that the file ext is unknown.

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Here's the jewtube link, since I don't think they'll allow the video to be embed-ed since it was flagged: youtube.com/watch?v=I2n9He5m74Q&bpctr=1533620993

the trap version is actually shit in my opinion

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it's actually unknown soldier

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also have a better version

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Wow, I haven't heard that in literal years, back when Zig Forums was actually fun.


I like Dr. Ludwig but I do not like his apparent liking for neo-paganism.
Also, RIP DeutschesVaterland's channel in Chinese prison ;_;
Filesize 2big4u, 8cuck

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For who weeps as the hare is slaughtered by the wolf?

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It still bothers me immensely that he used a BF1 image. I can't think of a single German showed in the art and trailers, so I'm sure it must have been difficult finding one without a Negro, which is likely why it's this one, which has his head turned. Now, why use BF1 in the first place….

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Slavophiles are the worst, but

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Military vocaloids!

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I find the idea of extremely imperialistic anime girls very appealing in a non-sexual way of course.

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And that's all for now. Meiji-era song.

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The song was not about Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Daesh, Muslim brotherhood and all the other traitors that works for Israel and the USA. It was about Shiah muslims.

God, I really start to hate this. They truly, truly are retarded. They're as dumb as fucktards that only trust TV.
May the Yemenite resistance, the Syrian resistance, and the Hezbollah win. They're truly the only hero in this region. There is truly no real muslim country left. And the "saint" cities of Islam, are under occupation under the Saudi regime. God I want these Saudi to die, to burn to crisp in the bottom of hell. These fuckers just built a new city called Neom, in the "great israel". They're literaly build Israel.


I like how IJA songs have karaoke captions in them by default.

Care to translate, fellow strelok?

Search it on youtube, with english subs. Some comments told what I said.

Uses the flak canon sound from some space game as a bassline.


Are you Muslim user?It's okay, you can tell us :^)

Ha yeah I hope you enjoyed the videos user :^)

Actually there's some pretty good stuff and I'd say he's underrated but >furries

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I think its wide and flat like meiji yoguretto.

I met a nip female on kiketube. She said she had a husband in the states. She was rather annoying, being a worshipper of blood. 3DPD, not even once.

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Did not mean to spoiler that, oh well.

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Do you think, or does any Japanon know if you can find IJA songs on CD in records stores in Japan?

The links are really long but you can buy them on amazon.
I also found LEGO army stuff, won't link because too long, as I said.

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anime qts desu~ :3

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most get out of here, stalker! song ever


irish music IS Zig Forums music


WW1 will almost be forever 100 years in the past

I swear, I'm not trying to be anti-fun.

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It's neat how much of an Irish influence Confederate music has.

The big three were all pretty liberal, and willy even sang with a democrats in a rally for weed legalization, but they're still damn good singers.Waylon in the best though.

I never knew the trailer music for a mobile game I played 7 years ago was pretty awesome.

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Why is Southern music so good?

most Irish fought for the Union

Southern music has a celtic influence, but it comes from Scottish and Scots-Irish ancestors.

This is mandatory.




more mick music

2nd only to Americans at being crazy fuckers

Sabaton is highly relevant to Zig Forums, although after sampling some of their music the lyrics seem to be pretty clumsy most of the time.

Probably my favorite Sabaton song.
The drums in Carolus rex are also nice, The price of a Mile is only good for the bass, and it's far too silent to save it. Not that there is anything wrong with pointing out the bullshit that WWI was.

Now that's quite an unexpected song.

Wait, what?


Turns out anything pro-germany ends up being pro-taiwan and that is a free ticket to van land in red chingchong land.

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Not getting your $10 back, goon.

shoo, weeb. shoo

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