Psychological/Propaganda warfare in the digital age
Estonia is slowly turning into some bizarre globalist cyberpunk dystopia and the Bilderberg group are planning to build an Utopian botnet citystate in northwestern Saudi Arabia.
How will Psychological/Propaganda warfare be conducted among such hyper-digitized entities with 100% semiconductor or NVCT dependent citizens under robotic perma-surveillance?
Would an opposing force utilize simple GCHQ-tier demoralization tactics like they do now or would they try to go further and use the statewide botnet infrastructure against itself to cause unrest among citizens?
How would Zig Forums go about conquering NEOM without resorting to N-EMPs?

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I'm too simple of a man for any of this: I'd just build an ideology so strong it functions as a religion, then tell my followers to get armed and make mortars and rockets and start attacking the servers and headquarters of select companies. Imagine if one day gmail, jewtube and faceberg were all gone, not because some hacker found something interesting, but because thousands of madmen fired hundreds of home-made artillery pieces.

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Trying to ruin my no-fap?

Progressives are too often fooled by their own ambitions and bullshit. Their ideas of control over people and mind manipulation are mostly, almost entirely in their heads. They dont' control anyone, just influence. They don't have the power or control they think they do, nowhere near in reality.

Why must you tease me with visions of a better world?

I keep telling people, we need Christian Salafism, but they just look at me like I'm mad.

But how would those madmen avoid getting arrested in a city where every square meter is covered in cameras and microphones?
Sure the idea sounds fun but Jewgle has shit tons of backup datacenters spread all around the planet, it'd be more efficient to detonate a nuke in the mesosphere above SoCal at that point.

Kill the cameras and microphones?
Just need a ladder and a hammer.

You should look into shinto.

How well does the following picture describe you

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You're fucking welcome

>citizens depend on a constant stream of bright lights and medication else they'll end up like terminal Hinamizawa syndrome patients this is intended to paint misbehaving citizens who've been denied pills by the government as evil psycho nazis, also helps with keeping the number of incarcerated criminals rather low.
Wat do?

Not let it get that bad in the first place/go Ted Kaczynski on their asses.

I think much of the problems currently plaguing western society could be cured by extended periods of power failure. If food starts becoming scarce, there's going to be a lot less tolerance on societal leeches.

You would have seen the beginnings of this had Trump lost. I won't lie, I celebrated hard on election night but god damn if his presidency didn't set us back. Starting in 2020, we're gonna need 8 years of a non-white, female democrat, followed by the election of an actual tranny in 2028 to get that mob angst primed again.

Ted was retaliating for government not letting him live peacefully innawoods.
McVeigh is more of a recommendation.

Yeah, but his manifesto is adherently anti-technology. There's a reason he struck those involved with technology, not government officials involved with paving over his innawoods getaway.

As second Sweden said he was anti-technology.
Logging going on around his property is not something the government does (that's logging companies making money), and he only got the government "bothering" him after he sent threats/bombs to random people in the tech field.

A rare case at that time of the government actually doing what they should be doing rather than murdering their citizens for fun like in Ruby ridge/Waco.

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Oddly enough this place will probably keep the cyberpunk dystopia away because in this internet era our laws for privacy on the internet are some of the best.
If you want a bizarre globalist cyberpunk dystopia, look at China. You can be denied from taking a train ride because your citizen score is too low.

McVeigh was a CIA nigger.

I wonder how long it will be before western countries start implementing that kind of shit to control its subjects?

At least in China being ugly, black, tranny, fag, and/or shilling for (((human rights))) is against Chinese Socialist Values™

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Now that I think about it Estonia is the perfect place to test out this evil experiment. They aren't fully accustomed to the luxuries of civilization, a weakened but still homogeneous community (kind of like Australia) and very few people will give a shit when, inevitably, Estonian human rights are violated. At least it's not South Korea.

The bombings were just an advertisement for his manifesto

Hide in plain sight, user.

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This video came out a few years ago and gives a preview of what life will be like if they keep going with the excuse of protecting the environment. I'd like to think that most people won't accept this sort of lifestyle but they'll probably make any alternatives impossible. Notice how the husband spends most of his days in front of a computer screen playing games.

A lot of people missed the point of the movie The Thirteenth Floor but it shows life in one of those nightmare cities right at the end in a saccharine setting. A woman replaces the personality of her husband and father with a false digital persona she created that suits her better in a virtual simulation. It's shown as her trying to correct the terrible behaviour that they develop in a simulated world(violently killing innocent people and sleeping with very young women) but the truth is she killed off the undomesticated part of them that knew they were in a controlled environment and tried to escape.

We're seeing this future unfold before us as gaming, virtual reality and social media all become intertwined and are used to modify the public. Google had an internal video leaked a few months ago called the Selfish Ledger where they admitted this was their goal.

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Dunno about Australia being all that homogeneous. The multi-kulti agenda is pushed hard as fuck by the government while non-whites are flooding the country. I read a statistic a while back that said out of all the western nations, Australia has the highest rate of population growth at this current time.
Love the country, love the Aussie people, but I'm concerned about where things will stand in a few decades.

It’s simple.
A) Prevent Neom from succeeding from Saudi Arabia.
B) Prevent Saudi Arabia from trading wih the rest of the world
C) Without oil money and western weapons the Saudi state will get overthroughn by an ISIS like group who will imeaditly attack Neom
Honestly whoever through building a multicultural secular city filled with (soft and liberal) Euros and East Asians in a deeply religious and traditionalist country was a good idea is an idiot. The only reason Saudi Arabia is stable right now is because oil exports and the fact that America keeps giving the Saudis cheep, high quality weapons. However the oil wells will run dry, and when they do America will sop sending them weapons.

Sorry to burst the bubble but Iran has state funded trannies, its common there due to polygamy.