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Stop teaching kids about smart safety!
Kids have to be scared, weak, depended on the state goy!
Holy shit. All the saltiness from a nu-male. I can taste the soy from his voice.

Fucking autocorrect. Removed gun from my Sentence. My fault for using a Mac.

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fucking eddy eagle in the thumbnail has no trigger discipline

Fuck cartoons. Get a real gun in there, real firearms, no kiddy shit. Let them respect the tool they are working with. No games.
Would expect no less from those faggots.
You know what I mean you, shut the fuck up.

Might show them this aswell.

What happened to him? He stopped uploading last year.

School shooting competitions should be a normal and regular part of the curriculum so the United States can rightfully take its place as the new Prussia.

School-shooting competitions
School shooting-competitions

Why not both? That will sure to teach everyone about firearm safety, firefight safety and using guns effectively. Though I suppose school-shooting competitions should be carried out with less lethal ammo.

What better way to let natural selection take its course when you can have your buddies and you ready for the fucking school freak try and light up the school? Also, live fire exercises.

I wanna fuck that bird.

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>rule 63 edina eagle will never tickle your feet with her feathers

Saberspark is a fucking faggot, what do you expect?

What's wrong with the thread? I like getting angry at faggots.

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Alright, I went halfway through and it's obvious he's ripping on the quality of the PSA. As per usual with PSAs, it's cheasy and generally shit. You sound like a political idiot—Saperspark might be a faggot, but you're up there.

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The dude's a whiny bitch too. I tried watching a different video and he was shitting on Nickelodeon cartoons.

Did you even watch the video? It's an obvious joke, and streloks got it.

You do realize that Hooktube bought a farm, right?
Posting a hooktube embed is just as stupid as posting a youtube embed.

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I wish
But unfortunately, it would only lead to further screeching from the left and even more reasons for them to shit on gun laws

There's still retards that endlessly kvetch about using hooktube and it gave me the impression of shills that still tried to advertise-by-proxy the site, or newfags that regurtitated old info without any first-hand knowledge. Either way, the best way to prevent it from gaining views whatsoever is to webm it.
Too bad most of us are lazy fucks

Why do you have the need to point it out then, reverse polan?

Forgot to sage

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Pfft, lmao what a twink.

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