Blinding weapons thread

post weapons that don't necessarily harm/kill but can cause temporary/perma blindness.

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I did say necessarily, but they still can if ya want. :)

many number!

I personally think that gas is the best method, it has a big range and can totally fuck up your day. Smoke is easy to put together, and irritants are common. Its versitile too, so you can signal with one mixture, blind and incapacitate with another, and another one can be toxic. Flashbangs are great, but its not easy to put one together and you're limited to one space.

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Has anyone heard anything about the mk4? It's been in development for a while and I'm starting to think it's just going to stay there.

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I need the best chemical that causes immediate blindness and incapacitation to subdue a grown man who is trained to fight. I'm willing to use a lab to produce the chemical in high concentration.

I have ruled out capsaicin ("pepper spray") because soldiers are trained to fight through it so it lacks the immediate stopping effect I need. It also wears off quickly. I need the victim to go blind and feel so injured to his face that he knows he is completely fucked. The pain and burning should be so distracting that the idea of "fighting back" completely disappears from his focus. This should hit him with such surprise that he is worried about living through the ordeal rather than "winning" a fist fight. I want him within seconds to be begging for his dear life.

I have ruled out phenacyl chloride (the principle ingredient in tear gas canisters) because it works by tearing and takes too long to cause blindness.

I have ruled out sulfur mustard, because the effects take up to 24 hours to manifest on the victim.

The remaining possibility here is chlorine gas. At high concentrations chlorine literally burns skin on contact. But I would like to know how fast chlorine works on the eyes. I can't find data anywhere.

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Just imagining a brit trying to poke an attackers eye while he's getting stabbed furiously in the torso, his guts spilling out, coughing up blood, still valiantly trying to poke the sandniggers eye.

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go spray yourself in the face with police grade pepper spray or bear mace and see how easy it is to load and shoot accurately after.

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>Canada vs Pakistan England

I've come here for actual links on how to weaponize chlorine. I'm not here to watch you guys babble at each other. Give me some onion links if you have to.

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Just go to the hardware store and look for blindness warnings on chemicals. Industrial degreaser would be a start.

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Just get some mice and experiment on them.
Or look at gas attack reports, watch interviews with the soldiers.
What are you gonna use to deliver your gas anyway?

Eyes BTFO!


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The artfag in me suggests a cheaper pencil.

pocket sand

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Also, I was in the military scout sniper seal corps national guard, and the DOD standard OC spray is crippling. As are most brands used by LE. Unless you are complete soy you’ll overpower “trained” people hit with it. If that’s the case, maybe just go to the gym or eat a steak, or stay home and post that new upload to your incel vlog

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Sulfuric acid spray.

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If it doesn't snap you still have the intact pencil to disable the other eye, also if you're not sure what to do with it after disabling the eyes force it up the nostril before you stab it into the cheek.
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It can also deal with most common form of up-armouring for eyes (spectacles) by pushing the staff vertically behind one of the lenses and pulling back towards yourself in a standard disarm.

Something like this I would imagine…

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Oh boy this is going to be a fun video.

Are you telling me that a group of what appeared to have been around 8 officers backed away from one suspect because he had a knife and is high enough that the taser doesn't do dick? And that this ended up with possibly multiple police injuries? Good hell.

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But if it does snap then you have one piece still in the eye and you can stab the remaining piece in the eye. And eyes are pretty fucking hard so chances are it’ll snap. In bio we disected a cow’s eye and you had to fucking ram the knife in that to get it through the sclera and the pupil is a small target.
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Women are literally useless in any combat role.
All Male-squads will always outperform ones with women.

The sounds people make when they get stabbed are never dignified, to be honest. But, I think every single one of those cops needs to be fired for gross incompetence. At least in the U.S. when the taser doesn't work we don't fucking scatter and have officers push other officers behind them to take the knife. Good god, at least 5 officers with night sticks, a dog and still no coordinated effort. How does it get this bad?

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See post above: Women are literally useless in any combat role.
And it’s hard to tell on my phone screen but it seems like she’s screaming before she even gets cut. But anyways all of them falling back and the bitch with the dog just straight up running away is pathetic. Even without guns (and obviously they were in a stressful situation and didn’t have the time I do to think) but that whole situation was handled awfully.

Yeah, I get that it was a very stressful situation, but man I would prefer it if they carried pistols. I've seen a video of an American officer sight a threat, draw his sidearm, and then proceed to shoot the suspect multiple times in the span of about less than a second. If they had sidearm they would have had ample time to remove him. Then, we would just have one less Muslim(I assume, he looks brown and he's in Britain)criminal.

Anyone got that webm of the 3 female Swedish cops very unsuccessfully trying to stop a muzzie from destroying their squad car?

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At least reclaiming Britain from the ZOG seems like an easy task now.

This happened in Belgium the other month, muzzie walked up to two armed female police officers and just took their guns off them and shot them.

Police have no morale and aren't ready for any form of long riot against the ruling state, they would call the army to do their job if things got sticky wherever or not the army would do anything is another matter

Isn’t there a weaponized LED spotlight covered in piticanny rails for “search and rescue” that does something like 6gorrillion lumens within 20 meters or so? You’d need to be wearing welding shades to use it.

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Got a YouTube video but not a webm


Pocket sand.gif

I like the idea of a weaponized LED. On the other hand would be some sort of magnesium torch, that uses the same chemical reaction used in flashbangs but with no bang. (This is all speculation on my part)

Less speculation: Elemental chlorine is a gas at room temperature, but it should be able to be mixed into a stable liquid and then aerosolized under pressure. For example, "clorox" off the store shelf is chlorine bleach held stable in some kind of liquid mixture. We are aiming for a liquid clorox with a thousand times greater concentration of elemental chlorine.

In either scenario , we are going to need a true chemistry forum that allows this kind of discussion. (Many of them don't). So we need user to deliver links to forums that allow discussions of bombs and chemicals without setting bans on users.

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Hydrochloric acid appears to be a promising blinding agent. It is a liquid at room temperature, but cannot be aerosolized from a standard aluminum can like mace and pepper spray. It must be kept in glass or plastic at all times. As per this bottle here, it must be kept in a solution below 40%, otherwise it starts to evaporate at room temperature. The question remains about how fast this causes blinding on contact.

Some properties

H314: Causes severe skin burns and eye damage

Liquid or spray mist may produce tissue damage particularly on mucous membranes of eyes, mouth and respiratory tract. Skin contact may produce burns. Inhalation of the spray mist may produce severe irritation of respiratory tract, characterized by coughing, choking, or shortness of breath. Severe over-exposure can result in death.

The synthesis is rather simple, we generate hydrogen chloride gas by mixing together 140g of sodium bisulfate and 60g of sodium chloride salt and then heating. 20mL of water can be added to lower the temperature required but this is optional. Hydrogen chloride gas will be produced. This gas is lead into distilled water to produce hydrochloric acid. Be careful though, hydrogen chloride is so soluble that the water will pull itself into the tube trying to absorb it. In the video i use an elaborate back-flow prevention system to prevent loss of the product.

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get a 1 watt laser and point it directly at their eyes for just a little bit more than an instant, flashing doesnt get the full effect.

I've been flashed(idiot dragged it over my eye) and i saw a dark spot for weeks, with a powerful laser and ~.01 seconds directly in his eyes, you'll immediately blind him and induce actual pain he's never felt before.

You could maybe use a lense to de-focus a much more powerful laser (5+ watts at least) to spread over distance like a flashlight would but tighter, and cover his whole face.

picrel is the absorption spectra for the rods & cones in the eye, meaning the frequencies of light you want to concentrate your laser on. Green is probably best and easiest to find, look for 530nm.

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but for what purpose

Just make a mix of finely ground carolina reapers/ghost peppers/other really hot peppers, glass shards, and dried jellyfish tentacles.

If you notice the woman can't even handle the dog, it almost pulls her over while barking at him. She's incapable of handling the animal before anything happens.

You're trying to reinvent the wheel here. You don't need to do bullshit with chemistry when you can just have a strong enough light and battery to blind someone. A lamp used for hunting foxes at night would be perfect for blinding someone.

Did your eyes recover?

Blue laser. you can find the diodes in some old cd and/or dvd players, or if you don't have a stockpile of junk to pick through, you can get new ones from like digikey or amazon for like 5 bucks.

The mk3 was re-classified as "highly advanced weaponry" and the project had to be redefined, because not only can it cause temporary/permanent blindness but brain damage and even sudden death.

The mk4 should be far less dangerous.

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Chloropicrin is the Rolls-Royce of nasty chemical agents. An adult exposed to this chemical on his face will not be thinking about fighting anything. His eyes will slam shut and the only thing going through his mind is whether or not he will survive. (he might. see below.) There is no chemical known to science that is worse than chloropicrin, unless you go over into the world of nerve agents (VX anyone). This is not pepper spray or tear gas that police think is safe to use on random pedestrians. You are dealing with a molecule that Western civilization has decided that is not even appropriate for use in warfare.

It readily aerosolizes into a gas. If it is released indoors, every single occupant will want to get out immediately. This is the type of gas that one would release into a theater, and 20% of the occupants would die within 4 days.

It was indeed used as a weapon in WW1. Its principle use was to cause soldiers to start ripping their gas masks off, endangering them against other chemicals.

Today, chloropicrin is used in agriculture mostly for potato crops and is the main active ingredient in "broad-range soil fumigants" . Environmental groups want to ban its use.

(lacrimation = the eyes water like crying.)

Fries and West (1921) reported that the eye is very sensitive to chloropicrin, causing essentially involuntary closing of the eye. Concentrations above 25 ppm
caused the eye to close so rapidly after exposure that it was impossible to measure the time elapsed. Between 2 and 25 ppm, the eye closed within 3 to 30 seconds. Below 1 to 2 ppm, the eye did not close, but considerable blinking sometimes occurred. Prentiss (1937) reported that exposure to chloropicrin at 2 mg/L (297 ppm) or 0.8 mg/L (119 ppm) was lethal after 10 or 30 minutes, respectively. A concentration of 50 μg/L (7.4 ppm) was intolerable and concentrations as low as 2 μg/L (0.3 ppm) caused lacrimation.

In humans, inhalation of chloropicrin results in immediate cough, nausea and vomiting. With higher or prolonged exposure, dyspnea, cyanosis, and weakness develop. Death usually occurs within a few hours. Even if initial symptoms are not
severe, death may occur 3 or 4 days later due to respiratory infection. Other complications reported included nephritis.

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It is possible that nitric acid HNO3 is a more realistic blinding agent than chloropicrin for the following reasons:

1. Chloropicrin can be lethal if inhaled.

2. Chloroform has to be isolated first before the synthesis of chloropicrin can begin. But chloroform sitting in a container in open air will naturally turn into phosgene. Which is already a lethal chemical warfare agent.

3. While synthesizing chloropicrin, you will have isolated nitric acid anyway.

So 2 and 3 beg the question as to why you are going through any additional synthesis steps to get a final product.

I bet the dog would've done more than her.

I heard they are working on a new Mk5 in parallel already.
It can mildly irritate the enemy at a range of up to 50 meters in good weather conditions.
Only $150 per, with a nice and easy maintenance contract and proprietary lithium ion battery packs.
Comes with stealth coating and PTOL (Pocket transportation and ordinary light) capabilities as well.

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I found a weapon that can cause blindness. Open with caution.

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