.32 locked up

Found this little Spanish meme gun cleaning out some of my property. Seems in good shape but the fucking slide is locked up like this. Looks like this little tab in the third pic is the locking mechanism for it, but its stuck.

What do?

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Spray it with penetrating oil, wait ten minutes, then beat it on a hard surface. It looks sturdy enough to take it, and cheap enough to not feel bad about it.

Did you take the mag out, OP?

Sprayed her down and waiting now, thanks user. Seems obvious now, must be all my extra chromasomes.

Does anyone have any experience with these? The grip is cracked and a piece is moving so I doubt I could make much money out of it but its pretty light and small, might be good for girlfriend and eventually children to get used firing. How common is .32? I'm only a junior strelok so no bully please.

I found 2 with it but neither have been inside yet.

hard enough to find that .32 guns are dirt cheap. have had a couple of .32's nice to shoot, accurate enough, but got tried of trying to feed them and pawned them off to someone else. if you really like it learn to handload or accept waiting 3-4 months between being able to shoot it while you track down ammo

You don't have quite the market saturation of 9mm, but it's been around for a while and is plentiful enough; you can find it on ammoseek for a little over 20 cents a round.

About halfway through my liberal use of force I realized I migbt be pushing the damn thjng the wrong way, having onlu had experience with .22's and 12 guages. Do I keep pushing towards the front or should I be working it back. It looks like the left side off the slide missed the rail its supposed to be on.

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Take it to a gunsmith before you break it bubba.

You are a dumb fuck.

Get your choice of penetrating oil. B'Laster, Kroil, whatever. WD-40 is weaksauce. Soak it down, wait twenty minutes. If you have to use force, use a tappet hammer and a non-marring drift; a wooden dowel or brass rod and somesuch.

Work it back and forth, don't force it one way or it'll bind up and you'll really be fucked. Add oil as you go, the goal is to work loose all of the rust or whatever other crap is in there.

I got it, please excuse my retardation. Gotta learn somehow. I dont think I hurt it, slides back and forth well despite whatever I just put it through. Ill give it a good cleaning after watching someone else do it. For anyone curious the firearm I just disrespected is an Echasa Eibar .32. The grip is entirely too small, safety can't be thumbed by someone with a small enough hand to be comfortable and has brittle plastic grips.

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It's so cute! I want one now!

Congrats OP, you found a potential murder weapon!

Looks like a nice ppk clone. I’d keep it just for fun after fixing it up.

Fuck this gay earth. I too want to own a gun without going through 3 years of bullshit paperwork, medical examinations and expensive shitty gun club contests

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Well we wear our shoes in the house apparently so that is probably why. Never know what you can track in.

Tfw I have, tfw I did not think it was strange or abnormal, tfw it happens.

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I'm sure there's a paki somewhere willing to sell you one. Could also get yourself a PocketNC or other CNC mill and just home-make one (for small caliber, lest you want to risk it blowing up in your hands). CAD and home-fab is the answer to blanket gun control!

Not to rub it in, but this is the second firearm Ive brought to Zig Forums that I found on property I or my family own. The other was an old .22 I got into working order and now plink with. Some poor European probably googles schematics for handguns they saw online, and here I am abusing funs that I found under a pile of musty Maxims.

Still haven't tested this little Spanish thing out yet but I'm not really a fan as it sits. Cant feed hollow points reliably from what I've read, I have to fashion some sort of wood grips because I cant fimd a replacement for the shitty plastic ones and to top it all off its single action. Whoever bought this must have really like James Bond but had no money and even less knowledge than I do (they locked it up like that and then just LEFT IT TO ROT). If this thread is still alive by the time I take it out and test it Ill let everyone know how it went and which hand I'm missing.


The holy grail is not far brother.
Just learn Czech

Here, let me help you

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you eurofriends can always move over here
you know, if you want or whatever


How about buying ammo? I get it in bulk shipped straight to my door. I think the mailman and fedex/ups guys don't like me because of it

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Unless of course you're a journalist trying to prove that point, then you get denied for an aggravated assault conviction.

Thank you Strelok. Anyone have any suggestions on what color grip would look nice on it? Those grips seem to say MAB on them instead of Echasa but I'm more than ok with that.

Spanish pistol thread?

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Everybody with an grandfather who served during WW2 can have the luck, my gyros friend.

I'd go with the standard black like you have already have on the pistol, but you could try one of the ivory, iridescent ivory, or even red ones if you feel like forking over an extra $15.

My Grandpa brought tons of cool shit home from Italy, had a PTSD fit, and threw it all in a dump.
Feels bad man.

Very alluring. Could you please possibly read the writing off to me? I can't tell by the pictures.
Not ATF I promise

It's a star super b

Man, that is a shame. My great grandfather honestly shipped everything he could get his hands on back home to the point he owned the government money.

I know that feel all too well, orthodoxanon, that is why I joined my country's Reserve. This is as close as you can get here to guns without turning into literal Terminator or being a politician/banker/rich motherfucker.

fuck this gay earth indeed, im taking advantage of my dual citizenship and moving to a nice cold gun friendly state in america as soon as i recover from surgery, get a job, make some money, build up some contacts for work over there, and half a dozen other odds and ends.

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Maybe I'll see you over there Strelok, I'm heading to comfy PA myself.

Some pocket pistols produced from the 30's to the 70's, such as the Mauser HSC, had a "safety feature" where the slide couldn't be closed unless there was a magazine inserted.

I don't know much about Greece but can't you literally just drive North towards Moldavian/Transnistria or the Ukraine and get some cheap small caliber gun there?
That's the kind of mentality that will get you curb stomped by roaches again user.

Or you could just come live in freedom land, just don't become a fat Mc-shit eating stereotype.

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Good choice, Amish country is especially comfy.

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Feels good to be an Amerifat sometimes

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