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There are some good bits of NBC weapon information scattered throughout 8 Zig Forums. This thread is to collect it all into one place. Ideas and concepts for weapons are also welcome.

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From another post by another user:

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)

This gas is easy to make from unrestricted household chemicals. It is extremely toxic, with a mechanism of action similar to hydrogen cyanide where the gas binds with and destroys the mitochondria within living cells. The gas is a toxic as hydrogen cyanide, but it has a unpleasant rotten egg smell.

Concentrations of over 0.1 percent (1000ppm) will lead to loss of consciousness and rapid death. Production of the gas in confined spaces (with levels in excess of 1 percent) will lead to certain death.

Production of H2S

The gas is easily produced by adding a concentrated acid to an inorganic sulfide. For example, adding concentrated hydrochloric acid to calcium sulfide leads to rapid production of the gas.

2HCL + CaS -→ H2S + CaCL

A common source of sulfides in the west is "Lime Sulphur" - this is used as a common fungicide and insecticide by home gardeners. The main ingredient is calcium polysulfide in aqueous solution.

Simply adding Lime Sulphur to concentrated hydrochloric acid will produce large amounts of the gas. The only issue is finding a way to this so that the operator isnt killed.

Some euthanasia devices that could be modified for a Zig Forums NBC. And before anyone asks, no, I am not depressed. I just don't see the point in doing R&D when others have already done the work for you.

The first one would be useful when attacking someone who is unaware - the tube would go under a door, or through a small concealed hole in a wall rather than going into nasal prongs.

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An extract from the NBK2000 PDF.

Preparation of chloroacetophenone (CN)

To the round bottom flask fitted with a reflux condenser, stirrer and gas inlet tube a solution of 20 g acetophenone in 100 g acetic acid is placed. The reaction mixture is weighed and with vigorous stirring a rapid stream of chlorine is passed through the solution. If the reaction is very rapid cooling with ice-water bath may be applied. Chlorine is passed until the necessary amount of gas has been absorbed and reaction mixture is kept at room temperature until the liquid becomes colorless. Finally the reaction mixture is poured into ice-water where the products separates as an oily liquid which rapidly solidifies. The crystals are filtered and washed with distilled water and crystallized from dilute ethyl alcohol. Chloroacetophenone forms colorless or slightly yellowish crystals which melt at 58-59° C and boil at 244-245° C.

The war gases chemistry and analysis, by M. Sartory, 156, 1939.

Whats the bottom right one OP?

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US Patent 3060165 Preparation of Toxic Ricin

Isolation and Properties of Abrin

Extraction of Ricin from Castor - Thesis

Attached: Extraction_of_Ricin_from_Castor_-_Thesis.pdf (US3060165.pdf)

The War Gases - Chemistry and Analysis - Sartori

More on Hydrogen Sulfide. groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.suicide.methods/q_r_dgCDPVQ

I believe it's meant to be chemical. With the left being bio-hazardous and the top being radioactive.

thanks user

ISIS seems to have released a video on DIY bio/chemical terrorism. Haven't had any luck finding the video, but here is a partial transcript.


Might be worth hunting down this video.

Posters, actually. Here is one readable one I managed to find.

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The text reads: "One of the ways to get a chemical weapon [is to] place a bottle filled with sulfuric acid in the middle of a box [that is] perforated randomly from the top and sides. Placed around the sulfuric acid’s box [is] a[n] amount of potassium cyanide (750 grams per liter of acid). Then place around the cyanide equal amount[s] of potassium permanganate so that it does not merge [mix? touch?] [with the potassium cyanide]. Once you break the middle box and the spreading of acids to the dry material [occurs,] the interaction will start and the countdown of [the] demise of America will as well, inshallah."

There are videos as well

I wouldn't trust them to get their science right, but it would be worth a look. Fucked if I know where to find that shit though…

All hail the murdercube!

Volume 6-B Plant Based Weapons Part 1

V6B Part 2 - A Manual of Poisonous Plants

Volume 6-C Mold Based Weapons

Volume 6-E Modified Bacteria Weapons

N is too complicated, B is too fucking dangerous, C is unreliable.
That's the reason why everyone happily pat themselves on the back banning B and C… They just don't work.
C weapons come in two varieties:
-Simple, barely lethal and unreliable.
-Complex, too dangerous and unreliable.
Simple are the all the WWI gas types. Yes they do kill when in great concentration, problem is if you're not in the locked room were the weapon is you will never reach such concentrations as a result the great majority of people affected will still be combat effective while a few unlucky will die/be maimed.
That what in WWI led to the development of "blistering agents", blistering agent are basically non-lethal, but cooked exposed skin and is therefore much harder to deal with as it cause painfully debilitating injuries and can put out of commission a force very easily even if only temporarily… problem they have a permanence effect, meaning your own soldiers will likely get caught in it if your goal was to assault while the defenders are weakened.

Complex weapons are hard to create extremely dangerous to move from the lab to the battlefield (though binary agents are less dangerous… but even more complex). They can be very effective as a surprise attack but given the special facilities to make and store them and the amount of precaution you have to move them it's highly unlikely the enemy will be caught unaware in the first place.

Add wind management, widespread NRBC gear (a painter mask rated for fumes at any home depot is better than every WWII masks combined), possible long term contaminants impairing your own soldiers, etc…
That's also the reason why outside WWI and the Iran/Iraq war chemical weapons were never used, it's an ok weapon for a static war or terrorism.

But it's shit for everything else.

C would like to talk about gas attacks with you. The military wouldn't keep training every single soldier in the use of gas masks (and spend ridiculous amounts of hard cash just to keep an active stockpile of masks available. Even the German army has enough of them for fucks sake!) if gas attacks weren't so ridiculously effective.
You don't need your chemical weapons to kill the enemy. Blinding them, or causing extreme coughing will be enough to stop the enemy from fighting back and allow your troops to easily take a position.
Either because the enemy has routed, or because they are too weak to fight back properly.

Most C weapons are deployed as artillery shells nowadays. So you can keep your own troops at a distance upon firing the shells, wait for them to take effect on the enemy, and then move in with troops wearing NBC protection. Because these gases are much heavier than air (most clod up into a fine powder or oil like substance) wind won't have an effect on their spread.

Their 'science' consists of playing with human and animal shit in the hopes of cultivating large amounts of pathogens and then trying to disperse it through various means.

What they failed to realize is that while Cholera is spread through shit, the person shitting it out needs to actually be first infected with Cholera. Their instructions just assume its in every persons shit which will lead to lots of retarded muslims playing with human feces for no reason.

[insert pictures of Tokyo subway attack here]

You also forgot Radiological weapons, which can be easy and highly effective once you have your radiological material.

Another raghead design. Not sure if this would work - probably not as if it did someone would have used one by now. But I could be wrong.

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Cyanide is a base, the acid would actually neutralize it. Also it might even oxidize cyanide depending on what acid is used (H2SO4…). Also cyanide has to be ingested and absorbed before it's an issue, I doubt splashing it on some walls will kill a lot of people. They'd be better off filling bb's with cyanide and using them as shrapnel.

Ragheads are fucking stupid.

Force a blank cartridge through a washer. Take a 1/4 inch steel pipe. Seal one end with blank cartridge/washer. Fill the pipe full of whatever bad you want. Presto. I don't know why people overcomplicate things.

I thought sulfuric acid reacted with potassium cyanide to produce hydrogen cyanide gas like in a US gas chamber execution?

Why don't terrorist focus on the small to mid sized cities that have public transportation? It would cause more panic than hitting the biggest cities.

Whoa sorry, I meant H2SO, not H2SO4, because it has oxidative properties.

The military continue training with gas mask and NRBC suits, because gas mask and suits are EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE, which makes C weapons even more irrelevant.
Not because C weapons work great.
Ships rarely get sunk, even in war, yet they still teach and issue life jackets… Because the life jacket works 100%.
C weapons aren't used because they're ineffective. C protections are widely used because they are.
And get everyone instantly slaughtered by the incoming countering artillery barrage.
That's WWI tactics. To be precise the WWI tactics that didn't worked and only succeeded in killing millions on both sides…
Chemical weapons are a good idea on paper, IRL they're just shit.

Because the political elite doesn't give a fuck about what's happening outside the capital city of their choice.

You mean the time 1000+ were affected but only 13 died? If the Aum idiots had went full ISIS and just procured some AKs, how many do you think they would have killed at the rushing hour of the hyper-crowded Tokyo metro?
5 teams of 2. Each in a station at rush hour…
I think we can safely assume they would have killed more than 13 people…

Oh and they actually charged over 80 people for the attack logistics… so imagine 40 teams of 2 gunners.

Unless you're speaking neutron bomb (tactical nuclear weapon), no one wants weapons that can mostly kill the enemy by leukemia in 8 years from exposure, they'd rather stick to lead poisoning.
Again great for terror, poor for actual fighting.

This will absolutely work to produce hydrogen cyanide gas. The issue is that an alkali cyanide like the one they suggest is just as poisonous and more tightly monitored. Calling for a pound and a half of this stuff is fucking retarded, and it would get you SWATed immediately. There are better, less fucking obvious ways of doing this, but anyone able to produce this reliably is smart enough not to need instructions for middle school chemistry level reactions.

They used Sarin and let it naturally evaporate on the trains, something more potent like VX dispersed directly into the ventilation system would have killed many more.

LD50 of Sarin is 550 μg/kg
LD50 of VX is 7 µg/kg

Most modern chemical weapons enter the body via skin contact. They attack the skin, and seep into your bloodstream. Unless you issue all soldiers with complete protection suits and require them to wear them at all times, your soldiers will be fucked either way. Gasmasks are only effective against gases, and only against gases that can actually be filtered out.

In a fucking lab, with sarin that is actually pure (and terribly hard to synthesize, Aum failed to make Sarin which is why the body count was so low) and isn't Sarin/Vx "gas" but liquid Sarin/Vx through mucous absorption. The "gas" is the decaying form of the chemical that evaporates and what will afflict most people.

Which is exactly what everyone does every-time one is suspect to employ C weapons. A rubber suit isn't exactly high tech… Have some pics of those first world nations Iran-Iraq duked it out 40 years ago.
In fact modern NBCR suits prototypes exist as 2 parts regular uniforms providing basically the same level of comfort as a regular uniform (save heat management).
They aren't deployed because the price tag is too stiff and MOPP style suits are very widely stocked and fairly inexpensive.

And how are you gonna do that now that you've C weapons and are waiting for it to clear out, clearly announcing your intend to assault the position meaning the enemy is moving it's artillery to counter you?
You won't.
And get your people slaughtered.

That's called the US tactic. Pick on people that have no means of defending themselves you're sure to win no matter what retarded scheme you use.

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By gassing a larger area than I am assaulting. The enemy can't artillery the entire front line, fgt. It's like you haven't read anything Ferdinand Foch wrote.
Outdated. The US relies on airsupport nowadays, which can be warded off with AA or fighters of your own.
If you are fighting an enemy with artillery you simply shell their artillery, which means that they have to relocate and can't fire for some time.
The fucking gulf war would have been the perfect place to just rummage around and pick shit up.
Not quite. The full suits take a long-ass time to get into, and if you tear them you need a new one, because all the carbon filler/filter falls out. (inb4 "get them in a size that fits". You never get fitting clothes in the military.)
Even if you have them wear the pants and overgarment all the time, they are going to have to put on their shoes, gloves and gasmask. All of which takes time.
Have them wear the gloves and shoes for days? The sweat will make their hands and feet rot. Congratulations. You made a B weapon out of your soldiers.
So you have never worn one. Cool.
They are uncomfortable as hell. They get warm quickly, they are heavy, and you can't reach all the gear in the pockets of your blouse, which means you have to put the shit into the big front pouch they offer, which means that most of the shit will fall out if you want to take out a single item.
The gloves are thick and made out of rubber, which means that you lose all feeling in your fingers, which means that even if your suit had smaller pockets to put things into separately you would not be able to get your fingers in there in the first place. Not to mention that the gasmask/hood completely ruins your ability to hear sound. Talking and basic communication goes back to a stoneage niveau of ("grunt huff?" "huff huff grunt huff!"). It gets even worse with radios.
Hid I mention the rain? A wet NBC suit weighs a ton.
Also: taking a shit or a piss becomes a laborous task, because you have to take off the top part of your suit to take off the straps that keep on the pants, and then pull down the pants to take a shit. It takes time and effort.
If those "prototypes" you are talking about actually exist I doubt that they are anything but a cheap pentagon cashgrab. To protect against the N part of it they need a certain thickness at least. The C and B part means that they need to either be completely airtight or filter the air using carbon or anything else.

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It's an Iranian MG3. The iranian army mostly uses license build German guns (IRGC russian guns).
For the NRBC suits that shit is the same pre-1994 NATO norms that we have (except ours are jumpsuits), textile tech has seriously evolved since then and the norms with it.
What I'm talking about it's some nanotech bullshit with a fabric that is basically a gasmask filter, it make the whole thing essentially the same as a regular uniform comfort wise (except heat management).
Of course it's pretty costly and it's a consumable, so they probably have some on a shelf somewhere but you train with the old stuff.

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There are lot of chemical hazards, they have their own specific signs. Corrosive substances, poisonous gases, etc.

What happens to civilian PWR nuclear powerplants after an N-EMP/Carrington-tier geomagnetic storm?
Are they shielded enough to keep their fuel rods cooled or will they all go full Chernobyl in a matter of hours/minutes because dead generators+batteries.

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There's very thick layers of concrete around most nuclear plants and most of the water systems are designed to keep flowing even if electrical is down (and they have their own emergency power generators in the basements, again under thick layers of concrete). The chances of a PWR going nuclear is pretty slim/it would take days for that situation to arise to that level at which point they should have been able to repair the worst damage/get power back to the facility to prevent a disaster (not to mention the nuclear plant provides its own power). EMPs tend to affect small/fragile electronics more than the sort of analog/high-voltage applications in a power plant.

That being said, you really don't want to drink the water within a 100 mile radius of a nuclear power plant if it loses power for more than 24 hours because of the countermeasures used.

If you were given the option to genocide an entire nation through the use of chemical warfare, what would you use? Of course, we're just talking hypothetically here.

A biochemical agent of some kind that would lead to increased estrogen production/inhibited testosterone expression among humans.
Put it in the water/food supply of the enemy nation, apply measures to prevent immigration from said nation and wait a few decades.

Aren't we already doing this to our own people?

How about non-humans? Hypothetically speaking always…

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Can you prevent radioactive leakage by nuking the reactor?

In a decentralized pseudoguerillian fashion, but not in the conventional military sense.
It's just a carefully crafted mixture of the worst facets of nature combined with the most barely legal shit big pharma can put into ready made trash and over the counter medicinefor the most part if we're not counting (((vaccines))).

Roaches can be easily delt with using animal related, and the gorillion Apes in Africa will eat themselves back to late 19th century population numbers before long without a constant supply of free western food imports.

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If you were to use a chemical over the enemy's country which would cause massive absurd casualties before they could even understand what was going on, which chemical would you use? Serious well-documented answers only desu

And let's pretend that your country is so powerful that nobody would dare retaliate for your warcrimes - ever.

Loads of arsenic.
Poison in itself, seeps into water tabs, carcinogenic, mutagen, biomethyl (persist in the food chain), the gift that keeps on giving.

You'd need that being so powerful thing to do it either way, but you'd still do best to just use regular bombs.
1. They just work.todd
2. The amount of NBC shit you'd need to do the same would be both obscene and would make a huge mess over there (it all uncontrollably spreads) and back home (you gotta mine/make it) which would certainly result in the same situation Germany was in during WW2 if you do it to more than one tiny remote island.

Tl:dr unless you're going for the really big explosions that Nuclear weapons make or your enemy fights exclusively in tunnels, you'd do best to leave NBC alone.

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Depends. Anthrax and other limited bio agents? Not really anymore dangerous than sarin/VX perhaps less so. Shit like weaponized, genetically modified smallpox? Doomsday device tier, especially if its dispersed in the atmosphere over civilian populations.

But how do you use just bombs to take over a city with 15 million people in it? And that city also has REALLY important structures you want to be left intact

If only you knew how bad things really are…

Nightmarishly based, also Evaniids.

The problem is that parasitoid hymenoptera are far more susceptible to insecticides usually used against cockroaches than roaches themselves are so they are not so sustainable to be economically viable.

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Neutron bombs.

Do we even have neutron bombs? And why would we irradiate the most important city in the planet? Unless the radiation went away within a few days then other methods should be used to genocide Constantinople

No. White people do.

Technically speaking they are forbidden to use against conventional targets even in full M.A.D. exchange scenaria and are only used as anti-ballistic defenses against nukes but Russians have too many of them and it would be a same for them to go to waste from isotope decay now that the US is on the brink of losing its nuclear capabilities due to general population IQ and educational sink.

bump. I want to learn more about comfy chemical warfare and perfectly hand-crafted substances made for the sole purpose of eternal genocide

The premise of you having some all powerful nation that can commit genocide with no repercussions, while also needing the buildings in a city of 15 MILLION people that you've just killed is stupid.
It isn't gonna work no matter what you use, so you can remove that idea from your mind right now.

Neutron bombs have a very short range that the neutrons can do their work in which is almost identical to the regular blast radius.

Bumpan good thread

Post A E S T H E T I C NBC suits.

First pic shows soldiers of the 19th Urkainian NBC protection battalion during operation Iraqi Freedom, decontaminating a truck.
Second pic is two Leafs posing with a blowpipe SACLOS AA missile launcher, wearing NBS protective gear.
Third pic shows JSDF special weapons unit looking operator as fuck during an exercise.
Fifth and fourth pic are just some random Spaniard without a fucking filter.
I fucking love the way these look, but I don't ever want to wear one of them in a serious scenario.

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Pic one and two: Brits during an exercise.
Pic three: a Frog.
Pic four: Wessis during Operation CROCODILE
Pic five: An Aussie with his AUG.

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Pic one: Some random American worker carrying a cute rabbit through a Sarin gas production facility to locate leaks.
Pic two: Another pic of Operation CROCODILE. Looks uncomfortable to me.
Pic three and four: Russians, possibly during the Vladivostok exercise this year. Not sure.
Pic five: An American suffering.

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ISIS is a lot different than the previous insurgencies. They have a lot of western-educated members, as they were trying to create an actual state, not just repel a superpower like the US or the USSR. This is why ISIS was more dangerous for a while. I am not clicking those links, but I wouldn't rule out such an attack. Be ready, my friends. Trouble can find you anywhere, and sometimes you can't shoot back. These fucking goat fuckers need to die.

Pic one and two: old brits.
Pic three and four: new brits. Notice that one of them is just another angle on one of the previous pics, but you can clearly see why the other angle was chosen.
Pic five: Товариш Ивап about to fuck up.

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remember the atropine!!!!!!! stuck on my anthrax kit!!!!

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This was posted in another thread. It really belongs here though.

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Enhanced Radiation Weapons aren't complicated to produce for a nuclear power. It's just a normal Ulam-Teller design, with the neutron reflector case replaced with a case material that is easily penetrated by neutron radiation or enhances neutron production, some designs contain a boosting isotope in the pit to increased neutron output. With a non-reflecting case material, yeild is also significantly reduced.

It's a common misconception that ERW are "banned" or "prohibited" for use in a counter-value nuclear exchange, it's simply a rumor, much in the same way ERW are imbued with effects they don't possess. ERW are by design a smaller warhead, to have a neutron release large enough to kill a major metropolitan area would require a warhead so large it would cause secondary blast damage on the same level as a standard blast warhead, negating the purpose of using an ERW altogether. This by nature restricts them to counter-force use.

The ERW concept was initially developed around the idea of a tactically deployable anti-armor platform to combat Soviet armor masses, said platform would have a reduced destructive factor to preserve nearby infrastructure, but maximized neutron output.

Operationally, ERW were first deployed with ABM/IADS on platforms like the Sprint and 53T6, working by partly . Eventually, they were fielded in initially intended role with the MGM-52.

r/questing a simple bugbomb batch

Ever wanted to make your very own apocalyptic plague? Now you can!

Just recreate the setup shown in the video and wait about 2 weeks for your new, incurable blight to evolve. Remove samples of bacteria from the region(s) with the highest concentration of antibiotics with a pipette for cultivation.

To weaponize: simply mix the cultivated samples with distilled water (not too hot, you don't want to denature the bacteria's proteins and enzymes) and pour into an empty spray bottle. Congratulations! You're now a bio-terrorist.

Too much effort. Just wipe down a door handle in some hospital and throw the tissue at someone's face.

It's not very effective.

Depends on type of agent. Nerv agents are lethal through skin and still are very dangerous. Putting on NBC suit takes time and if soldier does after he was covered by agent he is dead. Solution is to wear NBC suit all the time. But basic rubber airtight suit is unsuitable for this, to hot and accumulates sweat.

This lead to development of modern filtering suits. This is basically gas mask filter spread over the body. It releases sweat and can be worn as uniform prolonged period of time using 24/7 regime. But for example USSR was too poorfag to afford such suits and used old and not very useful rubber suits.

Also there is rumors that new generation of soviet notorious Novichok agents had formula that penetrates NATO filtering suits rendering them completely useless.

US is sitting on the powder keg.

How do I build a private nuke? asking for a Korean friend.

Watch this movie.

Urbanite antibiotic resistant bacteria are fucking shit outside of (((hospitals))), they make you puke and spew shit for 3 days at most after which the symptoms wear off within a day or two.
Ruralist master race influenza on the other hand not only locks you down with less severe fever for up to 6 days depending on the specimen but also persists through a runny nose for an additional week.

Does that actually work? I always thought the shrapnel would heat up from the explosion enough to burn off any poison you put on top like that

How would poison burn off? use venom if need be.

Aum had AK's. They machined them themselves. They ware quite technicaly sophisticated.

Radiological weapons are area denial. Spread that Co-60 or Cs-137 with some bombs in beverly hills or some valuable commercial district and it becomes a no-go zone requiring very expensive cleanup.

Buy a surplus NBC suit and try it out, it sucks. Even civilian rain gear sucks when worn for a long time.

Any idea about what forum that is from?
It has the same feel roguesci used to have.

do they come in size for someone 6'10?

1. basically just create a second synthetic "skin", so your own precious skin doesn't have to work to keep you alive separating you from fucking deadly shit. a synthetic skin could be a nylon suit, or it could be a bivouac or some kind of shelter. even taping your windows and doors counts. benefit of synthetic skin is when bad shit sticks to it, you can take it off, unlike your real skin. also you can have as many layers as the situation requires.

2. filter your air and water as best as possible. if you're dealing with biologicals just heat your water to 100 degrees C for 90 minutes, it kills everything.

3. eat canned food.

You can survive for decades in highly radioactive or biosafety level 4 scenario like that.

t. phd

So the Fluorinated Hydrocarbons (refrigerants) present inside of a compressor could be a useful chemical weapon insomuch as, while they tend to disperse in open air, in a closed environment they linger and cause all sorts of nasty effects. In smaller quantities they'll cause frostbite or knock your ass out, but in higher quantities they get really gruesome since your lungs compress air and thus when you get refrigerants in high quantities in your lungs, they'll either act like they would in a compressor and turn back into an uncompressable liquid while freezing your lungs, or they'll get stuck and linger, and the recipient will either die from the compression effects inside their lungs or from how heavy the refrigerants are in relation to air causing hypoxia. Best of all, the reason people tell you not to mix refrigerants or use old refrigerant is because the mixture is off and it'll cause all sorts of problems. This is correct insomuch that I've done just that and your compressor will get too hot/too cold and other bullshit but will continue to run sub-optimally. In the human lungs which compress this shit but don't do a good job of it, mixing various refrigerants together can cause all sorts of reactions. It's "illegal to vent refrigerants" (not that it stops HVAC techs from doing so), but more importantly it's easy to collect old/dying fridges/freezers because of those laws making it so waste facilities don't want to deal with that bullshit. This means you could go around business to business in a day and since you're not aiming to get every last drop out and are only compressing to get out, say 70-80% of the refrigerant, get a bunch of free refrigerant, mix them together (illegally), and dump them into the ventilation system of a building while blocking off escape vents to the outside world with something as simple as a rag, thus flooding an office building or similar institution with refrigerant that could likely kill many of the inhabitants and fuck up the brains and hearts of those who survive it.


Question somewhat relevant to the thread. Wouldn't it make more sense to quietly poison water supplies with radioactive material rather than bomb places? it would kill more people

Anybody have those pdfs relating to poisons/ricins?
And what's the utility of embedding a poison into a hollow .223 or such, like wax-capping it. A poison that would allow you to miss the killzones in a long-range shot but still finish the job when the bullet fragments.
just curious what y'all think.

I've not been through this one myself but his explosive and incendiary books are fine.

One of the reasons bows and crossbows are still useful I think (especially in no-guns bongland), there are dozens of deadly poisons knocking about in nature. If you find a deadly plant (monk's hood being a favourite over here) you just need to SLOWLY boil it (don't destroy the posions) to a paste and you're sorted for a guaranteed kill.

I've got this, never tested them.

Also, this book might be relevant for you especially, being American, if you decide on the arrow/bolt/blade route. You could put these posions on caltrops or anything similar. A favourite tactic in WW2 was to hand a line with fish hooks in dark rooms and near windows, I imagine poisoned hooks wold be even more effective. Loads of ideas to consider really.

For any alkaline extracts the homebrew method is minced plant matter with double volume of ethyl alcohol.

Low heat and reduce volume by half.

Filter material and spread liquid on a non reactive surface, such as a glass baking dish or similar. Allow ethyl alcohol to evaporate.

Remaining material should be about seventy percent pure alkali.

How come with ho prevalent all this info is you rarely see such happenings only with just guns. Has there been a bombing in ameria in recent history? I don't mean the 20's I mean more this century and no not 9/11 even though it was a controlled demo.

combloc gp7v fag here, me and gf both have these. Any one know modern 40mm GOST filters and a source to buy them? or thoughts on GP7 filters? I have found near to no info on gp7 specific filters and only gp5 filter info.

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It's prevalent, but I imagine it's like how millions of people buy recipe books but never cook anything out of it. It takes a bit more effort, and the 'fast food' in this case is a firearm which does its job well enough.

Purportedly FP-5 filters work both in NATO and Combloc 40mm.

yea i looked into those filters, but i got my GPF a israeli 4a1 and im gonna get a israeli m15. Kikes make great masks.

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Aren't those basically a copy of a Bundeswehr M65?

the m15 yea its just a better draeger m65, the 4a1 is the draeger suplex. BUT they both have normalized threads and can fit both 40mm STANAG and GOST

Fire is equally effective in most situations.

I got an idea.
How about doping airburst artillery shells with LSD?
You could effectively knock out enemy combatants and nobody gets to go "muh warcrimes'

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What's the best glasses low cost NATO filter mask with an eyeglasses insert? Who sells eyeglasses inserts with custom lens?

I researched it for a bit and while LSD is rather heat and light sensitive, it should last long enough for it to be an effective incapacitating agent. The delivery would be an issue though, an explosion could very well oxidize the indole ring in the molecule, rendering it useless. I think crop dusting would be a better alternative.

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The goal of an incapacitant is to stop a target from shooting, I'm not sure LSD does that at all.

well what about trying to make it in an aerosol form, mixing it with other things like Hyoscine SBR to make the people who are inhaling it fucked and in a nightmare trip

No. Weaponized vap juice or as I like to call it, the Finnish fuck you. Nicotine is absorbed through the skin and isn't decomposing trash like LSD is. By the time they've realized they're ODing on nicotine its pretty much game over.