Ghetto warfare general

But I thought gun control kept people safe. Is it time UK to have Tougher life control? How does the rest of Western Europe deal with street gangs? U.S cops would of killed half of these punks years ago.

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Can't the british government just harvest fetuses aged up to two weeks for stem cells and blood?
asking unironically, since that's a thing that's legal in britbongistan.
After all, fetuses aren't human (^:
They're just lumps of cells, just like politicians
Alternatively hook up corpses to some machinery that artificially keeps (whatever not cannibalized) organs working?

O- masterrace. I used to donate blood fairly often but the more time I've spent in public, the less I want to contribute to its growth.
It's only a matter of time before the brits make blood donations mandatory.

As Alfie Evans proved, children are government property, in fact everyone in socialized healtcare is.


I still don't understand how the fathers of these children didn't go full postal on the government after that.

estrogen in the water?

That's rather morbid.

So it's white genocide by blood letting? I hope the good goy white britons dont donate blood. I strongly suggest none of you ever donating blood. If a friend or loved one or family member needs a blood transfusion you can donate then and there specifically for that person provided youre O type or compatible.
this has been a PSA by a Zig Forumsa/k/

Dunno fam. Maybe it's just me, but if I lost my baby I probably wouldn't bother to be as civil as I am now. Any edginess not intended.

What about selling my blood?

You get more from selling plasma.

Good thing they banned those guns right guys?

Maybe brits believe that children are government property and due to technological shortcomings the state can't just yet produce them on its own, so reproductors and government approved parental units are still required.
In Poland current government proudly proclaimed 5/9th ownership share of every child in families using the 500 PLN child handout program.

Old and tired
meh, pic related

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I just realize London would make a perfect setting for a condemned game.

Anything to avoid pointing out their arab roots amirite?

I think the British the only ones who call Arabs Asians. They don’t call Indian people Asians.

yes, they do call hindus "asians" just as pakis, the reasoning is that pakistan and india are on the asian continent, that makes them asiatics :^)

In British parlance East Asians are called Orientals, and Asian means South Asian. It's not that they want to say it's a bunch of Japanese doing these crimes, they just need a word to describe all these shitskins they invited from their former colonies. Therefore if a bunch of Koreans were chopping up dogs in Londonistan, then they'd speak about Orientals. Also, as far as I know Pakis are not Arabs.

But that's a bread knife?

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Someone do this, but with a samurai

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Nuke us.

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So do something about it.

How about you do something about the niggers in America, ami.
It's not that fucking easy to convince your shithouse representative democracy government who gets paid off by the EU to just "do something."

We already have a near perfect system for letting nonwhites, Jews, and cucks run around freely; we call them cities. Only bad thing about this system is some dumb fuck along the line thought it would be a grand idea to let such filth that doesn't even have a stake in the land vote.

By either rolling over and dying like tolerant european serfs they are, or by nudging a certain russian and just looking the other way for a next few weeks or months. Well, that's if narcotics are involved.

But yeah, only thing western europeans can and will realistically do is to just roll over and die while asking for forgiveness for the sin of existing and being european.

Here's a thought: if you live in an environment where you are more likely to be stabbed than shot (UK, Australia, etc) what kind of IFAK should you carry?

Haemostatic agent, tourniquet, a bandage (Israeli?), and gloves seems like a good start. But would you want or need to bother with chest seals?

Point and laugh. It's what Europe wants, to commit cultural suicide.

And the brit cucks said they don't need armor in my knife fight thread.

Shake my dick head….


Is that bread still on the blade? Anyone noticed modern street gangs look more stupid and Primitive compared to street gangs in the late 80s to early 90s? Mexicans and Arabs gangs can’t do anything but brute force. While black gangs in the 90s were smart enough to use hit and run Techniques and economic warfare.( the crips figure out if they deal hard drugs in the bloods neighborhoods long enough they will lower Property values of theirs enemies). Than again back than cops were actually allowed to fight back. Blood and crips had to put enfort in operating. Now the biggest Black gang now is BLM. They depends on democrat dibs than fighting for turf.


Chainmail is for preventing knife injuries. I want to know what I need to treat them until paramedics arrive.

prevention > cure

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I think he meant the first aid to treat the knife injuries.

Isn't chainmail primarily made to prevent slashing attacks, and does little to prevent penetrating hits?

It will prevent them, it's just that piercing attacks with a thin knife are capable of defeating them, when used with full weight of the body, while slashes would not.

Oh bullshit nigger. See video, even a goddamn spear thrust cannot dent it.

Americans know jack about melee weapon and melee armor.

Yes and no. Mail and provide very good protection against stabbing, but it is a potential weakness because something that can get into the rings can force them apart. Think "Pompeii" and "Mainz" gladius. When fighting armored heavy infantry during the early expansion they used a very sharp, tapered gladius to maximize ability to pierce chainmail; when they fought lightly armored barbarians later they went for a much broader tip for better killing.

Another way to deal with mail is to use a mace. It wont break through the mail, but it will break the bones underneath the armour. That's probably why most wore mail over a gambeson. The padded gambeson helped absorb blunt force trauma, and made wearing the mail more comfortable.

Gambeson will not offer much help against a mace, or a battle axe(hatchet maybe) or longbow/crossbow or poleaxe. It will protect you from slashes and cuts though, especially with dull weapons, as well as the blunt impact of them. Thrown stones or darts can also be stopped by it. Its protection overlaps with chainmail against cuts, but the latter will not help if you get hit by a sword even if you do not get cut, as this metal bar can still easily break the bone. There are multiple layers of protection with mail being more durable and repairable, as well as acting as hard shell(think of ceramics or hard metal in modern armor) which accepts and spreads applied force and gambeson being a soft layer and absorbing it. In later outfits you also have a coat of arms put over mail and gambeson, which offers even more protection, stopping even direct hits and allowing other layers to stop them if first layer fails.

The absolute state of western civilization. In the past we mass-genocided shitskins on the whim and now we consider is "near-perfect" to have MILLIONS of them live in expensive mega-cities and get welfare. Our ancestors, every last one of them, are rolling in their graves.

Who cares, let them bleed out on the street, more dead Londoners is always a good thing.

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It's more jarring to see "conservatists" defend the following: free market, women in the work force, taxes other than poll tax, divorce, abortion, women participating in politics.

The reason we say "Asian" is because unlike the US, we're not scared to say "Oriental". They have always been called Asian, only you cunts changed it and started calling sliteyes "Asian" instead.

At least they have British Army Veterans like vid related.

This is mainly because wogs don't donate blood, that's literally it




No. The only ancestors who are rolling in their graves are the ones who haven't disowned their descendants. The Caroleans despise the modern swedes. The citizens who put Louis XVI of France to death don't care about 'modern' French. The British men of empire are laughing at the crime in England for they knew this is what would happen. The pagan ancestors of Europe are in Valhalla - why would they care about cucked Europe? The Roman are not surprised that Europe has once again been ruined by Germans, and can smile this time as Germans are on the receiving end of what they have given to others throughout history. And on and on it goes…

I'm sure niggers have a firm grasp of property values.

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You can't take gun control seriously when a country with tiny population has 10 times the number of knife attacks as a country with large population has gun attacks.

jp got the get spamming threads and killed a few old ones.

thanks jp. ffs.

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inb4 Britain passes knife control laws that requires people to have knife licenses to own anything that isn't a plastic butter knife

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They probably outlaw butter knives also.

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Blacks are pissed that Mexicans turned L.A into a mexico hellhole 2.0
who would win a Blacks vs Mexicans race war?
P.S liberals and Mexicans are calling this black man a nigger in the comments.

The more they kill each other, the better.
Only thing I want is to get the USS Iowa moved somewhere better.

Don't you need to be over 18 to buy plastic knives in the UK?
If anything, boiled water/kettle licenses are the future.

I think they should ban black plastic assault knife handles because they look scary. Why are people in Britain still allowed to own automatic assault knives anyway? why won't they think of the children? how will the Asian peace gangs culturally enrich them if they get stabbed to death by alt right britons?

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Well Neurehefeld is safe.

How to light a fire under the bong's asses in one easy step.

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Are they that ignorant? I have never been inside a house that didn't have a kettle in the kitchen

You joke but if they ban kettles there would be armed revolt.

Armed with what? They already lost their knives and guns, might as well lose any possible assault blunt weapons designed to disguise their killing capability with utility "unnecessary for unlicensed citizens". Tactical soy is already deployed, so trannies might become indistinguishable from a regular people. The only possible thing to happen and not perish instantly would be something like "la soy resistance".:^)

Boy, where the hell you from?


Think I saw one in my attic when i was putting christmas shit away but I could be wrong

Where the fuck are you from where not a single person you know has a tea kettle?
Can't be New England, and you sure as hell aren't from the South.
Zig Forums - Tea Kettles

Zig Forumsettle

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If we (as in my family) needed to make tea to ice.
1. Two cups water in Pyrex.
2. Two minutes in Microwave, or till rolling boil.
3. Two bags to steep till main body of Pyrex is cold enough to hold comfortably in hand and tea has made it hard to see through.
4. Remove tea bags gently squeezing out remaining fluid.
5. Pour into gallon jug add 1 cup sugar and fill rest of the way with cold water.

There's firearms everywhere out in the countryside tbh, roughly 1.3m registered Shotgun owners and 500k "other" owners (rifles), which is a fair few considering how shit our gun laws are.

nothing is really stopping people from owning blades either, it's only in the cities you see the "wow look at this butter knife" shit, I own swords myself

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The founding fathers never intended the Second Amendment to cover assault cookware. They didn't even know what Pyrex or a microwave was when they wrote the constituation.

Ah yes. Armed with their kettles and posh tea bags I assume.

I can't believe i spent an hour drawing this shit

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It's perfect

Lovely! Thanks Slav artist.

What the kurwa fuck?
t. submitted the papers today


UK never lost their guns contrary to popular belief. They lost their handguns. Rifles and Shotguns are fine and you can even have fully automatic shotguns in UK without too much of an issue. In some instances the UK is actually better than some US states for guns.

Some brilliant spokesman from PiS boasted publicly that from average 900pln/monthly spent on a child, 500 comes from 500+
But that wasn't as golden of a sentence as Minister of Education expressing her grief over "children slipping out of the system" when referring to homeschooling
remember not to vote for (((March of Tyranny)))

Polak potrafi (^:


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Now put on an article from Britain about an "Asian man" stabbing someone

and he shold be holding a Dakimakura

Can't you do it? You burger are the one that hates britbong's guts (then again, everyone does except for polan). Also some witty fucker should think of the text that accompany it.

Nah, i'm keeping the radish since i love pickled radishes

This kills the anglo.

To be more accurate should be Brit sending Ausfag to their deaths at hands of Nip


Burger geography education everyone

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Strange… you're a mudslime yet I can't bring myself to hate you.

We hate them for the betrayal during and after the war but instead of raging, poles just go steal jobs (^:

You might notice certain similarity between the flag of Poland, Monaco and Indonesia.

Learning the difference between the flag of Poland and Indonesia is the same as learning the difference from left and right.

Which is something some burgers cant into like how poland cant into space.

Newsflash: Christians are growing in here, and we already got alot of em despite being less than 10% of the population. Hell, i could say that we have more christians here than for example, leafland. Living here ain't that bad, since the muzzies don't meddle with our business (most of the time), hell some of them even stood guard to protect us from possible attacks during easter / christmas mass. Getting permits to build churches is a pain in the ass though, i've had a neighbor that said it took a decade or so to be able to build a church, and even then the local community might not even accept them.
It's kind of annoying, but that doesn't mean faith won't thrive in these places.

Also work off those debts you lazy hummus

Kys famalam

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I'm a bonafide Dixiean, and I have never seen anyone use an actual tea kettle.