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How long after its foundation was the NRA subverted/pozzed?

Mid-70s. You can tell that's where the jews happened because the author assures us that they didn't become evil baby-killing Nazis until 1977.

1934 at least.

A little over 60 years unless they supported gun control prior to the 1934 NFA.

There is no moderate stance on
"Shall not be infringed"
Same as there is no moderate state on constitution.

So who exactly is this "leadership"?


democracy of course.
the power structure is blurred enough that you'll never be able to hold anyone specific responsible (^:

It's fucked when not even an American knows who the fuck is running the NRA.

I love how they paint it as "if you give them a smaller piece of your cake, they won't come back and ask for more!"

All the fucking NRA has to do is lobby like GOA and NAGR does. That's it. Gun rights were seeing a resurgence for the last fucking decade despite all the talk of gun grabs and that's when all the mass shootings and hysteria began to try and crack down on funs. If the NRA lobbied like they're supposed to, and they really only have to lobby for a couple months until the hysteria dies down, this shit would for the most part go away or at least be at bay. Instead they actively hand away our damn god given rights every fucking opportunity they get, sometimes intentionally to raise more funding. As long as the NRA are the "moderate group" they will continue to be the fucking baby-killing maniacs as far as the left is concerned because they are the moderate group. All moderate groups do is shift your organization towards less gun rights. If the NRA wanted to be a "moderate" group, they should be going "oh hey, look at how NAGR/GOA wants you to own machine guns! We just want you to be able to have that scary black rifle" not "please tread on me!" like the fucking spineless cucks they are.


Goy, these gun fanatics are preventing the NRA from compromising away your inalienable rights! Stop them!

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1934, when they supported the NFA.


>(((moderate supporters)))

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Wayne LaPierre and the board of directors (or whatever they call themselves) are the faces. The true leaders are fudd tier donors

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Does NAGR actually do anything? Already a member of GOA and a few state level gun rights organizations but I can always join another NRA still sends me ads but those go right to the shredder

The entire "Fudd" myth is created to help divide and conquer the gun owners. The real power behind the NRA is the top tier industry leaders, CEO's, company owners, the businesses themselves. Look at the board. Hunters aren't trying to ban guns or further gun control, they are against as much as anyone. They aren't in a run to compromise. The real issue is that the industry leaders are a small elite group that can be wined, dined, isolated, talked to, brought into the capital and politics, made "leaders" and "spokesmen" of the industry and the so called made up "shooting community" and therefore all of "our" power is held in these top ranking people with vested interests in keeping the industry alive, even if that means compromising to stave off those evil final bans.

Its an old Roman tactic. They tried to give barbarian tribes kings so that way instead of trying to fight and quell 20 different connected tribes they could just reason, negotiate, buy, control, corrupt, own, create puppet of, play politics with ONE man, one king instead of many tribal leaders and tribes themselves. Centralize the power into a handful of elites, than control the elites.

The NRA is controlled by the handful of industry heads. The idea that gun controllers have is to put the power of the entire range of shooting sports into one organization (the NRA) and all of the influence and power into the handful of elites that run the industry. Then, after they accomplish this, they can do the same thing: threaten, bully, coerce, bribe, corrupt, make puppets, extort, or at least negotiate this handful of elites in this one organization and not with the 80-90 million gun owners themselves. Everything they are telling the industry heads is "don't listen to customers, tell the customer what they want to buy and what is trendy" and telling the industry heads "you control the shooting sports, not the tens of millions of shooters out there" and trying to create their own small cadre that "leads' the shooting sports, try to convince shooters they should follow the industry (rather than the industry follow the customer) and try to convince shooters to listen to their "kings" and shooting sports "spokesmen" and "leaders" instead of shooters telling the NRA and other groups what to do.

What did they do in Afghanistan? Set up a another generic central state because they can control central states? Certainly it failed, but its the only tactic they know how to use.

I don't think it will work, the NRA is in all reality still pro gun, its membership is rabidly pro gun and won't tolerate compromise, the industry heads know at some point gun control is progressive and compromise will doom them, not save them, most of all, like Afghanistan, NOBODY gives a fuck what the "spokesmen" or "leaders' in the shooting sports say, what the NRA's "official" stance or directive is, nobody is influenced by the NRA so even if they do corrupt it it wont' change anything because the tribes and people have all the say, not their precious "kings" and organizations. 80 million gun owners reject gun control, that's why it fails, not because of any lobbying group. That's why gun control can't work; their "corrupt the tiny top" tactic can't possibly work But let them try.

There is no time for insulting other gun owners who stand with you. Keep your eyes on the prize.

The NRA has until 2033 to change its tune. That is when the Boomers start hitting median life expectancy and begin dropping like flies. At this rate however I think they will be replaced. Cody Wilson has won more good will with his political stunts than the NRA has in a long time.

Spoken truly like someone who has never even been to a range. Fudds are very much real.
Guess those 6 million members don't exist.
Yes, many are. Dads who have two rifles or a shotgun of some sort are the propellant behind a lot of this. They are of the vague opinion of 'guns are good' but see things like complete background checks and automatic bans as reasonable and unarguable.
They are controlled opposition at best and actively working against gun rights at worst.
Except they wouldn't be members of the NRA if they were.
This is one ridiculously retarded post

About three years ago, a Strelok found a jewtube video of this faggot in the pic, harassing a man that was open carrying outside a zoo. It was later reviled through his own comments on his video that this faggot was a hunter and had guns of his own, and he felt that nobody should be allowed to carry for self defense. Fudds are not a myth Strelok. They 100% exist, and they use leftist politics to bargain away the rights of others just so they can still have their sport.

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Those "Fudds" revolted against the NRA's old leadership in the 70's and changed it into a pro gun outfit. Those "Fudds" revolted at the ballot box and destroyed the Democrat hold on the Legislative branch after the Assault Weapons Ban and punished the party for decades after that for that act. The "Fudds" were so much for compromise they overthrew the NRA, they were so damned anti assault weapon they threw a party out of perpetual power for passing a 10 year ban on them. Those darn Fudds, tho, they are the real problem.

The Fudd is a myth in the way you portray the old gun culture. Of course the anti gunners take on token gun owners who are willing to compromise and put them on front page news and TV, but like everything else in the media isn't this a nearly completely made up image? A tiny, tiny handful of old culture gun owners, a few dozen out of what, tens upon tens of millions, are thrown into the spotlight to create a false image, a false narrative, and now you bite into it with full force? You fell for the fake news. You let them fool you. They got you to turn on tens of millions of gun owners because they made up a nearly completely phony image of them. it shows how easy it is for them to get you to turn on your own, how fast.

You find one image of one man in a single video of a single incident, and now he is the face and PROOF of an entire segment of gun owners, the old culture who are the backbone and majority of gun owners, and cast them all in one light? Now every hunter, every man with a few shotguns and rifles is your mortal enemy, far worse than those actively trying to take your rights?

You want to change things for the better, start bitching and revolting in the NRA again, joining some no name, no power lobby won't do anything but give someone else you money. Attacking and dividing the gun community is doing your enemies work for you. Remember that the boys at the top are the ones at risk of falling into the enemies hands, not the hunters or other people from the old culture. Let the industry, let the NRA, let the people in charge know they can't get away with this.

I have met an uncountable number of people personally who have made me say to myself 'This guy is stereotypical fudd'. The issue with what you're trying to assert is that I don't watch or listen to any media past imageboards, and the existence of fudds is easily proven by an afternoon at the range, making your points about being influenced extremely hypocritical.

Hurr Durr fudds "aren't real". Try harder. Look at Australia- a whole nation of fudd gun owners who turned as one to throw anyone who had a semi-auto under the bus, saying "'you must be a shit shot if you need more than one round to hit something ya cunt'". Not to mention the amount of ex-military fucks who harp on that only someone with 'their' level of firearm "expertise" should own one (LOL). Fuck you and those like you.

And no-one ever said that "every hunter, every man with a few shotguns and rifles" is a fudd. You're strawmanning too hard. The old Roman tactic being used here (by you) is 'divide et impera'- you want people to go along with the NRA and its compromises until you guys there are as fucked as us here.

These guys are right:

And yeah you're right that people who care should kick up a stink inside the NRA at all times until it stops bending over and holding it's own ass open for the big government gun control dick and starts clawing back the rights you had in the first place, but that doesen't make the NRA anything but a good goy until it actually gets shit done.

So what do these guys do? Throw their riles onto the ground in a fit of rage when they see an "assault rifle" and start screeching and handing out gun control literature and telling you to melt them down into peace sculptures and start singing Koombaya?

40yr/o+ boomer, has wooden furniture large-bore deer rifles, kitted out handguns ("ghost sights" and laser pointers), acts as if they have great knowledge on everything to do with firearms, clearly doesn't, supports 'reasonable' gun control, i.e background checks, comes in with faux camo.. iunno. Tack on anything you like. Maybe try knowing things about stuff you want to act like you know about instead of spouting retardation

I don't disagree with you on focusing more on the big problem at hand, you make a good point, but did those faggots cutting their AR's in half to virtue signal after that Goblino shot up that school not register to you? A Fudd is any gun owner that stops seeing firearms as a means to protect their people and country, and more as a sport tool that fulfills a mundane purpose. There are a bunch of hunters that advocate for gun control in the US.

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Nagger spent more than the NRA in 2013 and 2014 which effectively forced the NRA to actually spend money lobbying instead of lining their pockets. It's basically a giant lobbying group. If you've got the money and don't mind it being used to bully the NRA & RINOs, then they're a great organization. If you specifically want the money to be used for gun rights, GOA is a better overall option. I know NAGR runs all kinds of social media shit all the time where members have a chance to win free rifles and such though.

mot important now is that NRA did nothing for Defense Distributed and they have zero comment on the 3d printed gun laws and they seem to silently side with gun manufacturers against american's 2A rights.

Wew, at least UCLA or some other shit is so dedicated to 1A they are willing to say that phone scams, extortion, stolen valor and a few other crimes that involve words are also free speech


I've known many fudds, these are the people who will bend under pressure and gladly accept more gun control, they don't know shit about guns and view them as simple objects of "fun" or "hunting". They simply voted for trump because that is the way our "democratic" system is set up, they had no other choice. This includes my father, my fathers friends, men who've been in the lane next to me on the range complaining about my "assault rifle", and many more.
They exist, just because they may not make up the majority of gun owners doesn't mean they aren't a large margin of the gun community.

This is good, but Kraut is another example of a kike rising to the top of an opposition movement to control it's direction.

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If he's truly going to subvert the NRA the worst he can do is make the NRA keep doing exactly what it is doing right now.

I heard Kruat wants to repeal the NFA.

Yeah, and it's there as an appeal to the base. No more, no less.
An immediate repeal of the NFA is not politically feasible. No matter who gets elected, you're not going to just waltz into Congress and cunt punt the final boss of gun control. You've got to fight for the small victories and shift the Overton window that much farther to the side of freedom, until such a time as when the final victory can be achieved.

But the rhetoric is important. Regardless of what he did after the election, look at how Trump was able to make immigration a much more common talking point–he waltzed in and said, "Mexico sends rapists, we need a wall." Even if that doesn't end with us getting a wall but it fucking should, because he went all the way on the rhetoric suddenly other Repubs were willing to talk about immigration reform instead of the "natural conservatives" meme. If you want to see the NFA repealed in 10 years, you need to start talking about NFA repeal now.

We're an oligarchy at this point. Most people don't care about the Constitution, save for folk like Ron Paul or Cato the Younger :^).

Or he could make a bunch of promises and put on a show for a while until the angry gun owners have calmed down and then uh-oh the demographics are fucked and no pro-gun republicans can be elected into office again.

He's probably full of shit. Look at those beady, scheming eyes.

While I enjoy you cunts having slap fights I can say I've seen a lot of retards get firearm licenses so even if you try to regulate it the people you least want to have guns still get them either way. The regulation idea simply doesn't work and while I agree with regulation (in a sane society, not this one) it's obvious the NRA are not helping keep guns where they need to be.

In a sane society I would say mentally ill people shouldn't be allowed firearms. A case of "you can by default but if X is true then you cannot" which would apply to any one with a serious mental illness that could make them go postal. Thinks like Bipolar, Schitzos, that kind of fucked up people. Not only because those people can be dangerous but because they're the poster child to take away gun rights in the first place. You draw a big firm line in the sand and you write it in plain English not Jew so that it cannot ever be changed.

As an outsider watching the American gun shit it's obvious that the NRA are slowly bleeding out the gun rights of the people they're supposed to protect. It's very similar to our conservative party where a "traditional" organization creeps more and more to the left until it is simply the left wearing a tweed jacket. The NRA will not defend your gun rights, it will only act as a counter weight so no real weight can be put on the pro-gun side. Anything past the NRA will be labeled too extreme and possibly a terrorist group, the NRA will be painted as an extreme group (as they are now) because it creates a line in the sand for liberals to socially destroy you if you cross.

The situation is really obvious to an outsider who has almost no knowledge of the NRA's activities. Any time there is any sort of major crime involving a gun the NRA are there to say they think it's a reasonable ban happening and that it's not the gun grab people fear. But it doesn't matter if it's a gun grab or not because you're being nickle and dimed out of your gun any way.

I've met literally hundreds of these types here. They buy all the gear and then make up incredibly stories of how good they are when they can barely hold a gun properly. They're the type of guy who tell everyone else they caught the biggest fish ever today when they were fishing in the water fountain at work.

Where do you think the NRA gets it's money from? They're not going to defend something you can do at home if it fucks their sponsors over. Follow the money.

No rhetoric is meaningless you TRS faggot. Everything you see in the mainstream is controlled. It's controlled to make the status quo stay as it is and that includes giving and taking a little with your lies.

The rise of the alt right or however you wish to label the pro-white movements was obvious to any one paying attention. As you start pushing multiculturalism to replacement levels (not just everyone in together but mixed race couple in every advertisement, all nigger mainstream movies) you will create a backlash. This backlash needs to be subverted and controlled in order to stop it becoming a danger to the status quo. Trump is that subversion and the media made sure that you knew he was pro-American and wanted to control immigration. They wanted you to know he was "our guy" in order for him to subvert YOU not THEM.

Trump is today what MTV was in the 90s. It's a system controlled safety valve that makes people stay within the system rather than leaving it and becoming a danger to it. He did his job perfectly and he'll continue to do it. He's just enough to keep people from lashing out before the final nail is in the coffin and then it will be too late and you will have completely lost control of a "white ethno state" which was so pro-white at founding it didn't even want gingers.

I prefer Pompey at this point.

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The whole "NRA is the lobbying arm of firearm owners and the reason why gun control isn't passed" is itself an anti gun narrative. This whole kubuki thing with the NRA is just a sideshow, the real power is the 80-90 million gun owners who vote. The NRA plays no real role in any gun control legislation other than to e-mail and send me letters that they desperately need money to fight gun control and I need to continue to donate. The NRA showboating about legislation and the ILA is heavily to get in the donations and the cash from the base, they can't stop and create the legislation. The NRA does not have the power to "OK" any legislation when the legislators themselves know its the stompy voting boots of the people that are the real threat.

Look what happened in Colorado. They passed those magazine and other restrictions and without any guidance or outside organizing, the people of the state recalled some state senators and almost ran an unbeatable governor out of office, with hand raised money in an almost purely grassroots movement. They remember the severe beating they took over the Federal assault weapons ban in the early 90's, a lesson they know and fear today. They remembered, before they passed it, how the pollsters claimed that 60% of voters wanted it, only to get the living political shit kicked out of them for a decade at least over it. Yes, in super liberal urban areas gun control can win votes, but in the overall and federal its political suicide because of the fact its a conservative left wing issue.

All this hub bub about how the NRA is going to sell you out, how can they sell anybody out if they never had the power in the first place? Even if the anti-gunners take over the NRA or destroy the NRA it will make no difference, because it was never the NRA in the beginning.

I refuse to read any more of your stupid post. 90 million votes is 0 power. There's no power in a vote because there's nothing to vote for. Orange man or sick old lady it's still the same Jewish puppet master pulling the strings.

If rhetoric is meaningless why are the kikes so quick to censor and deplatform anyone that uses the wrong rhetoric? Getting people aware of what's happening to them is a prerequisite to getting them to do something about it.

ZOGnald isn't really /ourguy/, you're right there. But I wouldn't say he's controlled op, you can tell from the sheer panic he caused that him getting nominated was most certainly not the plan.

Manipulation of the vote is exactly how the Jews have gotten so much power in the first place. Whether it's the welfare plantation making sure niggers vote left, or spics pouring over to make states go blue, or dead people staying on the registry the kikes have been working overtime to make sure the votes go their way. If voting truly didn't matter they wouldn't be bothering.

You mean the media told you what you wanted to hear so you voted for him and then pulled off his mask like a scooby doo villain and went "It was me all along! Jew Jewson!"?

The vote manipulation is meaningless. Both parties will do exactly the same thing because the jews subverted them. It doesn't matter who you vote for so the vote doesn't matter. It's the anti-discrimination and immigration laws that did what you think the votes did.