China Dethroned by Japan as World's Second-Biggest Stock Market

Chinese second Civil War when?

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I appreciate the news, OP, but don't you think this thread would be more appropriate on >>>Zig Forums

Wow, it's almost as if China's growth was one big Keynesian bubble and not representative of anything sustainable. How utterly unsurprising.

How is this weapons/war related?

It's cope

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Economic Warfare is still Warfare.

We should start some /tv/ threads then because after all Psychological Warfare is still warfare.

It's a gray area, because if we look at it in a micro sense it is not itself a weapon. But macro it does play out, however I would say somewhere is a fine line before we become /kpol/. Not the end of the world if it did, but quality posts are in decline these days.

I want japan to conquer all of asia and the pacific but nothing else

I don't get the declining birth rate as a bad thing. GDP is gonna take a dip, there's gonna be a lack of money for pensions and so on, but surely that's offset by more open jobs, greater availability of cheaper real estate and less chance of overcrowding. It would make the next generation more likely to breed if they have stable jobs and cheaper real estate which could result in rising birth rates again.
What am I missing?

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That's only fun if they establish random puppet governments. Imagine what would happen once they have a few republics of the Russian federation.

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Japan also has worse national debit than Greece while China is owed money so there is that.

Geopolitics is Zig Forums, get into it if you want to know the why behind ever war ever.

I was surprised by these news. However, as not a single analyst has noted, while Shanghai index has gone to shit, it doesn't mean automatically that Japan is not experiencing a bubble and is on solid groundings. Nothing is farther from the truth. Japan is in worse spot than China. Chinese tech industry collapsing was expected, their government pumped so much easy capital on markets in hopes of achieving Silicon Valley tier tech miracle and succeeded, Pearl River Delta is Chinese Silicon Valley and China has multiple high tech conglomerates now. Now that funding is ending, shit drops off cart. Japan is effectively stagnated, but stock market is kept up with negative/low interest rates. They'll experience new lost decade in 2020.


Why did the Japs always have so horribly high casualities against burgers ding the island hopping campaign? They were entrenched in a jungle, yet they usually had more casualities than the attackers. Is it because the amis knew how to break through their defensive lines with combined arms tactics, and then just hunted down the Japs who kept fighting in a hopeless situation?

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Believe it or not, America used to be chock full of tough motherfuckers, and our modern military history can't be ignored - you will never get a better marksman than the kid who could shoot a gnat off of a plate of grits at 100 yards growing up in the south, then piling military training on top of that, and sending him off to shoot melon-sized targets at 50 yards.

The problem is that they would need to proliferate equally quickly. Else the mongrels of the conquered territories would become "Japanese citizens" and destroy the country from within ala Rome

I wonder why the casualties of the losing side were higher than those of the winning side.

Which came first? The casualties or the outcome?

good job nips

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Naval guns.


Starvation & Dehydration
The average IJA soldier back then was considered expendable like the bugmen they were. They were issued fuck-all rations and will usually have to forage food just to get by. This got even worse in the later stages of the war as the Jap's home islands got bombed to hell and the soldiers that got stuck in the islands are left to their own to find food (if there are any). Even with the Jap's notoriously efficient usage of natural resources, they still starved to death.

Not even close

No, Mr. Brazil was right on this one as well. Modern war is won by heavy weapons and logistics, you got the logistics part down, but Brazil was right on the fact that once there was an island to be assaulted the US/allies had the advantage of naval guns and air power to pummel the defenders and support the attackers, they also could supply and drop more guns on the ground once they got a beachhead on bigger assaults. The IJA was in the worst situation they could worry about, sure they had defensive positions with machine guns, knee mortars and bolt action rifles, but how much ammunition did they have and what kind of heavy weapons did they have to support them with, and how much shells for those guns they did have?

If the roles were reversed and the Japanese had won at Midway and it was the US soldiers with no supply and with the Imperial Navy beating the shit out of them with air support and big guns, the end result would have been very similar.

There's more politics involved in this story, but from a strictly military standpoint, the defeat of Japan in WW2 lies in the fact that the IJN and IJA were essentially two different armies with two irreconcilable war objectives that in the end, could not be integrated; to top it off both the IJA and IJN neglected the crucial aspect of intelligence and logistics, opting for the “HURR SAMURAI BLOOD YOU, IF THEY KILL YOU YOU WIN, GANBARE” option. Japan had an effective spy network during the Russo-Japanese war, but in World War 2, Japan had no spy network to speak of in the US, and they only had several people working on decoding American codes, while the Americans had hundreds of code crackers. As for logistics, Japanese soldiers were expected to fight without leave towards the middle of the war, and as for units defending remote islands, they were often there for months on end until they were rotated, but even this rotation of units were given up on towards the end, lowering the morale and thus the effectiveness of the troops.

Anyways, the IJN had always set the enemy as Russia (not so much towards late 1920~30), America and the UK (which I will shorten to America from here on, since UK was essentially moot in the pacific), and planned accordingly. The IJN wanted a quick and rapid war in which the IJN would inflict as much damage to American held territories and units that the Americans would seek a political peace in which Japan would gain resource rich territories in the pacific which will allow Japan to continue fighting in China etc. This option was agreed on by the Japanese leadership, and was pursued, albeit with a large number of annoyed IJA generals and top brass.

Meanwhile the IJA had always set their adversaries as Russia and China, and saw a need to develop new weapons and techniques to fight in large open fields and tundras as found in those nations and did so effectively for the most part; their biggest strength was in defending the ground they have , and to literally throw themselves forwards once the attacker had worn themselves out. However, since the IJN had essentially won in the political realm, the IJA wanted in on the action, and half forced the emperor to give them a piece of action in the Pacific. The IJA, after successfully taking over the Malay states, the Phillipines, and other major colonies, were content on defending their ground until the navy could take out Midway. The IJN failed utterly due to a lack of intelligence or rather lack of countering enemy intelligence, and lost utterly.

From there, the navy could no longer support the infantry both as a fighting force and logistical force, and since the infantry were originally trained to fight in fields and tundras, and still taught to continue defending their ground until they could be reinforced (which was basically impossible), these Japanese troops were defeated pretty quickly each time the Americans landed.

Anyways learn moon runes and read 失敗の本質. It's a study done by several histoians hypothesizes that Japan could not win a war in the pacific, but trys to seek the reasons as to why the IJA and IJN lost so horrifically as they did.>>610640

It heavily impacts China's strategic goals, threatening their national security and economic dominance. Think of it as strategic theory, compared to the normal "Dumb shit vs Dumb shit" threads we're use to seeing.

I think I might've forgotten exactly why, but why the hell did the nips even think about attacking the US in the first place?
Why not just grab every other island for resources and not touch the US's stuff?

We were choking them with oil sanctions iirc.

The USA was going to join the Allies eventually and where already taking aggressive stances against the Axis via embargoes and lend leases, so you might as well try to get the drop on them

US embargoes forced their hand, they had a choice of going after US-defended territory or Russia-defended territory. Nips got BTFO by the russians in the interwar period so they were scared of going to war with them, and decided to go against US instead.

Because of embargoes and supplying the Soviets.

It was the other way around in the Ruso-Japanese wars

It was, for the Navy
The IJA however doesn't get as much glory as the IJN did. Even in their best moments, they didn't quite get the same value of veneration that the Navy achieved. The problem only continues when the IJA and IJN were pretty much 2 seperate entities working to undermine each other politically. The IJA's funding got cut down and so their tank development lagged behind the other nations, pretty much making them stuck to interwar period tank tactics.

It's their own goddamn fault tbh. They could've heard what Isoroku had to say and learn more from their enemies before fighting them. Not to mention the whole shitshow that was the Second Sino-Japanese War. If the Japs would've held from attacking the Chinese, they would've been able to cleanse the Communist threat entirely before being able to build anymore strength.

Interestingly enough in the boardgame Axis and Allies optimal strategy for Japan is to ignore the Pacific entirely and invade Siberia.

Somehow I doubt that the average G.I. in the Pacific was some kind of a Sylvester "The Rock" Schwarzenegger, especially if we consider that they didn't appear to be particularly superior to Germans in Europe. Besides:

Thank you for your answers, and for giving me one more reason to learn moonrunes, but I'm more interested in the tactical level, and how the flow of battle looked like during those battles. E.g. did the Japs die in a relative even way during a battle, or did most of them die after the "climax"?

Is there a good overview in English, or I just have to read that Japanese study to learn more about them?

As other streloks said us embargo’s on much needed oil, but also I recall reading that the US diplomatic team working with Japan to negotiate the embargos intentionally dragged their feet and wasted time resulting in the japs being at the point where they couldn’t continue a war in China because they were running out of resources because the US embargo. Then a US diplomat (a Jew) gave the japs an ultimatum, behind the backs of the rest of the neogotiators and without permission from anyone, to withdraw all Japanese troops from China (including manchuko) in 100 or so days. That would have resulted in the complete collapse of the Japanese economy because they relied on resources from their puppet states. They figured if they started the war after spring 1942 they would have no chance of winning the war.

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What was the name of that diplomat?

Also it was one diplomat who fucked up the US border as well.

What? Jap army was a fucking joke, they lost sakhalin in that war, and the rest of the kurils in the next.

Navy and airforce only gets you so far, but you cant hold a position with a navy or an army. People tend to forget that Brits had an empire because of their fucking ARMY not their navy, and the romans didnt even have a navy until halfway through.

Harry White. He helped create the (((IMF))) and the (((World Bank))) and was a Soviet spy on top of everything.

Wasn’t the US border supposed to be just south of the California peninsula?

Even kikepedia confirms it!




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Can you guess what citation [9] is? The document used to prove that he dindu nufin?

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Does that mean anything? I know Rauch is smoke but I don’t think way means anything, like Goldberg obviously means mountain of gold and is telling of Jewishness? How do you know he’s a kike (besides publishing a book called whitewashing of history which makes him an honourary one at best)?

we won karafuto?

I think hes having an aneurysm and mistaking 1905 with 1945.

Chinese civil war. You mean, Tienanmen Square Massacres across China.

Sage because its more Zig Forums than Zig Forums

He's talking about the Infighting during the second sino-japanese war

You should know that after WW1 Germans were discriminated in English speaking countries and many people changed their German last name or part of it.
Jews with a German name did it too to escape the stigma of being identified as both jewish and german in origin.
Way could have been weg(german word for way) or been simply added to make Rauch pronounceable to English speakers.

Yeah I know, but I’m asking how you know he’s a kike? Wiki didn’t have much about him so I was asking if he had a Jewish name since many jews’ last names are something like mountain of gold, or gold smith, that relates to wealth.

Obviously not Germanon, but it also pinged my radar just because it sounds "off". It doesn't sound like a name that belongs to any particular ethnic group, and contrived names like that are, as Germanon stated, generally a cover for German/Jewish descent in the US. In the instance of subversive type policy papers the likelihood of it being a Jew is larger than the likelihood of it being an ethnic German.