Underrated SMGs

Besides the MAT-49 and S&W 76. What are other examples of underrated sub machine guns?

It's called cancer, but it was bootlegged by chinese and was made before SMG's were popular

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Sterling, the sten overshadows it despite using shitty German mags

What the fuck is it?


I'm gonna take a wild fucking guess and say PM63 RAK.

Stens are inferior to Sterlings solely because of that horrendous grip.

The Vietnamese K-50M adaptation of the PPSh-41 doesn't get nearly enough love.

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Is that the original stock?

Yes, the Vietnamese manufactured retractable wire stocks for them. Presumably, taking design cues from the surrender monkey's MAT-49.

So the Vietnamese were more creative than the Chinese?

Looks like it. I think that's true of any Asian ethnicity that isn't Chinese. They're all prone to creativity problems and collectivist thinking but the Chinese are the worst of them all in that regard.


Suomi KP/-31

Generally they always seem to stick to ideas that are already established which feeds into their lack of creativity. When asians try to do creativity guys like Kijiro Nambu come out of no where

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I don't know if I want to fire it or fuck it worse.


Rush B!

the kraut uzi

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That looks cute.

I would say the Beretta M38 mostly since he hardly gets talked about concerning WW2. I thought it was cool that the shell casings got ejected on the left side which makes the gun even more left-hand friendly.

I also think the dual triggers were interesting.

A Kutezi?

Here's a few guns I bet most anons never knew existed.

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Commercials from a more civilized age.

Prepare to feel … feely. It may be slightly off topic but those 1970's vintage MRAPs are just beautiful.

Buffel remains the most effective MRAP in history. Out of over 600 mine attacks only 12 resulted in death of crew.
They built so many that half of them were used as utility vehicles, in convoys to transport food, fuel etc. Never had a problem.

The vehicle that replaced it twenty years ago and people still complain.

It was more of a weapon to deal with communist busting into your house. To civilize the savage. Most Rhodesian PCC's were built for people who never handled a FAL or were even in the army in the event said floppies decided to start going after random people. I bet some of those guns saved folk after the turn over of power from sane people to animals.

Before? What? It was made 20 year till end of SMG era.

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The three best SMGs are the French MAT-49, the Italian Beretta M-12 and the German DUX M59 (West-German modified extremely well made PPS-43).
Everything else, especially modern shit (starting with the fucking MP5) is hot garbage, with one exception: the P90.

The way to define a good SMG is by how well it stays on target when used in full auto, so while the MP5 is a very accurate gun in single shots it's jumping around quite a bit in full auto while even wartime made SMGs (M3/PPsh, M3 definitely gets in the top 5) had managed to get in the sweet spot where the mass/recoil ratio makes the gun completely stable in full.


Yes it is…
Which is saying a lot about everything else.

Frogs have had shit taste since before Vercingetorix got BTFO.

You don't own guns with more than 10 rounds, so I don't expect you to know this, but reloading prone is a bitch

Full auto pistol with HORRIBLE climb.
MP9? TP9? That's the same gun (full/semi).
Are you talking of the B+T APC 9mm? Because that's the same shit as an MP5. The B+T GHM9? It doesn't even do full auto and it's a pistol grown into a carbine (and would have an horrible climb).
Full auto pistol with HORRIBLE climb.

Yeah… I'm not the one with shit taste.

This is the ideal SMG. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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Those things attached to quadcopters are going to be the soldiers of the future. Mark my fucking words, I've been there, it's hell. Every bit of open sky they hunt you, so you spend your entire time looking for a roof. I've only done it once before, but I've been there….

If has the velocity to properly expand high speed HP .22 and reliably fed them, you fucking bet it is.

Sadly on most video there seem to be the classic feeding issues from drums.

How about UMP? I've heard it manages recoil pretty good.

They've been replacing our police Beretta PM12-S2 with it and since we have to replace the bullet catchers on the upper part of the range once per year instead of once every decade…
The only thing the UMP is good at is it's price tag (as it's the case for most HK guns).

What about SITES spectre? Looks sexy af.

an innovative design

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SS190 has about 25-30cm penetration in gelatin, 9x19 FMJ (main SMGs fuel) 50-75 cm. Maeks you think about kinetic energy transfer.

4.6x26R Interdynamic

So I take it that safety isn't guaranteed, then?

How do you think submachinegun development in the US might have changed if for whatever reason pistol calibers were exempt from NFA regulation?



Bring your own gun.