Brit/pol/ #2106: NHS Edition

Three-quarters of Brits would pay an extra £1 week to save the NHS

NHS forced to pay £1,500 for £2 pot of moisturiser

NHS compensation payouts 'unsustainable', say health leaders

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Good lad.

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nth for seriously lads do I really have to make it every time tbh

Fourth for don't do yoga you fucking fruity cunts.

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>"he's a tewwowist >:("

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Fugg, wrong pic

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Finally. Thank you. Check today's papers chaps!

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I'm afraid he will share the fate of Kevin Crehan, who was murdered in jail for putting a sandwich next to the building.

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Every time I see the word terrorism I just replace it with patriotism considering it was coined by Bush and he was a complete failure of a president.

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I'd say this sets it in stone that he's being forced into this wotsit with the ape.

well its tip top hurrahs n all that eh chappies

Lad it's from the King Charles film lmao

Better late than never.

I'd put a pony on him being innocent and it being an accident, and they've beaten him black and blue to cover up their cockup.

He knows



This is literally scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

brb off to hang myself in shame.
Normie levels of delusion tbh

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Probably should have committed suicide tbh. Would be a selfless act and save him from the indignity of a show trial.

They'd propagandise it as him admitting guilt.


Either this, or Dave and Terry are real spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine).

The NHS has become the national religion tbh and I despise it

Every day I wonder if these fucks are worth saving.

Can you blame me for wanting it to be real tbh lad.

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not opening HookTube

My dream is to be stranded on a desert island with a load of normies, and I slowly rise to the top of the power chain and rule the island as king

Nice try spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine).

tbh, there isn't much she didn't show already

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lad, just lurk moar about hooktube

He could have any woman in the world and he settles for those fucking feet holy shit what is wrong with them

let's try again

Daily reminder he turned down Jenna Coleman for that

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After watching the series of Dr Who she was in, I don't blame him for turning down Jenna Coleman

He's obviously being jewed into it

he's just a ginger spaz

I take it she had a wog boyfriend like all the fucking other recent ones.

That too, but I wonder if they have some dirt on him to force him to go along eith this.

Every Doctor Who companion has been a race mixer since the reboot.

And who says racism doesn't work.

I've seen pics from a few and seen it every fucking time which isn't surprising, but they may have had one with a native bf who gets cucked by the Doctor or something.

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I think that covers it.

I'd bet most of that 10% would be yellow fever tbh.

This is the true red pill on the situation, he's a ginger and so ashamed that he's married himself a wog so that their children (assuming she isn't barren) have a much lower chance of carrying the cursed ginger gene

amy's child (river song) is a negro if I were paying attention

Yeah but that's because she was a massive mary sue half timelord OC donut steal and regenerated as a half wog, she was born h'white.


such a shit plotline

Everyone I know stopped watching it because of her.

Most likely. (((Their))) chosen oneof BLACKED is actually very few in number despite them shilling it non-stop. In London I have seen FAR more blokes with egg-fried-rice than I have coalburners.


Plenty of little Elliotts to go gun-ho in multiculti schools, perfect tbh

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at least 3-4 of my school friends have married east Asian girls due to them going to the same church

maybe we memid Imperium too hard

Send your mates this.

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I don't see how people fall for it tbh, their faces are so flat and their skin looks so off.

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For the lads that have money in stocks and bonds, a little word to the wise, diversify and quickly, get your money into your preferred safe harbors. Chinese stock market is about to plummet and with it the rest of the world, US is way overheated right now and just begging for a correction or more likely a full on crash as the Chinese pull their money out. Globalism being globalism the UK will take a nasty hit too.

t. HedgefundLad

Sad tbh, the best jobs their kids will get will be working in the back room of a Happy Wok.

pic related

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What about bitcoin?

It's that or they marry a British girl, I don't blame them for picking the Asian tbh.

I doubt it tbh, most of the lads have high paying jobs so the hapa's will just end up as an army of Elliot Rogers.

Top kek

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My advice on Bitcoin is don't put more money into than you can afford to lose. It's too much of a moonshot to ignore but at the same time it's a totally unknown market. Think of it as a gamble and not an investment and you'll be fine.

smh tbh laaads

I love him, lads.

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gloucester watches JAV porn, its no secret

Please be real

With his one cyclops eye he's got no depth perception so it's no wonder he finds their flat faces attractive

Does he only have one eye?

>muhconomy collapses
Yes fucking please
reminder that sharpened spoons make terrific arrowheads

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I like him too, although having a Jewess as a wife was a bit too much.

He's an 8ft skinnyfat cyclops with size 27 feet

He divorced her now lad. He's punished daftie.
His twitter is very entertaining tbh he's a great speaker as well.

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Have you met him downstairs at the Knights Templar?

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christ that pic isn't real, right? RIGHT?

I know, that's why I did not discount him.

He was too tall to fit in the cubicle.

Ha Elliot, he was one of a kind with romanticism and lone wolf mixed in. Things can easily change over a generation though pay wise. I wish we could still discriminate in the hiring process over here, would increase production in this country 10 fold. Lazy spics sleeping on the job would get the boot and be replaced with a white guy.

It's real. I think it all blew up in 2016.

Never actually thought of that

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Heat them up and flatten them, then shave the sides down.

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She was entertaining.

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Quite a bit of self improvement tbh.


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how many cocks do you think she's taken?

What did she say?

At least two dozen.

Who wrote this?
I posted it last night, but it got no traction at night.

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She didn't take yours, so don't worry lad.

She had a difficulty to express herself tbh and was rambling for a while.

Where are you gonna mount your ACOG lad?

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I'm going to kill all the developers who've messed my area up

You'll know pretty soon, you'll start seeing news soon of Chinese people liquidating stocks to cash, then the Shanghai Stock Exchange index will break its 3400 support level and then there will be a full on panic. That will spread to the West and the palaces of debt that make up the US business environment will crumble and with it the thousands of passive index funds that have the vast majority of people's savings these days. God only knows after that, a few banks will suffer from toxic assets and my guess is it will be on par with, if not worse than the 2008 crash. Not a world ender but a good shake up and an opportunity to buy low.

I don't know anything about economics but it feels like we're overdue for another 2008 crash. We're not ready for daftie time yet, that will come in the 2030s imo.

I hope we do have another crash though because it will radicalise the population another 5-10%.

It will give me an excuse for being a NEET too

Speaking of

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