Brit/pol/ #2107: Charles Edition

"If we, as a group, were black or gay we would not be victimised or picked on."

Prince of Wales correspondence with government departments


Blogpost: Religion and Nihilism

UK fascists modelled on jihadis are prepared to kill, say campaigners

Ending free movement is a pivotal part of Brexit, says STEPHEN POLLARD

Morrisons launches Yorkshire pudding PIZZAS topped with cheese and pepperoni

Facebook rape gang jailed for 42 years

Jeremy Corbyn announces Labour will buy every homeless person in the country a house

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Benis tbh


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Good lad.

Why is it ded tonight? Are a higher than average number of lads out trying not to die alone or something?

what is Zig Forums listening to tbh?


I'm a citizen of the United States of Europe.

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think that's it I'll be off myself soon


You'll be a citizen of the filter if you keep that up.

I have no where to go tbh. There's nothing sadder than going out looking for a good time, I always end up drinking alone.

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Are the FBI still using that 4chins story to justify their investigation of the Trump administration?

get some mates is the only advice i can give lad

Bachgen da

We should be so lucky.

I live in London lad, any mates I might have had would tell me drinking is haram.

ti hefyd

Come for a pint then, lad.

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new spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) documentary on half po;\l

bad luck lad

Templars to far out of the way for me and I'm not bent.

It's one of those Ryan Gosling kind of days.

That fucking opening shows how fucking clueless they are, the people at the rallies were civic normies.
>"I spent years exploring these murky corners of the internet"
Yeah sure you did darling, you opened the page for about twenty seconds and then decided you had enough to write yourself up as an expert.
Which bit you from lad

So how long before France has to deploy the military to pacify the Paris suburbs. It has to be getting closer.

Good lad

It just seems to be another one of those documentaries that names 4chin, talks about how evil trolling is, and then has footage from rallies with ominous music in the background. There's very little actual information, it's sole purpose is to cause a negative emotional response in normal people

Pizza and Yorkshire pudding should be trademarked and protected names and foods
Just about fed up with this rampant commercialisation of our foodstuffs
Find me a real "pizza" not made by a paki, a poo a Turk, or some random east european
Fuck all these niggers
Leave Yorkshire pudding alone cunts

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lad France has been in a state of emergency since Bataclan.

like it matters in londonistan

for him lads

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Oh wait they replaced it with a new law that means the same thing.

It does when you realise SA is a persona run by a diverse group of women and gays at GCHQ's shitposting division.

So they're literally trying to creep their way into martial law, just like they crept into being a third world nation?

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Pretty much, the fact that she called it "obscure" shows that they're not being honest, half the bloody world has heard of 4chan by now, it's been on the news several times. Calling it obscure just makes her sound like a mong.

I'm not listening to a man that will only be saved from insanity by murdering vast swathes of the female population.

South West. It's not like if they wanted too they wouldn't have picked me up already. It's a far bet whoever isn't an agent is on a watchlist of some sort or the other.

Did everyone hear that the Finsbury guy got a minimum of 43 years?

What charge did Dave and terry get?

they both got promotions

I think they Dynamoed their way to freedom.

France has been in a state since Clovis tbh

What really got me is how they keep claiming he killed the old codger that died of a fucking heart attack.

Someone watch this with me

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Nah, tbh. Tell me the good bits when it's done though.

*hugs you*

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why do all the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) have taig accents lads?

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since 9/11 theres been a lack of need to spy on the taigs

They're doing an IRA voice.

plus - the US stopped funding the IRA after 9/11

Ta bae

Unless you're a stupid sod they shouldn't have anything that they can pin on you.

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watched it before posting it lad

How do we destroy the USA, lads?

this taig slut commie spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) narrating makes me want to go out and lynch some pug faced papists tbh

do nothing?

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I saw her be somewhat not retarded on alt-shyte before but these ex-pickup soys and the narrative are garbage

fund the flyover larpers like me when the demokkkrats make america into mexico under islamic law lad

But we gotta "do something", fam.


keep memiing the 56% until they implode

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Sounds like a plan.

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Who /comfy/ here?

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When does the site shit itself?

well I was until that

((Hollywood)) must be terrified right now.

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Didn't Christians make a big fuss about the first one?

GCHQ in coverup mode:

Speaks to my soul tbh

Tell it to the snakeboy.

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closest Canada got to having its own culture tbh.

redpill me on flump's memo

It received a bunch of different slander (inlcuding being antisemitic) and iirc there were some yank Christian groups pissed about it.

86D chess.

You mean some English sea shanties sung on Nova Scotia?

careful there lad..

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Badgers did it

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56'er tbh

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Funny how we've not heard any kvetching about whitewashing of this.

Died in a plane sitting on tarmac ffs, was only in his early 30's


I shouldn't have looked.

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great use of electricity shitskin faggot

James Damore smh

What's everyone up to tonight? I'm as bored as a fucker, and can't think of anything that might interest me.

Musicians tend to die a lot on planes, guess it's because they travel so much.

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tbh it does sound slightly jarring to hear an American accent, as I've been conditioned to feel people in antiquity spoke in RP
I've visited early christian underground churches and stuff in Italy, early Christianity was extremely esoteric and relied on memi type things

It's because they're all CIA/T@v1st0ck Mockingbird assets and it's best to get rid of them once they've outlived their usefulness

Jesus did speak in RP lad

God is an Englishman tbh

the day the rock music was a jewish bombing with the intent to stop MORAL white popular musicians influencing society in a positive way


I'm more forgiving seeing as it's made by yanks and trying to replicate an accent from the time would be jarring.
Pisses me off more hearing yank accents in films during the Georgian era tbh

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when will Drumpf start investigating the pizzagate stuff, lads?

or will he jew out like he has consistently done?

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Put ALL your clothes on at once then throw yourself down the stairs. That's my Friday treat.