Brit/pol/ #2109:What a shame Edition

Syria rebels down Russian plane, pilot killed

Afghan attacks 'want to spark uprising'
Militants are targeting civilians in Kabul hoping chaos will spark an uprising, Afghanistan's interior minister has told the BBC.

Winter Olympics: North Korea presses ahead with military parade
North Korea has defended plans for a large-scale military parade scheduled for the day before the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

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Again, lad?


Good lad.


good lad

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next time don't drink so much lad not that I'm in a position to talk


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meant it was someone else who said it tbf


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They chose quite a flattering portrait tbh

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he looked the worst at Richard Spencers bunfight tbqh, with the purple t-shirt and leather jacket

aah I see lad

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liz kendall tbh

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that photographer is an utter legend tbh, amazing shot

Unshaven Woes always looks like a Geography supply teacher.


Uh, I mean shaven.

The Russian pilot who was shot down over jihadist territory in Syria fought to the death, here they are showing off his magazines.

Thanks lads!

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i'll stab you for not joining :^)


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she needs to put some make up on and sex it up a bit

making gains in normie land

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Saudi Army suffers heavy casualties in failed offensive near Yemeni border
BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:35 A.M.) – For the second time this week, the Saudi Army launched a big offensive in the southern part of the Najran region, targeting the Houthi positions near the Yemeni border.

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how do you become a virgin?

Yeah I thought that too but fuck it he was a good lad.

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Murder all the lasses you've shagged

He can look quite handsome at times but he looked like a pineapple there

I guess if you "become straight", but then remember you've never shagged a girl.

i dont think it quite works that way, lad

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Colin, look like an overripe pineapple.


are we weaker than we think?

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What make of pistol is that

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It shows that our weaponry isn't as much of a force multiplier as we think.

Saudis are horrendous at fighting. Quite possibly the poorest nation in the world in terms of martial spirit.

a workman never blames his tools tbqhwy


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absolute STATE of yank politics

It's probably similar deal to the war in Afghanistan tbh. Not that I understand that one either.

Can we laugh at a Skeptic now?

it's not the weapons, its the tactics that count more

the Yemeni's have the advantage of having a just cause to fight and defend their land while we just throw money and hope it works

undertale is fun

How would you remove gorillas, lad?

nuke the whole fucking peninsula

Why would you want to remove gorillas?

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guerrillas smh

Oh, right. How embarrassing for you.

don't blame him lad he's a native welsh speaker

I intentionally wrote it as gorillas. The other lad got it smh

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he's actually norweigan


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he actually isn't cywilyddus mewn gwir

It's alright, lad. We're still friends.


Is this person a significant name in theatre circles?

I like some yemeni architecture tbh. They didn't go full globalist glass towers like a lot of Arabia with their nouveau riche oil moneys.

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Guess so

isnt westie supposed to be banned


what for?

Crossdressing and being obnoxious

being a homo

*snips the bullies*

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half this board are obnoxious homos

think id unironically fuck lauren rose tbh

It's pretty, like something off a biscuit tin.


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post these on yank/pol/ tbh

tried to watch telly for the first time in ages tonight. saw a documentary on ancient Sicily. thought it might be interesting. 5 seconds in "Sicily is an island of immigrants" *shot of africans in a dingy "its acceptance can teach everyone how to act in a changing world"
fucks sake, can't I watch a documentary on the ancient world without having poz'd jizum force fed to me?

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yes. I guess I had it coming to me

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I can't help feeling an awkward tinge of guilt, that we took these people out of the jungle. It was never going to work. Not for anyone.

And the only alternative for documentaries are yank ones…

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WRONG! the Dutch did the lions share of transporting them, but they were captured by other wogs and sold to da whyte mayne

One of the funnier screencaps tbh.


so they actually acknowledge immigrants=invaders


Exposing them to any of our civilisation or technology was a mistake.

I loved most of David Attenborough's documentaries. they were great because the "and now more than ever we see what impact humans are ha…" bit was always right at the end and only lasted a few shots, so you could mostly just skip over it. when i watched the new blue planet it seemed to happen at the end of every segment.

It's amazing how any activity involving blacks will somehow end in a hollering, footstomping and anarchic mess. How the fuck are we STILL meant to find this 'cool' or 'interesting' or 'real'? It's so fucking cringey. When will normies wake up to how utterly fucking obvious it is that niggers chimping is precisely what the establishment wants?


I really get the feeling he's probably a pedo tbh.

Yeah he's a nonce

anyone have one of these american ones? I was trying to find one I remember watching. I think it was with a spider jumping at its pray or something

Yeah his work pre m-muh climate change was fucking patrician tier.

I wouldn't be surprised tbh, I still hope he's not.

iirc one's called Nature's Deadliest?

This is literally inhumane.