Brit/pol/ #2110: Esoteric Gondolaposting Edition

Harvey Weinstein: UK police look into more allegations

Russian oligarchs in UK told to explain luxury lifestyles

Grandmother burgled during brain surgery

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fish tbh


Seriously worried about the spy mods tbh.

Anything funny on youtube, lads?

(I'm new to the internet)

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for him

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good lad

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post your spirit animal lads

for him

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looks like a black terry tibbs


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realtime meltdown right here lads

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dog probably, everyone always used to positively compare me to one


Good lad

reposting smh

I worked on a pokemon fan project where they make a game in their own world with their own pokemon. I designed some of them. In the end me and others got excluded for shitposting smh.

Used to like making gifs back then but it's tedious work beyond the sketches smh

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for her

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hullo lads, Terry here. Longtime lurker just saying hi.

Heart goes out to all the posters that had their posts memoryholed at the bottom of last thread because OP prematurely linked. Smh.

The 3rd ones actually proper impressive lad

thanks lad



thanks, m'lad. Sketches are more fun because I lose interest smh

no thnx

wew lad the project sounds gay as fuck but that animation is pretty nice

pigeot was the biggest bully in blue version


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now this is peak boomerposting

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It was fun and my previous home tbh

That's Turkistador, or Truckistador

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is that a digimon or something lad? smh I feel old now

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Thanks lad

I already replied to it once so I'm good tbh

Thank (You) didn't know Reviewbrah did streams tbh, comfy

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Orwight, chums? Got any sausages?

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It's a fake pokemon made for the project. Also these two, fighting pokemon based on Aztecs. Drinking the blood of Aryans of course.

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I'm so repulsed by anyone old enough to label the left and right by political party.

That thing looks fucking gay

its like the opposite of a basset

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thanks for sharing lad


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Quality edition tbh, good lad

Amazing. I seriously hope that one of you guys is archiving this shit

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so much winning lads, ethnostate when?

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Didn't know he did them either tbh, people are sending him so much autism in the chat smh


Is SA editing the Sunday Express now?

I've got a page for you

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He shall be avenged.

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tbh, I think people who get caught up on the left/right thing in general are a bit past it. It's globalism vs nationalism now.

Thanks lad

Bound to get some autism with that many subscribers I suppose smh

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top jooj

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forgot the epic

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that lion is eating a faggot tbh


capped 'em, can't be arsed to archive

really knows his audience

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all the shitskins arguements ultimately rest on mocking the freedom of our women, take notice of this. the ultimate crux of the issue is female suffrage

who /literallyinmummysbasement/ here?


we dont have basements in the UK lad

not me

they are top tier lad I need to go to one again, preferably in the georgian piedmont where I like the lasses accents

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basements sound comfy tbh loft conversions are nice too

and all this talk about brickcuckery
I forget that the quakers and krauts brought basement culture to the USA

*basement architectural culture

I like the dr3 memi, Raheem is the type who'll unironically parrot that rhetoric.

In the guest house but still on mummy's property.

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yeah they are okay in other states but the water table is too high here and many basements in my state are fieldstone so they are like caverns. my mummies basement leaks everytime it rains since its built over a creek aquifer feeding the large river like half a mile away

lucky you, smh I wish I could afford a small cabin or something other than just rentcucking with normie roommates. rather be around the parents then normalfags. mummy at least goes to church and forces me to pray

out of sight out of mind

c i v i c

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Niggers are based, they just have to become #woke

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this, niggers can never understand the isolation of the northern soul

tbh if you let politics get in the way of your relationships/friendships you have only yourself to blame for your loneliness.

The TV show "Catfish" is interesting in that it's on MTV yet consistently highlights the reality that people care about skin tone, weight, sex, height, age and everything else. It never portrays the person that got tricked as the bad guy even though they obviously don't want the person purely on looks a lot of the time.

richcucks out tbh

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Why is this? Is it because in Britain basements would be constantly inundated with groundwater? Maybe it's because the first pioneers needed a subterranean floor to hide from Injuns and tornadoes in.

I never saw one house with a basement when i lived in England. There were quite a few with a third and fourth floor though, which I find a more comfy arrangement tbh.

Only la creatura lives below ground level. Peeking out from a half height ground level window near the ceiling.

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most Victorian houses have basements I think


only the big ones

fieldstone? didn't the scots and ulsterscots put hidie holes in their stone cottages?

Do you have a piss bucket down there?

Wtf is the second pic of? Did someone actually do that?

no there is a concrete sink though but I use the toilet like an aryan


should give it a wipe tbh


Yeah, to store coal in maybe. Nobody ever dwelled down there.

I don't have cable, I watch uploads online, pal.

Didn't Woes use to live in a basement?

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I'd say it depends I've lived in a 3 bedroom one that has one, and a 7 bedroom one that doesn't