Brit/pol/ #2111: Going to Get a Bit Nippy Edition

UK braced for one of winter's 'coldest weeks'

Monday morning commuters are braced for travel chaos as the UK prepares for the coldest week of winter with widespread snow and an icy -7C blast

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Rushed edition without links.


Edit these in please, thank you.

First for Modern Britain

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5rd for josh

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Remember who owns the content around here and don't forget it

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Based dysgenics

That is not the implication I made, lad smh



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she's a pure english virgin

no whore/skank posting ITT

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Female youtubers are glorified prostitutes and many are literal prostitutes

don't post maude then keeek

her cuteness automatically makes her honourary anglo

no lad, it doesn't

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Yeah you're right smf
She's still a qt who I'd love to bully tbh

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Actually disgusting. Vile whore.

The super bowl stadium has mobile antennae built into guardrails to account for the extra demand, pictured here.
Suspicious tbh

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Mercia reban Dorset


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They are going to blow up the stadium like that baneposting scene

Dorset isn't here

Predictive programming tbh

Only in Drumpf's Amerikkka smh.

I drank some of that American kool aid shit yesterday, and I think I'm dying. My mouth and insides feel like an acid bath.

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gonna watch Darkest Hour tonight tbh lads

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You now realise that Jared Taylor has a Japanese accent and not a Southern one.


What's the role of this antenna? wifi?

Phone signal

I report the thots at my gym to the fat old lady at the desk for inappropriate dress all the time. some of the deano faggots call me the priest to bully me but I tell them to fuck off. women should be banned from the gym. I bet that has zero plates on it. I was deadlifting and this stupid blonde coalburner thot came right in front of me and did bodyweight squats literally right in front of me in the mirror space and kept looking at me to make sure I was watching.

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its diabetes juice lad

Too many mobiles at once, r-right?


ofc ;^)

nothing is going to happen, the happening will never happen. everything will just get shittier and shittier, you will never be able to afford an apartment, things will get worse and worse since normies hate change then you will be old and alone and everyone will look like a creatura

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tbh apart from everyone looking like la creatura, thats your side of the pond

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how inappropriate are we talking here?

good lad

yoga pants up to the armpits so you can see the outline of their lady part. so utterly shameless and without feminine modesty



Should have punched her right in the clopper lad


Did you watch it?

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I keep warning you lads

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poz crap


the /newbrit/ scourge needs to be cleansed tbh

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Only do it to piss you off, if you didn't keep posting this post every thread it wouldn't happen

yeah lad I like to talk to the old people about christianity and morals when most deanos are just talking about muh niggerball or damn that hole has a nice baboon ass

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somebody should run up and run up and kick her in the face while she is loading plates then rape her

On top of that within that 6% includes non white+non white mixes.

le 56% is a solid maymay though

Why would anyone even want a 28 year old anyway? Even 23 is pushing it tbqh

cheers cancelled download tbh

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Laugh while you still can Zig Forumskike. Your population is around 65 million, which means comparative to the U.S. which took over 60 years to become le 56% it will only take around 15 to 30 years for le 56% to come true for you.

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it's like (((they))) dont have any introspection at all

go and prepare nachos for your niggerball party

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lad, we dont fug xenos and our natives are h'white





Anyone remember Ginnie's new twitter account?



Don't look at my post count tbh

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Glad you're still laughing even while faced with the horrible truth. In 15 years we'll see if you can still manage that with 35% + of the population being non-white.

Unfortunately, it doesn't matter. Your women aren't having children and the xenos are. They'll outbreed you.

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I want to fight her so bad, she wouldn't last three seconds, eye rake her as hard as I can like a rodent then sweep the legs and knee her in the pussy

had a peek but I'm going to pretend like I didn't tbh

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you realise 56% means maximum 56% european dna in the average yankaboo, and not the population percentage?

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Good lad that was a close one smh

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Its (2) now

Everything will work out just fine tbh

She grew into her Jew features something fierce


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That makes (2) of us tbh

reminder that there are (0)s watching right now

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Zero to hero in one post


What's a rotten sock?