Brit/pol/ #2112: Best In the World Edition

The 'changing face' of the British Army

UK jobs pledge in battle to win £2bn contract for new Army vehicle deal

Tory MPs call for Scottish armed forces to get compensation for SNP tax hike

Royal Marines cuts would undermine security, say MPs

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welcome to the Zig Forumspol volume 2

Raheem has the info of me, BO, 22st, Helmer & SA. This is not a drill, watch his twitter tomorrow for his expose of "basement dwelling Zig Forums ethnonats".


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Like a bat outta hell

rip in peace tbh.

I am confused enough to believe this shit tbh

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you had better have claimed the board lad

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I will dox one secret Bongo Bongo Land user a day until I'm the BO

Snap snap

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beginning to regret not having used a vpn the whole time tbh

Quick put a big magnet on your hardrive


How do we know you're the real You Kipper?

You'll never get me, lad.
I'm behind seven proxies

I'm interested to know who the 22st is tbh

We support our armed forces and are proud of celebrating the diversity and inclusiveness that makes it so great.

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They charge you with destruction of evidence then.

Will we be cooking burgers with Jewish lesbians on Prevent lads?

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Grow dreads and flee to Cambodia


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They have to find it first

Join the Foreign legion tbh.

Doesn't work. Just chuck it inna canal

Not sure how to go about it

Lads I've decided to stop being a burden on you guys and move back to Ukraine, do pobachennya.



fucking knew it

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This was a theoretical post based on my own intellectual knowledge of the topic, and I am by no means condoning the obstruction of the criminal justice system of the United Kingdom

Exit bags tbh lads

You should never have mocked me.

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Is prevent as fun as lads on here have made it out to be?

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You were right all along tbh lad

Is it instantaneous or do I need to wait fucking days before they get back to me?


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It's always the cleanest one that turns out to be the agent.


Smh apply to become the BO

oh shit


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Helmer get BO pls

should we just blame it all on dorset

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The Bongo Bongo Land are the mods now boy

Ya got me, guess I'll have to get a job or just live off all my money in Ukraine.

The flight costs £70, wish me luck lads.

oh shit

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worst thing that happens is that they force you to marry a civic woman smh

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who /cheapestflightstomanilla/ here

Yeah but you end up in Ukraine

I never mocked you, Helmer

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The last place they would look tbh

Its too late

Good boys have nothing to fear.

do widzenia lad

Don't despair.

Don't worry about it lad me and Raheem are having a right giggle about this in PM's tbh

does the BO get leeway in the time, you'd think so? Maybe he'll sign back in soon but if not maybe

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It's like you lads want to be caught.


Zig Forums's new BO is _____ and it's beautiful

Amber Rudd and her swarthy bf


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Looks like I won the war. I will return the BO's family. He did as I demanded. I have won again.(to the victor goeth the ban)

can the BO delete the board?

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You'd best be joking nah but seriously good to see you lad, I missed you you cunt

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remember me lads

The secret Bongo Bongo Land is now open to all, if you want to shitpost or play games come on in
Bongo Bongo

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Bad train crash in yankland tbh.

y-you too lad.

How was prison lad? smh

Your appointment to GCHQ should be finalised within the week. I've already discussed the matter with the MP

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No idea tbh glad you're back

is this a 3rd one?


psy-op tbh

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Yeah, it's Amtrak again as well.


Yeah, yeah I'll see you on shab tomorrow faggot

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what did you lads do?

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spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

can't say right now, but all the pieces are there

Helmer lost his job and is completely mia apparently, he's known about this for ages and said nothing, there's a leftpol dis.cord who've been archiving our threads for months and they reached out to Raheem when they saw what was happening.

lad helmers posting ITT

But he's in the thread right now lad.

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Fucking hell this is getting spicy

what's going on? some brit lads are going to get doxx'd tomorrow?

ffs. I told you retards not to use dickcord


That isn't him lads

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What is real? Who am I? Where is the fulcrum?

Oh shit


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Pretty much. Media is about to go on a blitz about this den of misoginerds and gnazees.