Christchan Thread

Post your favorite/rare Christchans. Im also going to be posting a few that need to be colored in, if anybody want to do that.

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pure cringe

what is happening to this board?

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I didn't see it because no one reported it. I am more worried why no one did.

There needs to be more of her in a head covering

SHIT. I didn't see that when I saved the pony thing from another thread.
Why can't we have nice things?

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Here's a cute one I don't see posted much

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Shouldn't this be part of the memes thread?

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No because shes no meme. Shes my goal.

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i tried

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I like it.

What gun do you think she perfers?

An old hunting rifle probably

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The dullahan on Interviews With Monster Girls looks like Christchan. My head canon is she got beheaded by ISIS.

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We should give her a boyfriend, a fiancé…Chris-chad anyone?

No, she devotes herself solely to the Lord our God

She acts like Christchan would too, very modest and lady-like. It's a pretty good show from what I've seen so far. A lot less lewd than Monster Musume despite having a similar concept. The main character is a human teacher and three monstergirls are his students. There is also a female teacher who is a succubus but she doesn't want men to fall in love with her because of her powers. So she goes out of her way to dress in unappealing clothes and take the earliest and latest trains to and from school so she will be around less people and won't accidentally inflame anyone with lust.

How dare you ruin my head canon? ;^)

Fresh OC. I tried drawing weebstyle. The problem is that I only have MS Paint for drawing software, and I have to use my mouse to draw. I also suck at drawing in proportion. It didn't turn out as bad as I thought, though.

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Noice, well done and I like the art.

Very cute.

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Why did you remind us…WHY?!

I know it's been said a thousand times, but what a tragedy this man is. Not only has he fallen for the transgender meme now as a way to express his autogynephilia, but his obnoxiousness about the issue got him asked to leave the church. He's given up the faith entirely and is apparently taking spiritual advice from Neptunia characters 'speaking to him through his consoles.'

He was never a stable person, and his theology was as confused and muddled as many of his other ideas, but it's really sad to see him lose his connection to Christ.

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He was actually Christian?


Some questions are better left unanswered.

Nominally, I’m guessing so

Are you new?

When Bob was still alive, they would both go to church every Sunday.
With that said, he had (and has) a faulty understanding of the faith. The pastor he cites as most influential in his life was female and pro-fornication, and in discussions about his faith he often spouts bizarre ideas (like believing in a sort of Binity and thinking that God's main goal is arranging his life to make him happy).

If I remember right, he was banned for a month for some reason and in response he wrote a whole letter blaming God, the congregation, and his ineffective church counselor for the past decade of torment and trolling.

I posted the pony one here and thought it was okay to do so since no one cared, and the one about user hitting on her with the collection plate i thought was also fine to post since i got it from here.

Eternal Christ-chan thread over at

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Can you imagine being a faggot

It's a shitty edit I know, but I'm not getting paid.

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I like it, good job user

I like this one

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That's pretty good, if i could make a suggestion, i would add her necklace, but it's still a good edit regardless. Good job.

Might do it tomorrow.
It's late, and I've still got some work to finish before bed.

I'll look forward to it.

Working on it now.


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Also here's some nice Christ-chans.

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Forgot shadow.

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One final time.

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Totally adorable! thank you for the OC user.

Moar Crusader Christ-chans, plz

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She's holding the sword weirdly. Also, needs more heads, preferably women and children too.

Where did you come from? Reddit?

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He doesn't have to imagine, user.

Thank you for your contribution to this thread, brother.

b ump

Thanks, that's great.

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You need to replace the f-word with "sinner"

It fits though?

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They both fit but one is more (and i hate to say it) image board culture.

God calls us to be salt and light of the world.

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yes. And they're not exactly the same thing. I'd like to be serious if I accuse someone of sin.

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sorry for doublepost of first pic.
Anyways, these should be enough. Pretty much posted the whole folder.

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You were just waiting to post that weren't you /leftyfaggot/

I had them in the folder and tough them cool (if a little edgy) .

OMG is that a trans non-binary genderqueer gender-nonconforming special deluxe edition™ Christchan!? I've been looking for one of them for ages! ^_^

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What do you want to call them "lil' happy people 🌈😊"?

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Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ. (1 Corinthians 11:1)
I desire to imitate Jesus Christ, not some unrepentant man with an anger management problem.

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Why do you call them sinners ? That's negative and deprecating. I think you don't realize how violent it is when someone use this term against you. Or maybe you think you are better than other ? Why do you judge them like that ? Changing the term don't change your intention (of judging), and no one is blinded by your tricks, people like you are just intolerant nazi who don't know it yet.
fascists like you should just stfu.

whatever you say Zig Forums

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They make the same mistake that the average Zig Forums doofus is making. Christ is not an ideology and you should be ashamed of trying to make it so. Repent and align your life with Christ, not the other way around. Because the latter is heresy at best and blasphemy at worst.

Nice, I've suspected a bunch of Judas Iscariots have recently infiltrated this board. Hope they enjoy the salt and the light. We need to pray for them.

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper: and every tongue that resisteth thee in judgment, thou shalt condemn. This is the inheritance of the servants of the Lord, and their justice with me, saith the Lord. (Isaiah 54:17)

We're not throwing stones, we're

These Zig Forumstard need to understand that tolerance is similar to apathy, LOVE is a christian virtue. And loving someone doesn't mean letting those we love commit grave mistakes, mistakes that could cost them salvation and the well-being of their soul.

Well, I was mocking the one I was responding to.
Your pic is good, but leftard are more clever in their d&c than the ironic post I did here.
like :

People will laugh at you for supporting it, but one the few areas where the people still have power to influence each other is memes, and they reach a lot of people quickly. Even if it's waifuism, it can interest people into Christianity.

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Oh come on! Just because she calls out heresy? She's for every denomination of the faith apostolic

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It's a secular outsider's perspective of what Christians are, there was a comment about how one person finds her cute but was weary of her because he thought she would "purge" him. The point is these are the people we want to reach, the lost internet weebs.

I suppose so, there's lots of lost people in our time, a whole generation perhaps?

Is that OC? Pretty good but she needs her bangs. She sorta looks bald tbh.

Someone wanted an orthodox christ-chan, but I didn't make it, I just saved it. I like pic related less, because the character is unclear but it is old christ-chan.

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Woo wee son; nice meme. It is nice to see a quality meme among all of these weak cartoons that pass for religious art.

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Ha, so where did the Christ-chan meme start? Know your meme says 4chan, but was it from here originally?

The worship of women is very pagan.
Is there a calendar in the works that is based on her menstrual cycle so we may celebrate the days she is the most fertile, too?


it was some old character that was posted there first a long time ago, but then it got forgotten and nobody cared about her, until we resurrected her.