Brit/pol/ #2114: Nu-Labour Edition

Theresa May proposes new law that would have jailed protesters who disrupted speech by Jacob Rees-Mogg

Downing Street insists UK will leave customs union

Three men stabbed to death within 48 hours of knife violence in London

Rotherham and Rochdale could be repeated in Thanet

Doritos to make ‘lady-friendly’ chips that don’t crunch

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swear this is illegal and you have to only register in one place

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I guess I'm also a tory seeing as how I retweeted Mogg earlier.

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no wonder they want to lower the voting age smh


Fucking hell lad you must be making a mint.

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perfect example of boomer politics smh

there are jobs like this where you earn 100 per script

has anyone ever wrote a BASTE script yet?

Good doggie

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You retweeted some bollocks about him not having a bodyguard.
That's quite different from retweeting quotes from the anti-pope.
Another false equivalence.

I want a film starring Elon Musk and Mark Collett about spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) in space

Is that nabokov

Jean Marie Le Pen, he trained Dobermans

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Like Moonraker but moontesla?

Never a truer word spoken

Some Indian "doctor" tried to tell me I should be glad the NHS was free when I complained about the treatment my mum was getting.
I stood there staring at him and told him if it was "free" he wouldn't be earning the £250k a year the taxpayer - including his patients - were good enough to pay him
That shut him the fuck up on the spot.

dobermans are good doggos but can be scary


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They are too busy love him for using slave labour mined rare earth batteries to help Puerto Rico

they are cool pokemons too

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Sounds like he's earning up to £400 per month. Not a fortune tbh

Happy now?

musk is the last of the faustian men

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yes, stop flag hopping or just post as user

What, because you said so.
I've retweeted quotes from various accounts over the years as well, doesn't make me part of that group.

Nothing in life is free, everything has a cost in one form or another, yet you slap that label onto something and people fall for it hook line and sinker.

Considering the work he's doing for it it's very good money tbf

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When you take away someone's identity there are consequences. We can no longer tolerate those who fall for the lying bus. We are the 48% expect us.

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*grant farms to high heaven*
look at how free market I am guys

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Sounds like it makes his head ache most of the time

No lad, it is you who is the degenerate.

It's called context, lad. You're the one playing dumb.


Is he the greatest philosopher of our time?


I used to watch her to improve my French tbh lad

*lectures at oxford*

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akala posting should be bannable

Not even close.

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No it's bloody not, I retweeted some quotes for him and that's that, I didn't swear fealty to him nor Rome, I just retweeted some tweets. Being autistic over it for the sake of some stupid imageboard memi is just stupid.
Why are you even going through my tweets anyway?

Sounds like you deal with a lot of shite from it though.

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So after a quick skimming of the last thread I take it that Tyne lad hasn't been scooped up by one of the Paki manlets black bag operations?

You see, there's the problem. That's exactly what a papist would say.

We've all been replaced by state agents.

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Based academia

The weaker posters flew too close to the sun.

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I strongly dislike this British man of Pakistani origin

Papists have even less of an argument, lad.

I once messaged Raheem on twitter and told him I wouldn't vote for him because he's a Paki and he told me he agreed with me, then sent some message about how immigration has been too high.

Is he /arelad/?


jej lad, i enjoyed it

Some of us work for a living.

>How this is even possible? How could Jews, any Jews, no matter their affiliation, possibly embrace white nationalist ideology?
>If Shapiro is not himself a racist, by the time his arguments make it to shul, they are indistinguishable from Richard Spencer’s

Whole article is gold.
Trump jumped into bed with the ultra orthodox faction and they are fucking extremists, conservative and the fastest growing sect of Judaism. They hate wogs


I don't know who's jewing who anymore

Absolute Kino.

Ethnonationalism BTFO

You sound like a racist loser who wants people to be enslaved but also probably a DNC false flag as well

Good schtuff lad.

You have to balance it to see if it's worth the money tbh, that sort of headache must get tiresome.

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It's better than having no resource to prepare for the end times.

>not liking raheem is DNC
t. raheem

you could end it for raheem if you made another video on him lad just plainly showing his anti-white comments

Don't go to Zig Forums tomorrow.

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Tugs on the heart strings……fucking womanlets…"I'm a dwarf!" - the old excuse..
'I'm a dwarf, I can't go any faster': Disabled 3ft6in mother, 32, faces court because she struggles to get her seven-year-old son to school on time

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>you can tell which race someone is just by looking at the way their brain is folded (

I guess I must just be an uneducated bigot smh, Akala said that a truly educated man can never be racist


Jews are split between the Orthodox, the conservative neo-cons and the Liberals. The liberals and neo-cons tend to work together while the Orthodox jews tend to be pulled into the neo-con camp. That's why Bibi spends so much time placating them in Israel.

Get up earlier you fat tiny bitch


top fucking kek

Education refolds your brain, duh


Would tupac be allowed in the ethnostate for his cultural contribution to the west?

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brainlets out

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I don't know what's more depressing, that this actually happened or that he can get a gf with that level of autism and I can't.

No but he can be king darkie

it wouldn't be worth it, smh

*puts the welsh in blackface*

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I'm poor and white so am I priveliged

No he's a punk and Notorious had the better flow and lyricism

He wouldn't want to come back after he saw the cogs that keep the west turning.

He can have a working visa then

smh tbqh

Biggie is no hittman tho


doesn't this lad use his identity for everything though

Still born to die

Good lad.

Thanks lad.