Brit/pol/ #2115: No Fleshbags Allowed Edition

President Trump: NHS 'going broke and not working'

UK services sector growth falls to 16-month low

Snow for many parts of the UK

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Saw that earlier when it posted. Made me chuckle, but it's a missed opportunity to point out ethnoreligious associations.

Lood gad

Good lad.

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Good lad

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Corporeal beings btfo

I knew she was a semen demon

t. Russian bot

Good lad

Isabelle Cumshott (pbuh) tbh.

Did somebody say something?

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deleting my post

100% diverse = 0% White

Thanks for not banning me you're a good lad I love you in a lord-peasant way

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s m h tbh

Not so fast

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Whatever you lads do tonight, don't turn over to newsnight.

It's a cancer episode.

*returns to sort out the recession*

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Lanks thads

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We want Brown, we want Brown

We've already got lots of browns lad

You mean it's every episode of every BBC programme?

Not enough though tbf

British Broadcasting Cancer tbh

take me to brown town tbh

How can ketchup ever recover?


Fuck sake, forgot pic

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*googles that word*

That crafty bastard


Enjoy the van ride

What are they peddling tonight?

They had a panel of severely ugly women discussing about feminism, because it was some suffragette anniversary or what ever.

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When was the last time the BBC made a drama programme that didn't have a non-white man/white coman couple?

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isnt much competition tbh

Dr who?

The only way to avoid recession and the damage it will do to public services and the NHS is to overturn this reckless and irresponsible Brexit

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The first season of hte new series had a blonde companion with a mulatto boyfriend.

Oh I don't watch telly at all tbh

Good man based icke is our only hope now

Peaky blinders

That's a breddy good T-shirt tbh.

They've been flying completely under my jewdar this whole time.

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Also this is unironically the best poster ever printed

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Come on lad



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Does he believe the Queen is an alien or is that just a memi?

He's mad as a box of frogs

They still do.

So mirroring it on my channel?

Should I do one big long expose/documentary on grooming gangs using this and other news reports? Might be giving myself a huge task here but that lecture really riled me up.

Lizard is code for jew


Not true, swear Mr Sunshine's son in that was making birmingham BLACKED

Racial traits are more than skin deep

Being a tight git is also a celtic trait tbf, I assumed he had just adopted Welsh culture.

And a Yorkshire one

Only with some skanks

I think it's genuine. I saw someone reviewing his work and giving him a massive benefit of the doubt by saying the whole lizard alien was a clever use of allegory for people who don't know where to direct their anger at society. He responded by saying "I don't use allegory"

Then why did he talk about being able to see the flickers when they reveal their true reptilian form lad?

Is it ok if I judge them by their brain folding though?

Psychosis I'd guess

Does she look Jewish?

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We're all uuman beans

The unnecessary use of the word it at the end has really got my confused.



Including Ian Watkins.

subtle redpill about the low amount of nigger astronauts tbh


Yes. Even the members of Steps were human beings.


H is an angel, you take that back you bitch

what if Icke is the only Lizard on earth accusing everyone else of being a Lizard to avoid detection

Noice. I'll have to have a fresh sniff about for some local ones, I'm sure there must still be some about and I just haven't looked in a while, just hope they still have that same comfy atmosphere.


This is less believable than the flat earth stuff tbh

The ickepill is hard to swallow

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Tbh this post made me laugh smh

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what if the lizards are based


Lizards are a different species, you can no more be racist against them than you can a dog.

Ever met an iguana that wasn't based?

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Thinking about making some videos tbh

She's Martin Lewis' wife.

I like how we have the same sense of humour lad.

*breeds certain types of dogs more than others*

Is it just me, or does young David look a little but like PJW?

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That's another for /newbrit/ then