Brit/pol/ #2116: The Utter State Of Kaseem Edition

Army To Celebrate Her Majesty The Queen's Accession With Gun Salutes

HMS Ocean arrives into Portsmouth for the last time

Tory rebel Anna Soubry says she will QUIT the party unless Theresa May throws out Jacob Rees Mogg and hard Brexiteers

Former councillor is warned by two officers who turned up at his door over comments he posted on Facebook

Labour MPs and celebrities face backlash after going on 24-hour HUNGER STRIKE to demand proportional representation voting

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Good lad.

Ta' lad, I'll chuck it at him.

Goodbye lads

*cuts off internet and runs into the wilderness*

smh it's time to lobby Youtube to restrict even more speech.

lood gad

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Someone should start a thread on Raheemy Kasseeemy on a lolcow board somewhere, prime twat for lels tbh

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top keek

inb4 he links to the blog with a cheeky link to his own patreon

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He's not monetised tbf

lol, wut?

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hahaha yeah that would be pretty funny- wait what?

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Mogg is worse than Hitler tbh

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Only a paki is capable of this kind of affected victimhood tbh

Lads my fucking sides he responds almost immediately

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Who does he think he's representing?
Genuine question.

was sri lanka considered separate from that empire?

Contradicting himself now lol, BBC made it to look bad, I changed it to look good. They had eerie fucking music playing.

What a dishonest kernt.

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not surprising since he stayed up shitposting during the night shift


>hurr it says 'may be considered' so it's one way or the other XDDD
wew his English isn't stellar is it

Hoisted by his own petard

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He's all over the place.

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I'm waiting for him to call me an angry neckbeard basement dweller when he's the one replying immediately.

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*puts in claim for use of my coloured Enoch*

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Did any of you hear about this guy who ate horse poopoo at the superbowl in America?
The fans of the American Football team "The Eagles" became so rowdy that they won the sports competition that they started rioting and one of the fans started eating horse poo while everyone around him cheered him on.

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Wait so is it fair use or isn't it?
If it is, then he's pikeying content without crediting the source - if it isn't then he's pikeying copyrighted content.

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Don't really know how to respond to his stupidity, if anyone has anything post it and I'll chuck it at him

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Well he's put his patreon over someone else's content, either that someone else is Kipper if the video is fair use or the BBC if the video isn't fair use
Either way he's a thieving paki

careful lad, if you call him out too much he will block you

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Why did he do it lads?

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He's left himself no option but to keep doubling down now.



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Here lad, he contradicted himself

Whiter than poo, Muhammad.


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i know it sounds stupid, but we should get someone on the aut-lite or something to do a video on all this drama, he's really fucked up on this

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lads can you imagine if woes makes a video about it

Definitely lad, he's acting a complete fool.

I'll follow up with that if he ever responds.



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That would be pretty funny tbh

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Somone should throw some shekels at the porridge wog with the idea and see if he bites tbh

what happened to all that energy he had earlier :^))))))

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Post yfw you're Raheem Kasseem

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It explains why you are such a shit poster

The next time I finish work early I'll head to the office and throw kippers at him as he leaves.

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In 2012, a male massage therapist sued Hollywood actor John Travolta for sexual battery. When the masseur rejected Travolta's advance, Travolta said something very peculiar. Here is a page from the official indictment.

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don't get it

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Did you read the image?

Here's Audio of Quentin Tarantino Defending Roman Polanski: 13-Year-Old Girl 'Wanted to Have It'

Who is Kotter?

Wow what a revelation that pervert is a pervert


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It was covered by The Sun

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I think Raheem has been spoiled by Nigel and his hangers on by being the chosen as the 'based ethnic guy' who agrees with the bog standard normie arguments against immigration('well,if they speak English..','Australian points','Islam not compatible with liberal democracy') so when he comes up against people who see the world through an ethnocentric lens(and a lot of people do whether they realise it or not) he just can't understand it.

Nigel tried to do this sort of 'outreach' when he was leader,i still remember that one poster where he was surrounded by about 8 blokes in turbans and he was the only white bloke in it - it's exactly the way liberals stereotype people like him 'Sanjeev and Kumar will tell you i'm not racist'

Wow a guy who listened to his mum getting gangbanged by niggers as a child is a mentally ill pervert? I for one am shocked and appalled.

I love that one


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Your child may be visiting "chan" forums if they:

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Kek, what's this from?

Official advice from NSPCC

I meet all my friends in an American diner and only communicate in haiku's

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Shariah May wants to destroy normie internet because bully

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really dislike the muslamic ones they do, it brings out all of the basement jihadis and smug invaders, who are allowed to run rampant.
meanwhile if there's any evil whiteys doing the same thing they get shut down.


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Zig Forums BTFO

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FRESH Cowboy Kent Rollins

These cunts don't understand what democracy is. It is bullying. It is the tyranny of the majority. They just use the word as a buzzword, everything they like is democratic everything they don't like is undemocratic.

and it just keeps getting more and more pathetic, when will this nightmare end?

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They just don't want to be held to account for their actions
A fucking sham.


It shows the blatant hypocrisy tbh, works well for us in the long run.
What's strange about this video is it didn't mention the Kerkoporta, the gate which was ((left open)), really makes you think.

Um… your ancestors fought each other more than they fought foreigners. Seems like racism is a bit dumb now huh? xx

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