Brit/pol/ #2117: tfw it didn't blow up Edition

SpaceX Stream

One in three Brits say the Suffragettes’ campaign makes them especially proud to be British, NHS #1

Teen who was sent home by doctor with laxatives for constipation found dead in bed just 24 hours later

Army To Celebrate Her Majesty The Queen's Accession With Gun Salutes

HMS Ocean arrives into Portsmouth for the last time

Tory rebel Anna Soubry says she will QUIT the party unless Theresa May throws out Jacob Rees Mogg and hard Brexiteers

Former councillor is warned by two officers who turned up at his door over comments he posted on Facebook

Labour MPs and celebrities face backlash after going on 24-hour HUNGER STRIKE to demand proportional representation voting

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Good lad.


time and the multiverse tbh lads

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some space rockets will help take our minds off the country being stolen from us

m for musk :^) fixed

Hope someone puts them in Amelia's Islington townhouse
and then chains the doors shut and torches it
In case anyone missed it

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Now he can shit in the street and blame the horse

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Will Italy be the first huwhite country to kick off? They're going out with banners praising the shooter, and stopping his lawyer in the street to offer support

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It's ogre.

Good lad.

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did the race article get any more hits lad?

The flamethrowers will come in handy


Oh God.

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What happened?

Reee why are we always talking about Italy/Italians lately?

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Only a few today. You still hurting for cash?

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No they just get easily excited and love drama. They will return to their spaget and calcio soon enough

because they're italian posters who have to go back

Still time to poison the Pakis water supply lad.

Remember your ancestors killed each other

Reminder that Italy is a shithole and its inhabitants are shitpeople

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Dafty wop spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) lad.

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I love her lads
I'm going to go and get her

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she's too good for you

Leave her alone lad she's already blocked you

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Is anyone else enjoying the idea of Raheem ranting about an obscure Taiwanese weaving basket forum and it's youtube outreach programme?


I'm a good boy, devilishly handsome, TOO handsome

Had chicken tendies and chips for din dins

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t. Nigger

Good lad

Great song tbh

I should add in a Brietbart article.

Yeah tbqh


that's brythonig to you lad

Reminder that we filter pakis on here

Backstory: Coalburning crackwhore overdoses/murdered by nigerian drug dealer boyfriend, ironically named Innocent. He chops her up, puts her in a couple of suitcases & gets arrested

One month until elections…

Especially in the south but the german speaking bits on the austrian border are ok

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I'm going to go out and get her lad nothing's going to stop me


It'd be fucking priceless if he actually did it, it'd show how worked up he got over us calling him out.

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calma downa Giusseppe issa no good you getta you blood up lika diss

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Oi! Raheem You have to go back

someone send him a link tbh.

So either she's unemployed so has enough time to read three books whilst also being a fast reader, the books are so small that they're less than leaflets, or she's lying.

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You need lithium and psychiatric supervision lad

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The Egypt/Sudan/Eritrea/Ethiopia Crisis
(6th February 2018)

Looks like the Cape to Cairo Railway is back on the board lads.

This is where you can use your yank friends to deliver the final blow via freedom of speech.

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I've reached my breaking point
I must be free

Is it all kicking off in Wopaly?
Where's your money lads? Will the dafties there remove the wogs first?

huh here they would use this as a casus belli to become more even more orwellian.
meanwhile in Italy the fascists are probably getting into government
Mare Nostrum soon tbh

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tfw we killed off Thunderbird 1 and lost out on space


The Chad dafty proves once again that vigilantism > ineffectual democratic participation or localism meemery.


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fuck off bookie lad

God I wish.

top kek lad

my my isn't she studious

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thats not me

Fuck off gayboy

apples and swarthy oranges lad.


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Gerry Anderson was Jewish lad

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we'll meet in valhalla lads


fuck useless mods

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Just go and poison a reservoir already, lad.


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Aren't you meant to be perma'd laddo

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I'm perma'ing myself lad don't worry


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No need lad I'll do it for you

nigger, don't make me come for you(Good luck, I'm behind 7 permas)

Watched them all again recently tbh, that much nostalgia could kill


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I nearly burst a vessel when I saw what they had done to it in the modern remake.

The live action film or the animated series.

Both tbh

Forgot about the la film tbh

best version tbh