What are some christian dreams you have had

What are some christian dreams you have had could be sad, angry, happy, funny

One type is whenever there is a nightmare or something scary me in the dream always has the ability to call on jesus and say the our father prayer and it ends and i feel fine

Heres another dream

another dream

a couple weeks later i found out what the tree of life was and it was interesting

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Out of curiosity, what did Jesus as he appeared in your dream look like? I barely dream and often forget any dreams I do have soon after I wake up, and the ones I remember seem typically devoid of any complex meaning.

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Mfw, i never get to have dreams of seeing jesus. What an abyss lies between me, and this sinful world. And with that of trying to come to terms with christ.

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that's incredible!
i believe that the Lord speaks to us through our dreams, He must have felt that these were important messages to share with you!

Even if a dream came to me I'd check twice with two different Priests just to make sure.

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Not very deep to understand. I don't have crazy dreams…
But it's nice that my guardian angel protects me even in my sleep. Jesus is the most kind King.

the only spiritual experience I've had. I have it annotated to remember it forever.

(maybe it only makes sense to me because the symbology was made specially for me)

(he was an angel, because I have wandered in the "spiritual desert" for long time)

(I doubt a little about the vision. It could be just me, half asleep, filling the information blocks with a visual hallucination? I'm a rationalist)

But what I felt was the experience of my life. If that was God, then, be afraid. Be very afraid lad. It was a love that could melt space-time, and of which nothing could escape. Absolute control. Terrifying falls short. If that's God, be very afraid.

I could write a book about it and I'll fall short. Love is a word that falls short.

I have really interesting and vibrant dreams very often, but recall only one dream where I met someone who was apparently supposed to be Jesus.
To be honest I haven't tried interpreting this or taking it as some kind of message for my own life, but it really reminds me of Luke 5 11

Other than that faith is often an important part of my dreams (as it's usually what drives and guides me) and saying prayers has gotten me out of a couple nasty situations.

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Do you honestly think that post is well-formatted? There's no way it needed to be that large.

usually like

In the elevator dream he looked like a mixture of man and god, I know he was 100% god and 100% man but his face was warped and weird but not frightening

Sorry. I will change it in the original .rtf. so doesn't happen again.

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for their contributions. I'll be following this thread.


Source of second picture

dont know just found it here

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wow that photo

I have some weird collection of early 2000s late 90s photos.

Something about rare 9/11 photos is mesmerizing to me, i guess it was the shift of an old era into a new one that so drastically happened

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It is a sort of tragic nostalgia. Something so absurd but mixed with extreme banality to create a beautiful tragedy

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I walk into an underground lecture hall with hundreds of seats positioned higher than each other. The light is on and I remember my father coming here. I hear him fighting with someone outside the large lecture hall but I pay no attention and wander around. I find myself outside the large lecture hall. In order to find it again, I ask men in long black clothing that my father had a connection to show me where the lecture hall is again. They figure out what I’m talking about and begin walking me in a direction of where I know some old people live. The two men walk me into an outside cement corridor and open the door to the right.

When I enter, I am shocked to find that it had been a church since I instantly recognized that they were singing songs of worship to God on the chairs everyone was sitting in. The entire lecture hall was crowded and I decided to sit a few seats above the lowest row of people. Whilst I was watching what was occurring, I noticed that they began taking pieces of glass and ceramic and started to throw pieces on the seats below them. The pieces rained from behind me but I began to notice that they wanted to shatter vases that stood on the very end of the lecture hall, a few seats below me. A priest who had been preaching near the very side of the vases attacks the illuminati in a speech he makes right before I wake up.


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I was living at my grandmother's house at the time with my mum and brothers because she had broken up with her former partner, complicated private issues surround that whole affair, but the main thing here is, I was forever changed by that dream, I truly believed and still do believe that the dream was a warning from God, or at least had a supernatural nature to it. My grandmother had at one point practiced magic from what she herself told me and what I've gleaned from others, including using some type of voodoo doll magic to supposedly cause distress to former male members of my family, including my uncle who left my aunt at some later point, and my step-father, who in particular according to what I've heard died from what was medically diagnosed as a blood clot after my grandmother chucked him in the freezer as it were. Looking back on my childhood, my experience with my family and our values in those days, and how at odds they are with what I've learned in my late teens and adult life, it has proven difficult to reconcile to myself, my aunts having loved my grandmother very much, almost to the point of idolisation in some cases, but all of them are totally spiritually ignorant, headstrong "independent" women who follow astrology, as I myself did. I don't think I'd ever be able to reach them, and if I were to divulge the fullness of my opinions on their ways of life according to my currently more Christian aligned worldview, I'd have to imagine we'd have a falling out.
I went off on a tangent there, but the point of that elucidation there was that my grandmother very well could have been a witch of some sort and had attracted demons to her that had deceived her, and perhaps they had something to do with the dream I experienced while living there. I was studying Christianity at the time as well however, and always had a superstitious streak, which I chalked most of the fearfulness I experienced living in there house up to. But who can say for certain?

The most recent vivid dream I had was relatively mundane compared to the former dream, spooky nonetheless:
It was during a period of my work life where I had been experiencing a lot of temptation toward sexual immorality and wrath, which I still struggle with, however not as intensely thank God. I interpreted the dream's message as "You are sacrificing your inner child when you go to work and expose yourself and do not resist the evil therein." I've wanted to quit for a while, but much more so after that dream, and even more so after recent events at work that I will not get into, but yeah, I keep failing at building for myself an attractive alternative to working there in terms of finance, so I remain. There are not a lot of jobs that pay quite as well at entry-level as mine in my town, and until I take better responsibility toward my life, I will likely continue to remain.

Please post more pics.

Theyre stunningly sad, something draws you into them

but please lets keep this on topic

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This is bronze

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my dreams are nonsensical

So I wake up and mention this dream to a Catholic friend of mine. He looked at me strangely for sec and said, while I was traveling outside the country, there was a Christian lady who was trying to put up a statue of Our Lady, and whats more it was in the very spot where I dreamed it was. No one had told about it before

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I had some dreams:

Another one:

Just a normal, handsome, tall Mediterranean guy with long dark brown hair.

There is hope for the lost ones, brothers.

I don't want to derail the thread, but how did you reconcile your objections to the Catholic Church?

My dreams are Flannery O'Connor tier: Drenched in symbolism with very brief moments of sobriety. An analogical lens is necessary, i think.

There was this one dream where i met a chef wearing a mobious-strip bow-tie, started saying strange things and it felt like i was on the precipice of some revelation before i woke up in my bed and had to go to school.

There was another one that i can describe in more detail, reminded me of wise-blood:
< the cycle continues

I'm thinking of adapting this into a horror story, there's a lot of good content, this is just bare-bones info i tried to tie together cohesively, so take its literality of account with a grain of salt, but this is truly to a large degree how it went down.

My take-away: the house of satan devolves men into grotesque beasts and removes their humanity, there is no comfort and death is the defining feature of it, in the house of God righteousness is maintained and comfort can be found in our Fathers loving embrace. Monstrosity comes from those who see only in the flesh, who seek only the flesh. Evil is men with the image of God removed.

Btw, have any of you read the works of flannery o'connor?

I can relate. I'm certainly not a saint, nor am i by any means a faithful servant. Last time i read my bible was 2 years ago. I've fallen a long way.

Trying to get out of this rut though, maybe some-day i'll have a jesus-dream, maybe its just for some people and not others. I'd like to think you are no more/less christian for having a christ dream. I certainly don't think its a requirement in the slightest.

Well, it all came tumbling down when I realized:
1: I desperately wanted to leave my church
2: All the other Protestant denominations are just as bad
3: If the saints are in heaven, then they are alive, so it isn't necromancy
4: I stopped being a Zionist when I found out what the Talmud said about Jesus
5: I discovered reactionary anti-Enlightenment writings and realized that the modern world is screwed today because of the Enlightenment.
6:I already knew that Protestantism caused the Enlightenment, but now I realized that that is a bad thing.

That kid is now in his early 20s

same as me!!


lowkey that was disgusting but a very intersting dream, I will check out o'connor>>611122

Idk if you know this but that story is already a creepypasta. Like almost exactly.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt but if you did steal it and claim it as your own, dont do that anymore.

Love you brother and glory to the living God.

A few days ago I had a dream that my grandpa was a bishop-cardinal and that he was helping me get a position as a bishop (simony, I guess).

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I typically don't remember my dreams, so this is a significant one to me: I was looking at Heaven through this glass sphere. I could see and hear everything that was around me, but no one could see or hear me. Heaven itself looked very fuzzy, as if it didn't want to be seen by me just yet. Eventually, I find a man. The man was an ordinary man, but the way I saw it, the man was pulled from Earth to see what Heaven is like for him, so I followed him. Eventually, he (and by extension, I) came across a beautiful, well-endowed blonde women. She was completely naked and was hairless from the eyebrows down. Despite this, she was minding her business with a smile on her face. The man spoke to the woman, and the conversation went something like this:

This was before I converted (year ago).

Very brief, very vibrant. Had cartoonish child laying down with music exactly in the style as a certain webcomic, wont describe it yet. Nothing much was happening but the only notable thing after I woke up was remembering that it had 888 on its head.

Decided to look it up and saw what it meant. Since I wasn't christian back then I just went "huh, fancy that" but now thinking back I can only go "wut?"

Really don't know what to make of it.

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Isn't Simony the attempt to purchase spiritual power?
I think this would be more, a nice grandfather helping his grandson out.
Maybe nepotism.

Really disturbing one. I think it's a warning. I quit drinking and this was the night of a relapse. I'm surprised I remember it because I was smashed.

Friend is coming over. It's Satan and somehow this doesn't bother me, just some ordinary looking guy. He asks me to do a bunch of stuff, don't remember exactly what other than I had to travel around searching for something or someone. I try but keep failing and I'm disappointed because I can't contact him or he doesn't show up when he's supposed to. Show's up later, suddenly he looks all weird, orange (I was drinking screwdrivers too), blazing eyes, demonic. His voice too was inhuman, high pitched and raspy. I wasn't frightened though. I was devoted to him. Still try to achieve some task he set me on like I'm in a haze. Later I try to build an airplane to travel somewhere but I can't finish because I keep forgetting parts. The whole time I'm trying to convince someone I'm a pilot.

That plus a hangover has kept me sober a few weeks. The devotion to alcohol as devotion to Satan was so poignant I don't think I'll forget it. The part about not being able to assemble a plane I'm not so sure I understand, if it even means anything.

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Even Arabs aren't that dark, nor is their hair that curled. Afro-Asiatic people are tanned with curled black hair.

I rarely have any Christ-related dreams, likely due to my own weak spiritual gains. However, I do have one that stands out in my mind. It wasn't anything cohesive, it was more like a still shot rather than a sequence of events.

In the dream, I was aware I was browsing Zig Forums, and I was looking at an image posted in a thread. The image was a set of railroad tracks, set against an obnoxious bright fuchsia background. Towards the right end of the tracks, they started becoming twisted, branching and tangling amongst themselves like a tree, with wood ties caught within them.

As I was viewing the image, I became aware of its context, that it related to the end of days. The image was representing the series of events that had to occur for the end of days to come. But they couldn't come yet because the "tracks had to be straightened". But I would assume that these events were progressing, since the tracks were presented to me in the image half-straightened. I can't remember how I was made aware of this, but I assume it was text accompanying the image within this dream post.

The other interesting thing is that if I remember correctly, I had this dream the weekend Saudi Arabia underwent that massive purge within their government, I think back in October maybe. But I can't remember the exact timing of the dream and the SA happenings. If I had the dream the night before the news broke, it could be huge. But it's more certain I had the dream the next night, after reading up on the happening and was subconsciously influenced by them.

I only barely remember any of it. It was just a dream, I haven't put much stock in any of it. It's still really interesting, nonetheless. The only other thing that may possibly qualify is this recurring dream about a "golden" village, but I highly doubt it's actually Christ-related.

I pray the Lord may show me some pleasant and holy dreams.

one day you will and you awake with the greatest feeling of love, its indescribable

I had a very funny dream when I was about 8-9

Yes, i've felt this presence to, or something of the sort. It felt like love, but it felt like something that isn't of this world. If that can even make any sense. What did yours feel like annon?

I was praying before a test through ST peter and St joseph in my dorm. And i went to the exam and sat down and felt bubbly and warm almost like my stomach and insides were empty but not in a weird feeling. A calm feeling of purity that everything was fine in my life and I could die there and than and it would be the finest thing

I lol'd, best post yet

Can you interpret things in dreams as messages from God?

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I think you could but there's the danger of interpreting something that's actually from a demon too so rather than rely on dreams, I'll just stick to praying to the Holy Spirit for guidance.

Jesus standing beside me as the whole world was laid out before us. He was explaining something to me but I don't remember what.

; (

this already exists as a creepy pasta? Mind posting the original so i can compare?

there really is nothing new under the sun :^/

I dated Søren Kierkegaard,he seemed to be charming and nice,he was crying about his broken engagement and Regine Olsen , too bad I had to wake up but that's the best dream I've ever had.

The worst one is,
one night I was aware that I was dreaming so I was flying around and was having fun in dream, I decided to wake up but I couldn't, after a long struggle I woke up but I found myself lying in bed and darkness surrounded me, I shouted out the lords prayer in tears and I woke up with a head ache.

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im noticing a pattern here..

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You better be a woman or go back to reddit

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Guess I'll stay here

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You’re Actually a real female and not the better kind?

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I don't often have dreams but often wake up on the middle of the night and have some burden to pray for. Last night I dreamt of my brother, can't remember the details but he was in some kind of self inflicted danger so I spent some time Praying for his salvation.

Seeing as you mentioned planes

Lucid dream about 7 years ago, not Christian, borderline alcoholic

Second dream a few years later, Christian, got things together a bit

I believe these were dreams from God teaching me about faith in him. We can do nothing in our own strength but can fly high by our faith in his power and goodness
"Strength and joy are in his dwelling place"

Not sure if my hermeneutic helps with your dream.

The golden village is definitely significant I believe. Its about the golden community that God is creating, his kingdom, his heavenly city. Are you doing anything particular in the village? Or is there anything about the village that stands out? Could be God speaking to you about the role he has for you in building his church community


I just remembered a dream my friend told me about a few weeks ago

That's a deep one lads

After having gone through a period where I have neglected praying and reading my bible I had a dream the other night where I was on an expidition bus roaming somewhere on the coast of south america (my friend has just come back from brazil and talking with her about it is obviously the influence there), but the bus went down from the kind of scorched/logged hillside/mountain to an area where the coast line was all igneous rock with active volcano-like things spewing and pluming out bright green and red gunge like stuff (like lava but not glowing red hot just more like multicoloured toxic sludge). There were some small to medium sized four legged dinos on the rocks which the bus drove over to get close to so we could see them - let alone the unsettling feeling of approaching dinos - even if they were herbivore ones - a greater sense of unease grew as we approached due to the ricketyness of the bus on these awkward rocks right on the shore line of all this multicoloured toxic sludge which we could easily have ended up falling or slipping down into - and sure enough it did..and as the sense of panic set in as we were going down thinking how tf am i/we going to get out of this alive and realising I was in my final moments as we were going down I realised i could pray and bent my head down and cupped my hands and just repeated to my self 'pray, pray, pray, pray' and then I woke up.

flying around
it's funny I have dreams where I can fly around fairly regularly (wouldn't know, but maybe a handful or more times a year that I remember), it's so good, there's a proper technique and physics/control system for my body/flight that always features each time it happens. It takes effort and concentration to get off the ground and control and sometimes it's hard to completely stay in total control but it's so much fun. I wonder what it says about me.

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Interesting, could be cross-posted on /x/ lol. It's made me wonder though, what does the church say about prophetic dreams? Obviously some genuine prophets had them, but I'm talking about the more common variety of which this is an example, there must be thousands and thousands of people who've had experiences like this.

tell me more please