Brit/pol/ #2121: Red Rising Edition

Surge in red squirrel numbers in Scotland

Soros funding anti-Brexit campaigners

Bermuda repeals same-sex marriage in world first move

Paisley urges 'no surrender' to the EU

'Racist' Enoch Powell 'should not be celebrated with a blue plaque', say campaigners

'Wine o'clock' has damaged an entire generation of women

Universal credit error means claimants are forced to attend job centres to reset online passwords

Walkable cities reduce blood pressure and hypertension risk, study finds

Sweden appoints Pakistani to lead National Heritage Board

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First for killing journalists.

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hullo Terry

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It's nothing, lads. It's the fault of the instrument!

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47 61 73 20 74 68 65 20 47 72 61 79 73 2c 20 70 61 6b 69 73 20 6f 75 74 2e 20

Just having a pint lad, you coming?

I'll see you in the Knights Templar, lad


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theres an ad for engagement rings for valentines day on atm with a wog and a soyboy

This really activates my MKULTRA's

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15% off a black prossie?


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Not much related, but this is lulzy:
The stock market crashes so much in India there's an article for that.


the last one looks like the original

I N T E R E S T I N G : ^)

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Tories move to impose candidates centrally and break constituency association link

Looks like they don't want to risk selecting any more Moggs. I wonder if this is a response to Aaron Banks' idea of coopting the party from the grassroots up.


Hitchens is going to have fun with this one

London elite pick and choose how we're governed. Rest of the country get's shafted.
Seems pretty standard.

Zig Forumscast when?

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Once we persuade Kipper he won't get v8 for doing so.

It will only be Nick Boles's and Amber Rudds from now on

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More power goes to London

you can unironically blame Thatcher for this, she started it

GCHQ will go over the recordings with a fine tooth comb

Whats a decent starter shotgun tbh

They are every bit as bad, and worse

Just remember not to invite Jez Turner on and you should be alright

We should start local criminal gangs and seizes the means production. Set up an alternative government.

I hope we have special guest Knightmarez.

beretta's pretty damn good and quite affordable.

Goes back well before Thatcher.
Haven't had true localism in England since the Heptarchy.

gordo tbh

Based Prevent lad

Never a dull moment with Kikmarez around

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Why isn't Westmonster more popular?

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The moment they knock at my door is the moment I start poisoning reservoirs.

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The website is bloody awful

I don't care, persuade Kipper.


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they are even more kiked than the alt-lite

oi kipper you cunt stop being a cunt

This bothers me so much.

A secret plot to stop Brexit, or an antisemitic dog whistle?

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Aron Banks

"Don't talk about bad things that Jews do because that might prove the anti-Semites right".


I am THIS fucking close to losing it - and the Jews should be worried

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So uh. It's 1929 all over again, lads.

is that good or bad?

do it lad, and once you've cut soros up in pieces use his blood to paint hammer and sickles on the walls

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he really was a handsome devil wasn't he?

no homo

Say that to him, not me ffs

why aren't there more British Mecha?

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That's the year 2055 where all public spending goes towards the NHS. The NHS have sent their only Mecha.


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British mecha would be steampunk surely

wew I know where I'm going on holiday

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Is it made out of sardine cans?

Why aren't there more British SteamPunk Mosley-ite Mecha?

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It is? Syncs fine in potplayer


Zeppelins come back into fashion?

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who's joining with me? :^)

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Freemasons call for end to 'discrimination' of members

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Dude weed tbh

says the people who have been silencing any dissidents these last few years

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*posts what I'm watching*


could infiltrate them and redpill them on the JQ and how they want us to leave the EU

something amiss here lads…

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it wouldnt be worth it tbh all you'd see around you are insects and fluoride stares

This is what the security services predicted would be happening in the next 30-50 years

hwicce will rise again

Look up Konflikt 47

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Those old people look like Brits tbh.

thats hardcore

the USA was (not anymore) an anglo-sphere nation after all

They predicted civil wars in Europe followed by dissolution of states into different areas controlled by gangs/mafias, Ethnic gangs, Hells Angels etc

got any links, lad? Sounds interesting.