Brit/pol/ #2122: Edited Edition

Surge in red squirrel numbers in Scotland

Soros funding anti-Brexit campaigners

Bermuda repeals same-sex marriage in world first move

Paisley urges 'no surrender' to the EU

'Racist' Enoch Powell 'should not be celebrated with a blue plaque', say campaigners

'Wine o'clock' has damaged an entire generation of women

Universal credit error means claimants are forced to attend job centres to reset online passwords

Walkable cities reduce blood pressure and hypertension risk, study finds

Sweden appoints Pakistani to lead National Heritage Board

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Good thread edition tbh

Forgot to post this earlier, nowt special.

good thread




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*steals video and puts brietbart logo on it*

Whaddya gonna do, neckbeard? It's fair use policy, now give me my patreon shekels xDDDDDDD

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no this is how I normally speak

unironically like Mrs Doubtfire tbh
based jews subtly conditioning children to accept trannies

kek it's good that someone actually follows stuff up on here lad

subverting my comments and acting like a regular user though, smh


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Fuck off reddit

They hold a knife to your throat in the initiation ritual tbh. Meant to be about trust.

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Already watched it lad, don't even have an account, got it recomended

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Based cookies

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Stop posting these shitty Vocaroos

Lock and load lads
See you on the other side

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careful lad

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I hate the way raheem dresses. Anyone who dresses like him deserves death.

Stop shilling your shitty OC

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ooh tough virgin of the salt right

Tattooed my nephew today. Hope he grows to love it.

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Bigots btfo

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This. it's incredibly sad.


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Thanks SA

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That is sad, on here? kek


Lol no lad

Oh that's who watches sargon

Do they have cars in the UK?

Thanks moonlad

Based erosion of individual autonomy by de-facto banning cars tbh. Anyone got that webm of that really poorly thought-out video some NWO NGO put out about visiting someone in a future megacity and cars are communally owned with people booking them when they want to drive somewhere​ and where you can't have meat for dinner because it's not your birthday?

it's from evil dead lad smh

we have motorised rollinghams lad

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Serious autism

Lad you're reddit as fuck


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it's what night shift is for

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fugging jew cunts

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does anyone have that webm of the prefect saying; "I'm getting really angry!"?

It isn't nightshift until 2am

why not both?

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Can't wait to see what 500% autism RP you cook up lad.

thats pike hours lad


Which is nightshift

That's even less reason for it to be allowed

[boomerposting intensifies]

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Lad get a gf

that's the one, does anyone have that?


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it's night shift for me right now because I'm a good lad who goes to bed before 11pm to be fresh and ready for a day of toil ahead

oh yeah, remind me tomorrow and I'll invite you to the Bongo Bongo Land for it, the other players haven't decided yet so lots to choose from

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Just want to cuddle with a cute lass don't really care if shes had tens of cocks inside her.

Ultimately we are all SA

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Think it's on one of my hardrives, not sure which one smh, can only find the youtube link atm

you'll care when she leaves you to go get tens more cocks inside her

Didn't say anything about marrying her

Got work tomo unfortunately, prob be on after 11pm if not I will have to catch you Saturday

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thanks lad. love this new series of peep show


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saturday then yeah
working on a kriegsspiel as well which doesn't require a set time period to play in

anyone got the full version of this

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Comfy as fuck

Lad I don't want to larp as a monk
I want to larp as a person who belongs to a healthy community


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Lad I don't know how to break this to you….

So you are planning to LARP Time Commanders without the trannies or the rts part?

Gregorian chants are what the Catholic choirs used to sing in sunday mass lad before the Vatican II shit changed it

go to a based presby church

Well I fucked that post up didn't I?

I just want someone to cuddle.
A lifetime without hugs has had a disastrous effect on my psychology.

You should go to nipland and try one of those cuddle brothels

no I mean running kriegsspiel doesn't require getting everyone together for a set time period irl, I wait for everyone to put their orders in then process and send them out again, so the game advances whenever everyone bothers rather than every tuesday night.

First time was alright if protracted and dead after Shropshire fucked off smh


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Wish there were some here but the women would be munters
Guess I'll just try and find some slag on friday night to cuddle with and NOT have sex with

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