Brit/pol/ #2123: Fred Dibnah Edition

Surge in red squirrel numbers in Scotland

Soros funding anti-Brexit campaigners

Bermuda repeals same-sex marriage in world first move

Paisley urges 'no surrender' to the EU

'Racist' Enoch Powell 'should not be celebrated with a blue plaque', say campaigners

'Wine o'clock' has damaged an entire generation of women

Universal credit error means claimants are forced to attend job centres to reset online passwords

Walkable cities reduce blood pressure and hypertension risk, study finds

Sweden appoints Pakistani to lead National Heritage Board

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tariq won

he proved white supremacy is a religion
jews are white
greek statues were built in the 1800s
so much more too

The debate is amazing. Truly the most representative figures of huwhiteness and blackness.

Anglin v Sarcuck is supposed to be Saturday iirc but I think Sargon has bailed on it.

This is legit the worst thread made, you didn't even get the number right

Never have I known this
He truly enlightened me

t. Tariq

Don't even know how to edit it

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There's no way he's not a paid shill, he even changed his name to a Muzzie sounding one for the oppression points.

Only a mod can save you now

Just wanted the banter to continue
What happened to Helmer?

Bedtime in the care home.


These things get big second hand, only 5k watched it, it's who is watching that blows it up

hastily cleaned up this OP to the degree I can be arsed to, which is not much.

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Gud white supremacist tbh

It's 2123 not 2122


Why are we calling him Jordan Peterson?


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Just doing my part to save the h'white race.

Was it a genuine mistake or a maymay?

gud lad
The overdrive of promotion for Black Panther feels like a Jewish display of power to the goyim

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course it is, they have been building it for a while now since BLM et al.

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Ramz is such a rat. He declares the AR dead every 6 months over any little incident and tagged the FBI in a tweet linking them to an edgy post by Weev. He also genuinely seems Jewy.

He's pathetic

I've gotta admit, I'm pretty ignorant on the whole "plundering Africa of resources" business.
What is it they think we took? And what did we actually take? And how does that impact their ability to devise basic farming techniques, and build basic structures?

He claimed whites stole Haitits oil. He's fucking dumb, buddy.

What did we actually take from Africa though? Mostly just diamonds and shit, right? Not the soil with which they can grow food.


Yes but even then, niggers were retarded before Europeans colonized Africa so it's kind of besides the point.

Tariq deleted the stream from his channel. He only had like 14mins of it. I think he fucked up his own audio intentionally tbh.

Was it actually just diamonds?

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I got the audio

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sounded to me like he didnt have a fucking clue what he was doing with the streaming

Jews are the ones who stole the diamonds an sheeit. Fucking white supremacists
t. Tariq


But diamonds don't even have inherent value, really. If we took all of their good wood and stone or something, maybe I'd understand.
Shiny rock = riches and prosperity is like a child's interpretation of how this works.

Lad these people kill each other over Nike trainers.

Lad, only whites and Japs have taste. Niggers think diamonds and gold equals complete and utter riches. They have no understanding of money nor riches of land

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fuck off herts


Diamonds etc didn't have any value for them back then. We traded them a few twigs and biscuits for THAT had value for them. Now they're whinging

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< he has more facial hair than Cheddar Man

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dollars to donuts that nigger is a turbo manlet


tbh I was reading Robert E Howard's Valley of the Worm and the ancient pictish pre-aryan europeans are being invaded by nordic aryan copper age warriors and the picts are described to look like cheddar man. smh do you think alizee is like a med reminder of that pre-nordic age of cheddar?

He's straight up CIA lel.


Dugong posting > Bassetposting > Politics posting >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> alizeeposting

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aren't they all dead? based new england whalers


u ok hun? xx

everything > Hearts/Dorsetposting tbh

this one has good composition

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are women human beings?

They live nowhere near New England, they are listed as "Vulnerable" though.

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< middle-aged CIAniggerhos

blue penis

No, they are demons

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for women, CIAnigger

women are angels and never did anything wrong ever

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Who killed Steiner?

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who killed John Wayne?

who /never traveled/ here?
god I love being an ignorant flyover american

you can't kill something thats already dead inside tbqf

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Another thot bites the dust

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what is a braphog?

she looks like eric estrada in drag


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Who is she? Some travel thot that got raped and killed?


We need Terry to kill this CIAnigger


I've been to several states in the US but not outside of it.

It's just easier for people in Europe since they can drive like 2 hours and be in another country. I could do that with Mexico but why would I?

STOP spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)POSTING

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Post links to Sammy videos where he does African voices tbh

That's weird, I just sent my cousin a classic Sammy.

this tbh

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t. Tariq


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< implying the gender ratio could be handled in a more rational manner

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